Subject: Bait boy part 1 Rugby coach’s bait boy in Brighton part 1. The following is a true account of going on a week long holiday to Brighton with my hot hunky, hairy rugby coach, some of his horny gay and bi-sexual mates and the sex we had when I was 16. Please read `Servicing the coach’ and `Rugby coach pimps me out’ first which are prequels. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Search John McQuillium on prolific authors to read my other true postings in the Gay Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives. Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. Just before I turned 17 years old our armature youth rugby team coach retired and was replaced with a dam sexy, hunky hairy 28 year old man who I fell for straight away. Although I lusted after him and he became my main wank fantasy, even though I already had regular fuck buddies, never did I think anything would happen between us sexually. However my wildest wet dreams came true and my rugby coach was soon banging my brains out at every opportunity we got, including in the changing rooms and showers once everyone else had left. John was also as dirty minded as I was, which led to some wild sex together. We’d done PE teacher/naught pupil role play with full uniforms and spanking as well as Uncle/Nephew and rape role play. John had also got a group of his gay and bi-sexual mates together to gang bang me repeatedly and we went fishing for gay sex together regularly. We also went on a dirty week long holiday to Brighton with some of his horny mates and this write up is about it. When I was close to 17 years old I had a nice lean, well toned body as tanned and buff as the British diver Tom Daley at the same age. My hair was blond and spiked up in a duck-tail. My face was blemish free and twink boy next door cute and it looked sweet and innocent, which was at odds to my sex mad natural nymphomaniac nature underneath. My eyes were blue and I had lush red cock sucker’s lips. As my family were nudist I had a deep all over tan which I was proud of, especially in the showers at school, the rugby club or local pool. I’d been going to the gym regularly since turning 16 so my already sports toned body was bulking out nicely. My deltoids were getting good definition, my biceps were buffing up and my hairless chest was nicely chiselled and studded with two pointy dark brown nipples. My abs were forming a nice washboard and had a thin blond treasure trail. My arse was also a nice asset being a very firm pert bubble butt. My cock was another asset and the envy of changing rooms as it was a fat 9.5 inches long when hard and a thick 5 inches when soft. It was uncut and when hard my foreskin would peel back to expose my pink tinged tanned prominent ridged knob. The shaft was nicely veined and thicker than average for a man let alone a teenaged boy and it was as deeply tanned as the rest of me. I had big balls that were real cum producers which I needed to drain several times a day. My legs were well defined through sports, sexily shaped and dusted with blond hairs. John, my rugby coach, had a stunningly sexy, ruggedly handsome face, fit furry body and big thick cock on a par with his porn star namesake John Magnum. He had short wavy dark blond hair with a high forehead. John’s round face was perfectly proportioned with blemish free skin. It had a sexy yet ruggedly handsome appearance due to its constant blondish facial stubble and square set jaw. He had lush pink kissable lips and dreamy blue eyes. John was a muscular hunk with huge biceps that bulged even at rest with well sculpted triceps and defined deltoids. His forearms were muscular and covered in dark blond hairs. John’s muscular well sculpted chest had a luxuriant mat of dark blondish brown hairs that also covered his six pack abs before merging into a dense but trimmed short bush of similarly coloured pubes. His aerosol can thick 9 inch cock dangled down under its meaty weight. The eye wateringly thick shaft was heavily veined and circumcised with his cock ending with a prominent ridged bulbous knob. Around back he had a rock hard, hairy muscular arse. He also had wonderfully sexy muscular hairy legs. All in all he was one dam sexy, hot hairy hunk and I felt proud to be his favourite fuck buddy even though I was technically underage due to a dumb law since repealed. John often fucked me after rugby matches, he pimped me out to his mates and we cruised and cottaged together. This was going to be a whole new adventure. John hired out an 8 bed dormitory room in a Brighton backpackers hostel for a week. London has the biggest gay scene in the UK but other well known gay hot spots are Brighton on the South coast and Manchester and Blackpool, both in the Northwest of England. It wasn’t just the two of us going down to Brighton as I was going with two bi-sexual older team mates and three of John’s randy manly mates. As the youngest member of the trip it was obvious I was going to be the bitch boy bottom for the duration of the holiday, especially as the other six preferred to top but would bottom if need be. Rather than describe the group as we assembled at our rugby ground I will describe them in the order they fucked me. For my parent’s sake I had told them I was off to a week long rugby camp rather than tell them the truth. They already knew I was the gay side of bi-sexual and sexually active but they thought it was just with the teen boys I brought home with me. The had no idea of the large number of men I pulled cruising public toilets, parks and heaths. They certainly had no idea my rugby coach blissfully and brutally buggered me regularly. If they did they may not have consented to my trip away. The idea of the trip was to tap into a new sexual talent pool. If we had no luck in pulling new guys we could fuck each other, we could fish for cock on our own or pair up and see what happened. Either way we were guaranteed nine days of gay sex and a bit of sun, sea and sand; well pebbles as there is no sand on Brighton beaches. As John was the rugby coach he was the team coach driver. As I was the youngest guy there, just shy of turning 17 years old, in small coach full of gay or bi-sexual guys I was in the back to be used as the sexual entertainment. As the seven of us piled into the coach one of the two older members of my rugby team bundled me into the back where we would be sheltered from pasting traffic. There were older guys on the coach who deserved first dibs on my tight twink arse but my team mate beat them too it. His name was Graham and he was hot, as was every other guy on the trip but in different ways. Graham had a high hairline with short, light blond hair and matching eyebrows. He had an oval face with pale flawless skin, a classical nose, dreamy bluish grey eyes and thin reddish pink lips and pearly white teeth. It was in the transition from twink cute to young man sexy. Graham was gay and versatile, liking to fuck younger lads but bottoming for men. Graham was the fly-half of the adult’s team, whereas I was the fly-half and captain of the junior team. Graham was five years older than I was, as he was 22 years old to my just under 17 years old. When Graham pushed me into the back of the coach he was wearing a tight blackish grey V-neck teen shirt and charcoal grey Chinos. As for me I was as scantily clad as possible. As usual, well except Eskişehir Escort for when playing sports, I wasn’t wearing underwear underneath my skimpy satiny white shorts. My limp 5 inch cock and big balls were a blatant bulge in the front my skimpy shorts and my perfect pert, bubble butt arse was hugged by the material at the back. My shorts showed off my sports toned, sexily sculpted legs which were deeply tanned and covered with golden hairs. Up top I was wearing a white muscle vest which showed off my subtly sculpted arms with the lower parts dusted with blond hairs. The tight material of the top hugged my nicely chiselled chest and showed I had no fat on my stomach. Topping it off was my deeply tanned, twink next door cute face which looked at odds to the cock hungry whore hiding beneath. The back of our rugby team coach had blacked out windows and a fake leather foam bedding area to rest our weary limbs after an away match. It was there that Graham began the gang bang buggering which I was to endure on the journey down to Brighton from London. Endure is the wrong word, enjoy or savour are more accurate. The other four guys started getting pissed and sober John drove the coach. Sheltered from passing traffic in the back of the coach Graham and I stripped naked. Graham was 22 years old with a lean fit body slightly buffer than that of a swimmer’s build. Graham’s pale, classically proportioned face alone was enough to make you want to sleep with him. On top of that he had subtly defined deltoids, lightly bulging biceps and toned pale forearms lightly dusted with light blond hairs. Graham had a milky white chest, which was naturally hairless and subtly chiselled. It was studded with two small pink pointy nipples with small halos. Graham’s stomach was as milky white as the rest of him with not an ounce of fat on it and it had subtle washboard definition. It also had no treasure trail and his bush of naturally short light blond pubes made it look like he had no pubes at all unless you were up close. From those pubes jutted out Graham’s wonky but sexy 6.5 inch cock. There was a kink to the middle of Graham’s cock which made it look like a squiggle. His cock was slightly thicker than average and nicely veined. It had a slight pink tinge compared to the rest of his milky white body. Unusually for a British guy Graham was circumcised but at least the scar was small and neat below the crown of his pink tinge knob. Graham had average sized balls in a tight pale, pink tinged sack dusted with light blond pubes. To finish off Graham had milky white, subtly sculpted legs dusted with light blond hairs. I knew I was going to be the trips bitch boy bottom but I didn’t expect my submissive sexual service to be required so soon but Graham was sexy and I was a horny young slut so I had no qualms about being buggered in the back of the team bus by a sexy team mate just over five years my senior. With eager cock hunger I laid on my back and pulled my deeply tanned sports toned legs into my chest and out to the side which offered up my arse to Graham to ravish to his heart’s content. Graham got into the push up position above me which made his subtly sculpted arm and chest muscles tense, which made them perfect for me to grope and caress which is what I started to do. His pale twink sexy face had an eager grin as he prepared to bareback bugger a 16 year old schoolboy who was legal for straight sex but five years underage for gay sex but that bothered neither of us as we had sexual urges that needed slatting regardless of what the law thought. Graham then roughly rammed his thickish 6.5 inch cock ball deep into my tight teen boy arse and started roughly rogering me with toe curling delight. His pale sexy face had an eager grin on it and his dreamy blue eyes burned with lust and sexual mischief as he buggered a boy five years his junior. Although Graham was in control of the fuck I wasn’t passively taking it, instead I was being my usual power bottom self. My deeply tanned hands caressed Graham’s smooth tensed and toned upper arms, groped his tensed chiselled chest or tweaked his small pink pointy nipples. My achingly hard cock throbbed against Graham’s smooth firm rippling abs. My well trained arse muscles flexed and squeezed Graham’s thick thrusting cock. In no time Graham had my arsehole burning with pleasurable friction and the walls of my arse aching with hard fucked pleasure. His rapidly thrusting groin repeatedly spanked my firm pert upturned buttocks. We both soon started to stink erotically of musky manly sweat which mingled with the permanent lingering stale sweat scent of the team bus. There was the kinky thrill we were having gay sex with motorists whizzing past us blissfully unaware of what was going on. Graham gave me a long rough hard fuck which had us both loudly moaning with gay sexual pleasure. From the increasing strained expression of Graham’s dam sexy pale face I knew he was trying to fight back his impending orgasm. It then became a sexual battle with Graham trying to postpone his orgasm and carry on fucking me, whilst on the other hand I did everything I could to make Graham cum. My arse muscles upped the tempo of milking his thick thrusting cock. My thumbs and forefingers tweaked his pointy pink nipples a bit harder. I gave him my best slutty sultry expression and my blue eyes said “you know you want to cum in me.” As much as Graham tried to resist but nature took its course. He roughly rammed his 6.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse one more time and held it there. My highly receptive arse, which was burning with hard fucked pleasure, felt Graham’s cock swell, throb and pulse as it began powerfully blasting jet after jet of cum into me. Graham might have had an average sized cock and balls but he produced way above average amounts of cum. He powerfully blasted ten large ropes of cum into my slutty schoolboy arse which felt each and everyone. To milk Graham’s highly productive balls dry I continued to flex and squeeze my arse muscles on his throbbing, orgasming cock. Graham loudly groaned with sexual ecstasy and release as he spunked up in my slutty young arse and I purred with well bred contentment. Graham then collapsed on top of me in a smooth sweaty heap. His balls had run dry but his hot hard cock continued to throb and pulse in my pleasantly sore twink arse. “Fuck I needed that, I didn’t have time for my morning wank today.” Graham breathlessly and contentedly moaned into my right ear. “So did I.” I cooed with hard fucked pleasure. It took Graham a couple of minutes to recover from his orgasmic high especially as I was continuing to milk his cock with my well trained arse muscles. When Graham recovered he pulled his still hard cock from my blissfully buggered boy cunt and I licked and sucked it clean of the delicious sex slime of my own arse juice and his cum. With hard fucked contentment I laid out flat rather than almost being bent double whilst under Graham who was starting to get dressed. As for me I remained naked as it is my natural state as I’m from a nudist family but also I know it probably wouldn’t be long before another guy on the bus wanted to tap my tight teen boy arse. As I suspected my slutty schoolboy sexual services were soon required. The next guy who wanted to tap my tight twink arse was called Johnny. He was a buff bear of a man and a member of the men’s rugby team. Johnny was a prop and built like a brick Eskişehir Escort Bayan shit house. Johnny’s short dark brown hair was spiked up into a sharks fin. He had thick, but not bushy dark brown eyebrows above dreamy tortoiseshell eyes. His lightly tanned face was shaped like a rugby ball and was ruggedly handsome due to his dense but well trimmed dark brown beard and moustache. Johnny’s face was sexy in a rough ruggedly handsome way. He had dreamy eyes, a classical nose and lush pale pink lips. Johnny had a black stud piercing in his right earlobe. Johnny sexy bearded face had an expression which said “your arse is grass, boy.” From previous fucks I knew Johnny was merciless and he fucked for his pleasure alone and not yours. To him you were just a fag to fuck and seed. Johnny was a gay man trapped in a straight man’s body. He was a pure Alpha male top with a virgin arse even though he’d been having gay sex for the last nine years. He first fucked a guy when he was 21 and legal. Once in a blue moon Johnny may suck cock and drink cum. On the whole however women didn’t appeal to him but he was attracted to guys as long as they were his bitch boy bottom. That made Johnny my perfect top. I was no pansy but when it came to gay sex I was happiest being buggered or the cock sucker. Johnny was wearing a light and dark blue ringed tee shirt which was stretched to the max around his beefy bear body. The armbands were stretched taut around his massive biceps with the left one showing the bottom half of a dark blue tattoo. Johnny’s tee shirt tightly clung to his beefy barrel chest which had nice sculpting but it was more bulk than toned and he could bench press a hell of a lot of weight. His top hugged his rock hard abs. Below Johnny was wearing light blue jeans which were practically bursting at the seems as he had muscular tree trunk legs and a sexy meaty muscular arse. Those clothes were quickly discarded and his beefy bear body was exposed to my roving eyes. Practically all of Johnny’s body was hairy except for his muscular biceps. His very toned forearms were covered with dark brown hairs. His lightly tanned beefy barrel chest was under a luxuriant mat of wiry dark brown hair. There was sculpting to Johnny’s chest but it was more of a beefy barrel chest, but there was enough meaty mass to grope as he fucked you. There was only a subtle washboard to Johnny’s stomach but it was a rock hard slab of muscle which was lightly tanned and under a mat of dark brown hairs as luxuriant as those on his chest. Johnny’s stomach hairs merged with his dense but trimmed short bush of dark brown pubes. Johnny had a light tan on his body but his Speedo area was slightly paler. He had big balls in a tight pale sack covered with dark brown pubes. Johnny’s manly cock was 7 inches long, arrow straight and pointed upwards at a 45 degree angle. The shaft was heavily veined and it was circumcised with a small neat scar. Johnny’s cock was pale but got slightly pinker towards the tip. He had a prominent ridged, helmet shaped circumcised knob. Johnny had lightly tanned muscular tree trunk legs under a dense mat of wiry dark brown hairs. Johnny was so hot hunky and hairy he could probably have turned the staunchest homophobe into a slutty submissive queer. As I was a bitch boy bottom, the sight of a hot hunky and hairy man stood before me with a lewd leer on his ruggedly handsome bearded face made my mouth water, cock throb and arse beg. Without a word being said I bent myself double and pulled my legs up and out to the sides. Johnny buried his bearded face in my sweaty arse crack and started to try and tongue fuck Graham’s cum out of my arse. Johnny’s hot wet talented tongue tickled my sex swollen, pleasantly sore arsehole and stabbed in and out like a small dick. “Rape my arse with your hot hard cock.!” I quickly squealed with pure sexual need when the tongue fuck Johnny gave my slutty young arse made me demand a more substantial stimulation. The lewd leer on Johnny’s face grew wider at my slutty request. Johnny got into the push up position above me. Even though I was more toned than most boys my age of 16/17 years old, I was a weakling compared to Johnny’s beefy bear bulk. Plus he was about 13 years my senior, although my teen boy cock was bigger and thicker than his. Not that it mattered as he was the top with an urge to fuck and cum and I was there to be his boy bitch to breed. “Oh yes.” I cooed as if I had just tasted the finest desert when Johnny roughly rammed his thick veiny 7 inch cock ball deep into my already pleasantly burning boy cunt. Johnny then used all of his beefy bear might to blissfully bugger me with his thick 7 inch manly cock. My stretched, sex swollen sphincter burned with pleasurable friction as Johnny’s thick veiny cock rapidly sawed back and forth against it. The walls of my cum splattered arse ached with hard fucked pleasure as Johnny’s meaty manly cock blissfully battered it. I could feel Graham’s cum bubble in my arse as Johnny fucked me. The wiry hairs of his flat hard abs rippling against my smooth, achingly hard cock was a pleasant tickle. His densely pubed, rapidly thrusting groin was giving my smooth, pert upturned buttocks a great wank job. My hands savoured groping the wiry haired, muscular mounds of Johnny’s sweaty beefy bear chest. My eyes drank in the rough rugged, bearded, sexily handsome face with its lewd and domineering leer. It was obvious he was the top and I was the submissive slut, even though I was being a power bottom. Throughout our fuck Johnny talked dirty, demeaning and derogatory to me and I lapped it up. I begged to be fucked harder, told him how hot, hunky and hairy he was and what a great fucker he was. Sure I was the bitch boy bottom but I wasn’t being passive or submissive. Apart from the dirty talk I was roughly tweaking and tugging Johnny’s pointy brown nipples as I knew he loved having them roughed up as much as I did mine. My well trained arse muscles were flexing and squeezing like mad around Johnny’s thick, rapidly thrusting 7 inch manly cock. The exposed ridge of Johnny’s swollen circumcised knob scraping up and down the walls of my arse made the highly receptive nerve endings in my arse buzz. My tight teen boy arse ached with hard fucked pleasure as I took the second, and no doubt the last bareback buggering of the day. Johnny gave me a long rough hard fuck which was of toe curling pleasure. My hands savoured groping his beefy bear and very hairy chest. My nose drank in Johnny’s highly erotic musky manly stink of sweat. My eyes feasted themselves on Johnny’s ruggedly handsome, bearded face and rugger bugger upper body. Johnny’s face had a domineering expression which told me I was a boy bitch for his sexual pleasure. Johnny’s thrusting hairy groin gave my pert buttocks a great spanking. His thick veiny 7 inch cock rapidly sawing against my sex swollen sphincter made it burn with pleasurable friction. His pumping cock made my tight teen boy arse ached with hard fucked pleasure. Then Johnny’s orgasm hit. He didn’t warn me was going to cum, instead Johnny continued to fuck me fast and hard as he began powerfully pumping jet after jet of cum into my arse to mingle with the load Graham had already fired up there. “Fucking take it faggot!” Johnny cried out as he started spunking up in my slutty sloppy schoolboy arse. At the same time I purred with well bred contentment. To fuel and prolong Escort Eskişehir Johnny’s orgasm I continued to flex and squeeze my well trained arse muscles on his rapidly thrusting and orgasming cock. I was the bitch boy bottom being bred by a buff bear of a man slightly 13 years my senior. My highly receptive arse muscles milked Johnny’s rapidly thrusting and orgasming cock as he powerfully pumped six large ropes of cum into my arse. Johnny loudly grunted and groaned with sexual pleasure and release as he spunked up in my arse as I purred with well bred contentment for the second time that day. When Johnny’s orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty hairy heap. My hands groped Johnny’s muscular hairy arse and my own tight teen boy cunt continued to milk his now stationary but hot, hard throbbing cock buried ball deep in my cum laden twink arse. When Johnny recovered from his intense orgasmic high Johnny got off me and got dressed as if I wasn’t there. As for me I laid there in blissfully hard fucked pleasure with two loads of cum up my pleasantly sore tight teen boy arse. Will was the third guy to fuck me and apart from me he was the slightly youngest of the group as he was aged 21, Graham was 22 and I was just shy of turning 17. Will really was a true stunner and even though the rest of the group on the coach were sexy it was a toss up between Will and my rugby coach as to who was the sexiest. If the internet had been around back then Will could easily have been a porn star or nude model. Will had dark brow hair with a slight auburn tint and he wore it spiked up. He had matching eyebrows and a thin jaw-line facial stubble beard. The facial stubble did nothing to detract from the twink sexiness of Will’s gorgeous face. Will’s face was pale, dreamily sexy and blemish free. It looked at me eagerly and sexually hungrily. Will was an Alpha male open minded straight top. Like Johnny, Will was a total top with a virgin arse, he never sucked cock or kissed a guy. However he was a sex machine and his sexy slutty girlfriend wasn’t enough so he took blow jobs off fags and fucked them. Will wasn’t sexually attracted to guys but he was open minded and horny enough to fuck one. Will was wearing a black V-neck tee shirt and light grey cotton shorts in a sweatpants style. It was sexy attire coupled with the fact that Will was fit. Apart from his dreamily sexy and twink cute face, Will had a fit toned body. The tight material of Will’s black tee shirt showed he had a lean chiselled chest and the armbands were stretched taut around his well sculpted biceps. His pale toned forearms were lightly dusted with brown hairs. Will had pale sexily shaped legs which were well toned through playing sports and were covered with brown hairs. They were the kind of legs you could spend hours kissing, licking and caressing up and down and savouring the tickle of the soft brown hairs and the firm contours of the muscles. Even clothed Will looked sunning but naked he was even sexier. He had a twink fit body, which could easily have landed him a modelling job as an American jock porn star. It was a bit more toned than that of a swimmer’s build. Will had broad shoulders, defined deltoids, bulging biceps and toned forearms lightly dusted with dark brown hairs. Will had a pale sexy, naturally smooth chiselled chest studded with two small pointy pink nipples. His white smooth stomach had a subtle washboard and a thin treasure trail which led to his small bush of naturally short dark brown pubes. From those pubes jutted out an averagely thick, nicely veined, circumcised 6.5 inch cock. It was perfect for cock sucking, pussy pleasing and arse fucking. Below he had average sized balls in a tight pale sack dusted with dark brown pubes. He had a pale sexy shapely arse dusted with dark brown bum fluff. His pale legs were sexily shaped through playing sports and covered with dark brown hairs. Will was a hot 21 year old jock and I was more than happy to be buggered by him. He didn’t fancy guys but he was horny and open minded enough to fuck a fag. Will would spend most of the week long holiday fucking girls behind his girlfriend’s back as he was that sexy, but he would tap my arse from time to time. At the back of the rugby team coach was to be the first time that week Will would fuck me. “Oh yes.” I moaned with brutally breached pleasure when Will roughly rammed his 6.5 inch, hot hard cock ball deep into my arse and started fucking me fast and hard. Will’s cock made the two loads of cum already up my tight teen boy arse bubble as it rapidly thrust back and forth. The exposed ridge of Will’s swollen circumcised knob made the highly receptive nerve ending in my arse buzz as it scraped back and forth. My sex swollen arsehole was burning with pleasurable friction as Will fucked me fast and hard. My pert buttocks tingled from the spanking Will’s thrusting groin was giving them. As Will fucked me I flexed and squeezed my well trained arse muscles on his rapidly thrusting 6.5 inch cock. My deeply tanned hands caressed his pale tensed, subtly chiselled chest and bulging upper arms. My eyes drank in the twink porn star sexiness of his pale face with its jaw-line facial stubble beard. Will was an open minded straight guy so his dreamy bluish grey eyes were closed as he thought of girls as he buggered a boy. Will was a right nymphomaniac who was so constantly horny he would fuck a guy as a pussy substitute. He stank erotically of musky twink sweat. Unfortunately Will had ticklish armpits so I never got to lick them clean of tasty salty sweat. Will fucked me long and hard with his nicely veined 6.5 inch circumcised cock which made my arse ache with intense pleasure. The nerve endings in my arse buzzed and the two loads of cum already up there bubbled. My arsehole pleasantly stung with sex swollen pleasure. My spanked buttocks tingled. My eyes admired the sexiness of Will’s gorgeous face and my nose drank in his sexy sweaty stink. My deeply tanned hands explored Will’s milky white, tensed toned smooth upper body. My well trained arse muscles were milking Will’s rapidly thrusting twink cock. Will kept his eyes closed and didn’t say a word, he was just a pure fuck machine. He continued to fuck me fast and hard as his intense orgasm hit. My highly receptive arse felt Will’s cock swell and then pulse as it powerfully blasted seven large ropes of cum into my batty boy cunt to mingle with the two loads already up there. Will grunted with sexual ecstasy and release as he spunked up in my slutty schoolboy arse. Some boys my age of just being shy of turning 17 years old were virgins, yet already I was an accomplished cock whore and had turned to fanny fucking girls too. When Will’s orgasm ended it was like he woke up from a vivid wet dream. He pulled his sex slimmed cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt and without acknowledging me he got dressed in his tee shirt and sweat-pant style light grey shorts. Will then joined the others in drinking beer. As we were getting close to Brighton, with not enough time to squeeze in another fuck I got dressed. My arse pleasantly ached with hard fucked pleasure with three loads of cum up it. There was more to come but that is for another write up. If only you could see how sexy the three guys who had fucked me were. Hopefully my words have given you an idea as much as their memory burns in my mind’s eye. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Search John McQuillium on prolific authors to read my other postings in the Gay Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives

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