Asking For Eggs – Ch. 05


It’s Friday afternoon. That means the stock markets are closing today and only opening again on Monday morning. I have two more hours of analyzing the charts in front of me, and then I’m off to a well-deserved weekend.When I start thinking about it, I haven’t made any plans for tonight yet. I’ll probably take it easy, have a good dinner and watch a movie or something chill. Working inside during this hot summer weather is just draining me. I’ve got nothing planned with friends, so I’ll just take it as it comes.My parents are spending the weekend with friends. Some festivities. That’s good for me. It’s only Sarah and me for the weekend. She went out drinking, so there are virtually no disruptions for me. Just me, a cold beer, and a movie. I chose a straightforward comedy. It’s unusual for me, but, today, I really don’t want to use any more of my brain. Simply zone out and relax.It’s a surprisingly good movie. I watched it almost to the end when I hear the door getting unlocked. I look at my watch. It’s 10:54 pm. I hear some indistinct chatter and laughter. For a brief second, I panic because I imagine Sarah bringing a guy home. How would I react? Would I try to play it cool or try to give him a hard time? During these thoughts, I become aware that the other person is a girl and I slowly relax. The girls are speaking quite loudly and I can hear them giggle. Are they drunk? Sarah probably went out to a bar drinking with her friends and now she came back to possibly continue here? I don’t know.I suddenly become aware that they will probably enter the living room soon to say hello before they go up to Sarah’s bedroom. I lift myself up a little from my lying position to sit straighter on the sofa, but still trying to look relaxed, quickly fixing my hair with one hand. Sarah has some hot girlfriends. I don’t want to look worse than necessary.I hear the giggling intensify and Sarah is walking into the living room. She greets me quite loudly and cheerfully, “Hey Ry, what’s up.”I hate when she calls me “Ry” and even more so when other people are around. I don’t answer immediately, but notice her friend standing a bit behind her. The first thing I notice is that I have never seen her before and that she is a bit chubby. The lights in the living room are out, but, since they have turned on the lights in the hall, I can see that she has blonde, shoulder-length hair and a soft face. They both step a little further into the room, but the friend stays halfway behind my sister.”I’m watching a comedy. It’s quite good,” I pause. “You guys been drinking?””A bit,” Sarah answers with a smirk looking at her friend. I notice that her friend appears to be quite shy in the way she moves, looking down at the floor a bit when Sarah makes eye contact with her.”I haven’t seen Laura in ages. She used to be my best friend in junior high. We had a lot of catching up to do.””Hi, Laura,” I say smiling at her intently.”Hi,” she lets out a soft whisper in response while looking at me. There is something about this girl that attracts me, but I don’t quite know what it is.Sarah tells me that they were planning to drink a glass of wine and watch some TV, but now they found me here. Hmm, she probably hopes for me to offer to continue watching my movie upstairs on my laptop bursa escort or something, leaving the living room for them.Our main sofa is being repaired under warranty for a malfunctioning spring, so there’s only a small two-seater left in the living room for people to sit on. The problem is that it has only space for two people to sit comfortably. Usually, my mom and dad watch TV, here, mostly while Sarah and I are entertaining ourselves in our rooms.I contemplate the situation for a second in my head. Should I back down and give up the sofa for them? That would be the “nice” thing to do. But it doesn’t feel right to me. I was here first, and they can find something else to do.”I’m doing a movie night,” I tell Sarah.”Come on, we want to catch up; can’t you do that upstairs?” Sarah replies with a little too much eagerness and emotions.”I don’t have a TV in my room, but I don’t mind if you guys stay,” I reply.”There’s not enough space for all of us to fit,” Sarah protests.Laura takes a small step back towards the hall. Maybe she is indicating to Sarah that she would rather go upstairs because this discussion is making her uncomfortable. But it doesn’t seem like Sarah seems or wants to notice this.She just stands there for a few seconds and then leaves the room with Laura following her. Seems like they are going to go upstairs after all. But then Sarah turns off the lights in the hall and reenters the room with a glass of wine and a blanket in her hand. Laura is also holding a glass of wine. Sarah puts hers down on the small table in front of the couch and sits down next to me. We are completely occupying the sofa almost touching each other. Laura just stands there awkwardly.”Sit down, Laura,” Sarah demands. Sarah tries to make some space for her on the sofa.Sneaky bitch, I think to myself. She tries to drive me away by intruding into my space. I won’t back down that easily. I’ll teach her a lesson.Laura looks extremely uncomfortable now.”There’s not much space,” she replies in a low shy voice looking first at Sarah and then briefly at me. After a brief moment and no reply from Sarah who is looking at me, I answer.”It’s okay. I’ll make some.”I look at Sarah, and she seems to be a little shocked at my response. She probably didn’t anticipate that. I move as far to the side of the sofa as I can, but it’s quite hopeless; there’s just not enough space for three people to fit in.To my surprise, Sarah doesn’t get up, and Laura cautiously moves between me and Sarah, with both of us squeezing to the side of the sofa so she can somehow fit in between us. Her thighs are strongly pressing against mine while she is trying to find a comfortable position. I have to shift a bit so my ass is towards the side of the sofa and my body is more open towards her. Laura is turned slightly towards my sister. She is probably too embarrassed to face me. I can feel her thick ass pressing on my thigh.Luckily, it is quite dark in the room. The only illuminating light is coming from the TV. In a moment of genius, I manage to somehow lean over to the floor to pick up the blanket Sarah had dropped to hand it to her. She takes it and pulls it over herself and Laura while also covering me towards where Laura is touching me. This all altıparmak escort makes it a little less awkward for Laura, I suppose. At least nobody can see how Laura and I are touching now.I stay in position and look at the screen. The credits of the movie are rolling. I missed the ending. But, fuck it, I have other things to think about now.”Let’s look for a movie to watch on Netflix,” Sarah says with determination in her voice.I don’t try to push my luck to start an argument with her on which movie to watch next. I hand her the remote control while saying “You guys can pick, just no romance please.”Sarah seems to be content. “Oh nooo, we need some action,” she replies.Laura stays awfully quiet. Sarah finds a movie and asks Laura if she’s ok with it.”Yes, it’s fine,” Laura replies in a soft voice.The movie starts, and I begin to change my position, slightly. My right hand was at the back of the couch to make space for Laura to sit down. I slowly and carefully put the hand under the blanket trying to place it between her and me without touching her. But it’s not possible. The outside of my hand is lightly pressing against her upper thighs. She is squirming a bit when she notices the touch, but there’s simply no space for her to go. I act casual as if it’s not a big deal, my eyes focused intently on watching the screen.I can feel the fabric of her pants. I didn’t notice it before but she must be wearing either leggings or stretch pants. Something like that. I am starting to enjoy this more and more. I am barely paying attention to the movie. I am noticing her perfume now. It’s sweet and feminine with a touch of citrus notes.After a few minutes, I subtly intensify the pressure of my hand and slowly shift in position. Suddenly, Sarah leans forward to pick up her glass of wine. After a second, Laura follows to do the same. This is my chance to shift to a better position! I shift so my crotch is pointing even more toward her. Now she is leaning back and I can feel her ass pressing against the top of my thigh very close to my crotch. My dick is hardening while I’m trying very hard to avoid touching her with it.While the girls are clinking their glasses and saying “Cheers” to one another I rest my right hand, palm down, on the side of the upper thigh of Laura. My heart is beating. Will she move or say anything? I stay frozen, watching intently on the screen while the girls are taking a sip from their wine glasses. A few seconds pass. Laura is not moving a bit. It seems like she is tolerating my touch.I let a minute or two pass. Laura is taking another sip of her wine. I get bolder by resting my right hand on the middle of her upper thigh. Only touching her very lightly though, not pushing the envelope. I focus on Laura’s breath. She seems nervous. I don’t want to back up again, but also I try not to push my luck too far right now.I have to make her feel at ease a bit showing her I’m not a perv fixated on feeling her up. There’s a car chase going on in the movie and I comment on a few things I notice, acting completely casual. On an almost car crash, I squeeze her thigh a bit. Fuck this is turning me on. My dick is pushing hard against my joggers. I’m very conscious of not touching her thighs with görükle escort it. Moving just an inch more toward her and my dick will touch the top of her upper thigh.She takes another sip and then moves forward to place her wine glass back on the table. I’ll put my hand back on the back of the couch and let her lean back. Give her a break. But fuck, now I’m back at square one. That wasn’t smart. I take a deep breath and decide to move back in.I wiggle around a bit with my body, so it’s not obvious that my goal is to touch her more. My right hand moves back under the blanket coming to a rest on the inside of her left thigh touching her right thigh with my small finger. Just a few inches away from her pussy. This time, I act assertively. There’s no point pretending that it’s natural to rest my hand there. I’m obviously being sexual with her.She is not moving at all. I have the impression that her breathing becomes more rapid. Every time Sarah engages in conversation with her she gives only one-word replies. Laura is heavily reacting to my touch. Maybe she is enjoying herself. Or maybe she is too shy to say something? I don’t know, but I’m more and more willing to find out how far I can go with this.Somehow, I decide now it is time for her to feel my cock. There’s a good chance that she could freak out and either stand up or tells my sister. That would be very awkward for me. But I just had to take my chance. It’s almost like I have to, now. In my mind, I decide it is better to poke her from the side rather than just slowly touch her by resting my hard-on above on her thigh as I did before with my hand.I press my ass hard inside the side of the sofa to be able to shift position. I hold onto the edge of the sofa with my left hand and use her thigh slightly for leverage to shift pressing a bit deeper into her. I shift more than the first time to be able to point my dick against her thigh. Oh god, there’s no space. No turning back. I’m now pressing against her thigh with my hard dick! She must feel it very clearly. My right hand is still calmly resting where I left it before.I wiggle slightly. She doesn’t move. She doesn’t say anything. A sense of euphoria comes over me. My dick is pressing against a girl I don’t know, and she likes it. Or at least she’s tolerating it. Adrenaline and dopamine are shooting through my body. Who would have thought this would happen tonight? On a night I had planned to relax by myself.I can feel my pre cum wetting the inside of my pants. I’m not shy anymore. My dick is constantly pressing against her thigh. She is probably getting wet too. I take my left hand to reposition my dick slightly within my pants to poke her even more directly. She doesn’t react. I decide to push it further.My right hand slides slowly but firmly beside her thighs which are pressing together. It requires a slight force to push my hand between her thighs. Her pussy is close. I can feel my hand being squeezed between her thighs. My breathing is getting more rapid. I press further back toward her pussy like a relentless Michael Jordan on his drive to the basket. This is my purpose now. This is what I am alive for at this moment.I press further. Slowly and controlled but with no hesitation. I’m feeling her. My little finger is touching her. Fuck, I’m touching her pussy through her leggings. I press still a little deeper down and further towards her. Now, I can really feel her better. My hand is really warm now being engulfed within her legs. Either I am completely imagining things or I can feel her being quite wet down there.

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