Barnaby’s First Time


Barnaby stretched as he awoke. Light was filtering in through the closed curtains. His already sizeable cock, limp at eight inches and fully erect at eleven and a half, was stiffening in his briefs and desperate for relief. It was that common condition known as early morning wood, perhaps not surprising as in his case as a glance of the clock confirmed that it was 10.17 and he knew he’d not peed for around twelve hours. Also, he was feeling massively horny, knowing that Alice, the gorgeous girl he’d met at uni was sleeping in a bedroom just across the landing.

Although he needed to pee quite badly the sexual urges he was feeling were far greater than the urinary ones he had at that moment. Unable to control himself any longer, Barnaby pulled down his briefs, releasing his massive aching cock and began to masturbate, rubbing the underside of his enormous tail and stroking up and down as he did so. Now twenty, Barnaby had been a masturbator for some time. Depending on the mood she was in at the time, on the occasions when she’d caught him at it his mother had variously yelled at him, told him to stop ‘playing with himself’ – whatever that meant – or asked him if he wanted to go to the toilet. Quite why something which felt so good and so right could possibly be so wrong mystified him. With a bigger than average cock and urges which he couldn’t put a stop to even if he’d wanted, leaving himself alone hadn’t been an option. Secrecy had been necessary though and he’d often had to indulge his habit quickly on the quiet when he thought no one was around.

Back from uni for Easter he and Alice, his new girlfriend, were staying at Aunt Anne’s. Whatever else might be said about Aunt Anne, in Barnaby’s experience she always had a smile on her face, had never been cross with him and, coming from a different branch of the family (she was a Timpson by marriage, not blood) was decidedly more liberal than his mother. He didn’t want to abuse her hospitality but somehow felt that she wouldn’t mind if he jacked off in bed so long as he was careful and didn’t make a mess.

Sensing that he was about to cum, Barnaby quickly grabbed a wad of tissues from the box on his bedside table but didn’t quite make it in time. Hot, thick, creamy yellow cum oozed out of is swollen cock and landed on the clean bedclothes. Damn! Reaching for more tissues Barnaby did his best to clean up but without much success. He figured that it probably wasn’t all that much, maybe ataköy escort a quarter of a pint or so, but it still seemed to get everywhere!

Despite what he’d just done, Barnaby was still feeling incredibly horny and hard. Completely discarding his briefs, he threw the bedclothes to one side and got up. His enormous member still glistened with sticky cum. Driven by an urge he couldn’t control, Barnaby found himself heading across the lading to Alice’s bedroom. He found her awake, looking as though she was studying the pattern on the wallpaper, but his appearance slightly startled her. As she cast an eye between his legs a grin crossed her face. She couldn’t fail to notice how hard, swollen and sticky he was.

“Hey big boy. No prizes for guessing what you’ve been up to!”

“Couldn’t help it, Alice. The thought of you so near and yet so far was driving me mad. Look, you know you said we could do it sometime. Well, how about now?”

Alice’s mouth dropped wide open.

“What, sex? Won’t your aunt mind? What if she catches us?”

Barnaby pulled back Alice’s duvet and fondly kissed her. “Oh Aunt Anne won’t mind. It’s Sunday and she’s at church. She said something last night about serving at the Sung Eucharist or whatever it’s called, and asked if I’d like to go along but I said ‘no’. It’s half past ten now and I bet she won’t back before eleven fifteen at the earliest. I’d say we’d three quarters of an hour at least. What about it?”

“Okay, just so long as you’re sure. Come here big boy!”

“Never been more sure in all my life.”

Although Alice half dragged into her bed, Barnaby certainly needed no invitation. He kissed and caressed Alice as she lowered her black lace panties and parted her legs in readiness to receive his enormous glistening cock. Although he was hard, he entered her nervously and with difficulty. Alice looked him in the eye as he struggled.

“Barnaby, this is your first time, isn’t it?”

Although he hated to admit it, Barnaby knew that he couldn’t lie to Alice. There was something penetrating, searching, about her gaze.

“Yes”, he gasped, “it is – apart from solo, that is. I wanted to make sure it was the right girl first. Now I am sure – very sure.”

“I thought so.”

There was a knowing tone to Alice’s voice.

“I’m so proud of you, saving yourself all up for me. I want to be really fucked hard though!”

Barnaby avcılar escort gradually worked into a good rhythm before cumming, just as Alice reached orgasm. However the strain on Alice’s full bladder proved too great to contain and, as he withdrew, she started peeing uncontrollably. Like her boyfriend, she’d not been all night. His erection subsiding and the sight of Alice peeing was too much for Barnaby and the floodgates opened as rich, copper coloured, early morning pee cascaded from his huge penis. As both their pee streams subsided to a gentle trickle before finally stopping, they collapsed exhausted into one another’s arms.

“Well, if it isn’t love’s young dream!”

A voice they both recognised rang across the room and Barnaby looked up in terror to see his Aunt Anne in the doorway, a pile of fresh linen in her arms.

Totally nonplussed but eventually finding his voice, Barnaby said the first thing which came to him. “Sorry Aunt Anne. We didn’t think you’d be back yet.”

“Obviously not.” For once his aunt wasn’t smiling and there was an uncharacteristically serious tone to her voice.

“Right,” she continued, “this bed will have to be stripped immediately and I think you both need cold showers – to be taken separately, that is. Alice can go first. Run along now, there’s a good girl. I need to have a stern word with my nephew if you please.”

Alice obediently headed to the bathroom and Barnaby looked pleadingly at his aunt.

“I’m sorry Aunt Anne. It won’t happen again.”

“Don’t lie to me and don’t make promises you can’t keep,” his aunt retorted. “You enjoyed every minute of it and you’re not sorry at all. What’s more I know very well you’ll do it again. Perhaps if you promised to be more discreet and make less of a mess next time it might be a start. By the way, Barnaby, I’ve already changed the sheets on your bed. I couldn’t believe the mess you’d made. Next time you’ll have to be a bit quicker with the Kleenex. Maybe I should put a roll of that extra absorbent kitchen paper in your room too.”

Barnaby looked sheepish.

“It won’t happen again Aunt Anne. I Promise.”

“Very well,” his aunt replied, “I’ll take your word for it this time.”

“It was our first time,” Barnaby blurted out. “We’ve not done it before.”

His aunt gave him a knowing look in return.

“I don’t know about Alice but bahçelievler escort I know very well that it was your first time. Your Uncle Brian was just as clumsy with me his first time round. I was his one and only girlfriend and seeing the way you struggled with Alice brought it all flooding back. Still he improved with practice and I’m sure you will too.”

“You mean you saw us actually at it.” Barnaby sounded quite shocked.

A smile crossed Anne’s face.

“Let’s say I saw enough, Barnaby, to know what was happening.”

Suddenly aware that he was conversing with his aunt in his birthday suit, Barnaby grabbed the duvet cover and threw it round his waist in an attempt to conceal his cock and achieve some sort of modesty.

“Don’t be so silly,” Anne piped up. “I need that for the wash, Besides it isn’t as though I haven’t seen a John Thomas plenty of times before. Trust me, Barnaby, when a girl’s seen one cock she’s seen them all. Plenty of guys try to fool themselves they’ve got the biggest pee-pee in the universe but to us girls they’re all the same. Anyhow, we’ll have to get a move on if you’re to showered, shaved, dressed and at your mother’s for one o’ clock.”

“What? My mother’s!”

“Yes, Barnaby. As we agreed. Remember? It’s Mothering Sunday and we agreed you would be going to see her. She’s looking forward to meeting Alice.”

“Do we have to?” Barnaby looked pleadingly at his aunt.

“Well it’s what we agreed – if you remember. I’ve got some boxed soaps for you to give her. Look, if you go and spend a few hours with your mum today, smile, look pleasant and try to get on with her, she need never get to know about this morning’s ‘entertainment’ if you know what I mean. I can be very discreet if I have to be and I’m amazingly good at keeping secrets, you know.”

“That sounds like blackmail, Aunt Anne,” Barnaby replied.

“As if I would,” his aunt responded. “No. I’d call it an incentive.”

“Very well. I’ll do whatever you say.”

Anne smiled. “I knew you’d see it from my point of view. By the way, I’ve got you a couple of posies and some simnel cake from church for you to take to her.”

“Oh no.”

“Oh yes,” his aunt replied. “By the way, before Alice finishes in there, a word to the wise. Next time I think she might appreciate a full cum load, not the leftovers when you’ve just milked yourself half dry. I used to have an awful job explaining to your Uncle Brian that I wanted to be the main event, not just an afterthought. It looks like Alice has finished in the bathroom now. Run along and get that shower. I’d drain your spuds whilst you’re in there. After all, we don’t want you playing with yourself at your mother’s, do we? “

Barnaby gave his aunt a broad smile. He knew she was right – as always.


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