Aunt Alexis and I Ch. 03


I looked on in amazement as my cousin Lucy continued stripping in front of me. Her big, soft tits were already out and now she turned around, unbuckling her brown leather belt as she did so, before bending over, pulling down her jeans and panties as she did so.

She revealed her beautiful ass, large and round with its pale skin and just a hint of freckles as was common on ginger people such as her. Her position allowed me to see her juicy pussy, clearly already wet, glimmering in the afternoon sun that poured into my Aunt’s bedroom. Lucy then turned around again so she was once more facing me and my Aunt, sweeping her hair behind her as she did so. Then she lay on her side on the bed, with her lower leg straight ad her upper leg raised and bent at the knee so as to reveal a small, very neatly kept bush just above her pussy. She looked delicious.

My Aunt was now stripping off too, revealing her firm tits and tight ass. My cock raged as she climbed over Lucy and lay on the other side of my cousin.

“Well” said Lucy “how do you want to start?”

I could see my Aunt was already starting to caress Lucy so I said I’d like to sit in the chair in the corner of the room and watch for a little while firs while they had a little fun. They agreed. So I went over to the chair stripping naked as I did so, sat down and started to rub my cock at the unbelievable sight before my eyes.

There was my Aunt, fondling my cousin’s nipples. She lent in to kiss them, and did so very tenderly. As she ran her tongue over Lucy’s nipples my cousin moaned gently, and her nipples became visibly harder. Then Alexis stated taking the whole of Lucy’s nipples into her mouth, her hands by now having found their way to her seemingly dripping cunt.

While still licking her niece’s tits, my Aunt started rubbing Lucy’s clit, bringing heavy breathing and more moaning from her partner. Soon Alexis was sliding her fingers up and down Lucy’s pussy, and my cousin was loving it, rocking her hips in time with the rubbing to better grind herself against my Aunt’s fingers. This went on for a few minutes, before my Aunt slowed down and carefully slipped a finger inside Lucy’s pussy.

Lucy gasped, lent forward and kissed my aunt deeply. They embraced for a little while, their lips and tongues smacking together as they did so, all the while my aunt’s fingers plunging in and out of my cousin. I almost came a couple of times while watching the scene but managed to stop myself, knowing it would be best to save it for what was to come. Suddenly, Lucy pulled herself away from my Aunt’s lips, leaving a couple of strands of spit behind as she did so. She let out a cry of pleasure and then lapsed into a shuddering, lengthy and eye-rolling orgasm. My Aunt continued finger fucking her for the whole of her climax, leaving her panting and unable to speak when she had finished.

Once Lucy had recovered a little, she spoke up. “That was unbelievable- where did you learn to do that?” She purred, looking at my Aunt.

“I played with a few girls” Kars Escort replied Alexis “back when I was a teenager.” She then started to lick Lucy’s juices off her fingers, while Lucy sat up.

“I want to return the favor now” said Lucy “and while I do, I’d like to try some of that dick you seemed to enjoy so much last night.” She turned to me. “How about it?”

“Sure!” I replied and stood up.

Lucy got Alexis into position, with my Aunt’s back against the head of the bed and her legs stretched out, spread in front of her. Lucy then lay down on her front in front of her Aunt, her head next to Alexis’ pussy. Then she spread her own legs open and beckoned me over.

“I want you to pound me into next week” she said with a slightly stern tone.

“I’ll sure try” I promised. With that Lucy started to go down on my Aunt, lapping at her pussy eagerly. I moved into position between my cousin’s legs, sitting upright on my knees, and lifted her hips so my folded legs could slide underneath them and give my cock full access to her waiting pussy.

So to the sound of my Aunt’s moaning, I started to slide my rock hard length over Lucy’s pussy, teasing her a little, before slipping it inside her. She was tight, hot and very wet. Slowly I started to push myself in as deep as I could, but to my surprise Lucy shifted her hips backwards so that I plunged into her quickly. She moaned and I let out a gasp of pleasure. She felt amazing.

Soon I was fucking her hard and fast, my balls slapping against her clit as I plunged in and out of her tight hole. She seemed to get wetter and wetter, and by the sounds of my Aunt’s moaning was doing a very good job. I lasted quite a while, considering how hot the whole scene was, but I did eventually feel myself starting to get ready to cum. My Aunt, too, must have been ready as she started moaning louder and louder, before achieving a very intense and lengthy orgasm. Watching my Aunt cum like that sent me over the edge.

“Lucy” I panted “are you on Birth control?”

“I sure am” she replied, taking a quick break from lapping up my Aunt’s pussy juices.

With that I blasted a huge load into her cunt, deep and thick, moaning and thrusting as I did so.

Once I had finished I collapsed, satisfied, next to my cousin at my Aunt’s crotch.

“Thank you” I said and then started kissing her. I was able to taste Alexis’ pussy on her lips as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. While we kissed, my Aunt offered to ‘clean up’ Lucy a little and my cousin duly turned over to allow her access. My Aunt sucked and licked all the cum she could out of Lucy’s pussy. When she was done she sat up.

“Here” she said through a full mouth.

With that she leant forward, opened her mouth a little and poured my cum into my cousin’s waiting mouth.

“Mmm” murmured Lucy, swirling the cum around her open mouth. My Aunt lent in for another deep kiss, this time exchanging my cum between the two of them as their tongues noisily pumped each other’s Kars Escort Bayan mouths. When they had done they each pulled way and swallowed, showing me their empty mouths when they had finished.

“Wow… just wow.” I said, amazed at how dirty these two women I had known all my life could really be.

My aunt glanced at the clock on the other die of the room.

“Oh, I’m sorry” she said “I’ve got to go out for a little while, I said I’d meant one of my friends for coffee at half 3. To my surprise, the clock showed 2:45. My Aunt began putting her clothes back on, leaving me playing with Lucy’s tits. Just before she left the room, my Aunt added: “But you two feel free to keep ‘playing’ while I’m gone.”

“I think we will” said Lucy, looking me straight in the eyes as Alexis left the room. In another few moments we heard the front door close behind her. “Now…” my cousin started “…I’ve just realized that I’ve tasted your cum- but not your cock!”

“Yeah, I guess you’ve not…” I replied.

Lucy needed no more encouragement than that. She moved her head down to my crotch and began licking my semi-erect cock all over, soon making it stand to attention.

“That’s better” she said, then, holding the base of my cock with both hands, she took the head of my cock into her mouth, letting it sit there for a moment while her tongue swirled around it, before sliding as much of my shaft into her mouth as she could. She managed get about an inch from the base before she gagged and had to pull off, looking up at me to reveal watery eyes and running mascara.

“You’ve got quite the cock here, little cousin” she said before plunging me back into her mouth, and onwards into her throat. With a slight gag half way down, she managed to get her lips all the way down to the base of my cock. She let it sit there for a few seconds before whipping it back out with a gasp, leaving countless spit trails dangling between my head and her lips.

“No one’s ever managed to take my whole cock before” I told her.

“Well, I’m not a girl who likes to do things by halves”. With that she took me back into her mouth and started sucking and licking feverishly all over my cock. It must have been the sloppiest blowjob of my life, and I loved it. Occasionally she would draw me out of her mouth, letting her hand take over to rub my head while she licked my balls, sometimes taking one of them into her mouth and sucking it a little before returning to pleasure my shaft.

This went on for a while before I was ready to cum again. I told her, and she drew me out, before opening her mouth to await her hot, thick reward. To bring me over the edge, she wrapped her both her hands around my shaft and pumped hard and fast with a quick ‘schlick schlick’ noise and I soon moaned to another fantastic orgasm.

A tick stream of cum erupted from my cock and into her waiting mouth, hitting the top of her throat as it did so. She quickly closed her mouth around the tip, her hands now slowly pumping every Escort Kars drop of cum out of me. When I had finished, she sat up on her knees in front of me, tiny droplets of perspiration running down her magnificent breasts as she once again swirled my cum around in her open mouth. After a minute, she closed it and took a big gulp to swallow my whole wad in one go, showing me her empty mouth as she leant back in to lick the last few drops off my cock and belly.

Once she had finished, she lay on her side next to me, her upper leg wrapping around my left leg, and her upper arm draped across my chest. Her tits were pushed against my side and I put an arm round her, tenderly stroking her back, basking in the glow of the experience I had just enjoyed.

We lay there talking for perhaps an hour before I decided to have a shower. She came with me.

Soon I was running my hands over her soapy body, and her mine, while I washed her down after the afternoon’s excitement. We kissed each other often and when I got down to wash her feet, I put my face between her soft ass cheeks and licked her pussy and ass.

“I’ve got to make sure you’re completely clean.”

“Of course…”

Once we had finished and we’d dried each other off, we put on our underwear then went downstairs to watch some TV, lying next to each other on the sofa. Soon our Aunt returned, and she went for a shower before coming down, also in her underwear though with a dressing gown also, and suggested we ordered a pizza for dinner. Lucy realized it was probably time she left to go home. We asked her to stay, but she said she had some things to do. She went upstairs, put on the rest of her clothes then came back downstairs.

“Thanks you both for a wonderful afternoon” she said.

“That’s alright” said Alexis, “it was our pleasure really- to have so much fun with a girl as beautiful as you.”

I agreed, before opening the door and wishing her goodbye.

“I hope I can come around again soon” she said to our Aunt “for some more ‘girl time’ with you.”

Alexis smiled “I’d like that.”

“I hope I’ll see you soon too” she said, turning to me. I don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking about your cock for weeks”

“I’m sure I’ll find the time to visit you before long.” I replied.

“Well, my pussy is always ready for you, whenever you want it” she purred. Then, having given me and my Aunt a long, wet kiss each, she left.

“Wow- that was a lot of fun” said Alexis.

I had to agree.

“Now…” said my Aunt. “Once we’ve eaten, how about we have a little more fun- if you’re up to it…”

“I think I’ll manage.”

So we ordered a pizza and once we’d eaten and cleared the dishes away, my Aunt led me through to the dining room, which was at the back of the house, looking out on the garden. There she took off her dressing gown and started to remove her underwear.

“I want you to take me right here, on the table.”

“Sure” I agreed, and took off my boxers.

“But there’s just one thing…” she trailed off.


“I want you to fuck me rough…”

“I’d love to” I replied, before I walked over, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a long kiss.

She was in luck. That was something that really turned me on too.

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