B has a Bad Day


Ben came home in a lousy mood; things hadn’t gone the way he had planned today at work. These are the days, which may surprise you, I enjoy the most. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I adore the days when he comes home hard and ready, having thought about me his entire ride home. I love that he calls and gives me a chance to “prepare” for him. The running around the house thinking of new and wonderful ways to please him and surprise him, knowing I am on his mind does the most incredible things to my pussy. But, when Ben gets home angry or stressed, well, as I said those are special days …and nights. This was one of those days. Ben walked in without warning, I heard him as the door shut. I was sitting in my room curled up in a chair, reading. I thought he may be home soon; I had bathed and put on my red panties and nothing else, not even heels. But, I also had Pandora’s Box out; just in case… what is in Pandora’s Box? I’m sure you want to know, secrets my Sarıyer escort friends, the best kind, I will share some and leave others for future telling, I never give everything away all at once, I like to keep some mystery, keep you coming back for more. He walked in the room, I immediately saw by his taut jaw and posture he was not happy. He looked at me as I rose to say hello, my round tits bouncing as I sauntered to him. Confident that just the sight of me would start to relieve some of the stress, as would my warm body leaning into him to kiss his mouth, his neck, his ear. He put an arm around my waist and let a sigh come from his closed lips. I could see this was going to take more than a jiggle of my ass in his face to help him let go of the bad day he had just had. I looked up at him and smiled, turned and walked away and into the walk in closet. I came out a few minutes later in my black lace corset, with Escort Silivri garters attached to silk stockings, heels, black satin gloves and had had also adorned my neck with a red patent leather collar. I held my leash in my hand. Walking up to Ben I present him with my leash. He didn’t say a word, just pointed at the floor, I immediately got to my knees and bowed my head. Ben walked around me, slowly, all I could see was his shoes, I didn’t know if he was pleased or if I was about to get punished. Watching his shoes as they circle me, stopping behind me, I feel Ben’s fingers pull my pussy lips apart. “Good girl. Now, get up on the bed on all fours, but first, open Pandora’s Box.” Smiling to myself, but not letting it show, I crawled to where Pandora’s Box was on the table and open it. The sight of all the lovely things inside made me start to leak. Ben notices my wet, shiny lips from behind. “Raya, did I say Topkapı escort bayan you could start to enjoy yourself yet? Come over here.” I crawl to him; he grabs ass flesh squeezes and then smacks my right cheek, hard. I jerk. He smacks me again, harder. I jerk again. He smacks me again. I now hold still. “That’s a good Slut, now get up on the bed, all fours, bring your knees to the edge of the bed and present yourself to me, you know how. “ Moving up onto the bed and positioning myself as I’ve been told, I can hear Ben removing his shoes and trousers, unbuttoning his sleeves within my view, rolling each up a bit. He removes his tie and opens the neck of his shirt and then places his tie, folded over twice on the bed right next to me. Taking the leash buckle he snaps it on to my collar, my body moves with every touch, I am his doll, doing what is expected and nothing more. I let a smile creep onto my face as he runs his hand down the chain of the leash and he tugs on it slightly, causing my body to jerk slightly. Movements like these are so erotic, I feel the tug throughout my entire body, giving in I allow him to take over. I can see Ben’s cock from the corner of my eye, hard and erect pocking out from between the tails of his shirt.

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