At The Stables – Day After Naughty Ch1ldren


At The Stables – Day After Naughty Ch1ldrenAt The Stables – Day After Naughty Ch1ldrenPreambleI’m David, 35 attractive with a hard body. Toned after two years fixing this place up. I was your average horny husband and never strayed. My wife and I enjoyed an active but vanilla sex life. I have no complains. We would fuck at the drop of a hat and enjoyed oral especially, if one was tired or we had time limitations. That ended two years ago in a car crash in which my wife died. The compensation from the crash paid for these rundown stables and the money to fix them up. Oh and I can’t father c***dren! Other than that I now have six very wealthy horse owners. Their fees alone will keep the stables at break even and we’re expanding.The General, well an ex Captain really, married a lovely wife 10 to 12 years his junior. Since an incident on active duty the General can no longer screw his wife. Hence our arrangement.Miriam, is my bookkeeper and is a very good looking redhead. She is 10 years older than me. Yesterday she roleplayed being a Headmistress at Lucy’s weekend fucking. She remained fully clothed throughout. Before she left she said, “Oh and boy, you are not allowed to pump that dick until niğde escort I’ve seen you in the morning.”Day After Naughty Ch1ldren.I arrived for work early as usual. To my surprise the next to arrive is Miriam, my bookkeeper. “Morning David,” she says with a smile. I was worried that after yesterday this would be a little awkward.I’ve had no reason to go to the office, so until breakfast I didn’t see Miriam. Then, just as I was leaving the tack room I saw her walking across the yard. Seeing me she waves a key. I have no doubt that it’s to the General’s stable block. Saying goodbye to two stable girls I go to see what she’s up too.The entrance door is swinging open. I close it after stepping through only to find Miriam in the room we used yesterday. She looks as me. “Boy.” She says in her best Headmistress voice, “Strip.” I do. As my last article of clothing hits the floor I realise that she hasn’t moved, just watched. Naked, I stand before her; dick rising in anticipation.Miriam then takes off her jacket, blouse and skirt. This beautiful redhead is now only wearing a quarter bra, suspenders, stockings and a thong; all in erotic white lace. ordu escort She is the perfect picture of a MILF.Eager to see and feel more I start to move but she stops me with, “Don’t move.” Reaching behind her she releases her bra. Her boobs now exposed, just sag slightly. Her nipples are erect and focal points on her globes. Her white lacy thong is slowly lowered. I normally like a bald pussy. However, her flaming red landing strip would have any adolescent boy cumming on first sight. She steps out of them before turning. Bending straight legged to pick them up, her pussy remains hidden. At full bend, she parts her legs. Her bald pussy lips slips through saying ‘hello’. Straightening she folds them and places them with her other discarded clothes.“Stand on that table. Now boy,” I am ordered. Just as any naughty schoolboy would do, I step on a chair, then onto the table. With my dick at mouth level she starts the most seductive blowjob that I have ever experienced. She would allow my dick to sink into her throat and for me to fuck her face. Then holding my shaft she would lick my shaft or knob to tantalise all of my dick’s nerve endings. Miriam osmaniye escort teases every millimetre of my dick and balls. Time stood still as she brought me closer and closer to cumming. All the time she increases my arousal, never getting too close to an orgasm to ruin the experience. For the next 30 minutes she had me begging to cum but she just built up my need.Still controlling my excitement she guides me down and into the adjacent room. Never letting go of me, I was manoeuvred until I was lying between her legs in missionary position. Only when she had my dick in her pussy did she let go. Smiling she said, “Fuck me….Go on.. You know you want to …don’t be gentle… take me….harder……more…..yessss… don’t stop.” She has my dick firing rope after rope of cum into her after only a few seconds. Miriam begs, “Please finish me. Please.” I slip down past her magnificent boobs. Mouthing them in passing. Kissing her bellybutton as I move further south. My nose is tickled in passing by her pubis, until my tongue finds her clit. Finding her bud I mercilessly torment her clit. As she starts bucking her hips I slip two fingers into her sex and finger fuck her. Just as she’s approaching her orgasm I slip a finger in deeper to find her g-spot. Finding it I rub her ‘walnut’. Seconds later she cums writhing on my fingers.Kissing she says, “I never thought we would ever….you know.” We both laugh as I decide, “It won’t be the last, Headmistress.”I hope that you enjoyed this story. Let me know.Regards Jack

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