At Home with the Rothwells Ch. 03


John Rothwell and his son Kyle are enjoying one of their regular morning jogs together through the woods near the family home. Kyle is wearing his blue shorts this time, along with a matching blue singlet while John is in a pair of white shorts and one of his old red football shirts. The shorts emphasize the succulent curves of the father and son asses as they rub together while they run, Kyle a short distance in front of John to treat his dad to an unrestricted view of his swaying bottom.

After another half an hour or so of non-stop jogging, Kyle slows down, breathing heavily to wait for John to catch up with him. “Great run, dad,” says Kyle, “but I need to take a piss.”

“Me too, son,” says John, “let’s go in those bushes.”

John follows Kyle off the path into a copse surrounded by dense woodland and where they will be unobserved from the path, should any fellow joggers or dog walkers pass by as they tend to do on a fine Sunday morning. Once obscured by the trees, Kyle reaches inside the right leg of his shorts and takes out his uncut prick and immediately lets fly with a steady stream of hot steaming piss up against the bark of the tree. John stands next to his son and, likewise, releases his cock from his shorts and begins pissing too and soon the air is pungent with the acrid aroma of freshly made piss.

As John shakes the last drops away, his right hand sneaks round to fondle Kyle’s ass through his shorts. “You’ve got a great ass, son,” says John, “looks just as beautiful in your blue shorts as it does in your white ones.”

Kyle smiles appreciatively at his father as he shakes the last remaining drips of pee from his prick. “Thanks, dad,” he says, “and you’ve got a mighty fine ass, too,” he adds, glancing round to admire the firm globes of his father’s bum protruding out from the top of his legs in his shorts. “I shall have to give that some attention later on.”

John smiles, knowing the reason why Kyle has declined to give it some attention at that very moment. It is John’s mother Audrey’s birthday and he and Kyle and John’s wife Lauren and daughter Bethany have a very special party planned for her, another of the Rothwell Family Sex Club gangbangs.

“Let’s go, dad,” says Kyle, making himself decent again, “don’t want to keep gran waiting, do we?”

“Certainly, don’t,” says John, tucking his prick back inside his shorts and following Kyle out of the copse, his eyes on stalks as he once again feasts them on his son’s shorts-clad buttocks, “let’s go and get the party under way …”


Lauren and her daughter Bethany are in the kitchen, naked, as they put the finishing touches to the sandwiches and cakes for what they know will be an all-day party. Lauren glances at her watch, the only thing she is wearing, and thinks that her husband John and Kyle should be back soon by which time Audrey will have finished her shower and be ready to join them.

Sure enough, ten minutes or so later, the side door to the kitchen opens and John and Kyle enter, looking thoroughly exhilarated Escort after their morning run. Lauren’s eyes go straight to Kyle’s ass, her fetish for the male buttocks undimmed since she was a girl, and marvelling yet again at how fantastically her son’s shorts show his bum off. Bethany, too, is eyeing up John, noticing the bulge in his shorts, and looking forward to the moment when her father’s big prick will once again be pounding her pussy.

“Hi girls,” says John, reaching for a mini sausage roll and cramming it into his mouth.

“Oy!” says Lauren, “they’re supposed to be for the party.”

“One won’t be missed,” says John, swallowing.

“Nor two,” says Kyle, leaning in and snatching one from the plate as his mother gives him a playful slap on the wrist.

“You could have stayed and helped us,” admonishes Bethany, “mom and I have worked really hard this morning.”

“I know, honeybunch,” says John, “don’t think we’re not grateful.”

“Where’s gran?” asks Kyle.

As if by magic, Audrey appears in the kitchen, naked and smelling nice and fresh from the shower. “Here I am,” she says, “wow, you men look great in your running gear.”

“Hi, mom,” says John, moving over to his mother and pressing the bulge in his shorts up against her pussy, making her gasp, “happy birthday.”

“Yeah, happy birthday, gran,” says Kyle, moving in likewise and kissing Audrey on the lips. Lauren and Bethany now have perfect unrestricted views of the two mens’ asses.

“Thank you, dears,” says Audrey, reaching out with both hands to fondle the tents in her son and grandson’s shorts, feeling enormously proud of them as she always does and thinking for what must be the millionth time how wonderful it is that they are a true incest family, “looks like I’m in for another treat to-day. Are these my birthday presents?”

“Sure are, gran,” says Kyle, “but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. I gotta take a shower.”

“And me,” says John.

The two men take their leave of their womenfolk and head upstairs to the bathroom. John turns on the jets as Kyle removes his clothes and climbs in, John following suit a few seconds later. Father and son hands fondle pricks, balls and asses as they wash the sweat from their morning run.

“Looking forward to you fucking me again, son,” says John as if he hasn’t been fucked for weeks. “I just love that big hot prick of yours up my ass.”

“You don’t have to ask, dad,” replies Kyle, stepping out the shower and reaching for a towel, “I love fucking your ass, especially when mom, gran and Beth are watching.”

“This is gonna be a great party,” says John, likewise climbing out the shower and starting to dry himself. “Let’s go and get it started.”

Both men are sporting their usual impressive hard-ons as they return downstairs and Audrey smiles as her nude son and grandson advance towards her, both of them fully on the horn and ready for action.

“Oh, my word,” laughs Audrey, “are those lovely big pricks all mine?”

“Certainly are, gran,” Escort Bayan says Kyle, moving round to stand in front of his grandmother to have his cock sucked while John crawls between his mother’s legs and begins licking her pussy. Lauren and Bethany are moving back and forth between the lounge and the kitchen, bringing out plate after plate of sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit and drinks until, finally, the table is overloaded with refreshments. They look delicious but are ignored by everyone for the present since there are more exciting things to eat.

Lauren and Bethany quickly get into the sixty-nine position and begin licking each other’s pussies as they indulge in another round of hot mother and daughter lesbianism while Kyle continues to have his cock sucked by Audrey as John runs his tongue up and down the groove between his mother’s silky soft cunt lips. Another hardcore meeting of the Rothwell Family Sex Club is well and truly under way …


After ten minutes, Audrey lets Kyle’s cock slip out her mouth and gently pushes John’s head away as she manoeuvres herself into a sitting position on the sofa. “Ooh, you really get me going, boys,” she says, “I almost came. But I need a good fucking first. Who wants to go first?”

“You go, dad,” replies Kyle, “I want to have some fun with mom and Beth,” he adds, moving over to his mother and sister.

“Come on, then, poppet,” says Audrey, “show your love for me again as only you can. Let’s make this a birthday to remember.”

Audrey doesn’t waste another second as John gets into position and she slides her way down on to her son, impaling her cunt on her offspring’s fat slimy fuck pole. “Aaagh!” she screams, as the head of John’s prick makes contact and he slowly but surely begins to piston his mother’s pussy, “fuck me hard, son.”

John has been fucking his mother ever since he was eighteen years old, a quarter of a century ago, and has had the technique off to a fine art for years. Nevertheless, each fuck seems to both John and his mother to be better than the last and Audrey lets out a very unlady-like scream as she starts to post up and down, John’s balls slapping against the sides of her spread legs. Across the room, Lauren and Bethany have moved on from licking each other’s cunts and are now giving Kyle alternate blowjobs. Audrey is in her element as she always is at a full gang bang with her family all sucking and fucking the day away together.

Kyle’s prick is firmly embedded in his mother’s hot wet mouth while his sister is giving her undivided attention to his nut sacs. Kyle’s balls are exceptionally large, much bigger than John’s and Bethany gags as she tries to cram the whole of her brother’s scrotum in her mouth in one go.

“Fuck, Beth,” says Kyle, glancing over his shoulder to watch Audrey and John screwing, “you sure know how to lick balls.”

“What about me sucking cock?” asks Lauren, temporarily relinquishing Kyle’s membrane from her mouth to speak and then resuming sucking even before Kyle gets a chance to Bayan Escort reply.

“Of course, mom,” Kyle says eventually, turning his head back from watching his father and grandmother and smiling down at his mother and sister,”you know darn well I’ve always thought you to be a great cocksucker.”

Across the room, Audrey and John are changing position. Audrey has lifted herself off John’s cock and is getting into position on her hands and knees for a long doggie-style penetration, one of her favorite positions, it has to be said. John licks his lips at the sight of his mother’s well-rounded ass, still firm and beautiful for a lady of her somewhat advanced years. That’s because Audrey doesn’t smoke and drinks only occasionally and has always looked after herself and her body, having been a keen tennis player and swimmer in her younger days when her husband Frank, John’s father, was still alive.

And, though she was enjoying herself immensely, the party was tinged with a degree of sadness that Frank, who had always been a much loved and respected member of the Rothwell Family Sex Club, was no longer with them. He had died, tragically, of a heart attack just over a year earlier, aged only sixty-eight, but Audrey feels sure that he is looking down on them now with a “go for it” smile on his face.

John quickly slides his stiff rod back into Audrey’s pussy, gently at first to let his mother acclimatise herself to the invasion, then he starts to up the tempo as they find again their mutual rhythm, Audrey pressing herself back and forth to meet every thrust of her son’s prick, screaming with every inch that she takes. Once into their stride, Audrey’s cunt becomes slicker and John’s cock goes in easier until it is buried all the way in up to his balls. Lauren, Bethany and Kyle stop what they are doing and move into a better position to watch the matriarch get another really good incestuous seeing to, Lauren and Bethany fingering their fannies and Kyle wanking his cock as their eyes rest unwaveringly on the hot steamy action.

“Fuck, that looks really good,” Kyle says, “you enjoying your birthday, gran?” he adds, giggling.

“Mmmm,” is all Audrey can manage to murmur, having been sent onto a higher level of ecstacy with the pleasure she is getting, not from any prick but that of her loving horny son.

“Ask a silly question,” says Lauren, reaching out a hand to stroke Kyle’s bare ass.

“That’s nice, mom,” says Kyle, smiling his appreciation, “I like you touching up my ass.”

“It’s so beautiful, sweetheart,” says Lauren, her words almost drowned out by Audrey’s grunting and groaning, “you are a very sexy man.”

“Gee, mom!” says Kyle, “you keep telling me that.”

“Because it’s true, that’s why,” replies Lauren.

Before Lauren has finished speaking, Audrey lets out a scream loud enough to have woken Frank as she reaches her first orgasm of the day. John’s buttocks are clenching as, almost simulatenously, he cums his load in his mother, flooding her cunt with his seed, his face a sheen of sweat, his breathing heavy. Lauren, Bethany and Kyle clap and cheer, applauding the seismic climax of the hot mother and son incestuous fucking.

But Audrey’s birthday party is far from being finished …


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