Barbie just needs a little

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Barbie just needs a little

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this…’ but she was feeling desperate.

‘This is Crazy!’ she thought to herself, as she missed her turn for a second time.

‘All I wanted was a quick one.’ but things can get complicated.

‘I just need a little.’ she thought as she ground her ass into the car seat.

“Ooh! Mmm…” escaped her lips. She was so horny.

But let’s start at the beginning. Barbie was cute, friendly and bubbly. The best combination of traits for a party girl. Especially if she has big breasts, blond hair and a trim body. She had always found good times and enjoyed what life had to bring.

She had been invited to all the parties. Her dance card was always full, and she had her pick of all the men. Even many of the women but she wasn’t into that. Strong men with strong cocks were her thing. Barbie loved to play with them. Turn them on. Get them close. Then tease them before finally letting them drive it home.

Her life was great. Her job was great. Everything was one big party, and she didn’t need anything else. She had her party friends, her clothes and fashion sense, her list of places she could rule the floor. Everything was going her way. She thought it would last forever.

But Barbie was no longer any of those things. A couple years back she realized her life was going nowhere. Depression set in and ruined her spirit and her body. She lost her figure and her drive. Her life was going downhill. Nothing seemed to cheer her. Parties dried up and drinking was a sad affair.

With therapy she overcame her depression and the ensuing anxiety. Now she’s chubby with fat breasts and thinning hair. But she was on the mend. Physical therapy helped. But she missed her past life. She just needed a little to get her mojo going again. Something to remind her of her youth. Something to put the drive back in the world.

This is how she finds herself in the predicament she is currently in; Driving to meet an old friend at a secluded tea house on the seedy side of town. She had been looking at self-help books at the local bookstore when she noticed him. They had dated a few years back. Before ‘Bloated Barbie’ made her appearance. She liked his body. They had fun before. He was looking good. She needed his help.

They talked and after the shock of seeing her in her current state settled in he turned very charming and friendly. They met a couple times and talk quickly turned to her desires. She told him what she wanted, ‘Just a little.’ “I don’t need a relationship. I just need a little fuck.” she blushed, “You know. Like we used to do. No strings attached.”

He was amiable and setup this ‘meeting’ at the tea shop. He had given her an anal plug shaped like a little cock and instructed her to put it in before they meet. Just to prove she was serious. She thought it was a strange request, but she wasn’t a stranger to pleasure even if this wasn’t in her normal bag. She had her own dildo. He knew it. He had even used it on her when they had been dating.

He wanted to build some excitement, he said. To help her with her desires. Barbie was horny and so desperate she accepted. She had no trouble cleaning herself, lubing herself and putting it in. It wasn’t her usual choice, but it was exciting. It felt ok at first. But then she had never driven with one in before. That’s why she had missed her turn. Twice! So excited. She was so ready.

When she turned into the parking lot, she took a deep breath. ‘Finally!’ She ground her ass into the seat again anticipating what might happen next. ‘Mmmm. Ahhh.’ Her hands gripped the steering wheel, and she squeezed her knees together. ‘Good thing I put on a feminine pad. I’m dripping already.’

Getting out of the car was a Escort shock and the cool air gave her goosebumps. Walking to the door caused her to question her choices. She just needed a little. Why do things have to be so complicated? Pulling herself together she walked gracefully in.

She dressed the way she remembered he liked. A short dress, a tight shirt and plenty of cleavage. Her walk was a little jittery as each step tweaked the anal plug in her sensitive hole. The place was practically empty as she looked around for her friend.

He was sitting in the back at a darkened table. He looked up and watched her saunter the long walk to the table. Then standing like a gentleman, he pulled out a chair for her and slid it in as she sat. “Ummh.” escaped her lips as her weight settled onto the chair. He rested his hand on her shoulder.

“So,” he said with a slight grin, “you put it in?”

“Yes.” her face looked intense, lust driven into his, “Now please. Let me have it!”

Her friend returned to his seat. He just stared at her, or just over her shoulder and nodded.

“Ung, Mmmm.” she gasped grinding her ass into the seat.

His grin broadened, “Turn around, show me.”

“Here!? Now!?” her face blushed again.

“You look cute. Pretend you’re a kid again. Kneel on the chair and look over the back.”

It sounded easy enough. The place was quiet. There were just a couple guys on the far side of the room. ‘Pretend I’m a kid,’ huh? She smiled with a giggle and bounced up to her feet. She quickly knelt upon the seat and bent over pushing her ass back towards him. Her ample cleavage hanging over the back of the chair.

“Lift up your skirt.”

Her face was bright red as she lifted her skirt. ‘Well, I’ve gone this far.’ She wiggled her ass and shook her breasts. Suddenly she started smiling and couldn’t stop herself. She felt freed. Her natural spontaneous self started to bubble up from somewhere inside.

Then she felt it. His hand pushed against the plug in her ass. ‘Oh!’ Her body shook with anticipation. She looked around the room. No one was paying any attention. She cautiously pushed back trying not look too obvious. His hand wiggled and prodded the end of the plug. Each touch, each movement was felt deep inside.

‘Finally..’ she thought. Barbie was so ready and at this point she was willing to do anything to get a little.

“Come with me.” he said, grabbing her wrist and forcefully leading her to the little hall between the bathrooms.

He pushed her back roughly against the wall. Sensations flooded her body. She couldn’t wait.

“Kiss me!” she gasped.

He was already there and slid one hand down to lift her skirt and continue playing with the anal plug. She lifted her knee to give him better access. Her breath was ragged as his tongue pierced her lips and fought with her waiting tongue. His strong grip made her feel alive.

She could feel her juices flowing as he pressed his weight against her holding her to the wall. Her breasts swelled and she could feel her nipples tingle. His hand almost lifting her up by her ass crack. His mouth sucking the fight out of her lungs. Her body was turning limp, her breath weak. She moaned.

Her eyes closed as she became consumed by the sensations. It had been so long. She wanted whatever comes. Literally. Suddenly she felt her body slide across the wall and be guided into one of the bathrooms.

‘Dirty boy…’ she thought.

She was pushed into one of the stalls and she could hear his breath echo in the sterile room.

‘Yes! He knows what I want.’ she kept her eyes closed to just follow the moment.

Then she heard a deep voice, “Suck my cock.”

A hand cupped her head and guided her to bend over. Such Escort Bayan a dirty boy. She went willingly and even with closed eyes deftly fished out a cock and began to caress it. The hand on her crack pulled up her skirt and down her panties. Then it began to pull at the anal plug, pumping it in and out.

That drove her wild and she began sucking the head of the cock like an old pro. She quickly had it halfway down her throat and was enjoying what she could only expect was going to be a great fuck session with her old friend.

She felt two hands grab her head as the cock started pushing harder into her face. Fucking her mouth roughly. It didn’t matter. She wanted it so badly. He could cum in her mouth this time. Next time they could do more.

Then she felt the anal plug pull out. Her body jerked hoping for more, but her brain tried to get her attention. Something didn’t jive. In her swimming head she was trying to count hands… 1, 2, 3… Then something else pushed into her ass. It hurt. It felt like a big cock. She pulled her head free and pulled off the cock in her mouth.

“Ouch. What’s going on here? That’s too big! It hurts!”

She opened her eyes to see two men. One at each end. Her friend was nowhere in sight. She was shocked at first. She began to resist but hands grabbed her waist and pulled. Her legs went weak as the big cock was driven deeper into her ass.

“Oh God!” she gasped. It was so big and so deep. She struggled but she couldn’t help herself.

“I didn’t say you could stop. Keep sucking my cock.” the deep voice said.

She resisted and the hands grabbed her head and pulled her face against his wet cock. Then it was forced back into her mouth. The other man’s body press against her bare ass. Brandie realized at that moment, he was all the way in.

“Keep sucking.” the voice demanded.

The cock in her mouth pushed all the way in to her throat as the big cock in her ass began to pump in and out. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. It felt so wild, so raw. The cocks kept pumping using her body to satisfy their urges. Her brain still struggling with right and wrong. This wasn’t what she wanted. It was what she needed. It felt so good to be used, she gave in.

She easily had an orgasm as soon as she submitted to their lust and greed. The cocks fucked and fucked her willing holes. Her body heaving against their strong thrusts. Waves of orgasms flooded her over and over. She felt wanted, needed.

Barbie was completely unaware of what was happening outside herself. She floated in a sea of tingling, sparkling visions. Her body felt tossed around and moved about. Then she felt herself being pulled back into a seated position.

“Here. Sit here.” came the order from behind her.

She was so willing. Her mind pulled back to reality. She struggled to coordinate her balance. Her legs shifted and she followed the cock in her ass down, not wanting it to be pulled out quite yet. As she squatted down the cock began pushing in again. She stopped and caught her breath.

“Keep sucking, slut.” the deep voice demanded.

Her mind bought into the moment, ‘Suck his cock.’ She sucked hard and deep. The feeling of her old self, her old drive kept rising and she felt alive. But she was weak, her legs suddenly gave out and she slammed down on the big cock up her ass. It was so deep.

She was gagging on one cock while the other was buried deeper in her ass than she had ever felt before. She felt a twitching in her stomach. The cock head was so deep. Like it was all the way up in her tummy. Suddenly there was a slap on her bare ass.

“Get up! Fuck my cock, bitch!” came from behind.

She was delirious as she struggled to find her feet. She wanted this, Bayan Escort wanted the challenge. The cock in her mouth continued to fuck as she weakly lifter her ass part way off the cock. Her shaky legs tried to fuck the big cock in her ass. The more she tried the harder the cock fucked her mouth.

“That’s it slut. You want our big cocks, don’t you?”

She did. She wanted it more than anything. At that moment she felt her mojo return. She just needed a little. Her ass became alive and started working that big cock around, in and out. Her tongue grabbed onto the cock in her mouth and stroked it’s shaft. She felt in charge, powerful again.

“Yeah. You’re such a slut for cock. Show us how much you love our cocks.”

With that Barbie started pounding her ass down on the cock in her ass. Her mouth sucking and stroking the other cock down to the pubic hair. Her nose buried in his stinky, musky groin. Her tongue sliding around the shaft as she gagged. Everything was swimming with excitement.

“Holey shit! She’s gonna drain me!” cried the deep voice.

“She gone wild. I can’t hold it any longer! I’m going to fill her ass!”

That’s what she wanted. The surprise at the end of a Tootsie-Pop. Her body was driven, and she worked harder than she had in months. No day at the gym would pay off like this workout will. The salty taste filled her mouth as the first guy started cumming. Then she felt the guy behind her jerk.

“Fuck! Yeah! I’m cumming!”

But she didn’t stop. She sucked cock and pumped her ass until she came again as well. The three of them just jerked there in the filthy bathroom stall as they finished cumming. Barbie was satisfied. Her body glowed and floated. The two men quickly straightened up their clothes and left without so much as a thank you.

But she had her thank you. She swallowed part of it as the other part drained from her gaping ass into the open toilet. Her head was swimming. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. She felt like she needed to throw up. But she also felt so alive and satisfied. A few minutes later she heard a soft knock on the door.

“Was that all you were hoping for?”

“You bastard! You set that up!” Barbie said bleary eyed, gasping for breath.

“It’s what you said you wanted.” he paused, “Looks like it worked.”

“What do you mean: It’s what I said…” she asked looking up at him.

“The first time we met for tea. A couple weeks ago? Don’t you remember? You said, and I quote, ‘Sometimes I just wish the next time I was horny and vulnerable; a couple of men would just have their way with me.’”

“OK. Maybe I did say that in desperation. I never thought I’d have an opportunity…” she was happy she did.

She leaned there still gasping as pictures and feelings flushed through her mind. The evening had not gone as planned. Her body was still buzzing from all the fucking and sucking and orgasms. She couldn’t stop smiling. A big fart passed out of her gaping hole as she got to her feet making her laugh.

‘Yes. I think it worked.’ her friend said.

Barbie picked up the anal plug from the floor and pulled up her panties. They were easy enough to hide. But she couldn’t hide the smile on her face and the bounce in her step. Even with weak legs and cum dripping down. He was right, ‘it worked.’ It was what she needed.

They walked to her car, and she got in. He leaned in and kissed her through the window. “Let me know the next time you ‘just need a little.’ I’d be glad to help you out.”

Barbie’s smile remained glued to her face as she blushed and covered her face with her hand, “Yeah, No! Maybe…” She quickly drove off then looked up his number on her phone. But she couldn’t bring herself to delete it. She was mad at him, but…

He smiled as she drove away and counted a pile of money. Then he texted her.

She heard her phone go off and looked at it, “Anytime” was all it said.

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