Auntie’s Milk


Every summer growing up, we would travel across the state to see our relatives. Among all the grandparents and cousins and friends of the family was my mother’s sister, who we called Auntie. Being ten years younger than my mother, Auntie was more in tune with ‘the younger generation’. It was always fun to stay at her house. Her husband was a gruff sort who was nice enough, but treated her poorly. They had tried to have kids for years without success. It was a big deal when their first finally arrived. That summer I was eighteen.

At 6′ 2″, I was a skinny, gawky kid with a mop of dark hair. My hormones were raging and it took all I had not to stare at Auntie as she breastfed her little girl. Auntie’s modest bustline had transformed into a large pair of bulging boobs. Auntie would make it a point to turn away from anyone or to go to another room, when she had to feed the baby. But I would listen and steal glances of her. I could see her fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. Her big tits were stretching the shirt taut and made the buttons harder to undo. Then I imagined she was pulling back the flap on her nursing bra cup. Once or twice I caught a glimpse of the inside of the flap. It had a trace of a yellowish stain. The stain of her mother’s milk. It must leak from her tits when they are overfull. As I sat in the next room, pretending to watch TV, I felt my cock aching, as stiff as it could be. I rubbed it and adjusted it Escort in my jeans so it wasn’t as obvious.

I could hear Auntie making little noises as she nursed her baby. I thought she was cooing to the baby, but she moaned a little too loudly and smiled as she swayed contentedly. I realized she was turned on. And she seemed disappointed when the baby drifted off to sleep without relieving Aunty of her full bounty of milk, or her obvious arousal. She put the baby in its bassinette and hastily buttoned her top. Auntie came in and sat down beside me.

“I saw you watching me feed Jessica.” She saw me squirming. “It’s alright. I understand a young man being curious about things like that. Are you curious?”

I nodded, ashamed to look up at Auntie, much less speak.

“Well, since I had a baby, my body has been making milk for her. My boobies have gotten pretty big, huh?” she asked.

Without thinking I said, too quickly and too enthusiastically, “Yeah.” I could feel myself blushing.

“So, you like big boobies? Most men do. Not all, though.” I could tell she was talking about her husband, my uncle. “My boobies make me look like a cow or so I’m told. Is that what you think too?” Auntie was beginning to cry.

“Auntie,” I started, not sure of what I was going to say,” I think your boobs are the sexiest things I can think of. I’m sorry if I was staring, but I get so excited. I feel drawn to look Escort Bayan and do more…” I heard my voice trail off.

“I’d like it if you could do more.” Auntie was looking right at me. She brought her hands up to the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it. “This is a nursing bra. It’s pretty uncomfortable to carry around full boobies. But this has little flaps to expose my nipples.” She pulled one flap back and there, sitting a foot from me, my Auntie exposed a huge, dark expanse of tightly wrinkled aureole and a nipple that looked like a plum. Tiny white droplets dotted the end of the thick teat.

I reached down and tugged at my cock. It was strangling in my jockey shorts and jeans. I rubbed the underside of the shaft and clenched my buttocks to fully relieve the pangs of lust I was fighting. Auntie watched me stroking my cock with a sly smile. I notice her rubbing her thighs together. She seemed to be almost shivering. Then, everything seemed to go in slow-motion. Auntie shrugged the blouse down off her shoulders and off, letting it drop to the floor. Then she reached behind her back with each arm, arching her back, thrusting those milk jugs up. Then, the clasp undone, she shrugged forward and the cups fell away from Auntie’s twin melons. Stretch marks only slightly darker then her pale flesh streaked the contours at the top of each jug. They were wide and full and even with their hanging, they Bayan Escort were still very full and firm. Blue veins traced just under the pale skin. Auntie watched me taking in her breath-taking display and then cupped one full breast and offered me her milk.

Words were not needed. As I lowered my mouth to her presented teat, I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. My asshole tingled, my cockhead throbbed. I encircled her nipple with my tongue and then engulfed its huge stiffness in my mouth as gently as I could. I waited for a response. Nothing. I felt Auntie’s hand on my thigh, close to my cock. I freaked out for a second at the touch. I reflexively bit down on Auntie’s nipple and then, as if it would make it better, I sucked it hard into my mouth. Auntie moaned like she did when little Jessica fed, but louder and lustier and right in my ear. She liked it when I suckled her hard. And I proceeded to suckle each of those magnificent mams dry. As I gulped and swallowed Aunties sweet milk, I felt her release my cock from its confinement. She had skillfully undone my jeans and had my dick poking from the fly flap of my tidy whities. I tried to restrain myself from crying out as I came. I saw my cock spurting jet after jet of thick, creamy jizz all over Auntie’s hand and my underwear. I heard Auntie gasp and only then saw she was fingering her pussy under her skirt as I fed and got my handjob. Auntie twisted and moaned and jerked as she came. It was so sexy I felt my cock responding. Auntie finished coming and licked my cum of one hand and her juice from the other. She fed me some of my spunk and I hungrily licked up her cunt juice.

And the summer had just begun!

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