Bachelorette Party Night Pt. 02


Jenn fell back onto the sofa after her exertions to catch her breath, still feeling the euphoric after-sex buzz, her cheeks aflame, her pussy warm, and wet. Strangely way warmer and wetter than she thought she should be. Opening her eyes, she could see why, Stefan had knelt between her legs and was giving her pussy some attention. Leaning back, she spread her legs wider and encouraged Stefan to pleasure her willing cunt with a firm grasp of his hair and a motion towards her hot, slick lips. Stefan moaned his appreciation and tongued her with more vigour, much to the appreciation of Jenn.

“Stefen…mmmmmMMMMM, you are…OH GOD…a darling. A girl…hhhhMMMMMHH…does like to be…FUCK…eaten out.” Jenn said breathily.

Still riding on her sexual plateau, Stefan’s ministrations to her pussy were going to quickly edge her over another orgasm. Until he stopped, causing Jenn to wail in frustration. However, this proved short lived as Stefan urged her to scoot her ass to the edge of the sofa, then motioning for her to hook a hand under each knee and lift them towards her chest. Stefan then returned in earnest to Jenn’s exposed bare pussy.

“Ohhhhhh…MMMMMM…YESSSSS…WHAT THE FUCK?” Jenn shrieked.

“But it is such a beautiful asshole, surely it deserves a tongue and a finger?” Stefen replied with a chuckle.

Jenn squirmed on the sofa under Stefan’s ministrations, enjoying the feeling of a finger up her ass, and his talented tongue on her wet pussy lips and clit. She let go of her left leg and firmly grasped Stefan’s hair, directing him to just the right spot.


Jenn came hard and fast, shaking under Stefan’s tongue and two fingers up her ass. Stefan tonguing her until she stopped bucking against him, panting for breath.

Stefan angled himself up so that he could look Jenn in the eye.

“So Jenn, you seem to like a couple of fingers in the ass, yes?”

With that, wiggled his fingers in Jenn’s ass, making Jenn grip the sofa with both hands.

“FUCK YES! God, Stefan no one has done that to me…before, OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD, WHY DOES THAT FEEL SO GOOD?”

Stefan got to his feet, his fingers not once leaving Jenn’s ass, his large erect cock bobbing in front of him tantalisingly out of Jenn’s reach. Instead Stefan grabbed it with his other hand, leaned in and slapped Jenn’s pussy with his cock. Jenn flinched with each contact, then sighed as he slid his entire cock against the full lips of her pussy a couple of times.

“PUT YOUR BIG HARD COCK IN MY HUNGRY PUSSY STEFAN.” Jenn begged loudly, causing Stefan to laugh.

Stefan removed his fingers from Jenn’s ass, spread her lips and then eased into her willing pussy.


Jenn realised that in a little under than 24 hours, she’d ditched the bachorlettes, attended a sex club, fucked a big cocked guy in front of a couple, now was being fucked by a second big cocked man who she’d seen fucking his girlfriend at the sex club a few hours ago. However, fuck, it felt good to be ploughed by her second man in under 15 minutes.

Stefan, after a few delightfully slow and full strokes, clearly judged Jenn and her slick pussy to be ready for action, as he started to pound her, his thighs slapping against Jenn’s.

Jenn, was being fucked like a ragdoll and was loving it.

“FUCK ME STEFAN.” Jenn demanded, and he complied, pounding her tight pussy.

Stefan grabbed Jenn’s ankles, and dragging them up to over his shoulders. Allowing even deeper penetration as he continued to slam his big cock into her willing slit.

And then he stopped, causing Jenn to beg for his cock again.

“GIVE IT TO ME STEFAN!” she wailed.

Stefan had other ideas, he pulled out, then eased back in. Repeating this a couple of times, Jenn was being driven mad with desire, and letting him know.


Mariella turned to Lars and simply said.

?”Is it me, or is she fucking loud?”

This even caused Jenn to laugh.

“Stefan, I can’t believe you managed to get your big cock in my ass.”

“Do you like Jenn?”

“Yes, my god you are huge.”

With that Mariella shot out the room, returning with some lube, applying a generous quantity to Stefan’s cock as he slowly eased his length in and out of Jenn’s ass.


Mariella nodded to Stefan, who slowly started to increase his pace and depth in Jenn’s ass, causing her face to become even more flushed as she gasped for air.

“Jenn, you look fucking hot taking my cock.” said Stefan to her, as he continued to lazily ease in and out of her asshole.

“Mariella made it look so…FUCK…fucking easy.”

“Yes she does, but I’ve been fucking Mariella’s ass hole since we met 3 years ago. I think this is your first time, no?”

Jenn nodded, the more she relaxed, the easier it became to take Stefan’s cock. She took a deep breath, tried to relax, Tekirdağ Escort and enjoy the sensations that Stefan was making in her body. Stefan’s pace continued to increase, and he was now bottoming out every time he slid into her ass. Looking at him she could see that Stefan was admiring the way that her ass was taking his cock. Jenn gritted her teeth and started to enjoy Stefan’s every thrust.

“Jenn, it may be your first time, but this is not, how you say, your first rodeo, no?” Stefan chuckled, grabbed old of Jenn’s waist and started to fuck her tight ass harder.

Jenn started to moan in pleasure as the feelings started to overwhelm her. Stefan’s pace was building and the clearly audible slap of his thighs against hers was turning her on, making her hand make its way down to her wet pussy.


Stefan’s request was punctuated with a sharp thrust of his hips, deep into her tight ass, the slap of their thighs sending pleasure to Jenn’s ass. Her fingers playing with her clit were then joined by Stefan’s as he sought to roughly rub her clit with his thumb and slip a finger into her very wet slit.

That pushed Jenn over the brink, she started to moan loudly.


Jenn started to shake and quiver, her legs shaking uncontrollably against Stefan’s shoulders. Stefan doubled his pace, slamming Jenn’s ass.


Jenn’s shaking grew so intense that Stefan just had to stop and watch in wonder as the women impaled on him came loudly on his big cock, shuddering as the intense orgasm washed over her.

Jenn opened her eyes slowly, her body still twitching occasionally. Stefan was the first person she saw, with a huge grin on his face.

“Fuck. You’ve just fucked my ass Stefan…and it felt amazing.”

“Ha, yes, can I just say it felt amazing.” Stefan responded.

“And looked phenomenal!” said Lars.

Shit, Jenn thought, I’ve just been fucked in the ass in front of people, how slutty can i possibly be?

Lars, was sitting back his arm around Mariella shoulders, as she bent to suck his stiffening cock.

“It seems as if your performance has stirred me back into action.” Lars looked down at Mariella, “Well, maybe that is harsh on Mariella, she can suck, as you Americans say, the leather case off a baseball.”

Mariella giggled, and made a big show of coming all the way off Lars’ impressive cock with her lips, licking the entire length and then the tip. Then swallowing the entire cock without a single gag, resulting in a low guttural groan from Lars.

With an audible pop, Stefan had pulled his cock out of Jenn’s ass, leaving her feeling empty. He stepped back, helped her to her still shaky legs. In her heels, he came up to Jenn’s shoulders.

“Much as I like them, those heels are going to have to go.”

With that Stefan knelt and helped her out of her heels, then took her hand and stood her in front of the sofa where Lars and Mariella where. He then eased her forward so that she had her hands either side of Lars on the sofa. Stefan then nudged Jenn’s legs apart, then knelt and licked all the way from her ass to her pussy, much to her approval.

Stefan stood, playfully slapped her ass, making her yelp, and look over her shoulder, and that is when he plunged into her pussy.


Jenn’s arms went weak as Stefan entered her, needing Lars to steady her shoulders, before she regained her composure. Stefan’s hands grabbing her shoulders to maximise the leverage.

Jenn was about a foot from Lars’ face, and a similar distance from Mariella. She could smell Mariella’s heady perfume, and the familiar smell of cock from this distance. Lars just grinned at Jenn, then waved a thumb in Stefan’s direction. Stefan pulled out of Jenn’s hungry pussy, leaving her feeling empty, but that feeling didn’t last for long.

Jenn’s mouth made the same sort of shape as her asshole, as Stefan slid in it up to the hilt.


Stefan started to pound her ass, making Jenn grab the sofa for balance.

As Jenn relaxed she started to push back onto Stefan’s cock, meeting his thrusts, grunting and moaning in pleasure.

Lars simply watched as the Amazon-esque woman in front of him, right in front of him, took cock from a professional performer. He waved his thumb at Stefan again, watching Jenn’s face change as Stefan pulled out of her ass, and re-inserted himself with a single thrust into her pussy. Jenn’s head shot back and she moaned loudly.


Stefan duly obliged slamming into Jenn’s tight pussy, making her tits sway, slapping together as Stefan punished her pussy.

“Fuck me Lars.” said Mariella. Shocking the other three.

Lars wasted no time and, after Mariella moved, Lars eased himself out from under Jenn, and quickly positioned Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her next to Jenn in a similar position.

Lars nodded to Stefan, and then slammed into Mariella’s tight pussy, driving her to her elbows moaning in pleasure.

“OHHH GOOODDDD, You feel sooOOOFUCKING GOOODD” Mariella wailed, matching Jenn for volume.

Jenn, who was clearly taller than Mariella also decided that she wanted to assume the same position, head down ass up taking big cock.

Then both girls gasped as the two men pulled out, leaving them empty.

“FFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK” moaned both girls as they were both entered anally.

Mariella, started to quiver, face to face with Jenn.


Lars obliged ploughing his cock into Mariella’s willing ass, making her quiver, shake and moan.

“NGGGGFFFF” was all Mariella managed before she came powerfully, shaking uncontrollably, collapsing onto the sofa in a quivering mass.

Jenn watched Mariella’s orgasm in marvel, as she was pounded by Stefan. The she was lifted upright, still with Stefan’s cock in her ass. Before she knew it, Lars was in front of her kissing her, his tongue tangling with Jenn’s as he lifted one, then the other leg, hooking the knee under his elbow. Jenn realised what was going to happen, but could only have a huge intake of breath when Lars’ cock entered her wet pussy. Breaking lip contact, she threw her head back in pleasure.


Jenn was literally panting for breath, the intense feeling of being filled in both holes was as good as they all said it was going to be.

Lars looked at Jenn.

“You like, cock slut?”

Through gritted teeth, Jenn could only utter, “OH YEAH.”

Lars nodded to Stefan, and as one, holding Jenn stationary, they began fucking slowly in and out.

Jenn could only throw her head back, mouth slack and moan in pleasure. Gasping for breath when both guys were fully in and wail in complaint when they had pulled out to their tips.

The guys increased their tempo mercilessly, leaving Jenn gasping for air with every thrust.


Jenn was completely helpless to the assault as the pleasure was overwhelming, hanging on like a rag doll, she surrended herself to the fucking.


Jenn’s wailing became constant, only interspersed by her gasping for air, she could feel her legs starting to shake and could only hold on as the onslaught continued.


Jenn’s whole body started to shake uncontrollably as an intense orgasm hit. The guys fucking her tried to continue, but quickly realised that they could only hold her on their cocks as the intense orgasm literally shook her senseless, as she moaned loudly.

“Fuck Lars, she is so loud.”

Even Jenn managed to laugh slightly at that comment.

“Oh god, I’ve got to get off these cocks.” Jenn announced, still shaking slightly.

Lars pulled out and lifted Jenn off Stefan, and helped her onto the sofa, where she flopped down wafting her rosy cheeks with both hands.

Mariella was obviously not one to pass up the opportunity of two big cocks and jumped up, and jumped up onto Lars, wrapping her legs around him. Looking over her shoulder at Stefan, she simply stated.

“I want you in my ass Stefan, I won’t be able to take Lars in the ass if you are in my pussy.”

Stefan needed no second invitation, and stepped in, aiming his cock at Mariella’s ass, he eased into her, making Mariella sigh in appreciation. Lars took Mariella’s weight, then eased her pussy gently down onto the tip of his cock.

“Oh fuck, I love this moment.”

With that Lars, grinned at Mariella, and drove his entire length into her tight pussy.

“HOLY FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKK.” Mariella screamed, her eyes wide open.

The guys simply started to pump Mariella from both sides, slowly at first, allowing Mariella to come to terms with being filled in both holes.

“Boys…give it to me…faster…harder.”

Jenn could hear Lars thighs slap against Mariella having heard this command, shortly followed by Stefan’s thighs against her butt cheeks. Jenn’s fingers sank to her patently empty pussy, feeling rather left out, and strangely understanding of the intense feeling of being full of cock that Mariella was feeling right now.

Mariella, clearly was more used to taking two cocks than Jenn was and she was driving back at the two cocks, meeting every thrust with a grunt and satisfied moan. Her breathing now coming in gasps as the two cocks pounded at her holes, her moans of pleasure increasing in volume.


Stefan and Lars continued to slam into Mariella, as the petite girl insistently Escort Tekirdağ urged them on.


Stefan nodded to Lars and the two lifted the tiny girl up a little further as they both started to pound her even harder. Pushing her closer and closer to a climax.


With that Mariella started to let out a constant moan, her body bucking uncontrollably underneath the pounding her holes were getting. The boys continued pounding, the slapping of flesh on flesh making Jenn’s fingers slip into her slick pussy, grinding her clit in mutual pleasure of the scene in front of her.

Then Mariella came, stock still, head thrown back moaning towards the ceiling.


Mariella’s body then started to quiver as the orgasm flooded over her, the guys still pounding into her, as she continued to shake and moan.

Jenn could imagine what that felt like, and wanted it again, she stood in anticipation, waiting, hopefully.

Mariella, finally came round and begged the guys to stop, before looking at Jenn, knowingly. She tagged Jenn and with the guys help, got off the two cocks to flop onto the sofa panting for breath.

Lars went to pick up Jenn, only to have himself surprised when Jenn turned towards Stefan, look over her shoulder directly into Lars’ eyes and state.

“I want your big cock in my ass. I’m ready for you big boy”

Jenn was sure she saw Lars’ big cock twitch at that, but turned back to face Stefan and jump up, wrapping her legs around his midriff. Kissing him, tongues clashing together, she lowered herself so her wet slit was grinding against his big cock. Then reaching down, she guided his cock, parting her lips, then in one smooth motion sank all the way to the hilt, moaning gently in pleasure. Looking into Stefan’s eyes, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, she smiled, and then gasped and moaned as Lars’s cock probed its way into her ass. She reached back to Lars, not to hold him back or prevent his progress, but to urge him to plumb the depths of her ass, which he did so willingly.

“Lars, I thought Stefan was big, but fuck me, my ass loves your big cock.” Jenn said looking over her shoulder.

Lars chest puffed with pride, and from the sofa, Mariella chipped in.

“He’s happy as I can’t take him in the ass if we do double penetration.”

Lars’ cheeks flushed slightly.

“So boys, we gonna fuck?”

The guys nodded at each other and started to fuck her slowly, but Jenn wasn’t wanting that.


Not needing to be told twice, the two guys started to fuck her, slapping against her thighs, making her groan with pleasure and gasp for air, as she held onto the two guys for all her worth, this time pushing back against the guys’ every stroke.


The intense feeling of being sandwiched between two hot men and getting fucked hard in both holes was driving Jenn mad with desire.


The two men kept up their relentless pace, slamming into Jenn, grunting in pleasure at every thrust. Jenn could feel tension rising, her legs were starting to shake, as she felt another intense orgasm building.

And then, moaning louder than she had done that night, she came, and came hard.


Shaking, bucking, moaning, Jenn’s orgasm was intense. So intense that Stefan announced he too was going to come.

However, Jenn wanted more, managed to pull herself off Stefan, and drop to the floor on her knees, causing Lars’ cock to pop out of her ass.

Reaching up to Stefan, she took hold of his cock, and sucking the tip hard, made him cross-eyed. She looked up at Stefan, pulled his cock out of her mouth and breathily urged him.

“Come in my mouth, make me gag on your cock.”

Stefan, groaned in pleasure as his cock was once again in Jenn’s mouth and he managed a few strokes as Jenn gagged. Then moaning in pleasure he came in her mouth, his body bucking and shuddering as Jenn greedily sucked the come out of his cock whilst looking up at him, her saliva dripping off his cock onto her chin.

Jenn took Stefan’s cock out her mouth, and wiping her chin, licked the length of it clean as it softened slowly in her hands.

Then Lars’ hand was in her hair and she was turned to face his erection, she hardly had time to say a word before Lars took his cock, guided it to her lips and pushed it in. Jenn slurped it in, took a little aback before she was gagging on a second cock in two minutes. Clearly Lars was not far behind Stefan as she could hear him announce that he was going to come in her slutty mouth. Jenn was now gagging on every thrust of Lars, her saliva dripping from her lips and his cock as he thrust in and out of her mouth.


It was Lars’ turn to moan in pleasure as he came in the back of Jenn’s throat. Jenn, could do little about it, with Lars’ hand in her hair, but she was delighted that she’d made him come.

Lars slowly released his grip of her hair and slowly withdrew his cock, allowing Jenn time to clean him up. It was then that once again that Jenn realised that she was being applauded for a second time that night by an audience.

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