Ashley , Mike Part 2


The first time was a surprise. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen that night, I just wanted to get over my nerves.You see, I had fantasized about sucking a cock for a long time, but I had never had the guts to really pursue it. I went to a gay bar just to get over the anxiety of being in the situation. I figured that I would have a couple of beers, get an idea for the environment, and just reach a comfort level before going home.I sat at the bar, nursing a beer, looking around. There were people dancing and flirting, guys and girls, as in any bar at that time of night. I was surprised at how many women were there, actually. Seemingly straight women, as they seemed to be flirting with the guys. Interesting.Anyway, I watched guys rubbing up against each other, and could see hard-ons stretching the fabric of their pants. When I saw one guy grab another guy’s hard cock through his pants, I felt an incredible heat go through me. I imagined him sucking that cock. Then I imagined me sucking it. I was getting very turned on. But I stayed glued to my barstool. I just didn’t feel confident enough to approach anyone. Next time, I figured, I’d feel more comfortable.“First time at a gay bar?”I turned to see a tall brunette woman. She was sitting there at the bar with a guy. Because all of my attention had been focused on the scene on the dance floor, I hadn’t seen them come in. She was wearing a red blouse with a black skirt. The blouse was unbuttoned to the point that her very ample cleavage was showing. I almost could not help staring. Her long curly hair flowed over her shoulders, but on her left, it had come forward and lay tantalizingly over her breasts. She smiled. Beautiful.“I’m Ashley, and this is Mike.”“Carl,” I replied, sticking my hand out, “and Yes. That obvious, huh?”“Well, you look a little nervous. Trepidatious.”“That’s probably a good word for it.”“It’s hard for a lot of people,” Mike offered, “don’t worry about it.”The conversation moved quickly and my attention soon moved from the various scenes to Ashley and Mike. We chatted like old friends and were soon laughing and joking around.About two hours had passed when I finally said, ”I must admit, and I know it seems dumb, but I’m still a little embarrassed about being here. About meeting Escort you here. I mean, I’m straight. At least, I think I am.” I laughed nervously, hoping that I didn’t just come off as a fool.“Don’t be,” Mike responded, “I mean, we come here for drinks occasionally because we live in the area, and before I met Ashley, this was my hangout.”“You’re bi?” I was a bit surprised. No reason to be, I suppose, but sometimes, it’s just something you don’t expect, no matter where you are.“That’s accurate, I guess.”“So, are you really straight?” Ashley asked, “I mean, you were here looking for an experience, right?”“I don’t know how to answer that.”“Well, I can tell you,” Mike said, “that there’s nothing wrong with that, or wanting to try. I enjoy sucking a cock.”“Me, too,” Ashley laughed.“Well…I . . . I don’t really know what to say,” I stammered.“Well, what kind of an experience were you looking for?” Mike asked, “I mean, did you just want to get a blowjob, or give one? Did you want more than that?”“Were you just looking for a one on one or….something more?” Ashley asked, seductively.This was heading somewhere. I could already feel myself getting hard.“I mean, I would probably not turn down something…more,” I said.“So, what is it you want? Really? Do you want one guy, two guys, or…? What’s your ultimate fantasy?”“Well, like most guys, I guess, I’m sure my ultimate fantasy is two women at once”.Fuck. Was I actually chickening out?“But ….?” Ashley and Mike chimed in together.Come on. Go for it. Don’t chicken out now.“I can’t believe that I am admitting this – I have a fantasy about being pegged by a woman while giving a guy a blowjob”“Nice,” Ashley exclaimed. “What else? Would you let a guy fuck you?”“Yeah, I mean, being fucked while going down on a woman would be ….ummm…good, I guess.”Ashley and Mike laughed.“I’m still nervous talking about this openly. I’ve only ever admitted this to myself.”“You’re safe here. Don’t worry. I’m just wondering, though… you said two women, and one man and one woman…,” Ashley trailed off.“Two guys? I don’t know. I mean, yeah, probably, if I was….ready.”“Well,” Mike said, “what about this – we have had a fantasy for a long time about having another guy with us. We’ve never found someone that we feel completely Escort Bayan comfortable with. Until now. Why don’t you come back to our place? Maybe we can make each other’s fantasies come true.”I almost jumped out of my skin. Mike was good-looking and fairly fit, but more importantly to me, he made me feel at ease. I had a fleeting image of Ashley and I kneeling in front of him and her encouraging me to get a cock in my mouth for the first time.“But,” Ashley said, “first you have to tell us if you would be with a guy and a transgender woman”“yeah, actually, that’s a pretty big fantasy,” I confessed. Hell, it was all on the table now.“Good,” she continued,” because that is the one that’s going to come true.”What?The look of shock on my face must have been more than just a little apparent, because Ashley continued, “yea, I am transgender. Pre-op.”I didn’t know what to say. I’d never met a transgender woman before, and I don’t know what I expected. All I saw when I looked at Ashley was a gorgeous woman. And I do mean gorgeous.She must have sensed my shock, because she quickly added, “You don’t believe me, do you?” and grabbed my hand, placed it palm down on her thigh and slid it up between her legs. Suddenly, I was, for the first time, holding another person’s cock in my hand. She was completely shaved, and I felt my hand glide over her quickly hardening cock.I grasped it in my hand, marvelling at the feeling.“You like that?”My mouth was suddenly dry, and I had a huge erection. “Yes,” was all I could say.“Well, would you rather hold it or feel it in your mouth?” she asked, mischievously.My heart was pounding. I withdrew my hand and stood up. Ashley slid off her barstool and brushed up against me. I felt her breasts pressing up against me, and looked down in amazement at how spectacular they looked. I could feel her hard dick on my leg and worried that I would blow my load just from her touch.Mike grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the exit. Ashley, in turn, grabbed mine and we were suddenly outside.As we walked quickly, Ashley teased me, whispering in my ear. Saying things like, “I want you to cum all over my tits,” and “will you make me cum with your mouth?”I don’t think that I have ever been more turned on. My Bayan Escort cock was achingly hard and I worried I would cum just due to the intensity of the anticipation.We turned a corner and came to a condo building. “Here we are,” Mike said, and we went inside. I was impatient to get into their place, and, fortunately, the elevator was waiting for us. As we got in, Ashley grabbed my face and started kissing me. It was incredible. She pushed me backwards into Mike, who wrapped his arms around my waist, rubbing my cock through my pants. He started kissing my neck and I could feel his hard cock on my ass. I wanted to reach a hand behind me and grab it, but one of them was on Ashley’s tits while the other was holding on to her scrumptious ass.The elevator doors opened and we stumbled into the hallway. Mike fumbled with his keys as we got to their door. When he opened it, we rushed inside, Ashley still kissing me, holding my face in her hands, her tongue swirling around inside my mouth.Once the door closed, Ashley pulled away from me and started unbuttoning her blouse, exposing a lacy black bra. She tossed her hair back and then ran her hands down her slim waist, playfully tugging at the waist of her skirt, under which I already knew she was wearing absolutely nothing. She turned around and very slowly lifted her skirt, exposing the most perfect ass I have ever seen. At least, in this sexually charged moment, it seemed that way. She dropped her skirt to the ground. I moved towards her, wrapping my arms around her. My hands found the clasp of her bra and I quickly undid it and threw it aside. Her breasts were firm, but soft. Her nipples were erect and I started playing with them, pinching and pulling on them.Ashley was grinding her ass against my cock, pushing me right to the edge. She grabbed my left hand and pulled it down her body to her hard cock. I grasped it firmly and started stroking as she moaned louder and louder.Suddenly, she turned around and started rapidly undressing me, throwing my clothes aside while she kissed me all over. My shirt was quickly off and she moved to my belt buckle and then undid my pants. She sank to her knees and started to slide my pants down my legs. I quickly stepped out of them as she pulled my boxers down and exposed my throbbing dick.I was very glad that I had taken the time to groom before heading to the bar. I hadn’t expected to be hooking up, but it had emboldened me.“Completely shaved! Mmmm… I like that,” Ashley said, “Look, honey.”

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