Aunty Pam Chapter 3


I sat staring at the clock in the classroom. It was 2:45 on a Friday afternoon, meaning just another 15 minutes until the weekend. I was excited to say the least, and not just because it was the weekend. It had had been 5 days since last weekend, A weekend that I spent with my aunty Pam, helping her move, among other things. After we finished moving we sat down to eat and began to talk. It got a little personal, and she started talking about her past sex life, and how lonely she was. Since I had been staring at my aunts luscious, ample full body, I decided I would comfort her, something I hoped would lead to maybe a little kiss and a hug. Maybe a chance to grab that large ass that I fell in love with.
The next thing I knew, I was in her bedroom lying on a mattress in the floor, her gorgeous, pale ass up in the air facing me, and my penis finding her warm, mature pussy. That night I lost my virginity to my aunt, and I had zero regrets. The next day I came back to find her dressed in sexy lingerie, and sipping on wine. That night she taught me about foreplay, and relaxing and taking our time. That night was even better than the first.
The next morning I woke up to a great feeling. My eyes pried open and saw a hump under the covers and then I felt warm lips engulf my hard penis. I cocked my head back into the pillow and let out a moan. With one hand I reached down and moved the covers off of me, and saw my aunt. Her hair was in a mess, and her soft red lips were stroking my cock. She looked up at me and gave me a smile, (as much as you can smile with a cock in your mouth) and winked. Just then she tightened up her lips, and moved her head up and down faster. I started to feel so much pleasure. I grabbed the bed sheet with one hand, and grabbed her head with the other, and ran my fingers through her hair.
She kept going fast, and hard. About 5 minutes in. I was there. I sat up and tapped her on the shoulder, and told her that I was cumming. Then came a surprise I will never forget. She pushed back down into the bed, without ever taking her Escort mouth off me, and I exploded into her mouth. Spurt after spurt shot down her throat. I had always thought that cumming into a girl’s mouth was just a myth from porn, but I was proven wrong when my aunt sucked me dry.
I finished cumming and she slid her lips off of me. She started to crawl up the bed, and straddled me, her face hovering over mine. Then she opened her mouth and revealed every last drop of cum was still in her mouth. She then closed it and took a big gulp and swallowed. She opened her mouth again, and showed that it was all gone. I was in shock.
“Did you like that sweetie”, she asked me. “I loved it. It was fucking amazing. I didn’t think you would swallow it like that.” Then I noticed a small drop of cum to the left of her mouth. “Looks like you missed some.” I took my finger and wiped it off, and then she grabbed my wrist, and put my hand to her mouth, sucking on my finger to get the cum off. She pulled my finger out of her mouth and said, “Just thought you would like a nice surprise to wake up too.” “Well I really loved it.” “And it will give you something to think about during school today.”
Oh shit I thought. Today was Monday. “Well I don’t think I have to go. We could just stay here today and have a little more fun.” “I would love to but I have to go to work, and you really need to go to school. So come on, get up and I’ll drive you there.
Now it was Friday, and I hadn’t seen aunty Pam since then. I called her throughout the week, but she kept telling me I couldn’t come over. She said she was busy, and if I came over to often people would become suspicious. She told me to wait till the weekend, and I did. But waiting that long is hard, and made me really horney. I hadn’t cum since that Monday morning. I tried to masturbate throughout the week, but nothing could get me going. All I could think about was being with my aunt again.
Now it was the weekend and time for me to go pay her a little visit. When the bell rang at three, I walked out and Escort Bayan got on a bus that I knew went by my aunt’s place. When I got there, I opened the door with the key that she gave me and walked inside, and waited for her to get home from work.
I watched TV for about an hour, and I finally heard her car door shut. I got behind the door and waited for her to come in. When she did she walked past me, and I snuck behind her. I got real close and put my arms around her and my hands over her eyes. I brought my body real close to her, with my cock pressing up against her ass through my pants.
“Guess who I said.” She giggled. “I wonder.” She turned around and smiled, and I grabbed her, and pulled her to me, and kissed her. “You know you should be more careful when you come in. Anyone could be waiting inside. And when they see someone as sexy as you, who knows what they might do.”
“No, please show me what they might do.” I smiled and grabbed her and turned her around. Then I pushed her up against the wall. “Well they might do something like this.” I reached down and grabbed her pants and pulled them down to her ankles, to where only her white panties were on. “No Mr.” she said, cheerfully playing along. “Please take anything you want.” “Shut up.” I slapped her hard on the ass. “That’s the only thing I want.” I reached down and pulled her panties down revealing her large ass. Then I pulled my pants and underwear down and kicked them off. “You ready” I asked. She nodded.
I grabbed my already erect cock, and slid it up and down her ass crack. Then I took it, lined it up, and I thrust my hips forward, and forced my cock in. She screamed, but not in pleasure. “What are you doing?” she screamed.
I hadn’t realized it, but I had just put my cock up my aunt’s ass. “What’s wrong aunty.” “You’re in my ass. That’s what’s wrong. It hurts.” I had no idea what I did and was a little confused why her pussy was so dry and tight. “Oh, fuck. I’m so sorry. I’ll just put it in your pussy.” “No,” she said. “You’re not gonna put your dick in my Bayan Escort pussy after it was in my ass.” She sighed. “Just keep going, but be easy.”
“Are you sure.” “Yes I’m sure.” I did as she said and started to easily go back in forth in her ass. It felt weird at first, but as it loosened up a little it started to feel great. It was so tight, it gripped my cock, and every time I went into her, she would squeeze her muscles and grip it even tighter. I could hear her tone start to change, from discomfort to pleasure. She started to moan, and with one hand holding her up against the wall, she took her other hand and started to rub her clit.
I took both hands and grabbed her around her waist, and started to speed up. She started rubbing her clit faster to match my rhythm. She went from moaning to screaming with pleasure. “Oh god you’re giving me an orgasm. Keep going. Keep going.” I did. I started to go faster, and faster until I didn’t have any rhythm anymore.
Then my legs started to go numb, and I could feel that I was about to cum. My aunts lustful screams, and her tight ass squeezing my cock, made my penis explode. I could feel it shoot out harder than ever. I kept cumming, and kept cumming. She cocked her head back and screamed louder than ever. We had both had orgasms at the same time.
I grabbed her, and started walking her backwards. I sat down on the couch behind us and she fell down beside me, exhausted. We were both sweating and tired. She leaned on me, placing her head on my shoulder, and I placed my hand on her thigh, caressing gently.
“Congratulations. You are the first man to ever be in your Aunty’s ass.” I was shocked. I thought that she had done it all. “Really? Your telling me this was a first for you today.”
“Yeah”, she said as she smiled, and kissed me. We sat there quietly for a couple of minutes, just rubbing each other’s bodies.
“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you”, she said. “I got a call today I think you will like to hear about.” “What was the call?” “It was your cousin, Holly. She called me today to tell me that she was moving tomorrow, and that she needed help.”
We both smiled at each other mischievously , and we could tell that we both were thinking the exact same thing.

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