Bare Assed in the Backwoods


One long and boring afternoon I was sitting in my office in the city surfing the Internet. I looked at what seemed like a hundred different sites before I stumbled across one that featured nudism. I was quickly pulled in by the thought of mass nudity and eagerly logged onto the site looking for some fun photos. The site seemed very well constructed and allowed me to search for places to get naked. The site’s menu was great and allowed me to select a place based on its geographical region, state or city.

I selected my state and anxiously waited for the homepage to pop up. When it did I was almost shocked to discover there were five different clubs relatively close to me. One was a nudist resort / social club that was located less than one hundred miles from where I live and work. I selected the link and the site appeared before my eyes. The resort was located in a wooded rural area in the southern portion of the state. The site featured some great stuff and included a discreet aerial photo showing the tiny resort nestled quaintly away in the forest.

I clicked the “About us” bar from the page and a photo of a naked couple probably in their late forties or early fifties appeared. They were standing hand in hand beside a sign which read; Welcome to The Oasis, stay with us if you can bare it! The couple was average in size and appearance. So I continued to browse the site. I learned a great deal about the site as I clicked the various menu bars. I read on about the club and became very intrigued. After about fifteen minutes or so I decided to e-mail them.

In my e-mail I asked if I could attend one of their weekly open houses that were featured on the website. The site included a list of rules, a detailed map with directions on how to get there, a complete schedule of events and several very revealing photos of members enjoying the facilities. The resort featured a large outdoor pool and hut tub, clubhouse with a bar and a jukebox, a dance floor, foosball and pool tables, a large shower house, horseback riding, a small fishing pond, several cabin size cottages and much more.

Along with numerous photos were member testimonials, a schedule of events, and the club rules. After carefully reading the rules I determined the Oasis was indeed for me. I hate missing a good chance to see or be naked! The rules included that no one under the age of eighteen was allowed in and that it was an adult’s only social club. Always carry a towel with you, and do not consume alcoholic beverages openly outside of any of the buildings, and last but not least; couples and outgoing singles are always welcome. Most importantly outward displays of excitement and/or affection were not permitted in open areas. Without further hesitation I sent the e-mail. Later that day an e-mail alert appeared on my screen with a reply. I anxiously opened the message to find that I had indeed been invited to come and get my feet wet so to speak at the Oasis. The e-mail was from a woman named Jan. I also received a copy of an invite letter along with directions to show it to the person at the front gate upon my arrival. Presenting the letter would be the only way I would be allowed to enter their club grounds. I was very excited and couldn’t wait for the weekend to get here.

The open house went from noon until four every Sunday. The e-mail said that I would be given a guided tour the grounds and would be allowed to visit with the members and experience what the club had to offer before deciding whether I wanted to drop five hundred dollars for the cost of a single membership. Membership fees for a couple ran two hundred and fifty dollars. The e-mail also said that I could take the tour with my clothes on or off, it was my choice. Being a bit of an exhibitionist I didn’t struggle very long deciding how I would choose to take the tour.

When Sunday came I woke early, shaved, showered, and hit the road. The club was only about eighty miles away but the roads there were all country two lane. Filled with anticipation, I finally drove upon a gravel road about half mile off the state route. The gravel lane was marked only with the wooden silhouette of a palm tree painted black. I eased my SUV into the drive and followed the winding road almost a quarter of a mile before I came upon a small clearing with a large electric gate with a small shack with a stop sign outside.

I pulled up to the stop sign and stopped. A young well-tanned woman stepped out of the shack and approached the driver’s side of my car. She had curly thick auburn hair that flowed to almost the middle of her back. She was wearing cut off denim shorts and a black bikini top which did very little to cover much of her large round breasts, sandals and dark sunglasses, pretty normal attire for late August.

“Hello.”, she purred in a very sexy voice. “Can I help you?” she asked, politely flashing me a smile as she approached.

I told her my name and added that I was here for the open house.

“Well Richard, loose the last name.” she said. Escort Bahçeşehir “People here are very discreet and last names are seen as an invasion of privacy and that’s kind of frowned upon. My name’s Carrie and I’ll be your tour guide”, she said as she went over and grabbed a clipboard from the tiny window ledge of the shack and placed a check mark beside my name. She then picked up the telephone and asked someone to take over for her at the front gate. She said the she had a tour and needed to be relieved.

Soon an older gentleman with salt and pepper colored hair appeared at a walk through gate located next to the shack wearing swim trunks and pulling on a white T-shirt.

“Thanks Wally, I needed a break.” she said patting him on the back.

The young woman then hopped into the passenger side of my Hummer and pointed towards the opening gate.

“Pull inside this gate and we’ll find a place to park.” she directed. Just inside the gate was good-sized gravel parking area with probably thirty or forty cars in it, but several open spots were still available.

A little beyond the parking area was a long wooden privacy fence with a building at one end. On the end of the small building there was a screen door and a sign that simply read locker room. We entered that building and were quickly greeted by a naked older woman who handed me a combination lock and a locker number.

“Come on, twenty seven is over here I’ll show you.” said my sultry chaperone. We walked down past two or three rows of lockers before she turned to her right. “Here we go.” she said as she opened the locker.

“Now get undressed and I’ll show you around.” she giggled while reaching back beneath her flowing hair to untie the straps of her bikini top from around her neck.

“I thought I had a choice?” I said teasingly as I kicked off my sandals.

“Not when I’m your tour guide.” she said with a smile as her top fell from her neck unleashing her impressive pineapple sized breasts. Her tits jutted impressively forward when she reached behind her back to untie the narrow cross strap. She unzipped her tight fitting denim shorts as I pulled my shirt over my head.

I reached down to unsnap my shorts as she wiggled out of hers. She wasn’t wearing any panties and was now completely naked except for a silver and turquoise choker pendant around her neck, and her sunglasses. Her pubic hair was a colorful match to her cascading tresses. Her pubes were thick but very neatly trimmed. I stepped out of my shorts and tossed them into the locker.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” she asked glancing at my package as she stepped towards me with a large white towel. She continued to look me up and down. “We’re almost ready but first you need to bend over.” she said cradling a large rubber stamp and ink pad in her hand.

“Bend over? What for”, I asked somewhat confused.

“This is one of the three ways we identify our first time guests.” she replied as she stamped a large red butterfly on the cheek of my ass with a smile.

“Do you always stamp their asses?” I asked.

“No on the women we usually do their breast.” she replied with a smile.

“What’s the giggle about?” I asked. “Tan lines like yours are the second way.” she said with a naughty grin.

“What’s the third way?” I asked her.

“Erections.” she joked slowly shaking her head from side to side.

That’s when I remembered the web-site clearly stating that open displays of excitement or affection were not allowed.

“You’re not prone to erections are you?” She asked staring at my flaccid cock as she leaned against the wall near the exit door with her arms crossed.

“I’ve had a few.” I told her with a mischievous grin.

“I’ll bet you have.” she said as she motioned me towards the door. I followed her through the doorway and out into the bright sunlight. Her smooth naked ass was very well rounded and wiggled nicely when she walked.

We quickly encountered naked people everywhere. We walked into a large open area. In the middle was a huge in ground pool and hot tub. Lounge chairs and blankets were lying on the ground surrounding the pool. There were naked bodies scattered about.

A radio was playing in the background. Some people were reading by the pool while others were soaking up the sun. Most of the folks we encountered were very friendly and spoke, but there were a few who were less than cordial.

“Over here is the clubhouse.” said my sexy tour guide. “You can get a drink or a bite to eat here if you like.”

We strolled inside where five or six people were hanging out. An attractive blonde was shooting a game of pool with an older fellow, two or three men were sitting at the bar watching pre-season football on TV, and a young couple was playing air hockey in the corner. We sat down and ordered ourselves up a cold drink as Carrie introduced me to the barmaid.

“Richard this is Margaret.” said Carrie. “He’s a new guy.” she whispered Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan playfully.

Margaret was quite attractive, probably in her mid to late forties about 5′ 8″ tall, with sandy colored hair cut just above her shoulders. She had firm slightly larger than average sized tits and a nicely shaped body with only a tiny little pouch in her mid-section. She was very well preserved for an older woman.

“I’ve never had a naked barmaid before.” I joked.

“Would you like to?” she teased. “My friends call me Maggie.”

“Behave.” Carrie told her.

“Damn girl, you can’t blame a woman for trying to get laid around here.” whispered Margaret. After a little small talk we said goodbye and exited the clubhouse.

We walked the grounds carrying our towels for about an hour as Carrie showed me all that the club had to offer, or so I thought. Occasionally Carrie would lean over in front of me to point out something trivial allowing her large round breasts to rub firmly against me.

“I have one more special place I want to show you.” said Carrie as we headed down a narrow path towards the woods. “Watch the poison ivy, it’s a bitch if you get it in the wrong place.” she teased as she stepped into the brush.

She led me up a hillside quite a ways before we reached a small clearing at the top. Watching her ass swing back and forth in front of me as we ascended the ridge was beginning to give me hard on. I was semi-erect by the time we reached the top. The view of the wooded valley below was truly spectacular. I walked out to a large rock near the edge trying desperately to conceal my growing erection and to get a better look at the lush green valley below. Carrie walked up beside me with hair blowing in the wind.

“Isn’t it Beautiful?” she asked, placing her left hand on the cheek of my bare ass.

“Yes it is.”, I said with a bold move, lifting my right arm over her head and placing my hand on her shoulder. She leaned softly into me and I pulled her closer. Her breasts were warm and soft. Her pubic hair lightly brushed against my upper thigh as she placed her right leg in front of mine. Her hair continued to dance on the soft warm breezes that filtered through the trees. Her firm tan body shimmered in the afternoon sun while the island fragrance of her coconut suntan oil flooded my senses.

Without speaking another word our lips met softly. Slowly at first, then much quicker and much harder on the second kiss. Soon our lips and tongues were locked together and my hands were exploring her supple young body. Her nipples rapidly grew hard against my chest as I squeezed the cheeks of her ass. My growing cock pushed its way up between our abdomens. Carrie began dry humping my upper thigh as I fondled her ass. Before long the juices from her hot wet snatch were trickling down my inner thigh. Her breathing soon became very erratic.

I pulled back from her slightly and slid my hand around from her ass and placed it firmly against her hairy crotch. She moaned as my fingers brushed her clit in search of her warm wet opening. Her pussy lips were moist and swollen, and parted easily as I slid two fingers all the way into her wetness. The ball of my hand rubbed against her rigid clit. She began stroking my rock hard cock while I worked my fingers deeper inside her dripping twat. Within a matter of minutes she seemed to lose focus and soon her entire body was trembling.

This sexy young thing is going to come off right now in my hand I thought to myself. Not knowing how prophetic that thought would soon be. She began rocking her hips violently while she dug her fingernails into my shoulders. Her tits danced in front of me as she went off like a rocket then eased her frantic pelvic thrusts to a slow rhythmic grind. Gasping for breath as she slowly pulled away and placed her hands against my chest. She pushed me backwards until my bare ass came in contact with the large warm rock.

“Lay back.” she instructed as she brushed her wind tangled hair from her face. I expected her to mount up. I was ready to give the horny little bitch a serious fucking! Instead she laid her towel on the ground, knelt in front of me and pushed my knees apart as wide as she could. She licked her own juices from the inside of my thigh before placing her talented tongue against my balls.

I almost exploded right then and there as her warm heaving breath flowed across my crotch. My scrotum tightened with excitement. Her hands slid up and down my thighs as she mouthed eagerly at my balls.

She hoisted my rigid eight inches straight up into the air and ran her tongue along the length of my shaft, starting at the balls like it was an ice cream cone. Occasionally she swirled her hot wet tongue around the tip lapping up the tiny droplets of my sweet clear pre-cum which were rapidly accumulating.

After teasing me for quite some time, she pulled the skin tight against the base of my shaft with her right hand, cradled Bahçeşehir Escort my balls in her left easing its swollen purple head between her lips. Her cheeks pulled in and she made a slurping noise as her head began to bounce.

I was fully erect and already throbbing, so I knew I wouldn’t last long. My cock began to glisten in the sunlight as more and more of it became wet and slippery with every exciting bob of her head. A combination of her saliva and my own juices trickled down the shaft and across her tightly clenched fingers.

She gurgled and gasped as she sucked and stroked me, occasionally coming up for air like a long distance swimmer. Her naked breasts pressed against the warm hard rock as she worked feverishly to please me. You could have driven nails with my cock it was so hard!

Watching the beautiful young girl suck my cock was quite a turn on and my orgasm lurked just around the corner. I moaned with excitement and closed my eyes. I could feel my release building and tried to fight it, but it was too late. I started wildly pumping her face. She gagged a little as I shoved my cock even further down her throat, but I couldn’t hold back. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure as the first burst of my hot load coated the back of her throat. It must have really taken her by surprise because she abruptly jerked her head up off my pulsing cock.

The second stream of cum splattered errantly against her upper lip and trickled down the side of her cheek. Trying desperately to control the gushing geyser she shoved my spewing cock back inside her mouth stroking it firmly until my entire load had been deposited onto her talented tongue. She swallowed, licked and sucked until my empty cock went limp in her mouth like a spaghetti noodle. She kissed my balls and wiped my cum from her cheek with the first two fingers on her right hand, then slowly released the tactical grip she’d had on my well-drained balls.

She climbed up on the rock and lay down beside me. “So what do you think of the Oasis?” she asked with a heavy sigh.

“Mmmmm, where do I sign.” I teased. She giggled as I wiped the sweat from my brow. We rested for a few minutes and talked about the awesome blowjob I had just received while I fondled her breasts. I told her it was great and that I was really looking forward to fucking her real good. “What?” she said, “Screw on the first tour? What kind of girl do you think I am” she teased, smacking me playfully on the chest as she jumped from the rock. I took her hand and we walked slowly down the path back towards the commons area of the club.

“Is everyone here as friendly as you are?” I asked. “

“Not everyone, but there are a few.” she replied.

“Who are they?” I asked inquisitively.

“I’m not going to tell you!” said Carrie kissing me on the cheek. “Because finding out for yourself is half the fun.” We took a few more steps before she stopped and said; “I will tell you this if you’re looking to score, during the week is usually the best time to find someone that you can make it with.”

Not long after we reached the bottom Carrie took me to the office and we filled out my membership paperwork. I put the five hundred dollars on my credit card and settled in by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Carrie discreetly said goodbye and resumed her duties at the front gate. I didn’t see her give another “tour” the rest of the day. I did however meet some very nice people, singles and couples, and my minor inhibitions about being naked quickly faded. I even found a few ladies that I would really like to hook up with if the opportunity ever presented itself.

I returned home and made a promise to myself that I would return the very next weekend. As luck would have it I was able to slide away from work at noon on Thursday and headed to the club for the extended Labor Day weekend. When I arrived around 4:00 PM, I signed in and even sprung for a cottage. The small cabin like structure was nice but simple. It had a cathedral ceiling with a large fan hanging in the middle, a queen size bed, a small refrigerator, a clock radio, a small dinette set and a deck with a couple plastic chairs. The club was almost deserted.

After sizing the place up, I undressed and headed for the shower room. As I started to enter, I heard voices and moans. I quickly stopped just inside the entranceway. I peered through a crack in the slat boards that formed a vision break near the door. I could see a man and a woman. The woman was probably in her late twenties, well tanned, with long blonde hair, a clean-shaven snatch, and the nicest pair of store bought boobies I had seen outside of a strip club. She was bent slight at the waist with her hands resting on her upper thighs. She was the one doing all the moaning. The man was much older, probably in his mid-fifties or so, with grey hair and an athletic build. He was standing behind the woman with his hands on her hips. He was the one doing most of the talking.

“That’s right you hot little bitch, take it all!” he commanded as he fucked her from behind.

“Oh yeah, baby. That’s it, fuck me harder!” she whimpered loud enough for me to make out over the sounds of her ass cheeks slamming against his abdomen. He grabbed a handful of her wet stringy hair with his right hand, yanked back her head and fucked her even harder.

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