Beauty and Her Bull

Beauty and Her Bull
The Beauty

Sometimes a guy just gets lucky! I started chatting with a beautiful woman a while back and then it was flirting and then… She wanted to know if I could meet her last weekend for an overnight bit of fun. My wife was going on a retreat from Friday through Sunday so Saturday afternoon I drove up and….

I met her at the mall courtyard. She had on the red dress and the red lipstick to match. Her 4 inch heels made her long legs look even longer and as I stood in the jewelry store across the way watching her scan the faces looking for me I noticed that there were a lot of eyes scanning her beautiful form. Her long blonde hair fell in ringlets around her face softening the beautiful crisp planes of her face. Her eyes, even from as far away as I was were captivating! She has sexxxy dove gray eyes.

I knew the hosiery that covered her long, elegant legs were held up by a waist garter belt and that she wore no panties. I had requested the outfit. Her bar had no cups so her nipples pressed against the thin red fabric of the dress. As she turned to look another direction, I saw her hour-glass figure. She had a shapely ass and we both knew what I intended on doing with that! She was maybe 5’7” in her stocking feet but in her shoes, she was merely a couple of inches short of my own height. I stepped out from behind the display and quickly closed the distance from where I had been watching her and without giving her any warning I slid my arm around her waist as I stepped up beside her and pulled her to me.

“Oh!” was the sharp clipped cry from her lips as she jumped, startled by my sudden appearance. She started to pull away from her and I held her and smiled down at her. “Hello, my dear pet. Would you like for me to buy you something to drink out here where people that know either you or me might see or are you ready to leave?” With this, I did relax my grip and allowed my hand to slide down across her bottom as she stepped back and smiled up at me.

“My Bull! You have always said you were big enough and strong enough to do to me whatever we both want, but you are… truly my Bull!” At 6’3” and 295 pounds with a 42 inch vertical leap and the ability to put 275 pounds over my head 3 times in a row, I am not your normal large 57 year old man! As I allowed her to look up and down the length of me I was glad I had stood watching her for a few moments. I knew I was filling out my pants much better than normal!!! “I think that it is best if we go someplace… more discrete.”

“I laughed at her and kissed her on her forehead as she tried to resist me pulling her to me. It was futile and I laughed. “My car is just outside the doors across the way.” I said and nodded toward the other side of the food mall. She looked at me and I knew she was considering whether it was safe to leave with me or not so I said, “If you are wanting safe, then go back the way you came. If you go with me, you will be dominated. You will be used. My dear, you will be fucked and caused to orgasm more times this afternoon than you have at the hands of your husband in the first half of the year.”

“You bastard! You know he has not made me cum in nearly a year!”

“I know. And I know you want what I can give you but if you turn and walk away, I will not be back up here to this part of the state again for a very long time. So the decision is yours. You walk out that set of doors with me or you walk out the same doors you walked in through a while ago and nothing changes for you… ever.”

“You, my fucking Bull are a real bastard.” She looked around us for a moment and then took a deep breath. Her nipples were poking out hard through the front of her dress and the red in her cheeks was from far more than just make up! She looked up into my green eyes as she let out her breath and gave a short quick nod, as if the debate within her mind had been settled. “Okay, Mr. Bull. I am yours.”

I turned and walked toward the door and to the car I had rented earlier in the day. 10 Minutes later we walked through a side door to the hotel where I was staying. I had told the person at the front desk that I snored loudly and if at all possible I would like a room far from other guests. The guy at the front desk had taken a couple of minutes to shuffle rooms and then gave me one with no neighbors and only one within 2 rooms. I thanked him and had given him a $20 bill for his trouble.

Once in the room, Arbiona asked to be excused to the bathroom. I took her purse and put it in the closet then told her to not keep me waiting. She glared at me and I could see her pondering if there was a way for her to get her phone so that she could tell someone where she was. I gave her a cruel smile and then reached inside the bathroom door and flipped on the lights to room. She turned on her heel and stepped into the small room. She started to close the door and I stopped it. She glared at me and I said, “Don’t keep your Bull waiting. You are already on his naughty list for having thought about not submitting to me.” I then pulled the door closed.

I walked over to the bag beside the TV and pulled out the leather collar with the chrome plated hardware on it. Soon it would be all she would be wearing. Soon it would be her first step of submission to me! The thought made my cock harden and my pulse race. We had chatted and been online dirty teases to one another for years. But we had never seen one another face to face until in the mall. In many ways she was even more beautiful and stunning than I had known her to be from her pictures and that was saying something! I wondered if she was genuinely frightened by what I would do to her. I hoped that she did not have a good reason to be frightened.

She opened the door and stepped out and my jaw nearly fell to the carpet! She still had on the shoes and stockings. The black garters had red and white decorative flowers on them and black bows. The demi-cup shelf bra matched the garters. There was no other fabric on her tight, mature body. She wore a smirk on her lips and it was her turn to raise an eyebrow at me and say, “My Bull, I am ready to please you.” Then she added with a laughing challenge, “Unless you already have shot your load in your pants!”

I walked over to her briskly and took her in my arms, crushing her body against mine as our lips met and all pretense from us each evaporated in the heat of the moment. She was like a furnace consuming me and drawing me into her flame! We kissed until we were each gasping for air. I kissed my way back her jaw line and then to her ears. I nibbled her earlobes and watched as her nipples lengthened and tightened across the front of her breasts to full alert. Kissing down her long neck I could feel her moans and her soft, “Oh yes, my Bull! Take me as your slut! I want to be your toy!”

I stepped back for a moment and I watched as the shadow of fear passed over the depths of her eyes. I could tell she was wondering why I had stopped. I lifted up the nearly forgotten collar and I ran it around her beautiful alabaster neck as she held the thick mane of hair out of my way. In so doing, she raised up her breasts and I wanted to just say to hell with things and throw her on the bed, but I knew that this was probably going to be a one-time fulfillment of a fantasy for us both and I was not going to ruin it, just to get a single down and dirty fuck and run.

I fastened the collar and then looked her in the eyes. Her lips were trembling. “If at any time, anything we are doing is too much for you, say the word, ‘Uncle’ and I will stop and we will work out whatever is hurting or wrong, understood?”

She looked down at the floor and sucked part of her bottom lip into her teeth. When she looked up she smiled and said, “Yes, My Bull. Whatever you say. I will try not to disappoint you!” I could hardly keep from laughing at the absurdity of such a willing, sexy mature woman submitting to me ever being a disappointment!

“On your knees, slut.” I said quietly and without a moment of hesitation she dropped to her knees immediately. I tell you, when she looked up at me with those gray eyes, the red lips, her strong chin and below that those beautiful breasts held out before her so proudly I had to take a moment and make certain I was in control of my own actions before I told her to unzip my pants and free my cock. I was already so hard that wound up having to also undo my pants! When it was finally freed, my cock bobbed and bounced, pointing at her in an accusing manner. I may not have porn star length but my dick is plenty thick and has never left a woman who has tried it, wanting for something wider!

“Well it isn’t going to suck itself! Come on whore! Do I have to tell you what to do and how to do everything?” She immediately grabbed my cock and aim it at her lips. A single silver glistening strand of pre-cum spilled from my slit and across her lower lip and chin just before I entered her mouth. I swear to all of the powers in the universe, it was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen and I took it as a good omen for things yet to come.

She started giving me a nice blowjob. Actually, it was very nearly mind-blowing because of how good and talented her mouth was! But part of what we had agreed upon was for me to take charge, be rough with her. She wanted to be my slut. The problem was, she was the living embodiment of the sensuality I craved and on her own she was simply incredible.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair in each hand and pulled her head back and I looked down into those wet, gray eyes. “You call that a blow job? Open your fucking mouth! You need a good face fucking!!!” Her eyes got big as she thought about taking the thick monster into her mouth and what it would do to her airway, but she opened up and I thrust my thick meat into her mouth! “Look at me, slut. I want you to see my face as I fuck yours!” I then pulled her head clear up against my abdomen and I could feel my head hit that back of her throat!! She was warm wet and tight and I loved the say she squirmed and pushed against me! After maybe 10 seconds I pulled back and gave her enough time to say “Uncle” if she wanted. She did not and so I then shoved my cock back deep inside of her mouth, smiling down at her eyes as I watched them fill with tears that then spilled down her face.

After the first few thrusts into her throat, Arbiona seemed to adjust to what I was doing and soon was giving me far more pleasure from her than I usually did, face-fucking a woman. She was amazing and even pushed herself into me trying to take me deeper and deeper down her throat! I felt my palls tensing against her chin and I knew that all it would take was another thrust or two, a minute, maybe a little more before the cum boiling in my scrotum would shrink my sack tight to the point where I exploded and blew my cum down her throat. It was too early for that. I did not want to cum having only just started.

I pulled back and looked at my cock coated in a thick glistening spit and pre-cum glaze. She coughed and her chin was glazed as thickly as was my cock. Her entire face was flush with arousal and need for both oxygen and sex! I made her remove my pants and fold them neatly. She put them on my suitcase and then turned and stared up into my face with her sexy eyes. “Who told you, a slut, could look up at me without my dick in your mouth?!?!? You are in some trouble now!

I pulled her to her feet and walked over to the corner of the bed. I sat down on the corner and made her straddle my left thigh and lean forward until she fell forward over my leg. Her pussy was now resting squarely on the top of my left thigh and with my right leg I hooked her left leg down against the side of the bed.

I then put my left arm across the small of her back and proceeded to spank her bottom red! She buried her face in the covers of the bed and yelled as I slapped her white white flesh and watched my hand prints spread across it. It only took the first two strikes on my bare hand on her bottom for her to realize that each slap of my hand not only sent pain signals slamming into the brain, but because I was driving her sensitive, exposed clit against my thigh, she was also getting a jolt of pleasure exploding through her nervous system as well! Way before I had given her a dozen solid blows, she was grinding her pussy against my thigh!

I began taking the opportunity between strikes to run my hand over her smooth soft flesh. Straddling my leg as she was, I had easy access to her puckered sphincter and even slid my fingers down under her so that I could gauge better just how aroused she was getting. I could not believe how wet she was the first time I slid my fingers under her, but her soft mew and then moan as I touched her the soft tender flesh around her pussy and the stretchy thick lips of her pussy. She was so wet that there was denying that she had to be on the very edge of cumming even as I resumed spanking her ass!

As I slid my hand back between her legs my fingers brushed over her asshole and she moaned. The randy bitch, after all of the spanking, was craving more attention…anal attention! I stuck my finger in my mouth and got it good and wet, then began smearing her puckered bung hole with my spit. Watching her wiggle her ass back at me was so hot. The more I pressed down, the more she wiggled on my leg and pushed her ass up into my fingers. So I slapped her ass twice, hard and quite suddenly, causing her to yelp and then without hesitation shoved the end of my middle finger into her ass up to the first knuckle!

She did not know whether to scream, moan, or beg for more! So her mind did the only thing that it could at that point and it interpreted all as ecstasy!!! Her pussy started literally dripping her syrupy honey on my thigh in near streams and I raised my knee so that she could grind herself even harder onto my cock. I have spanked a lot of women and done a lot of kinky things with them, but this was new territory for me to have a woman cum on me simply from spanking! I have to admit, the feel of her warm slippery juices running down my leg was not an unwelcome experience at all!

I continued to push and pull on her asshole, though she was so tight I was not going anyplace in reality. My other hand started landing more sharp cracks on her bottom and now she did very little to try and control her cries of bliss and shock. She was soon thrashing on my leg to the point that I was certain that even if she could remember the safe word she would have been completely unable to have uttered it. I gave her another half dozen swats on the bottom and then turned and rolled her off of my leg and onto her back on the bed. I barely got her rolled far enough onto the bed so that she did not fall off to the floor. Looking over at her flushed flesh still writhing in the throes of her orgasm, I thought she certainly was never ever going to be both as wet and as tight again as she was right then and there and to be honest, I was as hard as I had gotten in months!

So I stood up, grabbed her legs and brought her ankles up to my shoulders and then with no more preamble than that, I put the tip of my cock against the loose, fleshy lips of her pussy and I pushed myself deep into her, pushing out pussy juice almost like a fountain as I buried myself deeper and deeper into the clinching, quivering walls of her vagina! She was sopping wet, steamy hot and oh so tight! I swear to God, her cunt was literally pulling me into her deeper and deeper until I was balls against her ass deep inside of her and we were both moaning! I held her there like that as she continued to twist and move her torso. We both needed a moment to just pull it all together.

Then I pulled back and slammed myself hard into her, over and over again! There was nothing gentle about and almost nothing pleasurable about it; but my lust reduced me to an a****l and I was going to fill her with my seed like a monster! It was a hard and frantic fuck that had her crying out to spirits above and grabbing and pulling at the sheets of the bed. I knew her moans were loud enough to have been heard easily in the hallway and I was equally certain that anyone happening past the door would have no difficulty in knowing what was happening that was making the slap slap slap sound inside the room! Facts was, I did not care!

I was in a lather within a couple of minutes and Arbiona was now nearly frantic. I honestly could not tell whether it was ecstasy or pain that had her literally writhing underneath me, cursing me and trying to reach up to me. I only knew that I needed to get to my release point hard and fast and she was going to be the thing that I came in. She was little more than a cum dump receptacle for me at this point and I was rapidly reaching the point of exploding into her!

When I did finally feel the seed burning its way up the shaft of my cock like lava blowing the cap off of a mountain, I thought for certain that she was going to turn me inside out and that my nuts were going to just keep pumping all of my through the tip of my cock until I filled her up to overflowing! My back arched and my growl filled the room as I felt the waves of pleasure pulling every muscle taught, from my toes, to the back of my skull. I had not cum like this in years and it both felt wonderful and so brutal all at the same time!

My body then released and I felt myself slipping from within her steamy depths as I rolled onto the bed. I swear, that was sex so good that for a moment I blacked out! When reality came back into focus I was flat on my back and Arbiona’s knees were on the bed next to me as was leaning over my hips and sucking on my cock! She looked up at me and saw me staring down at her and she smiled, then released my cock. “I couldn’t let all of your yummy cum go to waste! I hope you don’t mind?!” She flashed me that incredible smile of hers and I let my head flop back on the bed and wondered how a man got so damn lucky!!!

Yeah, she is 20 years my junior and lives 150 miles away… oh, and we are each married, but not to each other!!! But with all of that said, she made my 2019 top 2 events……And that was just Saturday evening!

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