Bathroom Adventure Ch. 03


He deepened the kiss and moved his hands lower. Her mini skirt was short enough that he could run his hand under it with out moving it very much. If she bent over she would expose herself, and her crotch-less panties. He had chosen it for just that purpose. His hand moved up her thigh, feeling the stockings and garters until he hit the edge of the panties. He could feel the hot wetness of her pussy and he sighed as his fingers brushed over the naked skin. He heard her moan and felt her press herself harder against his hand. He pulled away from her reluctantly, but he wanted to get inside so that he could take his time. He knew that if he took her out here it would be over too quickly, and he didn’t want to scare her off either.

Sara didn’t want to break away from the kiss, especially after his hand made its way to her panties. He pulled her along behind him toward the house. It was dark inside, but it had been dark outside as well so her eyes were already adjusted. She couldn’t see a lot of detail but she could see that it had high ceilings and seemed full of plush, soft furniture. The house had an old fashioned feel to it. She forgot to pay attention to her surroundings once he put his hands on her again. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the feeling.

He rubbed his hands along the back of her shirt. The silk was smooth and ran over her skin like water. He pulled her around to face him and plundered her mouth. She tasted like Kahlua. He let his hands roam freely over her breasts and then lower, under her skirt. He backed her up to the couch and pushed her backward. She fell down, over the arm, her legs flying up, and landed on the cushions below. He smiled as he caught a flash of her exposed pussy as her legs went up in the air. He knelt by the arm of the couch and unzipped one boot, and then the other, her legs over the arm of the couch. He ran his nails over the Escort Avcılar stockings she had on. His cock got harder as he felt her shiver under his touch.

Sara felt a moment of panic as she fell, but relaxed when she hit the cushions. She wanted to cry out as he lightly scratched her legs. It made her shiver and made her juices flow. She could feel the moisture on her skin. His shadow loomed over her. She was in an odd position, her legs over the arm of an overstuffed couch, her back on the cushions, elevating her butt so that it was even with the arm. If she hadn’t been so excited it probably would have been uncomfortable. Her skirt had ridden up, from the fall as well as his hands, and she knew he must have a perfect view of the lingerie he had bought her. Sara could feel his breath on the inside of her thigh. As his tongue touched her she shivered again. Her breath escaped her in a contented sigh. Her eyes closed and she let herself drift away on the first waves of pleasure.

He took his time this time. He tasted and sipped from her. He ran his tongue and his fingers over every fold and crevice. She had an erotic, tantalizing taste and aroma. He felt drunk and had to constantly remind himself to go slowly. She was his tonight and he could do this for as long as he wanted. She cried out above him once, twice, and then even much more so that he lost count. By the time he was done she was completely limp and he thought she had passed out. He looked at her and saw her eyes shining in the dim light. They had a glazed look that made him laugh. He pulled her up from the couch and carried her up the stairs.

Her legs felt like jelly and she was glad he was holding her up because she knew she couldn’t have walked. She felt completely drained, but in the best way possible. It was already better than it had been before and she knew Avcılar Escort Bayan they weren’t done yet. She had lost count of her orgasms and her throat felt raw from the screams that had come out. He took her into a large room that had a king size bed in the middle. It was the main focus of the room, there was only a dresser and an easy chair in the room, along with another door she assumed was the closet. He placed her on the edge of the bed, and Sara sat there, glad to have a rest so that she would be up for whatever he had coming. Even though she was exhausted, Sara couldn’t wait for what was to come next. He left the room but soon came back with a tray with glasses and a pitcher of water.

He poured her a drink and let her relax while she sipped it. He was sitting in the chair across from the bed watching her. After just a few minutes he thought she looked revitalized. He watched her as she set her drink down and stood up to walk toward him. He was still fully dressed as was she, with the exception of her skirt, which was still hiked up around her waist. She walked seductively, as if the boots were still on. She swung her hips and arched her back as she went so her chest stood out. She dropped to her knees in front of him. He looked down at her and met her eyes as she looked up at him and shyly reached for his zipper. He held his breath as she slowly pulled the tab down, releasing his pulsing member. His grip on the arm of the chair tightened as her mouth engulfed him. She began to bob up and down his shaft, flicking her tongue across the underside of his cock. He let his head fall back as he enjoyed the feeling of her hot mouth around his erection. As she picked up the pace, and increased the suction, he looked back down at her and met her eyes again. She was staring up at him while she sucked him deep into her mouth.

Sara Avcılar Escort had never really enjoyed giving blow jobs before but she was definitely enjoying herself now. Even after all the orgasms she had had before, she was already wet and ready for more. She loved the look on his face as she went up and down on his cock. She was trying to go slow to prolong the experience but she couldn’t. Sara could feel him twitching in her mouth and it urged her on. She broke eye contact and sucked him deeper, into her throat. She had never been able to deep throat anyone before. She was enjoying herself as much as he was enjoying her administrations. One of her hands began to massage his sac and the other kept her balanced. She stopped sucking him long enough to take him out of her mouth and lick the long member up one side and down the other, lightly breathing on the trail as she went. She swirled her tongue around the almost purple head like it was a lollipop and then drew him back into her mouth. She heard his sharp intake of breath as she did it. She was so horny again that she couldn’t wait any longer. She sucked him in faster and harder, still holding his balls firmly, but not too tight. Sara could feel her juices on her legs again and could taste the precum from the tip in her mouth. She used her tongue to rub the ridge on the underside and tried to take him even deeper. Suddenly his balls drew up in her hand and he exploded in her mouth. The cum shot to the back of her mouth and down her throat in hot spurts. Sara swallowed compulsively as fast as she could, but some still ran out of the corners of her mouth. She kept him in her mouth, sucking him until he was cleaned off. His limp member slid out of her mouth and she looked back up at him, smiling.

He looked at her, with semen on her face and running down her neck, smiling. He knew he wasn’t done for the night yet, but it would take a little while to recuperate. She had sucked him dry. He pulled Sara to her feet and led her back to the bed. A towel was sitting on the dresser and he used it to clean her off. She lay back on the bed and he climbed up next to her.

“By the way, my name is Nate, and we are no where near done tonight,” he said.

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