Be careful what you wish for


Be careful what you wish forThis happened to me while I was on vacation with my husband last summer. First of all I am not proud of it but it did happen so here it is. I am a 46 year old housewife, been married for 15 years to the man of my dreams. About 5 years ago he started talking about watching me with another man. It was just a joke fantasy at first but it got more and more graphic. I said it would never happen, I just didn’t want to. Besides my body image isn’t what it used to be, a little fat around the mid area and my legs are a little chubby and as for my boobs, well they went south years ago. I kept telling him that there was no chance of me sleeping with another guy, I’d only slept with 3 guys before I got married I was happy with our sex life. About 3 years ago our sex life changed a little, I could always orgasm during sex but 3 years ago Dave my husband could content me without my help. I frustrated me, I’d always have to masturbate during sex but I wanted him to make me cum. Sex became a bit of a drag. All during this time he talked about me fucking his friends or a guy we would meet, telling me how he would watch me suck a penis in front of him and how he would rub cum into my tits. I disgust me sometime how graphic he was but if it got him hard then no worries.So to the story, we were in Mexico for our vacation and while we were there we met plenty of people, one guy in particular we met was a guy who worked at the hotel, very friendly always smiling and always very helpful. He used to go and get our drinks for us while we were on the beach. I can’t remember his name but we called him Miguel. On about the 3rd day Dave started teasing me about how Miguel looked at me. I told him that I was old enough to be his mother, he must have been only 19 or 20. That night during our vacation sex Dave started talking about Miguel being in the room with us watching us and then getting on the bed with us. He told me to close my eyes and imagine Miguel Feeling my boobs and rubbing my thighs. I wasn’t really happy with his fantasy but just went along bursa escort with it. Dave finally got me on my knees and took me from behind, pretending that it was Miguel, he came and fell to the bed again leaving me slightly frustrated. Nothing more was said about it until the last night. We had a party with all the other vacationers who were leaving the following day and all the staff were there including Miguel. WE partied well into the night, everyone was pretty drunk and some started to go off to bed, Dave and I went for walk a on beach both of us pretty loaded. We didn’t walk far and found the seats we had been using all week and took a break. We laid down and looked at the stars, he was more drunk than me, I just laid there feeling the warm breeze on my legs and thighs, I was wearing a short skirt, something I would of never worn at home. Just then Miguel showed up and asked if we would like a drink. We both said yes and he produced a bottle of Tequila and 3 glasses, May I join you he asked? Sure why not I said “you have been looking after us all week, take a break” He sat down on my towel next to me and poured the drinks. I could feel the cold bottle close to my legs, it actually felt good. He gave my drink then Dave’s then poured his own. We all cheered and downed the tequila in one. It was then that I realized that I could see his chest, all tanned and slim. I looked down to his shorts and imagined what would be inside there. This was the first time since we have been married that I had these sort of feelings. It was weird looking at this young man while my husband was right there with me. He poured us another drink, this time as he gave me back my glass he said “for a very beautiful lady” . I felt a little embarrassed but also excited. For the last 5 years Dave has been talking about me being with another guy and here could be the moment. I said thank you for the compliment and moved my butt slightly to get more comfortable and in the process I accidently showed my white cotton panties. I know he saw them, so did Dave he said “stop showing bursa escort bayan your privates to people” I told him that I thought he would like it. The Miguel jumped in and said” I want to see more”. I told him that if he wanted to see more then let’s go to our room. I could not believe the words that were coming from my mouth. Neither could Dave. He said “I’m not sure about that “ I just looked at him and said” you have been wanting to watch me in action for 5 years its now or never” and with that I stood up and started to walk back to the hotel leaving the 2 men behind. It was a short walk back and we were staying on the 2nd floor, it wasn’t long before I had reached the room. I went inside and went to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I put the shower on, I could work out if I wanted Miguel to come back or not. ,I’m just not that type of women. I removed my clothes and stepped in the shower, the water flowing over my naked body felt great, I washed I was excited and nervous. I heard the door open, no voices I wondered if Dave had brought our friend. I could workout weather I wanted Miguel to be in our room or not. Dave called my name I replied and he said he has a surprise for me. I started to shake “OK “ I got out of the shower and put one of the hotel’s robes on. I opened the door and there was Dave smiling, he pointed out to the window and there was Miguel on the balcony looking out to the beach. I walked over to where he was standing, he turned around and held his hand out. I joined him on the balcony, he pulled me towards him, and he put one arm around my waist and the other on the side of my face. He was close our lips almost touching, looking straight into my eyes and then he kissed me. His soft tongue explored my mouth, his hand squeezing my butt, I had not felt this excited in years. He pulled away and pulled on the robe ties. It fell open to reveal my naked body, he slipped it off my shoulders. It was then I remembered my husband was in the room. I glanced at him, he was in the same place id left him, he had a look of shock escort bursa on his face. Miguel led me from the balcony to our bed and laid me down. He then opened my legs and slowly move towards my now wet pussy, I could feel his fingers at the entrance then I could feel his tongue. He a young man he was good at licking a women’s pussy I could feel an orgasm building inside, I exploding all over his face I can honestly say it was the best “O” I have ever had. I wanted to see his cock. Hurriedly I removed his shorts and there it was 9inches and thick. I quickly held it and brought it close to my mouth and did something that I hadn’t done in years, sucked on a cock. My mouth was wide open trying to take it all. It was at that point Dave came over and said “ stop stop I can’t watch this” I just Looked at him and told him to sit the fuck down, He had wanted this for years and now hes going to get it . I pushed him away as I put that cock back in my mouth. While I sucked Miguel I looked Dave in the eye. He didn’t know what to do he almost looked like he was going to cry. I pushed Miguel on his back then straddled him putting that big cock inside, the biggest one I have ever seen. I started to fuck him all the time looking back at my husband, he looked like a little c***d in the corner as he watched his middle aged wife have sex with someone 25 years younger than her. It was orgasmic again and again and then finally Miguel came inside me deep inside. I could almost feel his cum hitting the back of my pussy. I got off him and collapsed on the bed, he got up and went to the bathroom, Dave still sat in the corner speechless. Miguel returned to the room picked up his clothes and left saying “thank you” on the way out. “Well” I said, “did you enjoy that?” he just looked at me and got on top of me he tried to put his cock in my but it was too soft, I could hear him crying in my ear as he attempted to make love to me. Unfortunately, my pussy was so full of Miguel’s cum that it was difficult for Dave to get hard. I could fell moisture coming from my pussy, cum dripping down my ass. Dave finally got hard and came in me.He rolled off me still not talking, so I went for another shower. To this day we have never talked about it. I guess the moral of the story it be careful what you wish for.

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