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Bats and Balls by Laurence Nightingale Chapter 5 (Mb9, M+b9, jo, oral, anal, force, ws, coercion, consensual) Bryce was by early to pick up Tommy. Players arrived at 10 so they needed plenty of time to make sure everything was ready to go by then. Before he left, Tommy got a call from his parents. They wished him good luck on his first game, and told him they were eager to come to some of his upcoming games. They said they loved him and that they’d see him when he returned from his first road trip. Tommy was exhausted. The Cowpokes won 4-3 thanks to an 8th inning homer from João Olivera. He was excited by the win, but the game had involved a lot of work. Now he was back in the locker room conducting his normal shower and clothes tasks. Once showered, the guys had an hour to eat before they needed to be back for the next game. Unlike after practice, they were in a rush to get changed and out the door. The mood was good and all the guys stopped in front of Tommy on the way out of the shower for a good luck kiss on their cocks. João reached down and rubbed a long thin finger along Tommy’s asscrack, no doubt in anticipation of his homerun reward. Tommy stayed in the locker room with Bryce and started the task of washing towels and uniforms. The guys already had a second uniform for the game tonight, but they’d need a clean uniform for the third game in the series tomorrow. Before they knew it, players were back. Connor brought some tacos for Tommy from his favorite place. He sat with Bryce in the laundry room and quickly polished off the meal. Tonight’s game was a big one for Dalton Page. Tommy remembered the times Connor took him to watch his little brother pitch at high school games. This would be his first game pitching since graduating. At eighteen, he had a lot of power and stamina, but he needed to polish his skills. A year or two on the Pokes will allow him to mature as a player and hopefully catch the eye of a major league scout. There was no doubt he had raw talent; he needed to keep his nerves under control to show it off. The locker room burst into cheers as Dalton walked through the door fresh from his first interview with local media as a Cowpoke. He pitched a perfect five innings before Coach pulled him. Of course he wanted to pitch more, but there was no good reason for overextending a new pitcher, particularly so early in the season. The fact that they lost the game 1-2 when a pop-up fly allowed a runner to make it home didn’t seem to damper the excitement at all. The clock showed ten past midnight by the time Bryce dropped Tommy off at Dan’s house. He brushed his teeth and took off his clothes and Dan brought him straight to bed. He was asleep by the time his uncle joined him a few minutes later. He knew he should let the boy sleep, but he’d been exceeding horny all day. He rolled his nephew on his stomach, greased up his cock and shoved it up the boy’s asshole. Tommy jerked from the intrusion and groaned in discomfort, but even his uncle’s vigorous fucking didn’t fully wake him. Dan didn’t draw things out. He pounded his nine year old nephew’s ass hard, sprayed his guts with hot jizz and pulled out. Wanting to reinforce proper behavior, he pulled the semi-awake boy’s head to his crotch and made him suck his penis clean. He flipped off the lights, lay down next to his nephew, and drew him into his arms. Tommy fell back asleep in moments. Tommy awoke with an urgent need to pee. He quickly ran to the bathroom and sighed in relief as his stream hit the water in the bowl. After he finished, he washed his hands and went to look for his uncle; he didn’t bother dressing. He found him on his cell phone sitting by the pool. The man indicated he’d still be talking for several more minutes and then pointed at the pool. Tommy never needed to be asked twice about swimming. He jumped in the cool water with a splash. “Did you sleep well, bud?” Dan said after disconnecting the call, “You must’ve been tired-it’s already lunch time. I’ll get the food I made, and we can eat it out here.” Uncle and nephew ate a pleasant lunch while talking about yesterday’s games. “You saw the games,” Tommy asked in surprise. “Of course I did, how could I miss your first game with the Pokes? Anash and I watched both of your games yesterday, and we’ll be at your game again tonight.” The knowledge that both Dan and Anash were there filled him with happiness. Dan’s cell phone rang. He answered it then placed a hand over the mouthpiece, “I have to take this call. Besides, it’s about time for you to get ready. Bryce will be by to pick up at 2.” Tommy used the bathroom and then showered, making sure to get himself sparkling clean. He dried himself thoroughly and then put on a clean polo and shorts. When he was dressed, he kissed him uncle, who was still on the phone, goodbye and then went out front to wait for Bryce. An unfamiliar truck with dark tinted windows pulled up and at the end of the drive. Tommy was surprised to see Assistant Coach Trent McDaniels step out and wave him over. The man walked to the passenger’s side door and opened it for the boy. “Oh,” Tommy said, “I need my booster seat.” “You’re right, but I didn’t have time to get it from Bryce. You’ll be ok without it just this once.” Tommy shrugged and climbed into the black truck. Trent closed the door behind him then got in behind the wheel. “I wonder if you’d be able to help me out with something while we drive to the park?” Trent asked. “Sure Coach McDaniels, what do you need me to do?” “I always get anxious during the first few games of the season. I think if you exercised my cock with your mouth, I’d feel a lot better. Think you can do that for me?” “Now?” Tommy asked. “Yes, while I’m driving. You can lie across the seat on your stomach and suck me. But I have a lot of tension, so I’m going to need you to swallow my whole cock down your throat like you did the other day. Do you understand?” Tommy nodded. He felt conflicting emotions. He was excited to help the Assistant Coach, but the thought of riding in a moving car without being buckled in went against everything his parents drove into his head since he was a baby. “I really want to help you Coach, but my mommy would be very, very mad if I rode in a car without a safety belt.” “Let’s try this. Lay down on your stomach with your head by me.” Tommy did. The man reached over and buckled the passenger’s belt over the boy’s legs and the middle seat belt around his middle. “There, now you’re buckled in the twice.” Trent unbuckled his pants then raised his butt of the seat and shoved his jeans and underwear down to his knees. His soft cock and balls sat under a nest of red curls that matched the hair on his head. The area of skin around his groin was very pale from never seeing the sun. Trent buckled himself in and then put the truck into gear. “Get to work, boy,” he ordered. Tommy slithered forward a little and buried his face in Trent’s crotch. He kissed his thighs and stomach and then thoroughly licked and sucked the man’s heavy balls. By then his cock was fully erect, the foreskin peeled back over half the head and a stream of precum leaked from his piss slit. Tommy really liked subtle taste of precum; cum tasted a lot stronger, ranging from bitter to bleachy to mild and almost sweet from Anash. When he mentioned how nice the man’s cum tasted to Uncle Dan, he said the taste was affected by why a man eats, and since Anash is vegan, his would taste a lot better than a man who eats a lot of meat. Tommy lapped up every drop of precum running down Trent’s Erzincan Escort shaft and balls before sucking his cock into his mouth. It was a different sensation sucking a man while lying on his stomach, but he sucked enough cocks in the last two weeks to be able to quickly adapt. When he didn’t go fast enough for Trent’s liking, he placed a big hand on the back of the boy’s head and shoved him down and buried his little button nose in his pubes. Tommy gagged and struggled to breath, but Trent held firm until he settled down. He knew he should have been able to take Trent’s cock without a problem and was glad the man helped him do his job correctly. He forced himself to relax and let Trent’s long cock go where it needed to. Trent released the boy’s head and Tommy immediately bobbed up and down his full 7.5 inches. He gagged a little, especially when he went too fast, but his throat constrictions felt amazing on the tip of his cock. They were fifteen minutes away from the ball park, so he made the boy slow down and take his time. He marveled at the nine year old’s proficiency. He wife was never as good of cocksucker as this, even before the kids were born and they were still dating. He considered himself straight, but damn it if he didn’t wonder what his own son and daughter could do if they were properly trained. Tommy had come a long way in his sucking skills. He alternated between Trent’s cock and balls. He loved exploring a man’s balls. Some were bigger, some were smaller; some shaved smooth, some hairy, but every man’s testicles smelled and tasted different. Tommy loved the concentrated muskiness always present on scrotums. Some men he could identify by this smell alone. Bryce and Uncle Dan and Anash for sure, and now Trent, but he was still learning the musk of the men on the team. “We’re getting close to the field,” Trent said. “Pick up the pace and work a load from my cock.” Tommy released Trent’s left testicle from his mouth and swallowed his cock. He drove his head up and down the hard shaft while massaging his nuts. He felt them draw up in Trent’s scrotum and he knew in a moment he’d be drinking down all of his daddy milk. Trent slapped a large hand on the back of the boy’s head and ground his face in to his pubes. Wads of cum blasted down Tommy’s throat in rapid fire succession. Trent threw his head back, overwhelmed by his intense orgasm. Thank god they were stopped at a long red light because there was no way he would have been able to drive through that; he vision blurred and his breath was short. He was brought back to his senses by an insistent car horn behind him. The light turned green who knew how long ago. Trent drove forward, feeling sated and calm. When Tommy released his cock, Trent said, “Keep sucking. Make sure you get every drop, I don’t want any cumstains in my underwear.” Tommy sucked and stripped every drop from the man’s softening cock. He didn’t stop until Trent tapped him on the shoulder and told him they were at the diamond. Tommy waited for the assistant coach to release the seatbelts, then he sat up, licking his swollen lips. The first six innings of the game saw the Pokes tied 1-1. At the bottom of the seventh, the bases were loaded and Connor Page was at bat. The first pitch was a strike followed by two foul balls. But then he caught the pitcher’s fastball at just the right time and sent the ball soaring out of the park. The crowd went wild at the local boy’s grand slam hit. As the players ran past home plate and back into the dugout, the rest of the team lined up to high five them, including Tommy at the end of the line. When Connor got to him, after high-fiving, he leaned over and whispered into the boy’s ear, “I can’t fuck wait to ride your ass all night.” Tommy blushed and felt a tingle in his crotch somewhere behind his penis. The rest of the game went scoreless but it didn’t matter. The Cowpokes won the game and the series. The team was ecstatic and horny. The coach forbid any sex-solo or otherwise-between games of a series. The local press had barely left the area around the couches area before João called Tommy over to the bench in front of his locker. He pulled out his thick uncut cock and made Tommy suck it while he fingered the boy’s hole. Thankfully he had lube in his locker because it would have been a real struggle for Tommy to take the big sausage up his ass without it. He pulled the boy off his cock, greased it up and had him straddle his thighs with his back to his chest. He lifted the boy up by his thin thighs. Antonio Martinez helpfully guided his cock to the boy’s pucker, holding it till the big head popped inside. He lowered Tommy down his 10 inch cock, being neither slow nor gentle. Tommy cried out in pain but was quickly muffled by Antonio’s shoving his huge Dominican cock down the nine year old’s throat. Soon Antonio blew his baby batter into Tommy’s stomach. As soon as he withdrew, another player took his place. He’d swallow five thick loads by the time João’s fifteen minutes were coming to an end. The man slammed the boy so aggressively on his cock that he couldn’t suck anyone else. João shouted a string of Portuguese words as he impregnated the little boy. “Time’s up,” Trent said. “Nice fuck João. Dalton’s turn.” João stood, Tommy still impaled on his cock and walked over to the rookie pitcher. He lifted Tommy off and set him down on Dalton’s pulsing cock. No lube was necessary since the Brazilian’s oversized load coated the boy’s rectum. In some ways it was weird being so close to someone he knew his whole life. But he didn’t have long to think about it for a soon he had a rhythm bouncing up and down in Dalton’s lap, another man stepped forward and raped his mouth and throat. Dalton switched positions several times during his 35 minutes, but every time he resituated the boy, a new cock waited to unload in his stomach. By the time Dalton sprayed his guts with another hot load of sperm, all the other members of the team had cum down his throat, save Collin who was saving his loads for the away trip in two days, Bryce and the coaches. Most of the team showered and left by the time Dalton finished. Coach rode him while he was spread out on his back on the towel folding table and Trent rammed his cock in his throat as his head hung over the other side. Coach came and left after telling Tommy he was doing a great job. Trent left right after without cumming, telling the boy he needed to save something for his wife. Tommy was left alone on the table, feeling exhausted from the exciting game and servicing the entire team afterwards. Bryce helped him off the table. “Enough play time for now, Tommy, you have a bunch of work to do.” Tommy did his tasks, gathering dirty towels and uniforms and washing and folding. He could feel little streams of cum running down his thighs, but he didn’t stop doing his chores. When he put the final load in the dryer, Bryce told him it was time for them to shower. He followed the manager into the shower room. Bryce didn’t turn on two showerheads like he usually did but instead told Tommy to kneel in front of him. The boy complied immediately. Bryce put his hand on his semi-hard cock and aimed it at the boy and let loose a high pressure stream of piss right in his face. He sputtered and coughed in surprise. “Open your mouth Tommy!” Bryce demanded. “Let me piss in your mouth and try to swallow it too.” Tommy did as he was told. He didn’t really like the piss, but he trusted Bryce and wanted to do whatever he could to please him. As soon as he was finished, he made the boy lay on his stomach on the cold and wet shower floor. He mounted Tommy from behind and fucked the child as roughly as he ever had before. With a growl, Bryce pulled out, grabbed the boy by his hair and pulled him into sitting position. He shoved his cock down Tommy’s throat. He could taste his own ass along with the sperm of the three other men who fucked him that night. Bryce shouted and pumped yet another load of pedo baseball cum into the nine year old’s already full stomach. When he finished, he helped Tommy to his feet and they showered together. After they dried off and dressed, the manager helped him fold and put away the last load of clothes. Tommy felt like a zombie as he climbed into Bryce’s big truck, and he fell asleep before they arrived at his uncle’s house. Dan carried the half-asleep boy into the house after saying goodbye to Bryce. He stripped him and laid him in his bed. Tommy’s asshole still gaped a little from Erzincan Escort Bayan the repeated fucks of the night, so Dan had no trouble sliding his cock inside his nephew and planting his own seed. Chapter 6 (Mb9, M+b9, jo, oral, anal, force, ws, coercion, consensual) The next two days were a regular practice followed by a half practice before leaving on the bus for their first away series. Tommy was very excited. Not only would he get to ride on the big bus with the team, but he’d get to stay in a hotel. Well, in reality a motel. Baseball teams at this level didn’t have unlimited budgets. But in any case, it still sounded like an awesome adventure to the nine year old. Uncle Dan helped him pack his bag before driving him to the half-day practice. “The worst part is your parents will be home by the time you get back on Sunday, so no more sleepovers at my house, at least for now.” Tommy didn’t like that at all. He was excited to see his parents, but he would miss staying with Dan and swimming in his pool naked. His parents never allowed nudity at home. Maybe he could ask his parents if he could stay with Dan more often this summer. After practice, the team loaded onto the huge charter bus. There was enough room on the bus for everyone to have their own seat except for Tommy. He would share a seat during the ride. Coach stood at the front of the bus after everyone had boarded and announced they could play with Tommy but no cumming. Building sexual tension and testosterone often resulted in more intense game play as well as an increased incentive to play hard, get homeruns and pitch well. For Tommy it meant a constant shuffle between seats as all the players used his mouth during the three hour bus ride. They arrived in Dallas at 8pm and went directly to a BBQ restaurant for dinner. Tommy found that he wasn’t that hungry so he only ate an order of onion rings. The team didn’t linger; no alcohol was allowed and they all wanted a good night’s sleep. The first game wasn’t until tomorrow night, but Coach still planned a mid-morning workout. They checked into the motel which was basic but clean. They were two to a room, including the coaching staff. On a typical night, Tommy would be in a room with Bryce, but tonight Bryce was bunking with Dalton while Connor spent his well-earned night with Tommy. The boy was actually pretty excited to be with his one-time babysitter; he’d had a full-blown crush on the handsome man for as long as he could remember. As soon as they got in their room, Connor picked up Tommy and kissed him deeply. Of all the things he learned since becoming at bat boy, kissing was still the most unfamiliar. Even so, being close to Connor felt comfortable. Many times over the years he snuggled with the man, then a teen, while watching a movie at his house when his parents were out on a date. Connor’s scent filled his nose and his little penis stiffened in his shorts. He always liked helping out the men with their penises, but now he felt something more, a burning desire deep in his gut to have his neighbor’s cock buried inside him. He wasn’t infatuated in the same way as he was with Anash, but there was no doubt he ached for this man. Connor set the boy down and Tommy reached to unzip his pants without being asked. As soon as he was able, he had Connor’s dick out and in his mouth. Of course this wasn’t the first time he’d sucked the man, but this time felt more special because it was just the two of them. He felt the man’s strong fingers run through his hair and his dicklet grew even harder. Connor stopped Tommy and told him to remove his clothes. He quickly peeled off his clothes while the man did the same. Then Connor picked him up and laid him down on the bed. He crawled between Tommy’s hairless legs and closed his mouth around the boy’s erection and tight ballsack. He moaned in pleasure and after only a few minutes had an intense dry orgasm. But Connor didn’t stop: his tongue continued to swirl around his genitals. While his mouth was at work, his calloused hands explored the boy’s soft, smooth skin. He tweaked nipples and caresses sensitive spots before finally making his way to the crease between Tommy’s asscheeks. He circled the hole with the tip of a finger before moving it up to Tommy’s mouth and inserting it to make it wet. He returned his wet finger to the hole and inserted it. The heat from Tommy’s little body enveloped his finger. He wanted to take his time and make this last, but he knew he couldn’t wait any longer. He released Tommy’s jewels from his mouth and quickly rummaged in his bag for a bottle of lube. He coated two fingers and inserted them in the boy’s anus, slowly but firmly, then he pulled them apart to stretch him open. Finally he had enough. He greased up his uncut 7.5 inch cock and knelt between Tommy’s thighs. Then taking an ankle in each hand, he drew his legs up and forward, raising his pelvis and exposing his hole. Then holding his legs with one hand, he guided his cock to the boy’s entrance and finally sank into the little body he’d been dreaming about since he was a teenager. Once he was firmly seated in the kid’s tight passage, he released his ankles and had him wrap them around his torso. Then he leaned forward and covered Tommy’s lips with his. It was a stretch considering their size difference but well worth the struggle to be able to kiss this beautiful sexy boy while fucking him. He pushed his cock in and out of the tight hole slowly at first. But he picked up speed, adding gyrations to his movements; his heavy buttock muscles allowed him precision control of his thrusts. He explored different positions and angles until a thrust brought a high-pitched cry of pleasure. He repeated the trust, and when he elicited the same noise, he knew he found Tommy’s undeveloped prostate. From there on out, every third or fourth thrust was aimed at the tiny gland inside the boy’s rectum. The repeated prostate stimulation pushed Tommy over the edge and his dry-came again, this time around Connor’s cock. He struggled to hold back his own orgasm, but the boy’s spasming cunt was too much to resist. A few more frenzied thrusts and he seeded Tommy’s guts, impregnating the little boy he knew from a baby. All of his energy drained out through his cock into the boy’s body and his arms gave out and he collapsed on top of him. Knowing he was crushing the child, he forced himself to roll to his side. He breathing returned to normal a few minutes later and his cock slipped from its glove. As much as he wanted this to last, he knew it was time to sleep or else he’d be a mess at the games tomorrow. He got up, dampened a washcloth in the sink and cleaned up the boy and himself. He moved Tommy under the covers, and then after turning off the light, he crawled in next to him, and pulled him into his arms. They both fell asleep soon after. The next morning, Connor was having the most wonderful dream. Tommy had his cock in his mouth and caressed his balls. He cracked open an eye and looked down and realized it wasn’t a dream at all. “Oh fuck, Tommy, your mouth feels so good,” he moaned. Connor pushed the covers to the side and got up on his hands and knees, presenting his muscular bubble butt. “Please baby,” he begged, “eat my ass.” Tommy knelt behind the man and pressed his face into his asscrack. It smelled musky and funky and amazing. He stuck out his tongue and ran it tentatively over his hole. The man’s anus twitched and flexed at the exquisite contact. Tommy licked harder and Connor relaxed so the nine year old’s tongue slipped inside. Connor jerked himself while the little boy ate his ass. He was in heaven and instantly regretted not riding the boy’s face last night. His cock was hardwired to his hole and the boy’s tongue-work quickly brought on his orgasm. He reared up on his knees and reached behind to pull the boy around in front of him. “Fuck, I’m cumming open your mouth.” Tommy raced to comply but the first blast came too fast and splattered across his face. Connor aimed the subsequent six shots into the boy’s wide open mouth. When he finished, he bent down and licked the stray cum from Tommy’s face and then tongue-kissed him, sharing his cum between them. “Goddamn, that was hot, but no time to bask in the afterglow. We need to get up and get showered, or we’ll be late for the team breakfast.” The first game of the double header ended in a heartbreaking RBI at the bottom of the eight that put Dallas ahead. A rally attempt at the top of the ninth Escort Erzincan fell short, and they came to the second game down by one. The night game remained neck and neck through the seventh inning when Connor came up to bat and knocked the ball out of the park, bringing home two runners on base. Dallas got another runner home but couldn’t make up for the deficit. There was a good mood in the locker room until Coach declared Tommy off limits. The team, he said, needed to focus on winning game three tomorrow and not other pursuits. There were good natured grumbles all around, but also a sense of urgency to win tomorrow game. Tommy spent the night in Bryce’s room, and to his surprise, the manager refrained from sex as well. He tried to sleep alone in his own bed, but couldn’t fall asleep. He crawled in next to the big manager and snuggled close. He fell asleep in moments. The third game ended up being a tension-filled battle. Dalton Page started as pitcher and by the end of the fifth inning allowed no hits. Dallas’ pitcher though was experiencing the same streak. Pressure mounted as both teams waited for someone to give up a hit. The score was still 0-0 at the top of the eighth inning. Of course Dalton wanted to stay on the mound, but the Coach told him he’d excelled today but it was too early in the season to take a chance on an injury to his arm from exhaustion. He might still get a no-hitter, but he had to depend on their seasoned closer to get the job done. The teams cycled through two more innings with no hits sending the game into overtime. The Pokes were up at bat with Doug Struck the lead-off batter. One strike was quickly followed by three balls. Somehow Struck sensed where the fast ball was going to cross the plate and got his bat up under it and sent the ball out of the park. The Pokes’ cheering section went wild as Struck ran around the bases and put a run on the board. The next three batters were struck out in quick succession, and all of a sudden the fate of the game once again rested on the pitcher’s shoulders. Coach Peltz and Manager Anderson were faced with a dilemma. Do they leave their closer in when he typically only pitched one or two innings? Do they put in one of the pitchers from yesterday’s game? Neither of the starters yesterday was warmed up and ready. They were left with the nearly unthinkable: put Dalton back in for one more inning. The cheers were deafening as Dalton walked back up to the mound. Nine more pitches and he’d have his first shutout as a Poke. The first Dallas hit was out one-two-three. The second kept getting a piece of the ball, fouling out four times before Connor caught the foul ball and sent the man back to the dugout. Just one more player. Dalton steeled his nerves. He could do this, he told himself. But as soon as the ball left his hand, he knew he made a mistake. The batter snagged the ball in a pop-up fly right into center field. The batter took off for first base, but not before the ball landed firmly in Antonio Martinez’ glove. The game was over. The Cowpokes won the series and Dalton got his shut-out. The team celebrated the hard fought victory but there was no time to linger. They still had a long bus ride ahead back to Austin. They returned to the locker room, showered and changed and were back on the bus within the hour. Spirits on the bus were high as the team loaded affection on their youngest player for his achievement in the game. When they got back to their home stadium, Tommy was surprised to see his Uncle Dan standing by his car looking grim. When he saw his nephew, he said “Go do your chores, Tommy. I’ll wait for you here until you get done.” As Tommy walked away with team, Dan waved Bryce over. After a quiet conversation, Bryce left to get Tommy. As his nephew approached, Dan crouched down so that he was face to face with the nine year old. “Ok, buddy, I need you to be strong for a minute because I have some very important news for you. Can you do that for me?” The boy nodded, gratefully for Bryce’s strong hands on his shoulders. “This morning when your mom and dad were driving back from your grandmother’s place, a semi crossed the center line and crashed headlong into their car. They were both killed instantly.” Tommy’s face was still for a moment as the news sank in. What did Uncle Dan mean? Something about his parents, something about a crash? “What?” he said in a wavering voice. “Baby, your parents are dead; they were killed in a car accident.” “What? That can’t be true,” tears streamed from the little boy’s eyes. “They were supposed to be here to pick me up.” Dan reached out and drew the frantic boy into his arms. “I’m sorry, Tommy. I’m so sorry.” He repeated the words over and over as the boy sobbed uncontrollably into his shoulder. Suddenly a new fear overtook him. “But where am I going to live? I can’t live in my house by myself; I don’t know how to do anything!” The fear triggered a new round of crying. “Oh Tommy, you’ll come live with me. I’d never leave you all alone. You’ll live with me, and I’ll make sure you have everything you need.” Just then, a rideshare car pulled up and Akosh got out. Together he and Bryce got uncle and nephew into the back seat of Dan’s car. Akosh said a few words to Bryce before getting behind the wheel and driving the grieving pair home. Bryce turned and made the slow, painful trek to the locker room. Inside, he raised his hands to get the attention of the still celebrating players. “Gentlemen, I have some heartbreaking news to share with you…” The funeral held a few days later was massive. The Cowpokes served as pall bearers and the entire team was there, decked out in suit and ties, all surrounding and supporting the newly orphaned little boy. Surprising no one who knew better, Tommy insisted that Connor and Dalton Page sit next to him at the service. He knew both of the men his entire life and the continuity comforted the emotionally battered child. Members of the wide Austin community showed up in force. The Pokes new bat boy all of a sudden became the focus of the entire community. Thousands of dollars poured in for the boy which Dan put aside in a special account. Of course the boy would never want for anything, what with his parents’ life insurance and the support of the owners and players. Sometime in the future, Dan would sit down with his nephew and talk about what they could do with the money to help the community. Every single team in the league sent representatives to pay respects. Surprisingly, the entire Dallas team they had just played over the weekend attended the funeral. When asked by a local reporter why they were all here, their manager said simply, “One of our own needs us.” After services, the team hosted a reception at the ball diamond. Thousands of people gathered and thankfully no one made Tommy talk with any of them. He spent most of the event surrounded by the players on his team, because they were his family now. That night, back at his uncle house, Dan cautiously asked his nephew, “Do you want to keep being the Cowpokes’ bat boy? Cause you don’t have to if you don’t want to anymore.” Tommy’s reaction was immediate and fierce, “No! I want to be their bat boy forever. I love them and don’t wanna do anything else. Please Uncle Dan don’t make me quit!” Tears flowed by the end of Tommy’s statements. “Oh buddy, of course no one would make you stop. I just wanted to be sure it was something you wanted.” He hugged the boy who continued to cry, though Dan realized quickly enough it had little to do with his question. After the tears stopped, Dan stood and unzipped the pants of his suit. He removed his still soft cock and balls. “Suck it,” he commanded. Tommy immediately took his uncle’s penis in his mouth, grateful to be doing something he was good at and that made men happy. Dan wasn’t gentle. He rammed Tommy throat hard before flipping the kid on his stomach, ripping down his dress pants and forcing his hard cock up his dry asshole. Tommy cried out at the shock of pain, but Dan didn’t slow up for a second. Now that his parents were gone, Tommy would be used for sex even more regularly and he needed to accept pain would be a part of it. He fucked hard and quickly bred his orphan nine year old nephew. When every every drop of seed was given, he pulled out and put himself away. “Don’t fucking move slut,” he commanded. “I’m going to call the whole team over to breed your cunt, and you’ll take every single load from them and be grateful your new extended family loves you enough to use your boyhole.” Tommy did as he was told, now eager to get lost in sex and servicing his team. The Pokes arrived shortly after. One by one they loaded up the little boy. Tommy took every load with relish. Despite all that he lost, he knew now he still had a home.

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