Bad Teacher Ch. 01


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age. This is a work of fiction, but if you expect good dialog, flawless grammar and a non-stereotyped story this is not a story for you.

Chapter 01: Using the opportunity to blackmail my best friend’s mother

I woke up early in the morning with a yawn and rolled onto my back. As my mind came to life I remembered it was only Tuesday, so the weekend was still far far away. Waking up and knowing there was another boring day of school ahead didn’t improve my state of mind. I sat up slowly and pulled back the covers. I swung my long legs over the edge of the bed and rested my feet on the floor, then I slowly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

As I brushed my teeth I took a quick glans in the mirror. I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but I had often been told by girls at school, that I was an extraordinarily handsome guy. Looking back at me was a tall, at several inches over six feet, and lean, but very muscular tanned teenager with shaggy blond hair. My eyes were a bright burning blue and I knew my gaze had a spectacular impact on the girls at my high school. I rolled my shoulders, making my muscles ripple. It wasn’t a moment of vanity but I usually got a kick out of seeing my good muscles tone as a statement of me being a natural born athlete. “Well, get moving Ryan or you’ll be late,” I said to myself as I got into the shower. After the shower I rushed downstairs for a quick breakfast noticing that my parents already had left for work. 5 minutes later I got into my car and drove over to pick up my friend Tony for school. It was a two minute drive through our wealthy neighborhood with its large houses and mansions.

Two minutes later I was parked in the Grants twined driveway. I knocked once at the door and walked right in. Tony had been my best friend since kindergarten and for as long as I could remember, our families had been close friends. Tony and I had always played on the same sports teams, gone to the same schools and so on. Our families were used to seeing us together and we both just dropped in like part of the family.

As I got to the kitchen I could see it was a typical Tuesday morning in the Grant household. As she always did Carmen — Tony’s mother – had made breakfast for her husband, Peter and Tony. Michelle, Tony’s sister, had left for college a year ago, so the family were just the three of them.

Tony barely looked up from his cereal at my arrival and just waved a good morning at me with his spoon. He was kind of short but muscular guy only being 5’7” with short dark hair. We spent most of our time together either studying for classes, going to parties with friends, watching TV, and other usual activities for high school boys. Sometimes we would go out on double dates. Tony was an alright looking guy and got his fair share of action, but I surpassed him quite a bit in that field. We were both brash and outgoing, but where Tony was a known comedian and liked to goof around I was more reckless.

In one area we were different. Tony struggled getting good grades in school whereas I was a straight A student. I always got good grades with the least possible effort but helped Tony a lot with his schoolwork.

Peter, Tony’s dad, was sitting reading a newspaper at the large kitchen table, dressed in his usual shirt, pants and tie. Being an eminent businessman he had long work hours but had also made a killing in the market with his investment company. Peter loved to laugh and have a good time and had lots of friends. He had a somewhat instinctive ability to hook people with whatever he was saying. As Tony he was kind of short, about 5’8”, with shortish blond going gray hair.

Last but not least was Carmen, Tony’s mother. She was leaning against the counter with her arms folded, drinking some coffee. Standing just barely 5’2” Tony’s mother was a gorgeous latin beauty. Even dressed in a long white bathrobe she looked hot. She must have been coming right out of the bath and down to the kitchen for a quick fix of coffee. Her long black hair hung down her chest in wet, clingy waves and she had a radiant face with amazing dark-lashed brown eyes and full sensual lips. While Carmen was the same age as my mom, now thirty-nine, she had always maintained an appearance that made people think that she was much younger than her actual years. One of the things that made Carmen appear so young was her incredibly youthful figure. Her breasts were full, and not sagging in the least, and she had a tight ass. Her legs were perfectly formed with trim ankles, beautifully shaped calves and taught, full thighs. She was definitely a dream milf.

At the time where Tony and I went from only being interested in typical young boys stuff and became aware of girls, we secretly found out Carmen’s measurement. She was a 36C-25-37 and weighed 115 pounds. Later on I could easily accept this as Carmen truly had an hourglass figure with an incredibly bust, a wasp waist and flaring hips.

As I first experienced my sexual awakening Escort as a young boy I had had an incredible crush on Carmen. I had never mentioned this to Tony because I didn’t think he would like to know, that his best friend had a thing for his mother. But as I started dating, and eventually got into my first relationship with a girl, my crush turned into a memory of my youth, and I once again just saw Carmen as my friend’s mother. Carmen had a sunny disposition and an outgoing personality, so I still really liked being around her.

Carmen was a teacher at our high school, and all the guys thought she was a babe. But Tony and I had years ago put a stop to their crude comments about how they would like to fuck Carmen. But sometimes they still kidded Tony about how young and attractive his mother looked.

Carmen was talking to Peter but as I came into the kitchen she smiled at me and said, “Good morning, Ryan.”

“Good morning, Mrs. G,” I replied back

“Morning, big boy,” Peter said without taking his eyes from the paper. He almost never took his eyes away from the paper, and barely participated in the morning conversation. He often just called me big boy, as I had a much large frame than any of the Grants.

Carmen just walked over to her husband and took the paper from him. As Peter looked up she just smiled at him at laughed lightly, “Thanks for joining the conversation, darling.”

She bend down and ran her hands through Peter’s hair before she gave him a lovely little kiss. It was clear to all that Carmen and Peter had a good marriage and still were happy about each other.

“Anything interesting going on in school today?” Peter asked Tony and me.

“Not really. Same old boring stuff with the same old boring teachers,” I said with a grin and blinked at Peter, while I poured some coffee into a cup.

“Watch it Mister,” Carmen quickly retorted while Peter and Tony laughed.

“Well of course I didn’t mean my young vibrant Spanish teacher,” I chuckled back at her.

“Good save,” Peter said and we all shared a laugh.

“Have you got any test this week?” Carmen asked Tony, leaning back against the counter zipping coffee.

“Only in mean old Mr. Watson’s history class on Friday,” Tony answered and got up walking over to the dishwasher to rid himself of his bowl and spoon.

“Well, I hope you have been studying for it, because you’ll have to keep up your grades if you’ll want to get into a great college,” Carmen said.

“Not yet, but Ryan has promised to help me on Thursday,” Tony said.

“That’s good, but why don’t you start tonight,” His mother asked.

“I have already promised to go out to dinner with my parents tonight, as they are leaving for my father’s business trip on Friday,” I interrupted.

“Oh, that’s right. I have told your mother, that you could stay at our house for the weekend and next week,” Carmen replied.

“Relax mom, Thursday is soon enough and with Ryan’s help I’ll at least get a B,” Tony said enthusiastically.

“Okay, but you know I’m just concerned about your grades, Honey,” Carmen said as she gave her son a peak on the cheek.

After that Tony and I left for school.

I had been right in the morning about another boring day at school. After lunch-break I had Computer Science and here I had been assigned to setting up 2 new computers in the teacher lounge. Not a very interesting task, but I did it without complaining.

I had just finished and walked down to my own laptop in another room to see if the web-camera and microphone was broadcasting its signals without problems. I had set my own computer up to record the signals from the two computers in the teacher lounge.

The cameras worked like a charm but because there were no teachers in the room I couldn’t test if the microphones worked okay.

I decided to wait some time before coming up with another solution for testing the sound. 10 minutes later I could see my history teacher Mr. Watson coming into the room and sat down and turned on his laptop. He began to work, but I still wasn’t totally sure if the microphones worked alright, so I surfed the net while waiting for another teacher to come into the lounge.

5 minutes later Carmen walked into the room. She greeted Mr. Watson and they stroke up a conversation. It wasn’t very interesting, so I decided to shut down my laptop and go to the teacher lounge and turn off the microphone and camera, now I knew they worked. But as I had my finger on the off button I heard something interesting.

Carmen had been looking at the screen of Mr. Watson’s laptop and she said, “Is that the test for this week?”

“Yes. I have just finished it,” Mr. Watson replied and continued, “Some of my students has been slacking of this past two weeks, so I have decided to surprise them with a test tomorrow instead of Friday. Let’s see how they handle that.”

“Sounds interesting, but are you not afraid a lot of them will do badly in the test,” Carmen replied sounding a little off and with a troubled look Escort Bayan on her face — clearly thinking about her own son.

“Not my problem, you snooze you loose,” Mr. Watson said with a mean grin and got up.

“Will you look after my computer while I go to the bathroom?” He asked Carmen.

“Of course,” She replied and Mr. Watson walked out the door.

I just thought to myself that I had to tell Tony about this surprise, but I also knew he would totally freak out, because he couldn’t study for the test by himself. Over the years he had become depended on my help.

But before I could do anything Carmen got a determinant look on her face and reached into her purse. She got out a flash drive and quickly inserted it into Mr. Watson’s laptop. She used the mouse pad and it seemed as if she was transferring the test to the flash drive. In a matter of seconds she had completed the task and quickly took a step away from the computer and looked really guilty around to see if anybody had seen her dishonorable act. She took a deep breath and put the flash drive back into her purse and went to the water-cooler.

I was shocked by her actions and didn’t know what to do. I waited half an hour and when the teacher lounge once again was empty I quickly walked down to it and turned off the microphone and camera. I saved the recordings on my own computer and drove home.

I decided I wouldn’t do anything about Carmen’s actions. I refused to consider that she would help Tony cheating at a test. It could end very badly for both of them if it were discovered.

The next day in our history class we got the surprised test, but when the lesson was over Tony didn’t seem troubled at all. He just said, that he thought he had done really well.

I was very suspicious but didn’t voice any objection. I would wait until the test was graded before I would decide on, what to do.

Friday we got the test back and both Tony and I got an “A” on the test. Tony had a huge grin on his face and just gave me a high five.

Now I was sure that he had been cheating and I was shocked by the fact that his mother — my Spanish teacher — had helped him getting a good grade by cheating. In her own class she was kind and gentle, but still she did not tread lightly with grading homework, marking down even the smallest of errors. All the kids in school knew they had to do their best performance in her class.

I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to do something. It wasn’t the fact that they had cheated as much as the fact that my best friend and his mother hadn’t included me in their plan. None of them had told me about the surprise test and deep down I knew Carmen was responsible for it. The reasoning behind it I could easily understand, because the more people being in on the secret the larger risk for being exposed. You could say I had double standards as I already knew about the test and hadn’t told Tony about it myself — but that didn’t cross my mind at all.

After school Tony and I drove to the basketball court which was part of a playground near where we lived. We were just shooting hoops to pass the time on a warm day. Before long we began a one-on-one game, which started out friendly, but became more competitive as it went on. We played hard against each other and I used my anger against Tony and his mother to win the game.

Later on we drove home to the Grants and walked into the kitchen where Carmen was making dinner. She didn’t notice us as first because she was singing and dancing around in the kitchen while cooking. Carmen looked happy and without a care in the world. It seemed as if she had forgotten all about helping her son cheat. Here she was in her kitchen dressed in a strapless yellow sundress which highlighted her enthralling attributes. The way her breasts strain against the fabric made them look ample and tasty. She wore high heeled yellow pumps showing off her smooth tanned legs to the maximum as well as her tight ass.

That moment I got a flashback to years before as I had dreamed about what it would be like to have sex with Carmen. She frequently had been the main character in my fantasies as I had started to masturbate myself, imagining that I was fucking my best friend’s mother. But Carmen had with her kindness and motherly attitude made me kind of ashamed of those thoughts so I had fought hard to let them go — and succeed. But now I knew she wasn’t the flawless pristine housewife, I always thought she was. In my eyes she had been the perfect wife and mother, so I had suppressed my feelings for her, but in a matter of seconds my desire for this gorgeous latina woman with her black hair; her beautifully shaped full rounded tits, thin waist, and perfectly formed legs once again came alive. I felt a throbbing in my loins and right there I decided that I would use my recordings of Carmen’s dishonorable act to benefit my own physical attraction towards this hot milf. But I had to create a situation, where it would be acceptable for Carmen to break her marriage Bayan Escort vows.

“Hi mom we’re home,” Tony called out interrupting my thoughts.

“Hi guys, dinner will be ready in an hour,” Carmen replied with smile as she continued dancing around in the kitchen.

We went to Tony’s room to play video games until Peter came home and Carmen called us for dinner.

All through dinner I had a hard time concentrating on the conversation, because each time Carmen bent down to serve from the chili con carne I caught a glance of her lacy yellow bra. I had a semi hard-on under the whole meal.

I forgot about it for a moment as Tony said, “Dad, by the way, I got an A on my history test.”

“Wow, that’s great news. I’m proud of you and happy about the fact that you take your schoolwork so serious,” Peter replied.

“Well dad,” Tony replied with a wink at his mother, “You know me. I have stopped goofing off and am now trying to do my best.”

Carmen only blushed and looked down into her plate.

His father beamed at him, “I like that. You have deserved a reward. I have got an extra box ticket for the game tomorrow. You should come with me.”

“I would love to, but I have promised Ryan we would be together tomorrow.”

I immediately saw a chance and said, “Go to the game Tony, I’ll have to do some homework anyway.”

“Do you really mean it?”, Tony asked.

“Yeah man. You don’t have to babysit me, and I really have to finish this assignment.”

“Well it seem as if you two guys are going to have fun, while both Ryan and me are stuck doing homework tomorrow. “Carmen said with a smile and then turned the conversation to another topic.

That night as I lay in the guest-bed in the basement I began to plan my proposal to Carmen. I started to worry about a million different things, but the thought of Carmen’s gorgeous face and sexy body pushed all doubt and thoughts of it being wrong out of my mind. My cock began to grow and as I fantasized about her I develop a full blown hard-on. I started to jack of my large meat-club, as I began to visualize myself deep inside of Carmen, and pounding my huge cock in and out of her pussy, as she would wrap her magnificent legs around me. I imagined her moaning with pleasure as I penetrated her pussy, and greedily suckled from her full round tits. And I imagined her finish me of with her glorious lips wrapped around my cock as she hungrily milked me for hours, until I finally would explode sending my seed deep into her waiting mouth. As I got more and more turned on, my stroking picked up and got louder. Before long I shot my load high up in the air as I came long and hard.

In the morning I turned on my laptop and opened the recording from the teacher lounge. It was a good quality and I knew I could definitely use it as a lever in my upcoming dealings with Carmen. I put my laptop on standby and looked forward to being alone with Tony’s mother.

I went up to the kitchen, where the whole Grant family already were seated. I said, “Good morning everyone.”

As usual Peter mumbled a good morning behind his paper.

My eyes fell on Carmen and she looked really good. She rose and went to the fridge and I could see that she had dressed quite moderate. She was wearing a blue tank top, that emphasized her bust and her wasp like waist but didn’t show much cleavage. Her tight dark blue jeans accentuated her firm buttocks. She was barefooted and wore sunglasses too, high up above the hairline on her forehead. I began to feel a throbbing in my groin but told myself, that I had to cool it.

I sat down and began to eat while talking with Tony. After some time Peter lay down the paper and looked at Tony and said, “Can you be ready for leaving in half an hour?”

“I’ll just take a shower and get dressed then I’m ready,” Tony replied

“Fine,” Peter said as he got up and went out of the kitchen followed by Tony.

Carmen and I shared the paper and for some time we just sat reading and drinking coffee.

Half an hour later Tony and his father were out of the door heading to the game.

I got up and fetched my laptop. When I came back into the kitchen Carmen had started clearing the table.

I helped her and then sat down at the table opening my computer.

Carmen smiled at me and said, “Oh, those dreaded homework.”

“Yeah, Mrs. G. You know how it is,” I said and continued, “I have been hearing a rumor about cheating at school. Is it right, that cheating students are going to be expelled and cannot apply for college?”

I could see the blood drain from Carmen’s face and she stuttered, “Where have you heard that rumor?”

“Well, I have to admit there are no rumors yet, but we both know that something was suspicious about Tony’s test score. No way he could have gotten an A without my help.”

Obviously Carmen thought attack was the best defense as she began to let loose at me, “What are you implying, Ryan. My son didn’t cheat. I let you know, I helped him with his studies on Tuesday — and that’s why he got an A. I can’t believe you are trying to blame your best friend for cheating. I’m disgusted and appalled by your suggestion, and if you’ll say something like this to anybody, I’ll come after you with a vengeance.”

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