Bali Hai Ch. 1


Jessica shivers as she walks from the stifling heat of the day into the airport terminal. Beads of perspiration form on her neck, rolling down the middle of her back and over her breasts, causing the thin material of her short summer dress to cling to her lithe body. It’s obvious to everybody who watch her walk to the check-in counter that she keeps herself in good shape, as the thin dress clinging to her body hides nothing. It is also obvious to everybody that she wears nothing more than a tiny g-string underneath the dress.

Jessica thoroughly enjoys the attention she is getting from the people watching her, she is an exhibitionist after all. She smiles to herself as she sees from the corner of her eye, the wife of the man to her left who is watching her every move, elbow him in the ribs and growl at him under her breath. Then Jessica stops at the end of the queue to the Bali flight check in and stands so she almost faces the chastised husband. Hooking her thumbs under the straps of her backpack, she pretends to struggle to get them over her shoulders, pushing her chest out as far as she can as she does it. Her perfectly tanned breasts and rock hard nipples from the icy air-conditioning, jut out almost menacingly, attracting a low whistle from the chastised husband, soon to be followed by a groan as his wife hits him in the ribs once more.

The near weightless backpack suddenly becomes lighter still, as someone behind her lifts it off her shoulders. Spinning around, Jessica Escort Beylikdüzü comes face to chest with a tall muscular young man holding her backpack on one finger and holding a surfboard under his other arm. She looks the grinning young man up and down, noticing his extremely large bare feet and wondering if it was true what they said about men with big feet, she decides that she will find out for herself.

Jessica reaches out and grips the bag, lingering as she touches his hand, “Thank you,” she says in a sultry voice, “I’m Jessica.” Chuckling, he lets go of the bag and nods toward the check-in counter where she is up next. Jessica checks in, flirting with the check in clerk, then turns back to the surfer boy, only to find that he’s already checked in at the next counter and is heading toward the boarding lounge, totally ignoring her.

“Ignore me will you surfer boy?” she thinks to herself, “We’ll see about that!” she mutters under her breath as she walks toward the boarding lounge.

They board immediately and Jessica takes note of where he’s seated a couple of rows ahead of her. She settles in for takeoff and cheekily smiles at the chastised husband from the airport terminal to get him in trouble again. Then soon after takeoff, Jessica notices her surfer boy in the opposite aisle walking toward the toilets. Once he passes, Jessica quickly moves down the other aisle to “accidentally” bump into him at the toilets. They Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan arrive at the toilet door at the same time, where he courteously opens the door and motions for her to go in and use it first.

“Thank you” Jessica says coyly as she ducks under his arm and blatantly slides her body against his as she passes. The feel of his hard body against her sensitive and already hard nipples, sends a tingling through to her already moistening pussy. The touch of his hard body, combined with his clean and natural aroma, almost causes her to pull him in with her. She steps through the doorway, then slowly and sexily turns around to close the door. But before Jessica is even able to complete her turn, she feels two strong hands lift her by the arms and place her seated on the shelf behind the toilet seat.

The door snaps shut behind him, and he clips the lock, then turning to face her. They virtually lunge at each other, their mouths locking, wet tongues exploring each other. She pushes her hands against the side walls as he almost tears her tiny dress up above her breasts to her neck. His face dives forward and his lips close over one very hard nipple as they become frantic, not caring how much noise they make. Jessica pulls her top over her head as her surfer boy tantalizes her hard nipples with his teeth and flicking tongue. Meanwhile, his hand slides down her hard stomach to her soaked g-string. Then opening her legs Beylikdüzü Escort wider, Jessica feels him tear her soaked gusset roughly to one side. She pushes against his hand and immediately feels two fingers slide inside her tight sopping pussy. She comes almost immediately as his thumb rubs over her sensitive hard clit, bucking at his thrusting fingers as she supports herself with her hands on the benchtop.

“Oh God, please FUCK me surfer boy!” she growls between clenched teeth. But he’s way ahead of her, having already pulled his shorts over his hips with his free hand as he finger fucks her with the other. He then lifts her up by the waist and turns her sideways in the small cubicle, pushing her back against one side, her feet against the other. Slowly he lowers her onto his rock hard cock, causing her to gasp as his thick length fills her up and she forces herself down hard. He responds instantly, thrusting into her violently and pinning her to the wall. Jessica can’t help but scream out as his entire length sinks deep into her tight pussy.

“Ohhh FUCK, YES FUCK!!!” She feels him get harder still, bigger, then his thick cock begins to twitch and she can feel his hot cum surge through it’s length as he explodes inside her. His juices squirting deep and causing her to cum once more and push against the wall with her feet and feeling like they’re rocking the whole plane.

Almost in a daze, Jessica feels him slip from her and help her stand up, then as she opens her eyes, she sees the door shut behind him. Quickly she snaps on the lock as someone tries to open the door, it was the last time she’d see him on this trip.

“Oh well” she thinks as she pulls her g-string back into place and puts her dress on. “I still have seven days and nights of fun in Bali to go yet!”

To be continued…

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