Auntie n me


Auntie n meTrue story that happened on The fourth of July Hi I’m Joey im 16. As part of family tradition my family and my uncles family rented a cabin in Oregon for the summer. We spent 2 weeks there in July. On the fourth  I woke up about 10:00 I was looking for my parents so I went in there room but they weren’t there. I knocked on my step aunt and uncles door but no answer then my cousins but same.  I figured they went into town for some stuff, it was about a half hour drive one way so I thought I had some time to myself. I sat on the couch and started playing with myself. I took my pants off. And started to masturbate, all of a sudden I heard a voice say nice cock. It was my step aunt patty, I tried to cover up she said it’s ok everyone else s gone. I said I knocked on the door and thought no one was there. She told me she was in the bath. I stood up to go to my room and she said stop. She said it was only fair that I Escort see her naked now that she saw me. My aunt is 36 has shoulder brown hair and an athletic body. I hesitated but she took my hand. We went into her room she stood there in a sweater and tight jeans showing off her perfect ass. Sh said go ahead take my clothes off. I went up to her and started to take her sweater off she was wearing a red bra. I just stared she asked if it was the first time I saw a women naked and i said yes. I unbuttoned her pant and slid them down. She was wearing a matching red thong. She took her bra off and let her beautiful b cup breasts out. My shorts could barely hold off my erection. I stood there in a trance as she took my pants and boxers off then layed on the bed. She crawled over me and said don’t worry I’ll teach you we made out for a couple of minutes before I worked up the courage to grab her tits. I played with them Escort Bayan and sucked them then she took my cock and slowly began licking the tip it felt so good. She sucked it for a couple minutes before I came she swallowed every drop. She stood up and slowly began pulling down her thong. Her Trimmed pussy hair almost covering her lips, she then layed on the bed she guided my head towards her hairy clit then told me to lick it. I did as I was told and started to lick. Her hair was in my face but I dint care I kept going i watched porn so I knew if i found her labia uncoils make her cum. I felt with my tongue and found it I sucked on it as her body tensed around me she pushed my head down. I began to softly nibble on it, she let out a moan and next she had juices running out of her she said kiss me baby but before I did I kicked her pussy clean. We kissed some more as I layer on top of her my rock hard cock Bayan Escort pushing against her. She then pushed me back and placed her legs in the air. She said come forward and put my ankles on your shoulders. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen  I was so excited, she reached down and with one hand spread her lips and the other guided me inside of her. It was amazing I started to go in and out thrusting softly as she moaned then I stared faster and harder. Her moans got louder I kept going deep inside her. I felt my self about to cum and told her I was gonna cum. She quickly removed her feet from my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist locking me inside of her. She said cum in me. I hesitated and said what if, bit she didn’t let me finish my sentence and started moving her hips back and forth. It was about to happen i was Cummings inside her. I felt each blast and she did too. I must have shot 5 loads. I eased out of her and layed there both out of breath. Her pussy was leaking my cum and it was sticking to her pubes. She kissed my head the said we better clean up so we both went our ways. A couple weeks later I found out she was pregnant.

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