Barb, Jeannie and Me Ch. 01

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I thought Dunlap always had a sweet-tooth for me but I never really thought to do anything about it. As attractive and sassy as she seemed, she was my neighbor down the hall and I was pretty active on my own, getting laid quite regularly. And it’s a bad business, hooking up with a lady who lives almost on the other side of my walls.

We were both in our early thirties and playing it fast and loose. In fact, I was able to hook up with her BFF when the three of us (Dunlap and her pal) ran into each other in the lobby of our building, waiting for the elevator. The BFF and I lasted three months, with me mesmerized by her California blonde thing, and she appreciating the size and stamina of my trusty cock. But there really was less than nothing there except for the hot sex, and we broke it off. Empty is empty and I was bored.

It wasn’t a week later that a knock at my door turned out to be Dunlap, holding a joint and a bottle of wine, asking me if I had company. I didn’t have company, she was wearing a very expensive long robe and I was intrigued by this visit to say the least. “Come in,” I said, and as we walked toward the sofa in my living room, added, “This is a pleasant surprise.”

“It has real possibilities,” she said.

“Weed and wine? Sure!”

She sat on the sofa. “I have something else to share with you,” she said, putting the wine on the coffee table. I got two glasses and put them next to the bottle.


“Funny. No.”

“Locked out of your place, right?” I poured some wine into each glass and sat back down.

She didn’t respond. She took a deep drag on the reefer, and held it out to me. I inhaled and leaned back, exhaling and letting it take me over. “Are you ripped already?” I asked.

“Sort of. How about you?”

“One more toke and I’m good,” I said, putting the blunt to my lips.

“I understand you’ve got a really talented cock.”

All I could manage is “Holy shit!”

“You think Jeannie and I don’t talk? She says she’s never been so well fucked in her life.”

“Well I’m happy for the recommendation! Did she put it in writing?”

She laughed. “Let’s put it this way. She gave you a good reference, orally. And I mean that both ways!”

I think I actually blushed. I couldn’t believe that Barb(that’s Dunlap’s first name) had discussed the exquisite details, oral and otherwise, of my sexual adventures with Letitia Jean Harper. But I cleared my throat, sat up straight and asked, “So you came here to get laid?”

“I came here to get seriously fucked! Indulge me and I’ll indulge you back! Why else would I be dressed like this and why else would I be so wet and willing?”

As she spoke she slipped the robe off her shoulders. Her breasts were braless and much fuller than I thought they’d be, her nipples already stiff. Her fair skin was still lightly tanned from the summer. She was wearing white thigh high stockings and white mesh panties, a tiny low triangle hugging her crotch. Her slit shone through, bare and wet, the dampness of the fabric as evidence. She certainly had walked in hot and ready. I felt a rush of desire overwhelm me at the sight of her.

The length of Yalova Escort the robe had hidden her very hot ankle boots, tan suede lace-up 1890’s things with high spiked heels. Her blonde hair rolled in gentle waves down to her shoulders. It all hit me at once and it caught my breath.

Standing over me, she asked, “Is this okay? The panties are new for me. I like the way they feel.”

I said nothing. I just let a long breath go. I put my hand out and cupped her crotch. I squeezed it gently but firmly and she gasped. “I like the way they look,” I whispered. She sat next to me and put her hand on my sweat pants, sizing up my hardened cock. She smiled.

The weed was upon me yet, believe it or not, I was actually thinking clearly. This is too good to be true, I thought. Barbara Dunlap is not too shabby. Not an imp, not a model, not an athlete, but a woman, inviting and highly fuckable! Wide hips. Excellent, narrow back. Luscious ass. There is a serious downside here, I thought. This will be easy to start but maybe really tough to stop. Yet I’m stoned at the moment and fucking this potentially hot woman would be far better than having M&M’s and cold milk.

New pussy was laying itself before me.

She lowered herself to the sofa next to me and leaned back, throwing her arms back over her head. Her hair splayed out over the cushions. Her breasts held their beckoning fullness. I slid my hand from her crotch to between her thighs, my cock throbbing with delight as I grasped their firmness. With my free hand I cupped and pressed against a tit. It felt glorious in my palm.

She opened her legs for me. I again caressed her pussy and then looked at her mouth. In a low whisper, I asked, “Where shall I kiss first?”

Straight in my eyes, a low whisper back: “Where my cunt is.”

I shivered with delight at the obvious message. I bent and lightly kissed the wet, delicious fabric, pressing my tongue against her. She moaned softly and I slid up, squeezing each breast as I pressed my mouth to hers, our flicking tongues meeting instantly. Her arms wrapped around me. I lowered my face to her chest, taking a stiff nipple and sucking it, feeling her pelvis rise and grind against me, her breathing growing heavier.

When I lifted my head from she hooked her thumbs in her panties, sliding them over her mound but leaving them at the top of her thighs, mine to remove completely. As I did she spread her legs once again, her finger circling her swollen pussy. “Now show me” she commanded and I stood, kicked off my loafers, pulled off my tee and pushed my sweat pants to the floor, stepping out of them. My cock was as erect as it ever could be and I leaned toward her so she could take it in her hand.

“Godamn!” she said. She ran her hands smoothly along the shaft and under my balls, cupping them. She traced the vein that ran crookedly along the base. She raised herself up and tasted the head of my cock, flicking it with her tongue, devilishly teasing and probing the sensitive hole at the top, some of my precum shining on it. “Gooooooood” she cooed, squeezing it. “This is going to be gooooood!!”

“As advertised, I hope.”

“Better Yalova Escort Bayan in person,” she said.

I ran my hand through her rich golden hair. She had completely gotten to me. “You, too,” I said very quietly.

She nodded and then, suddenly, threw her head back. “I want this cock inside me. Now! I don’t want to play first, I need to feel that beautiful cock inside me. Please, baby” she whimpered, “fuck me now. Give me that cock!”

She held me tightly as I moved between her wide-open legs, her cunt lips glistening, her thighs framing her purpled, swollen labia. I had taken my cock from her and now rubbed the tip up and down her slit. She arched her back as if shocked and shouted “Oh god!!” and threw her head further back, her eyes shut. “Jam it! Hard! HARD!!” I thrust myself forward and her cunt felt as if my cock were tearing it open. She shrieked as if she were being split in half, tensing and thrusting back at me, shrieking and expelling air, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” as my cock traveled down her tight tunnel and jammed against her cervix. It was all I could do to keep from cumming with that one stroke. My heart was racing as if it would burst from my chest.

I grimaced at the overwhelming pleasure and again pushed into her as hard as I could, my balls slapping on the mounds of her ass. “I can’t believe … what this feels like!” I panted. “Your cock feels so big,” she gasped, gulping for breath. “You fucking bastard, DRILL ME!! GIMME that cock! GIMME!! Oh, man, fuck me fuck me fuck me…..”

Her legs, bent at the knee and pulled up to open her cunt, now rocked back and forth as I pumped her cunt, holding her close, one of my hands squeezing a full, welcoming tit. Her hips bucked against me and I swiftly grabbed the mounds of her ass, the flesh filling my grasping hands. I spread her cheeks apart as we grunted and pushed against each other. I brushed hair away from her face; she licked at my neck and ears, her hands roaming over my ass and my hips, and all the while the glorious sensations of cock thumping into cunt were coursing through our bodies, my balls tingling. I can only imagine what she felt.

With my hands on the sofa I propped myself up over her, and we both looked down at the exquisite sight of her cunt swallowing my cock. The gentle swell of her stomach rolled up ever so slightly as she lifted and spread her legs as far as she could. “Ooohh look!” she crooned, and smiled up at me, flicking her tongue out into the air, as if a snake struggling to bite. “I’m cumming … I’m cumming now!! It won’t stop!” She sounded ready to cry.

“Do it, baby, do it do it do it! This is so fantastic, your cunt is beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!”

Her thighs tensed and then her body snapped ramrod straight, shaking with sudden violent tremors. She held her breath. “Oh, FUCK!” she finally screamed as the indescribable ecstasy became a violent wave of bliss washing over her, releasing her slowly.

We rolled over and she lay on top of me as she shuddered with waning waves of orgasm. Her cunt clenched me. We caressed each other, exploring these new bodies. I spread the cheeks of her ass, lazily playing in the slit, Escort Yalova teasing her rosebud. Minutes passed. Twice, maybe more, her entire body suddenly shook with orgasmic aftershocks, releasing her breath as if startled, “Oooooohhhhhh…”

As I kissed her, I felt her cunt grab at my cock intermittently .We lay still, my cock still hard, my own ecstasy rumbling quietly, my own breathtaking bliss delayed. Finally, she laughed quietly, a low, lewd chuckle. She raised her head and taunted, “Give me some hot cum, baby? Let me feel you shoot your load.” Her cunt clenched even harder at my dick, her hips again thrusting for more friction. She egged me on: “How big a load will you give me baby? Huh? Huh?”

She sat up, straddling me, my still hard cock deep in her cunt, pushing outward against the velvet walls. She rocked back and forth, thrust up and down, her breasts swaying gently. I was spellbound, watching her fuck for the two of us. Her hand went to her breast and she twisted at her nipple, her eyes closing and her face a study in concentration. Tiny, rhythmic “ohs” kept tempo with her movement, and I joined her, grinding and humping up to meet the flesh of her pubis as my cock drove deeper and deeper. I pressed her other breast with my palm and rubbed at the nipple. She was very close to cumming, and so was I.

She reached under me, cupped my balls and laughed, challenging me. With a low, throaty moan she came again, not as violently, bending forward as if in pain.

I came with a roar and felt her legs tighten against my waist. “Ahhhhh,” she softly breathed as my balls launched spurt after spurt of hot semen against her cervix, coating the walls of her cunt and the length of my dick in its soft creaminess.

We were both exhausted. She collapsed on top of me, my cock still full but slowly softening, her cunt continuing to spasm.

After a while she sat up, ran her wrist across her forehead and sighed deeply. “Oh, god, am I glad I did this!” She rolled off onto the rug.

I stood and looked down at her. “And you’re going to do it again and again and again,” I said as I pulled her to her feet. Cum was flowing down her legs. Her hair was wild and beautiful. She looked at her thighs and saw the white fluid dripping onto the tops of her stockings. “Did I provoke all that?” she asked coyly.

“No. I was thinking about Jeannie.” She punched my arm. Hard.

I handed her my sweatpants so she could wipe my sticky cum from her legs. “Come with me,” I said, “We need to fuck in a proper bed.”

My bedroom was a loft; twelve steps led up to it. “You go first,” I said to her and she laughed. “Enjoy the view!” she chimed as she started up the steps ahead of me, her pussy and asshole winking at me, the globes of her ass swaying, her white thighs beckoning over the top of her now ruined stockings.

We threw back the covers and got in the bed. “Comfy,” she said, and immediately sat up and straddled me again, this time backwards, her pussy over my face. She gobbled my flaccid cock up into her mouth, sucking at it, and I felt it swelling immediately. I smashed my face into her cunt and lapped before I asked her: “May I have the pleasure of just looking at this for a while?” I rubbed her pussy gently.

“Ummmm” she murmured. “It’s a work of art,” I said.

“Enjoy” she replied and, sucking away, stroked my balls. I noticed that she still had on those kinky ankle boots.

My kind of girl.

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