Bait and Switch


All characters and situations are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.


My wife and I have been married for just 3 years. She is now 26 and I’m 29.

When we got married she was a virgin. Sure, she’d sucked a few cocks and had her tits sucked in high school and college, but I was the first man to finally put a cock in her pussy. She always planned on saving herself for marriage and followed through on it. No problem for me, though. We still had fun and she understood that I’d had fun before we met and had my “needs” so we did everything except sex. She loosened up with fucking over the past three years, but she’d still never gotten as kinky or had as much fun as I wanted to.

My wife Alyssa is the hottest girl I’d ever dated before we’d gotten married, too. She’s a tight, 5’5″ petite blonde with nice B tits and long, sexy, shapely legs. She rarely has to exercise and still maintains an incredibly toned body. She looks absolutely killer in tight short skirts or shorts and especially got looks when we went to the beach or pool and she wore a bikini.

Last summer, we decided to take a nice vacation to Jamaica before the eventual kids. We’d been trying for a few months to get pregnant already and figured we’d have a nice outing to an exotic place while we tried to make it happen. We flew to a couples only resort and checked in to our nice hotel room overlooking the bay. The all-inclusive resort was starting to loosen both of us up.

The first couple days we’d had some fun but it was more or less vanilla sex as usual. I’d gotten her to try anal a couple times and she wasn’t super into it, but was always the type to try something at least once. One thing I’d always wanted her to try was a threesome. I’d always had a huge fetish for watching my sweet, virginal, conservative, but extremely sexy wife get fucked by another woman (or man) that wasn’t me. I’d had a couple threesomes in college, but that seemed like ages ago. My wife at least had packed a small bag full of extremely naughty and kinky lingerie and roleplay outfits for the trip, so I was definitely looking forward to that.

One night a few days into the trip we went dancing at the local resort club. I talked Alyssa into wearing her very short, tight red dress. It looked painted on to her young 26 year old body. There were a lot of couples there, some newlyweds, but mostly older couples in their 40’s to 60’s. The club had some great music, and the open bar was all-inclusive so before we knew it we were getting handsy and tipsy with each other. I could see a few of the other men in the club, even the ones with their wives, checking her out as she danced and had fun.

One guy, an average business type guy in his late 40’s or early 50’s, started chatting me up as we leaned against the bar. He was balding and slightly overweight, but still a decent looking guy. He introduced himself as Miguel.

“Damn, buddy. Is that your wife?”

“Yep,” I replied.

“Shit, man. She’s gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve seen such a gorgeous girl like that in real life outside of magazines… and porn!” He added.

I chuckled. “Thanks for the compliment, man. Where’s your wife at?” I asked. The guy looked away for a second, then responded.

“My wife died about 2 years ago. Car accident. She was a brunette and had a body a little like your wife, but nowhere near as gorgeous. I come here every year on what would be our anniversary.”

“Oh shit, sorry man.” I slurred. Van Escort “Didn’t mean to bring up something so sensitive.”

“Nah, it’s cool man. Hardest part after two years is that I haven’t had sex in that long! My wife was kinky as hell, too.”

“Sorry bud.”

“Yeah, me too. What I wouldn’t give to just see your wife nude! Haha!”

In my drunken stupor my cock instantly started to stiffen when he said this.

“Hey… you’d really want to see her naked, huh?”

“Fuuuuck yeah man. Who wouldn’t?”

“Yeah man… “, I responded, “I’ve always wanted to see her get fucked by someone other than me, but she’s usually really conservative and naive about all that stuff.”

“Really? She could’ve fooled me with the way she dances and dresses!”

“Haha yeah. Just for vacation and special occasions.”

“Damn. Yeah man I’d love to see her nude. I’d love to watch you pound her pussy.”

“Hmmm … uhh.. well how would we do that?”

“What? You’re serious?”

“Yeah man. I’d be happy to do this for you. You lost your wife and I know what it’s like to have blue balls for that long… I dated her and she refused to have sex before we were married.”

“Oh shit. Damn. Well… how about I watch from your hotel closet? I bet I can sneak in and out pretty quietly if you give me your key card ahead of time. Or maybe if you blindfold her I can get a nice close up look at that pussy without her ever knowing?”

“You wanna get close up huh?” I asked drunkenly. “How about this: when I have her bent over doggystyle I’ll let you stick your dick in and pump it a couple times… but you gotta wear a rubber, cool?”

“Fuck man. Yeah I’ve got one in my pocket already just in case I met a single here. Not likely with all these married couples though. Damn I had no idea I’d get this lucky!”

“Ha! Damn dude, yeah let’s do this! Fuck it!” I pulled out my key card and told him what room we were in. “Just shower ahead of time, cool? We’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

20 minutes later, Alyssa and I stumbled into our room. Alyssa didn’t notice the wet towel on the bathroom floor, thankfully. We started making out on the bed and I kept one eye on the closet. I could see the door partway open but other than that it was completely black. I decided to give Brad an early show and put my hand up Alyssa’s dress and started fingering her. I sucked her tits a bit and she was definitely warmed up in minutes.

“Baby, don’t you want me to put something on?”

“Mmm sure babe, what are you thinking?”

“Well, I bought something new for you, babe. I know how much you love fishnets.” She smirked.

“Ok babe… I’ll wait right here.”

“Be back in a minute!”

“Oh,” I’d almost forgotten. “Let’s also try the blindfold tonight! Remember you said you wanted to try it at least once this trip?”

“Haha ok babe. Sounds kinda fun.”

I laid back on the bed as Alyssa went into the bathroom. A thumbs up came out of the closet and I gave Miguel the same. A couple minutes later Alyssa came out. She was wearing the tiniest, laciest lingerie I’d ever seen. I could see right through her panties and could make out her pussy in through the nearly transparent material. Her breasts were barely contained in the black, lacy bra and her thigh high black fishnets made her look like a million dollar escort.

“Holy shit, babe!”

“Thanks, my sexy husband.”

I pulled her right to the bed and we started Van Escort Bayan making out again. I sucked on her tits again and she spread her legs so I could get my body between them. We started rubbing up against each other and soon my cock was pushing against her wet pussy.

“Mmm baby fuck me.”

I pulled her panties aside and slid my rock hard cock inside. I pumped her tight, wet pussy for a few minutes before whispering to her.

“Babe, lets try the blindfold.”

“Mmmm ok honey. Lets do it.”

She got the silk cloth from the headboard and I wrapped it around her head. I made sure she couldn’t see a thing. I flipped her over and faced her toward the pillows, ass up and started licking her clit.

“Oh my god baby,” she moaned. The blindfold makes it feel so hot! You were right to try this.”

“Mmm good babe,” I said between licks.

I positioned my cock at her entrance and started pumping in and out. I could see Miguel start to quietly open the door. He was completely undressed, same as I was. I noticed his rock hard cock was already covered by a condom he mentioned, but he sure as hell didn’t mention how fat his cock was! It was the same 7″ length as mine, but way thicker.

I kept pumping my wife and Miguel started slowly stroking his cock while he was close. I looked over at his cock as I fucked my wife’s tight pussy and imagined it inside her.. the only other man that would ever put it in her. At least he was covered, I thought to myself. I knew that it was now or never and old Miguel was definitely ready.

“Babe, stand and lean over the bed so I can get a better angle, ok?”

“Ok honey.”

While she was still blindfolded she moved her ass over and then stood next to the bed and kept the same doggystyle position. I shifted off the bed and stood aside and Miguel moved into position. He lined up and put a hand on her ass and slid his cock head up and down her slit. My heart was pounding seeing another strange man this close to my wife’s pussy. He slowly slipped the head into her slit. Oh fuck, I thought to myself, this was really happening. He then slowly pushed his cock into her, allowing her to adjust for his thicker girth.

“Mmm baby! You feel so hard right now… and thicker! This blindfold definitely makes it feel different… it feels so good!” She moaned.

I stroked my cock slowly as Miguel pushed in further. He grabbed both her hips and then started pumping in and out. I stroked my cock faster while watching the scene. This older man, who could be her father’s age, pushing his fat old cock into my hot wife’s tight pussy. I was the only man she’d ever fucked until now and now her pussy was his. He pumped her faster and faster and I could see the strain in his eyes. Alyssa was moaning and enjoying it, but was still none the wiser.

“God baby this feels so good… I’m almost ready to cum, baby!”

“Me too babe. You feel great and you look so sexy!” I said as I leaned in closer to where Miguel’s face was. I didn’t want her to think I was farther away than I was.

“Yes babe, you love fucking my tight pussy?”

“Fuck yes babe. You know I do.”

“Mmm baby you feel so good! You’re filling me up more than you ever have before with your cock! It feels so tight in me.”

“Good babe.”



“Are you wearing a condom?” Oh shit… I thought to myself. She can probably tell the difference. Or maybe it was the smell of Escort Van the rubber. Miguel looked over at me questioningly.

“Uh, yeah I slipped one on. I figured we weren’t trying yet anyway.”

“No babe, take it off. Let’s fuck.”

“Ohh kay.” I said. I motioned to Miguel that maybe we should swap but he motioned back the “just one more minute” signal. I was hesitant but we’d already come this far.

Miguel didn’t hesitate to slip off the rubber and throw it in the trash next to the bed. He then lined up his thick, bareback old cock right to my wife’s pussy. I looked over as the head slipped in, then the thick shaft pushing her folds aside once again. Miguel began pumping again in a good rhythm. Now he was officially the second man to ever feel inside her womb with his dick.

I stroked harder and harder. I could see Miguel almost there and going to cum. I motioned for him that we should probably switch soon. He nodded.

“God baby you feel so good. Fuck me hard, sexy husband!”

“Ok babe!” I said, still stroking my cock.

Miguel looked over at me with a sheepish grin but kept up his pace. I could see him love stretching my wife out with his thick cock in her pussy. He was still standing by the edge of the bed, both hands on her hips. She moaned with every pump of his cock into her.

“MMM fuck baby! God fuck me harder!” She yelled. “Put your cock in me deeper!”

He looked over at me and I could tell that he was going to cum soon, but neither of us could do anything about it without giving up our jig. I shrugged and just kept pumping my cock, even more turned on that he was fucking my wife bareback and going to fill her with his seed at any second.

“Come on babe, fuck me. Let’s fuck right now. Breed me with your seed… cum inside me and let’s make a baby!” Alyssa screamed.

Miguel grabbed her shoulders and started ramming her from behind. I stroked harder knowing what was going to happen. I grabbed my phone and started silently snapping pics and even took a vid for the finish.

“Yes baby,” moaned Alyssa. “Fill me up. Cum inside and make a baby!”

Miguel then grunted and I could see that he was cumming. Hard. He pumped his cock into her then held her hips for one last thrust and held his cock to the hilt. I could see his cock and balls twitch as they emptied his cum into Alyssa’s fertile womb.

“Ohhh fuck baby… you wore me out,” Alyssa gasped as she lay face forward flat on the bed. Miguel stood back up and we both looked at each other, then Alyssa’s pussy that was now leaking gobs of white cum out of her. He quickly backed up into the closet and quietly slid the door back shut just as Alyssa took off her blindfold.

“Oh my god, honey. That was hot! It feels so different with the blindfold. We should try it with that more often.”

“Ha, ok hon, whatever you like.”

“I’m exhausted. I’m going to take a shower then let’s go to bed, k?”

“Sure babe.”

Alyssa got up and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. A few seconds later I heard the shower door shut. Miguel walked out (now fully dressed, but sweaty) and quickly went to the front door of our room.

“Fuck, man. That is a hot fucking pussy you got there. She loved my cock, did she not?”

“Yeah man. She sure did.”

“Let me know if you need anymore ‘honeymoon help’ while here, amigo. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would enjoy your wife. See you around.”

I closed the door, pondering what he’d just said. For one, I was incredibly afraid of this stranger who might have just impregnated my wife without her knowing. On the other, it was the hottest and kinkiest thing we’d ever done in our lives. Only time will tell what happens next.

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