Aunt Margaret Ch. 2


If you have not read Part I of this series, it might be worth it to check it out so you are up to speed as to how I happened to be screwing my Aunt.

* * * * *

As I mentioned in my first part of this story, my father’s brother was an over the road truck driver who was gone a lot. My cousin was few years older than me, so he didn’t live at home. My aunt Margaret was alone a lot, or at least I thought she was.

After our initial encounter, she encouraged me to come around anytime I was free to. Living three doors down from us made it convenient, but at the same time, quite dangerous because my mom frequently walked the same route to go to the local grocery. My aunt recognized this and we cooked up an elaborate scheme for me to do “chores” for her since my uncle was away a lot. Back in the 60’s were I lived, no one locked their doors or cars. It was a very safe neighborhood in those days, so it was never a problem just walking in my aunt’s house. I always used the back door, since I could get to it easier from our house. Right inside her back door was the laundry room where the washing machine was located. One day, I came across the back yard and started up the steps to see if she was home. When I got to the door, I peeked in and sure enough she was home. She was sitting on the washing machine with just a blouse and panties on, and a great big smile on her face. Escort I tapped gently on the door, looked in and she beckoned me in with a finger to her lips, meaning don’t say anything. She closed her eyes, leaned back and shuddered. I was too naïve to understand she was using the washer to get off. Of course I recognized the shudder and immediately began to get hard. She smiled at me and said “hi…hope you didn’t mind waiting till I finished that load?” I of course just nodded my head and mumbled something stupid.

She climbed off the washer, gave me a hug, and said “are you here for some chores, or to make me feel good?” I chuckled and said “looks like I’m too late for that!” She said “nonsense, one can never feel too good”. She was still dressed in her panties and blouse. She never wore a bra, I was to discover. Her perky little tits really didn’t need one, but my aunt was way ahead of the bra-burning feminists! She grabbed my hand and took me upstairs to the bedroom and immediately started pulling my clothes off. By the time I was naked, I was hard as a rock and ready to screw her pussy till it hollered “uncle”! She, of course, had other plans. She wanted me to take off her blouse and panties nice and easy while she played with my nipples and got me all hot and bothered. Mission accomplished, we fell back together on to the bed. I, in my teenage eagerness, started to Escort Bayan climb on top, and she held me back and said “I need my pussy licked”. I wasted no time in getting my tongue down there and nibbled away at her clit, which drove her nuts. She was primed by her experience with the washer and came in no time.

I said to myself, okay, now it’s my turn, and started to climb up to insert my aching cock into her now moist and very warm pussy. She stopped me again and pushed me on to my back. She reached down with her hand and grasped my aching cock and started to lick the head. I told her “I’m really close to cumming, so if you want to fuck, you’d better do it now”. She looked up and said “you can cum more that once. I want to taste you”. With that, I let loose a shot into her mouth, and seemed to keep on cumming for an eternity. The reality is that it was a normal load, just seemed like a gallon! She managed to swallow every drop, but saved a little on her tongue and climbed up and gave me a kiss and ran her tongue in my mouth so I could taste my own cum. I think that experience is what taught me to do that to this day with most ladies I make love to. Some don’t want me to eat their pussy after I cum in there, but those that do, love it.

After a few minutes of relaxation, we got a drink of water and laid down again. She started to play with me and talk at Bayan Escort the same time. She wanted to know if I had a girlfriend, which I didn’t. Wanted to know if I was having sex with anyone else, and I told her I was coping some feels and getting handjobs from Barbara who lived up the street. She said she really wanted to know if I was screwing my friend’s mom, who had initiated me into sex. I told her I wasn’t because I was with her, and why would I want the other lady when I was with my aunt? She bought that line, I think.

By this time, she had me hard as a rock and told me “my pussy is on fire, do you have a hose to put it out?’ Of course, you know what the answer was. I climbed on board and we fucked for 15 minutes before she reached down and lightly stroked my balls until I came again. Ah, the virtues of youth! After I had relaxed and slipped out of her pussy, she leaned over and cleaned off my cock with her tongue and said “yummy, I like to taste my cum with yours”. I wasn’t going to complain.

She told me that it was very important for a gentleman to cuddle with his lady after a good fuck to show his appreciation and to luxuriate in the moment. I loved laying with her. She had a nice petite body that fit my bony frame just nicely. While we were laying together, she quizzed me as to whether or not I had anal sex yet. I told her no. I hadn’t even thought about it. She smiled and said, “next time you’re here, we’re going to try it because your cock is the perfect size for a good ass-fuck”. Who am I to complain?

Check back for the next installment with Aunt Margaret. – Olderguy (and wiser)

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