Beat the Heat


Riley tossed and turned in the bed as he tried to find a comfortable sleeping position. This damn heat wave was unbearable! He let out a frustrated sigh and glanced at his wife, who was sound asleep. Kicking the covers off he got out of bed not bothering to put on any clothes and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

He rambled in the fridge, popping a few pieces of cold fruit in his mouth as he searched for something to help cool him down from the sweltering heat. An ice cold glass of water would do the trick he thought. He fumbled in the cabinets and pulled out a large rimmed mug and chuckled to himself as he worked the ice and water dispenser, remembering when his wife had bought it for him. After taking a nice long chug he refilled the mug and headed back upstairs.

After placing the water on the nightstand he settled back into bed and attempted once again to get comfortable, but yet again, comfort eluded him. Turning on his side he propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at his sleeping beauty. She had kicked the blanket off of her and her round breast formed a decadent outline against the tightly wrapped sheet. With each breath she took they softly heaved up and down, her nipples nearly escaping.

Riley licked his lips, wanting to take the perky buds in his mouth and suck and nip at them until it drove her crazy. A tug was all it took to disentangle the sheet from her. She sighed in relief and rolled over onto her side, still asleep. His could feel his dick harden even more as he looked at her lush aksaray escort body, a slight sheen of sweat beginning to form on her from this god awful heat.

After a few more moments of surveying her, a wicked grin came across his face and he reached over and grabbed an ice cube from the mug of water. Placing it in between his lips he leaned down and grazed it across her nipple. Lysa’s body twitched and her hand swatted at the offending sensation before rolling onto her back. Riley tried not to laugh; she was such a grouch when someone disturbed her sleep. He grazed her nipple with the ice cube again and again until she awakened.

Lysa shivered as she came fully awake, still not quite in control of her senses.

“Ummmm. Baby what are you doing?” she asked breathlessly as his mouth closed over her nipple, the sensation of the cold ice and his warm tongue driving her wild.

“You looked hot. I thought I would help you cool down.” He said with that wicked grin.

Grabbing another ice cube he began to trail it in a pattern all over and down her torso. She jumped and gasped when he slid the melting cube from the base of her cunt to her clit.

Her hands clenched the sheets as she wriggled from the erotic sensation.

“Hold still baby.” He softly commanded as he reached for another cube and popped it into his mouth.

He began to kiss and lick his way across her body, alternating his tongue with the ice cube as he went down her until he stopped at fatih escort her now soaking wet cunt.

She let loose a shriek and shuddered hard when he began to push the ice cube inside of her.

“Oooohhhhh! Riley! Please!” she begged, wanting the odd sensation to end yet craving more.

His mouth worked its magic on her, his tongue circling her clit and leaving to thrust into her moist heat, pushing the nearly melted cube further inside of her.

Lysa cried out and tried to get away but he held her hips steady, devouring her until she came with a scream.

Riley kissed his way back up her quaking body, seeking out her plump lips. She could taste herself on his tongue as it plundered her mouth and she moaned.

“I love you baby.” He said breathily in between kisses before lining his cock up to her sopping wetness and smoothly thrusting into her. Barely giving her time to adjust, he set a hard and fast tempo.

Lysa clawed at his back like a wild woman as he pumped in and out of her, her cunt gripping him tightly.

She reached her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs upward and farther apart, allowing him to go deeper.

“Ah shit!” he gasped as he continued to fuck her.

Stopping for a second Riley pulled out of her and flipped them over, letting her mount him.

She looked down at him and flashed a toothy smile, her long brown tresses tumbling over her shoulders and framing her face as she rode him.

Heavy panting and eyüp escort moaning filled the room as they fucked; his hand slapping against her plump ass spurred her on to ride him even harder.

He reached his hand over and dipped it into the mug, scooping out a bit of water and rubbing it over her tits.

She giggled and managed to bounce harder against him as he repeated this, until her whole torso was damn near soaking wet.

Riley reached down and pinched and rubbed her clit, making her shudder all over again. Then his hands were caressing a path back and forth from her stomach to her tits.

He loved to watch them bounce and jiggle as she rode him and every now and then he would reach up and stroke them.

Lifting his upper body up, his mouth latched onto her wet breast and he began to suck and bite at her nipples, his hips rising and falling with hers.

Switching positions once again, he maneuvered her onto her hands and knees and swiftly entered her from behind.

“Come on baby, cum for me” He encouraged as he leaned down and nipped at her back.

His hand went back around to her clit and he pinched and stroked as he pounded into her until she came again with a scream.

The clenching of her muscles around his pulsating dick was all he could take and his cum shot out, filling her up as he continued to stroke slowly in and out of her.

When it was all over they collapsed in a heap on the bed, not giving a damn about the wet sheets.

“That’s your idea of beating the heat huh?” she said and they both shared a laugh.

Lysa snuggled up to him and closed her eyes, before long she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Riley kissed her forehead and smiled slyly, remembering that the heat wave would last well into the week, he wasn’t worried; they would find a way to beat the heat.

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