Because You Said So


Because You Said SoHe came in the door. He looked angry. But, it could not have been me. I was a good girl.” I am going in the other room. Fetch the dvd get in the room on the bed. Line yourself up with the tv, don’t say anything.” He scowled and continued ” face down ass up, and dont talk Im not in the mood.” I gulped. I was confused but immediately did what he said. I could not see the tv or him behind me, only the wall next to me. He layed sitting up behind me and I heard me on the screen with the vaccum. My pussy on full display. It felt hot, even i could feel heat coming off of it. In my head i was screaming, fuck touch me, please me, please all day i have been waiting for you’.He said nothing, but movement of the bed said he was stroking himself. I whimpered and out of nowhere SLAP right on my ass “Shut up I said” he yelled. I felt his precum being rubbed agaainst where he slapped.” Oh yeah sweet little cunt liked watching Gaziemir Escort you from her garden, yeah your going to bring her to me make my prick hard and teach her not to tease me from her garden.” He was turned on. He reached for my pussylips with his fingers. Running his finger along the soaking lips. My pussy throbbed I needed to cum. I felt the tip of your head teasing me. “Yeah feel me, you want me to fil you up make it stop huh” he curled into my ear ” but im goig to cum you cannot, you need to bring me my new pussy then i will make you feel godd.”No no plea” i was slapped in the face and he shoved his dick in and out at the same time.”I told you not to speak. Now stay in this position all night. Do not move, do not twitch, do not complain.” He said. Then continued to jerk off reaching under grabbing my nipple and rubbing against my ass. I was in torment. Why what happened Gümüldür Escort i was good. My flower was spazzing inside. No relief no relief all night. He put the dvd on repear and stroked long barely touching my hungry puss.”My little kitten being punished for my bad day” he stroked and my pussy twitched. I was breathing so heavy. He came all over my asshole. Letting it leak down over my overheated pussy. Still not a word or a movement from me.You fell asleep. I did not move but i still heard the dvd. Oh why couldnt he jus touch me let me cum so this throbbing would stop and I could sleep.NEXT MORNING…I feel you enter me. Oh finally! You glide in smoothly from behind i am still in position. Cupping my breast i heard your grunts of approval.”Marinated pussy beautiful baby good girl wet smooth all around my prick going to make poppa coat it with my cum fill you up make it Güzelbahçe Escort all better”I was loving it. I felt like i was on another planet. Oh that head i coyld feel it grow harder swelling inside me. He began to pick up pace breathing heavier gliding hardet holding me down with his body. Hardwr he pumped. Harder his dick got. I couldnt believe he wasnt cumming yet. I didnt know if i could take much more. I already came 3 times. My brain was swimming. Hid finger went right to my clit. Oh my body was electric.” Bring her to me today make het drunk with pleasure. Then tie her to the bed make her eccited bring her to brink of orgasm then stop and relieve yourself in front of her until i get home.” He cooed” do you hear me?”Yes he knew i heard him and with that he emptied himself inside me. Pulled and showered and left.Around 11am i went to sliding screen door and peeked. No neighbor. Oh no what if i scared her and she does not come. He would be so mad. Another half hour nothing. Hour later fibally she bopped out in a 2 piece bikini. Yes she liked. Round plump ass sticking out. Perky little titties ready for my tongue to abuse them and tese her until she went crazy. She looked over and I smiled opened the screen door and walked away…

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