Asian girlfriend caught White impregnation fever

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Asian girlfriend caught White impregnation feverThis is not going to be a very long story, but at least a true one. I just changed some details like the actual names of the city, people etc a little bit.What I am about to tell happened to me when I was in my early 20s studying in Dortmund, Germany. To be honest, I wasn’t really experienced when it came to sex at this time, or at least not as much experienced as I thought I was. Between the university campus and my apartment were several restaurants and more or less cheap eating-houses – from the standard pizzeria to kebap shops, currywurst stalls and Asian restaurants. I tried most of them during the first year as a student but became a regular customer at an Asian restaurant. It was some kind of Asian fusion food including Chinese and Thai food, but of course heavily customized for Western liking.I always chatted with one of the busy women serving the customers and who apparently also ran the show. It turned out Malee, which was her name, was the owner of the restaurant and in her mid- to late-30s.One very late evening, after a long day at the university and some sports afterwards, I soon was the last customer and she had already closed the front door before I finished my meal. All of her staff had left as well at this point. Our usual chatter quickly turned into aggressive flirting on her part. As I was single at that time, I followed her upstairs to her apartment right above the restaurant. On the stairs she started to French kiss me like I have never experienced before. Her tongue was playing with mine and pushing forward deep into my mouth. I never liked French kissing that much but she completely changed my mind. And this wouldn’t be the only thing where she not just changed my mind on certain practices – she basically awakened my true sexual preferences I never knew I had or missed.Malee, who as mentioned Escort before was in her mid- to late-30s and barely 5’2″ while I was 6’4″, was neither strikingly beautiful nor unattractive, neither skinny nor overweight. When I talked to her in the restaurant, she was pleasant to look at and to talk to – “just” a normal, natural Asian woman with long black hair, moderate makeup and a nice smile.With her spit dripping out of my mouth during her intense French kissing (another thing I never knew I missed as I always tried to keep kissing as dry as possible before Malee), we undressed and lay down on her bed. She took my penis and pulled back my foreskin. Now I thought she would ask me to go to the bathroom to wash my cock but instead she spat on the tip of my dick and cleaned it with her fingers. I was fascinated and got harder every second.What came next was the best blowjob I ever had – so deep and wet. It took all of my strength to not come right in her mouth. She must have blown me for like 20 or 30 minutes straight when I – quite literally – faced my most life-changing sexual experience. It was the moment when she, still blowing, turned around to get into the 69 position.Before Malee, I never was that much into eating pussy, into hairy pussies and squirting orgasms. While she was smooth-shaven elsewhere, she didn’t shave her pussy in years as she whispered into my ear before she sat down on my face like on a toilet seat. I expected this moment to be a huge turn off for me, but what I smelt while she was still blowing my dick was the most intense and best scent I ever came across. She made me appreciative and addicted to eating pussy. During the next 90 minutes I licked every single spot until she squirted multiple times straight into my mouth. Her squirt tasted kinda sweet – not like pee but more like a mix of water and pineapple juice. Escort Bayan It’s still a miracle I didn’t cum during these two hours of “foreplay”. Before her, this just was the part for me to get through rather quickly as my main interest was to stick my dick inside the pussy and start fucking. With the sheets soaked in our sweat, she finally took a condom out of her bed table and pulled it over. Malee got into the cowgirl position and rode the hell out of my dick. I must have lasted only 4 minutes or so this first time with her until my cock exploded. I was so exhausted after these two hours that my body was shaking for a couple of minutes.After that night we met each other at least three times a week for more than 2.5 years. We weren’t the kind of couple holding hands – we stayed at her apartment most of the time and forgot the world around us and the time passing by during these long nights of ecstasy.More than 2.5 years later, it was clear that my time in Dortmund was about to end soon. My Master’s degree was close and I was about to move to Berlin afterwards. Malee also mentioned that she had to travel to Thailand in a couple of months. She hadn’t visited her home country in many years, but now there was some family business that required her presence. So we both knew our time together was about to end. During the last 2-3 months something changed. One night after our intense foreplay, she saddled up on my dick but she didn’t pull over a condom. It felt so good, and while we were fucking – her pussy juice dripping down my bare shaft – she whispered into my ear: “Give me your blonde babies”. That was too much for me. I immediately came inside her. But instead of running to the bathroom, she kept riding my dick for another three or four minutes. Then, while my sperm was already running down her thighs, she laid down on her back, stretched Bayan Escort her legs towards the ceiling and did some weird movements with her pelvis. At that time I thought it was kind of funny and had no idea what she was actually doing until years later. She did this every time after I came inside her during the last 2-3 months. Years later I realized it was some kind of fertilization technique to increase the odds of getting pregnant.Then the day when we parted ways finally came. I moved to Berlin and the very next week she flew to Thailand. It’s hard to imagine today but we lost contact within only a couple of days or weeks. Mind you, this took place years before Facebook and social media took off, before smartphones and apps. I only had her email address and her mobile number. Even when we were dating, she never responded to any emails. I think I never saw her using a computer once during our almost 3 years. The only computer I ever saw was the old office computer of her restaurant. And my calls from Berlin to her mobile number went straight to her voice mail after the first week. She must have left her cellphone in Dortmund due to the insane roaming fees at that time. She never called back, and 5 or 7 months later, her mobile number was not available anymore. I also never had the time to return to Dortmund and the restaurant.I have no idea what happened to her but I’m still thinking about that time a lot. She introduced me to having real intense sex. She helped me find my sexual preferences. She “awakened” me sexually. And during all those +15 years since then I have never once dated a German or “Western” woman who had such pleasure in just having intense, instinct driven sex.And of course I’m still curious if some day some young Asian woman (pretty sure it would be a girl given how dominant Malee was) with blue eyes or blonde hair will show up and tell me I’m her father. I never wanted to escape that role, would have denied my fatherhood or would have avoided paying alimony. I just don’t know. On the contrary: the idea that I might have knocked up Malee still puts a smile on my face.

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