Bachelor Party Panic


This is a repost of the first section of a story I previously had taken down.

All characters are 18 or older.

This is fiction.

This was written by me. It is my work that I own.


There are a few rules you have to follow when you live the life of a male stripper. The first one is obvious. Don’t tell anyone that’s what you do. For some reason guys who don’t have the kind of body needed to be a male stripper will accuse those who do of being gay. So I take my clothes off in front of women who are hungry to get a peek at my cock but somehow that makes me gay. And of course telling parents is a big no no. Sure, they grew up in the generation that spawned the hippies and free love and any number of STDs but they’re going to judge me. Sorry, not on my watch. They can keep their woodstock and their ideology. I’m just in it for the cash. And just to be sure I don’t accidentally get recognized outside of work, I always wear one of those full wrestler masks. I have a future after this after all.

That brings me to the second rule of being a stripper. You have to know your boundaries. You have to tell the people you work for up front what you are and are not willing to do. If you don’t then they’ll assume you’re ok with stripping for a room full of dudes and I am definitely not cool with that no matter how much more it pays. Also, a lot of ladies, especially those over 40 will just assume they are entitled to your man bits. They aren’t going to listen if we tell them no but they will recognize hand signals. Put two fingers up to make an X and they know to back off.

The third rule, at least for me, is always go for the cash. Believe it or not but if a male stripper does not get completely naked, they actually earn more money. If you go full Monty for them, suddenly instead of giving you a tip so they can reach under your waistband and get a feel they are just grabbing at you without paying. When we survey them afterwards a lot of ladies tell us that with the guy getting so much love they just figured that was his reward. Sorry, I don’t get turned on by having women I don’t know and would never date try to ineptly stroke me. A lot of guys in the business just can’t help themselves, though so I often get paired up with one of them who will go all out so they can get a blow job. The room tends to split then with me taking the ladies who want to pay and the other guy just getting his blow job and then going out of commission for the rest of the night.

Rule number four is be consistent. If you let one lady do something then you have to let them all do it or they complain. If you decide to give one girl a kiss on the cheek then you better be prepared to kiss every cheek presented to you. If you let one girl suck you, then you better let them all suck you no matter how old, ugly, or fat they are. That isn’t just per party either. The company will recommend a guy based on what the customers say they want the guy to do. If a guy is known for licking pussy and letting ladies ride his cock then he better put out for the next party because that’s what they paid for. I’ve been consistent with no full nudity and no oral sex since I started in this business two years ago and so if a party hires me then they know I won’t agree to that and the pressure is off.

That brings me to the last rule. I made this rule up recently, well, … sort of. You have to know when to get out. I got into this business by chance and found it was a great way to earn the money I needed to buy the engagement ring I knew my girlfriend wanted. This isn’t my full time job and I don’t see myself doing this and hiding it from her after we get married. I have a lot of appreciation for all the money I’ve made. This business has allowed me to save up a down payment on a house, funded this extravagant wedding my fiancée wants, and payed off the note on my car. I’m happy and I’m done. In another two weeks I’m getting married and then my regular job will have to take care of us because I won’t be letting random women feel my dick anymore.

“So, when’s the bachelor party?” my boss asked me when I handed him my formal resignation letter. I know I’m a male stripper but they operate it just like any other business. There’s probably something about that fact that some smart person should get really angry about but like I said I was just in it for the cash.

“I’m not having one.” I said.

“What? Sayeth WHAT?”

“Sarah and I agreed it is a silly tradition that will just cause arguments after we’re married.”

“You been working here all this time and you still ain’t learn. You know she getting hers. Bachelorette parties are our craziest customers.”

“She’s not having one of those either.”

“Please, I don’t believe that.”

“No, really. She’s much too conservative and intelligent for all that.”

“I thought you said you loved this girl but now it sounds like she just got you whipped.”

“No, we have a sincere and meaningful relationship.”

“If that’s true then Giresun Escort where’s the trust? The whole bachelor party thing isn’t about the guy getting a chance to score some pussy. It’s about his girl knowing that he can be around sexy strippers who get naked and throw themselves at him but he will be true to his woman and forsake all others when it’s time to say vows.”

“You got that out of your brochure.”

“And Tim, I believe every word of it. Let me make a call. I can have five, six, seven hot naked girls all over you in a heartbeat. If you don’t want to do nothing with them, that’s fine. You can watch them take care of each other.”

“I appreciate the offer but considering all the times I’ve been surrounded by women I think I’ll pass.”

“Aw man, that don’t count. You got to flip the script on it. You keep your clothes and let them get naked.”

“Really. I’m fine. Really.”

“Man, don’t do this to me. If you ain’t going to let me go to your wedding then at least let me do this for you. If you think your girl will be mad then just let me talk to her. We’ll set up one for her too and I’ll personally make sure it doesn’t’ get out of hand.”

“Domino, I really appreciate the offer but …”

“Come on man. It’s not everyday a guy can get a guarantee that this girl’s party won’t get too freaky.”

“No. Just … Sorry but no.”

“Alright. It’s your life. But I bet you call me after the honeymoon. Anyway, we gone miss you man.”

“I’ll sort of miss you too. You’ve always been fair to me and that’s more than I can say for my other boss.”

“We have to be fair. Otherwise this whole empire comes crashing down. It’s all based on trust.”

“Speaking of trust, I said way back when that if you ever wanted to get into the country club that I would sponsor you.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Well, maybe. I’ll think about it. I mean, can you imagine me at a country club. All the chicks would be jumping at me because they know me.”

“Which is why I wear a mask.”

“True that.”

I thought that was the end of my time working for the company but two days later I got a call. Domino said he got a party booked on short notice because it was a surprise party. He said it was a small party, eight or ten ladies max and at least one of them did not know a stripper would be showing up. I told him that I was already out but he pointed out correctly that I was not married yet and the job paid a bonus because it was booked so soon to the day they wanted it. I still needed the money but I said no.

I went about the rest of my day in my office and then I got a call from the wedding planner and it turned out that we were going to have to pay triple for the catering because the dish Sarah wanted was out of season and no one had noticed until now so it had to be shipped in special just for us. If it was up to me I would have just told the catering company to offer a different dish but it was what Sarah wanted so I grit my teeth and said ok. Then I took a peek at what I had in the bank.

And then I called Domino to tell him I’d do that one last job but NO MORE.

I was going to be the only male entertainer there so I’d have to work the room all by myself. With ten or more ladies in the room I would have worried but as the date of the party came I was told that there might only be seven. You know a party is a rush job when the number of people keeps changing. I waited in a side room where I got into my Tibetan Monk costume. It was lots to put on but that turned into lots to take off and more money I could make. Most of my pay would be coming from the booking fee since there were so few ladies in the room but I wanted to milk them for what I could.

I was doing shallows hops to get my blood going and get in the zone when Domino came to get me.

“Ok man. This is your last one. Make it count.”

I nodded. I had a rule that I never talked when in the mask.

“Just remember, you ain’t married yet. Ok. So if you want to go all out then this is your last chance. These are a bunch of fine as hell college bitches. You want some pussy then you go get some pussy.”

If he could see my face then he would have known I was annoyed.

“Just saying man. Just saying. You ready?”

I nodded again and then we headed for the door.

The ballroom of the hotel looked rather empty with so few ladies in the room. That was my first thought. My second thought was HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

Do I even need to say it? Everyone I tell this story to knows exactly who was in the group of ladies. In the center of the group was my Sarah tied to a chair with a dildo on a rope around her neck. Of course it was her. It had to be her. And I was in a real fucking problem. With Sarah was her maid of honor Karen, and three of Sarah’s ten bride’s maids. One of those bride’s maids was my fucking sister Melissa of all people.

So, I had read in college that human beings could feel more than one emotion Giresun Escort Bayan at the same time but I never thought I’d consciously be aware of it. I was afraid for myself. Any one of the five there might be able to recognize me even with a mask.

But on the other hand I felt angry. She had made me promise again and again that I wouldn’t have a bachelor party. She brought it up over and over and even snuck into our video rentals episodes of TV shows where someone gets a bachelor party and everything goes wrong.

I told myself that I only had to do two sets and each one would be only fifteen minutes. That’s what Sarah was paying for with MY MONEY.

At that moment something in the back of my mind wanted to just rip off the mask and make up some lie that I traded places with the real stripper in order to expose them. But that was too bold for me. I kept my anger in check, while fully being determined to take Domino up on his offer of naked women later. He’d been right. That psychic bastard had been right. Women are always going to get theirs.

I finished my set and made sure to give the hand signal when my sister tried to go for my package. I was so going to get back at her for this betrayal. I might have half way expected it from Karen the maid of honor and if I was truly honest with myself Sarah would not be completely above this … but Melissa. My own sister Melissa. She knew full well Sarah and I had a deal there would be no parties and no strippers on either side.

Domino had the music going and then he came to see me in the side room.

“You ok man?”

“Yeah. I’ll be fine.” I said as I pulled my mask off. I wasn’t going to tell him that was my fiancée out there.

“You sure? You know I’ll pull the plug if they wronged you.” He was right about that. I’d seen him kill parties for any number of reasons.

“No. I’m ok. I need to take a breath. That’s all.”

“Cool. Back on in four.”

I nodded, took my breath and got my mask back on. It was funny. Even with everything I was feeling and the strangeness that was my sister reaching to grab my cock, psychologically as soon as the mask was back on I probably couldn’t have spoken even if I wanted to.

The seconds seemed to fly by and yet time seemed to slow down. So many thoughts ran through my head I hardly had a chance to catalog them. My next set would start and it was a real danger for me. It was the part of the night when I used all this loose material from my costume to wrap one of the ladies up and give her a semi private show. No doubt they’d want me to do that with Sarah. How far would my future wife go with a stripper? Now that the question had been asked I wanted it answered. Sure, I could tell her no with my gesture but if I let her hands wander, how far would she go?

So I started my second set. I gave each one of them a few seconds to dance next to me, body to body and Sarah was no longer tied to the chair. That eliminated any thoughts I might have had that she was an unwilling participant in all this. Was I a hypocrite? No. I was doing this to pay for all this expensive foolishness she demanded of me. I was even allowing my sister to press her boobs up against me and rub her hands all over me so that I could earn the money to …

You know what! Forget it. I can’t take this. It’s too weird. I was about to puke. This was my fucking sister. It was wrong. No. I can’t do it. I can’t. She was stroking my cock through my thong and I was getting a hard on and I was helpless to stop it. I wanted to scream at her to stop it. As she fondled me she started kissing and then licking my neck. Gross.

“Shit girl, you’re going a little far, don’t you think.” It was Nelly that said that. She sort of looked how I felt. She didn’t really seem to be on board with physical contact with the stripper and when my sister pulled my cock all the way out to put it on display for everyone to see, Nelly grabbed her purse and headed for the door. Good for her, but why wasn’t Sarah doing the same thing? Sarah was smiling and laughing and having a good time with all the rest of them.

I should have looked up at the clock and noticed the time. I should have followed my usual set, given one girl a bit of personal time wrapped with me in an orange sheet. I should have gotten my cock back covered at least. I should have just ended my set and then confronted Sarah afterwards.

But I didn’t do that. After my cock was out I just left it out. I even wagged it in the air from side to side. I knew what would happen next. It almost always happened. When the male stripper kept his clothes on the ladies didn’t get naked. If the stripper got all the way naked, it created this atmosphere that allowed the girls to start getting partially naked. And wouldn’t you know it, Sarah was the one to pull the top of her dress down and expose her tits.

So I moved over to my former bride to be. I had seen lots of other strippers do their acts with lots of physical contact with women. Escort Giresun They put the girl on the stage, get behind her, sometimes blind fold her and then start to feel her up. I never did that sort of stuff but I was going to give it a try now. Let’s see if my wonderful girlfriend, the alleged love of my life will stop the lecherous stripper from putting his hands all over her body.

Nah, she didn’t. Not only did she let me put her in that compromising position and feel up her breasts in front of the other three, but I even started to undress her and she was fine with it. She was clearly getting more and more into it and Domino was getting excited on the mic that it looked like I was going to go for it. The excitement in the room seemed to come to a boil when I got Sarah’s dress and then panties off. Now she was more naked than I was.

Then the moment came when Sarah put her hands around my cock. Before then there was a part of my mind that was still telling itself that she wouldn’t go too far. I honestly thought that she would just let me touch her, strip her even but dancing naked would be the end of it. She grabbed my cock and that was the moment that I knew I was going to go as far as I could with this party. They were going to fuck me over like this. Most of the other guys that worked for Domino would have gotten some pussy by this point in the set. I reached around and put my hand on Sarah’s pubic hair. Her legs were together but as I moved the tips of my fingers closer to her clit she started to spread them and her pussy was very, very wet.

So there I was. I was in a mask but I was fingering my fiancée in front of her maid of honor Karen, a bride’s maid named Molly, and my sister. I supposed since Molly was originally Sarah’s friend I could forgive her for this since she would have been on Sarah’s side no matter what. However, I introduced Karen to Sarah. She was my friend first. And regardless of that, Melissa was my sister. She should have been looking out for me and my interest instead of … SHIT. My sister had her tits out and it looked like she had one of her hands down her pants.

This wasn’t going to just be a stripper party. This was going to turn into a fuck party. Sarah was going to cheat on me right before our wedding. Well fine. Two could play at that. Things got very real when I pushed Sarah down to her knees and my cock was right in front of her face. My sister started chanting with the beat of the music.

“Suck it. Suck it. Suck it.”

Molly and Karen joined in with the chant. For just a moment it looked like all would be saved. It looked like Sarah would not take the bait. I was happy. Our marriage was saved. I could forgive her.

And then she started sucking the nasty stripper dick in front of her. Sure, it was my dick and this was the very first time I’d ever let any mouth on my dick when I did my act. I was clean. But Sarah didn’t know that.

I gestured for Karen to come over. Almost as if she knew what I would ask of her she got out of her chair and crawled over on her hands and knees. She came right up to my cock.

Ok, so I half had this thought in my mind that maybe Sarah knew I was the stripper. Maybe she and Domino set this up behind my back just to mess with me and give me a sort of bachelor party. I would be cool with that. It was a bit more exhibitionist than I thought Sarah was capable of but maybe she was trying to show me that she wasn’t going to judge me. Maybe she was going to show me that she accepted me even though I was a male stripper. Maybe it even turned her on a bit.

Karen was right there next to Sarah with my dick in Sarah’s mouth. If there was a time to put the brakes on anything, then this was it. If Sarah knew it was me then she would hog my dick and not let her maid of honor blow me. If they all knew it was me then that would explain why Nelly got grossed out and left when my sister started touching me.

Yeah, you already know what happened. At every turn I give Sarah a chance to prove that she’s really true to me and then nope. She takes my dick out of her mouth and presents it to Karen for Karen to suck. Karen started to suck my dick but I didn’t let Sarah get away. I got her licking my balls and feeling very satisfied with myself I wondered if I could do like Domino said and really flip the script. Could I get Sarah licking Karen’s pussy? I was going to try for it. It would be a fitting punishment.

In no time at all Molly and Melissa were now on their knees in front of me as well. I tried not to think about my sister sucking me. But I had to be professional and that meant being consistent. I just … I wouldn’t look. That’s what I would do. I wouldn’t look.

Anyway. I pulled Karen to her feet and started to get her clothes off. She sort of tried to stop me but it was token resistance at best. In no time at all she had her nipples up against my chest and my finger in her fuck hole. Then it was time. I looked for Sarah, noticing that Molly had gotten naked on her own and it was now her turn to suck my cock. I grabbed Sarah’s hair and tired to bring her face to Karen’s crotch. It was a bit of a stretch so Sarah giggled and stood up. She moved around Molly and then as she stood next to Karen she bent down just a bit and started sucking Karen’s tit.

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