Aunt Pris’s Sweet Treat


A sexy story about an old aunt orally dominating her young nephew. This could be a series, depending on reader response. Please vote and comment, ideas welcomed.


Tyler sat on the deck late at night at his parent’s summer home by the ocean. It was one of his favorite places to be, even as an 18-year-old not that crazy about being with his folks.

He’d been coming with his family since childhood, a place of utter relaxation and beauty, and he loved it. Especially on moon-lit nights like this one, the waves crashing on the shore 100 yards away, the ocean twinkling with countless reflective lights from above, he really enjoyed his family’s presence.

Even if that meant Aunt Priscilla, or Auntie Pris as she liked to be called.

She was a buxom, beautiful woman of 71, long divorced and dater of young men, much younger men, something that brought chagrin to the rest of the family even as it brought her not only sexual joy to do it, but the delight of annoying her snooty, righteous clan.

It never bothered Tyler that much, as he long respected and admired her free spirit. Until she started in on him.

It was innocent seeming at first, with But then she started on him, innocently at first with well-meaning hugs that perhaps lasted too long and too close.

Ever since he turned 18 a few months earlier, Auntie Pris, in one of her regular wine-infused evenings, would corner the handsome blonde young man, in the pantry of her house, in her yard, the car, wherever they found themselves alone, finding an excuse to hug him.

“You sure are a good-looking young man, Tyler, so sexy…very sexy,” she would hiss in those moments, in that low growl of hers, a voice gone deep and raspy from years of excessive drinking and smoking, a voice Tyler would find sexy in any woman not related to him.

She’d press up against the reluctant young man, as she backed him into a corner when they were alone, and growl, “C’mon, give old Auntie Pris some sugar, baby,” trying to sloppily kiss him as he turned his head and tried to squirm away, her crotch pressed into his in a relentless attempt at contact until he could wriggle free as she laughingly lapped at his face.

It left him confused, but at the same time oddly aroused as it led to sexual fantasies about his sexually active old aunt. He knew it was wrong, but humored her as best he could, not wanting to cross that forbidden line – much as the idea appealed to him.

“Jesus, Auntie Pris, really?” he’d snap as he’d leave whatever room she’d cornered him in, fighting the urge to let her have her sexual way with him. “Chrissakes, act your age, will ya?”

“No future in that, stud,” she’d sigh. “Besides, why doncha act yours? You young studs are always horny, right?”

And she laugh a growling laugh as he’d escape her clutches, fighting off the urge to do more and the trying to ignore the boner she always left him with.

Tyler was a normal, horny teen who, try as he might, could not help but notice that Auntie Pris was a splendid-looking woman.

She was tall at 5-foot-9 and solid for her age, owing to years of exercise. She had an free-wheeling mop of curly gray hair atop a very pretty, albeit puckered face, a wrinkly neck that on her looked sexy, giant fleshy tits, an amazing ass and long, slightly saggy but very sexy legs, muscled in the freckled calves and thighs when she walked, or sat crossing her lengthy gams, dangling a sandal off the top foot.

Tyler could not deny that he found his aunt sexually attractive. He’d bedded older women over his brief sex life, though none quite as old as Auntie Pris. And if she weren’t so damned aggressive, he might find her appealing, even if she were his aunt. At least that’s what he told himself.

But she was always at him, and that led to his confused emotions, finding her aggression appalling yet appealing all at once.

And now as he sat on the deck of the summer home, with his family asleep inside, he was completely relaxed, knowing Auntie Pris, along with the rest of his family, were long asleep. She’d been exceptionally tipsy, even for her, and had gone to bed hours earlier to sleep it off.

He stared out at the twinkling dark sea, blissfully peaceful. Until Auntie Pris stumbled out onto the deck.

She wore a sheer white, very low and high rising nightgown, and was carrying a small paper plate with a huge hunk of frosted chocolate cake on it, left over from dinner, glass of wine, pack of smokes and a lighter in her other hand, which she put down on a nearby bench. She padded in bare feet, clearly still drunk, munching away at the cake, smiling at her surprised nephew.

“Hey doll, you’re up late,” she slurred in that gravely, sexy voice standing next to him as she ate, swaying back and forth unevenly, the muscles in her long legs flexing, which Tyler could not help but notice.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, just chillin’, ya know?” he answered nervously, looking to the side, his eyes level with her wrinkly but incredibly sexy thighs that were nearly Gaziantep Escort fully exposed in her super-short nightie that billowed up shorter still in the insistent ocean breeze.

“Shoulda got a fork, I guess,” she sighed, digging into the cake with her fingers and stuffing a piece into her puckered old mouth. “Oh, well…”

Her right hand dropped down, the fingers covered with icing and right next to Tyler’s head. He looked at it and up at her. She smiled a drunken smile down at him. She wiggled her food-smeared fingers at his face.

“Oops! Made a mess,” she hissed, looking at her dirty fingers. “Want some baby?”

“Jesus, Auntie Pris, you can’t be…”

He didn’t finish. Auntie Pris boldly stuffed her fingers into his mouth as she stood, knifing them inside. He closed his mouth around them in an attempt to spit them out, but she kept them there, running them in and out with suggestive stroking motions.

“Mmmm, that feels nice, sugar, real nice…suck ’em…suck ’em clean..for Auntie…” she cooed.

He looked up, his mouth full of cake-crusted fingers, as she stood swaying, eyes closed, head back, biting her lower lip as she basically finger fucked his mouth. She was getting off, Tyler realized to his horror and disturbing fascination, and he had to grab her sinewy forearm to pull her hand from his mouth.

“Jesus, Auntie!” he snapped, wiping his lips with his hand and glaring up at her.

“Oh, don’t be such a pussy, boy,” she laughed, digging into the cake again, plopping on a bench directly across from where Tyler sat fuming. “Oops!”

She looked down. She’d dropped a glob of creamy white icing on her bare right foot, a gleaming smear of it running down her instep to very long, bony old toes bearing bright red nail polish. Tyler’s stare followed hers as she wiggled her painted toes up and down, the tendons of her long veiny instep bouncing under the skin to an alluring degree.

She looked back up at him and smiled.

“No…no way, no way Auntie, enough’s en…”

Again he didn’t finish. For a woman so drunk, she was amazingly agile, leaning back against the deck railing, shooting her right foot up and quite accurately into Tyler’s sputtering mouth.

The creamy digits scraped inside and she pushed harder, her nasty, gnarly old toes almost choking him. She pushed so hard she pinned his head against the back of his chair, rendering him immobile as she glared over her extended, sexy old leg into his eyes.

“Lick ’em clean, baby, suck Auntie’s toes, clean that shit off, gimme some fun, sugar,” she snarled, twisting her dirty toes inside his mouth.

He had no choice as her foot pinned him tight to his chair, hands gripping the armrests. He closed his eyes and ran his tongue out over her toes, lapping them clean and trying to ignore the taste of grit and grime from her wrinkly old foot that mixed in with the sweet icing, and the funky smell of dirty feet.

Opening his eyes, hoping she was done, he looked at her biting her lip, head rocking side to side and clearly sexually enjoying dominating her young nephew with her nasty foot.

“Mmmm, so hot…so hot…” she growled in that husky voice.

Tyler’s eyes looked down her old leg now flexed with muscle beneath the wrinkly skin as she foot fucked his mouth. He gazed at the other one resting on the bench, the legs parted just enough to see something he wished he hadn’t and couldn’t stop staring at.

There was the unmistakable view of his aunt’s very hairy, very bare old cunt. She wasn’t wearing panties but even in the dark, there was enough moonlight to make her giant bush visible. He swore he saw the gray-white hair gleaming with moisture as she continued to force feed her stunned nephew her long, dirty toes that tickled his throat she was so far in his mouth.

He swallowed the gooey, foot flavored mess from them, which she now wiggled in his mouth, his head aching from being pressed into the chair. She was groaning louder, dropping a hand to her hirsute pussy to casually finger it. Tyler was too shocked to move, until he finally regained his composure and grabbed his aunt’s muscular calf to pry her foot from his mouth, panting for air.

“Goddammit, Auntie Pris!” he whispered loudly, not wanting to wake anyone else up.

She sat back, those fleshy tanned thighs spread, the meat of them swaying as she parted them, her bushy quim in clearer view now. She laughed, munching away at the cake again.

“S’matter, kid, not into feet?” she giggled with a mouth full of cake, and in doing so, letting a glob of icing pop out of her mouth and land squarely onto and between those giant, meaty tits so much on display in the plunging neckline of her tiny night gown.

She looked at it and at Tyler, who sat, shaking his head.

“Oops!” she giggled, putting the cake plate down on the bench beside her and leaning over to reach for her nephew who was still wiping the residue on his lips left from her foot fucking his mouth, then roaring “Come Gaziantep Escort Bayan ‘n get it!”

“NO!” he yelped as her hands came around his head and pulled him off his chair. “Please…don’t wake everybody up!”

“Then let’s keep you quiet, stud,” she snarled, pulling him to her on his knees.

She was surprisingly strong for her age, and despite her intoxicated condition, easily pulling Tyler’s face between her tits to lock it in place by wrapping her fleshy old arms around his head. For good measure, she whipped her long, surprisingly strong legs up around his sides, cinching her thighs tight on his ribs and locking her feet behind him, squeezing and making him wince in pain, his moans muffled in the cake-smeared confines of her heaving, sweaty titties.

“C’mon, baby, eat it…eat it up…lick that cake off Auntie’s old titties, do it!” she growled, punching her punishing thighs tighter on his ribs as a warning he better do what she commanded. “Lick it…lick it…”

He could barely breathe, and couldn’t see at all, his nose pressed to her sternum, his mouth between her massive boobs slick with cake and perspiration on the warm night. His hands pushed at her arms and legs squeezing him, but her strength and determination was too much.

He groaned and turned his head, lapping cake from her fleshy left tit, his tongue digging into the meat of it, pushing the soft flesh around, swallowing, twisting his head to the other side to clean that big tit as well, gasping for air as his mouth bridged the gap between them.

“Thatta boy, thatta boy,” she cooed, easing her scissoring thighs a bit to pull him closer, grinding her hot wet cunt into his crotch, where, much to his chagrin, Tyler felt his cock stiffen. “Get it all, baby…lick my tits…thatta boy…”

She kept one arm around his head and with the other hand, shucked down her nightie top, her huge tits now completely exposed and framing Tyler’s slavishly sucking face, pressed against it by the meaty upper arms.

The cake was long gone, but still she trapped him, squeezing his ribs, holding and moving his face down until his mouth was at one enormous, thick brown nipple.

“Nurse at it, baby,” she snarled, pulling his face tight to that tit, his nose smothered in the flesh of it, his mouth full of nipple. “Suck…suck on Auntie Pris’s titty, lemme breast feed ya! Wish I could shoot ya some of my milk to go with that cake!”

He had no choice as her vise-grip thighs tightened, urging him on. He let his tongue scrape over her big nipple, lapping at it and then he attached his mouth to the flesh around it, sucking it hard. She growled as he nursed at her big, wrinkled old titty for awhile, then shifted his sucking mouth to the other one – all the while with his rock-hard cock pressed against her cunt, praying he wouldn’t cum in his shorts or that she’d feel it and tug it into her furry pussy.

And praying at the same time, she would.

“Damn, kid, you suck that old titty real nice!” she giggled, pumping her crotch to his, cooing, “Little Tyler’s not so little anymore, huh?”

She finally released him from her strong legs and arms, and Tyler stumbled back to his ass before her, desperately panting for air, just staring at the sex-crazed old woman who calmly lifted another piece of cake to her puckered mouth. He drew his legs up, hiding his insistent boner poking up in his shorts.

“Oops!” she said again, now purposely letting a piece fall between her spread thighs, the icing clinging to her bulging right calf, the muscle bubbling through the saggy skin as she curled her toes up to flex it.

“No, enough is enough, Auntie Pris, no more!” he protested weakly, aware of and frustrated by his cock now raging hard in his shorts. “Please…please…”

The right leg lifted, that calf plunking down on his left shoulder, the thigh above quivering from the impact in a fleshy wave. He turned his eyes to look at the smeared icing on the freckled flesh covering the muscle she now flexed and relaxed, wiggling her toes to do it.

“Lick that shit off my leg, boy,” she snarled, sitting back against the deck railing and whipping her other leg up on his other shoulder, the calf of it pressed to the back of his head and forcing his mouth to the sweet icing on the other one. “Go on, suck on that old leg!”

His mouth was open and instantly filled with the remarkably hard muscular calf pressed into it. The skin over it was soft and smooth and salty, the icing sweet on his tongue as he closed his eyes, licking it clean. She cooed and sat back to tweak her huge nipples in one hand, diddling her hairy cunt with the other. Tyler struggled to breathe, his mouth full of her calf meat, his nose pressed into it.

She casually reached for another piece of remaining cake as she throttled him in her powerful calves, letting a piece drop on her upper legs. Tyler’s peripheral vision caught her smearing it all over the insides of those wrinkly old thighs until they were covered with Escort Gaziantep icing. She smiled at him and let go, popping her calves open and releasing him from her scissors.

“Oops!” she laughed with a dark smile. “Made another mess!”

Before he could move, she grabbed his hair and pulled him close, slamming his face into one icing-coated thigh and rubbing his face in it.

“Lick that leg, baby, lick it, lick it,” she hissed, rubbing his face in it and pulling his hair painfully until his tongue slithered out to lick her fleshy thigh clean.

She let him clean it, then twisted his protesting face around to slobber over the other one to be licked clean. With a grunt, she then slammed both legs together, locking her ankles, pressing his smothered face into the suffocating flesh of one thigh with the other.

“S’matter kiddo,” she giggled, quivering her abundant leg meat around his mouth, sealing his lips and nose and denying him air, “can’t breathe in there?”

She growled deeper and louder now, fingering her lush cunt, twisting his head in her slick thighs to face her. She pushed forward, using her hands to pull him closer to her hairy, wet cunt. He could smell it, a ripe mix of sweat and sex and chocolate, and he looked in horror as she forced the last of the cake to it.

Her fingers dug in deeply, completely soaking her abundant bush in cake and icing, parting her lips to work some inside her hole, the squishing sounds of her plunging digits reaching his ears even as her thighs covered them completely.

“Oops!” she snarled, easing her tight scissor grip a bit to pull his head forward and mash his face into her cunt. “Eat up!”

He had no choice. Her thighs relocked, keeping his face tight to her, his nose mashed into her furry lips. His tongue lanced out, and up and down her slit, devouring the spongy mess of cake and pussy juice as she swiveled her hips, grinding on him, using his nose to pump her clit.

She tasted raw and wet and funky, a musky aroma and flavor of cunt and ass and cake. His head swam from the sensory overload and her thighs crushing him.

“Almost there…eat it…eat Auntie’s cake, bitch, eat it!” she howled, one hand on his head, one tweaking her tits as she leaned back, eyes closed, bathing his face in her aromatic flow as her thighs trembled around his head. “UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!!”

He felt himself growing dizzy from the relentlessly squeezing thighs and lack of air as she squirted her cream into his mouth, actual female ejaculate he’d only heard about and seen in porno clips, thick and gooey and threatening to drown him.

She hunched over him as her pussy worked him, overpowering him, hands locked around the back of his head, pumping herself into his smothered face and jetting streams of her female juices into his gasping mouth.

He swallowed over and over, his nose buried in the soaking wet mulch of her cunt, his tongue thrusting in and out of her hole in an attempt to appease her as she came long and hard against his face. She squeezed with renewed intensity, the interior thigh muscles knifing into his neck and making him dizzy.

“FUUUCKKK!” she hissed, biting her lip, pushing her hands onto the bench beside her and hunching her fleshy old ass up and down, pumping and grinding her squirting cunt into his trapped face, bathing him in her copious, creamy flow.

She finally stopped many moments later, rubbing her fingers through Tyler’s hair, moaning happily in post-orgasmic splendor. She sat back, sighing, relaxing her punishing old thighs and Tyler sprang out and back, shaking the life back into his head, his face completely soaked with her fluids.

“Got some on ya, kid, let Auntie get that,” she snarled, standing and bending to lap at his face, slurping her cum and bits of cake from it.

She laughed at his weak struggle to resist. She stood up, suddenly lightheaded from doing it so quickly, and combining with her drunken state and the draining orgasm she’d just had. She staggered, nightie riding up as she clumsily plunked down on the bench – and right onto the plate bearing the last of the cake crumbs and a huge dollop of creamy white icing.

She laughed and stood on shaky legs, turning her back to him and looking over her shoulder. Her big fleshy white ass, saggy and wrinkled, dimpled and meaty, was coated with cake and cream, some plastered into her crack and deep inside.

“Oops!” she laughed, winking at her nephew, backing toward him.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck no,” he protested weakly, too exhausted to resist.

She backed him to the wall and pinned his head against it with her meaty ass, the flesh consuming his face, his nose and mouth at her pungent crack. He inhaled, breathing the aroma of her asshole, the hair around it tickling his nose, his mouth filled with bits of cake and gooey icing. She groaned, wiggling her hips side to side, not-so-gently screwing his face into the soiled depths of her meaty rump.

“Eat it up, kiddo, eat Auntie’s ass dessert!” she hissed, tweaking her titties and pulling one to her mouth to suck on. “Eat it!”

He did, his tongue spearing the fleshiness of his old aunt’s cake-smeared ass, licking it up, going back inside, the tongue tip now fluttering into her tight rectal ring, digging deeper as she pressed fully into his trapped face.

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