As Soon As I Wake Up Ch. 01


All participants’ in sexual activities are over 18. This is my fantasy so there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when they pertain to sexual activities. Please enjoy my fantasy.


I was bored off my ass. It was the final semester of my high school “career” and I had already made the early acceptance list at our local college. I didn’t need to study much or work hard to improve my marks as my early acceptance showed. All I needed to do was graduate. And, all graduation entailed was showing up at school.

This class, English, was the least boring of my day. Followed closely by history. What made them more appealing to me was the teacher. Our school had been fortunate enough to recruit two teachers from the same Teacher’s College, identical twins.

These two women could only be described as drop dead gorgeous. Meloday Jamison was my favorite of the two. Although the duo were pretty much identical in every way, Ariella presented herself slightly differently. The difference is what made my vote for the ‘hottest teacher in the world’ go to, drum roll please, Meloday.

Both teachers stood about five foot, four inches tall weighing, I guessed, about 115 to 120 pounds each. Ms. Meloday was the more flamboyant of the pair. She pushed the limits of the school board’s official dress code for educators.

She could have been a model. Or even a porn actress. Ms. Meloday’s long blonde flowed just beyond her waist in shimmering waves. Her hair served to draw the eye to her ass since the hair ended immediately above the beginning curve of her butt. She further heightened the attraction of her bum by wearing tight skirts, often tight enough to show panty lines.

Ms. Meloday’s long legs were always encased in stockings. I knew this by close observation of the teacher. Sometimes, depending how she moved, there was evidence of a garter belt and clips under her skirt. Meloday was a regular morning jogger and that was demonstrated by her legs. Not only long, they were toned and shapely. Finally, she always wore the highest heels allowed by the school board, three inches.

Yup, definitely a real looker. Oh, I forgot to describe the view of her from the front. This is what made her a walking wet dream for any male, maybe females too, who encountered her. Ms. Meloday had great breasts, firm, well rounded, and still defying gravity at her age. If I had to guess, I’d say they were 34C’s. Yup, yummy.

Ms. Ariella, in comparison, dressed more like an old maid. I had to imagine she possessed much the same body as her twin but it was quite difficult to tell since they dressed so differently. Ms. Ariella tended to wear loose, baggy tops and pants. She forever hid her legs inside the slacks she preferred and, upon her feet, flats.

Ms. Ariella wore the least amount of makeup she could get away with while Ms. Meloday spent a lot of time on her face every morning. I enjoyed watching Ms. Meloday in class as she flaunted her sexy body at all the students ogling her. Ms. Ariella’s classes were more an exercise in imagination as we guys looked for signs of Meloday’s body under her baggy pant suits. The only obvious similarity was their hair which the frumpy one kept coiled into a tight bun.

At school, I was never a part of the “in” crowd. That group consisted mostly of the athletic teams- football, baseball, and hockey- that our school devoted its time and money to. The girls in the group were, of course, all of the cheer leader type.

Although not popular I wasn’t in the nerd group either. I had spent time with some of its members earlier in my academic journey through life, but, truth be told, they were a pretty boring group. I only had one friend in the group, Ben, a holdover from grade school. We would still chat from time to time, and I still considered him a friend.

The other friend I had in school was one of the cheerleader types in the attractive group. Lori, Ben, and I had all gone through grade school together and, on occasion, Lori and I would still stop to chat in the hallways or exchange smiles in passing.

It was quite difficult to do anything more with her as Lori had hooked up with an extremely jealous and controlling guy early in her high school years. Not only was the guy obnoxious, he was huge, playing linebacker on the football team. Of course, I did my best to avoid him.

So, me, I pretty much was a group of one, not fitting with either of the two groups. Nor with the punkers either.

On that fateful day, not seeing him around, Lori and I had a brief conversation between classes. It was simply a “hi, how’s it going” type of chat. I cracked a joke of some sort, Lori laughing and patting me on the arm. We parted ways, neither one of us probably giving any further thought to the matter.

We were seen though as I was to find out later. Not by linebacker Fred but by one of his muscle bound cronies. I imagine he mentioned it to Fred, probably exaggerating the details of Isparta Escort our meeting.

The final bell of the day signaled the clearing of the classes. Being free of the restrictions enacted by the school board, I was walking down the stairs to the main floor checking my phone for messages and other things of great import. I wasn’t really paying any attention to the world around me. I was so engrossed in my phone that I didn’t even notice Fred standing ahead of me on the landing between floors. That is, until I bounced off his brick wall of a body. Fred helped me bounce by shoving me hard against the wall causing me to hit my head.

“Look, asshole,” said Fred, “I’ve warned you before about bothering my girlfriend.” He shoved me again, and again, causing me to hit my head against the wall.

“I haven’t bothered Lori,” I said.

“You were today! My buddy told me.” Another shove led to more head banging against the wall.

“You were told wrong, Fled,” I slurred.

Not paying any attention to the change in my speech pattern or my mispronunciation of his name, Fred shoved me even harder against the wall. More head banging.

“You stay away from her, asshole,” said Fred as he gave me a final shove. And, more head banging occurred.

Fred walked away with a final threatening snarl. I stood against the wall on the landing waiting for the dizziness I was suddenly feeling to subside. When I felt I had myself under control, I tried to step away from the wall. A huge wave of dizziness overwhelmed me, causing me to stumble. Luck sure wasn’t smiling on me that day since I tripped and fell the remaining flight of stairs.

I don’t know how much later it was but I awoke in a hospital setting. My mom was holding my hand. She smiled down at me as soon as she realized my eyes were open.

“Are you okay, Baby?” she asked.

Before I could answer, Mum rang the bell for the nurse. The nurse entered the room so quickly she must have been right outside my door. As she checked my vitals, she too asked me if I was okay.

“My head hurts,” I said.

“It should hurt,” said the nurse. “You took quite a tumble down those stairs.”

Mum squeezed my hand hard as I noticed, for the first time that she had been crying. I squeezed back assuring my mother that I was fine.

The nurse said, “I’ll get the doctor,” and left the room.

“I’m okay, Mum,” I reassured her. “Just my head hurts.”

The doctor entered the room and began the standard doctor shit asking my name, the year, the president’s name while shining his flashlight in my eyes. He instructed me to hold my arms straight out while he tried to push down on them, pull up on them, push them together, push them apart. Like I said, the standard doctor shit.

He asked the nurse if my X-rays had come back. She slid them into the wall mounted viewer and he studied them thoughtfully. I saw him point at a specific place on my skull and mutter to himself.

“Well, son,” he began, the chump probably less than ten years older than me, “You incurred a slight concussion when your head bounced down the stairs.”

“Funny, fucker,” I thought to myself.

“Is it serious, Doctor?” asked my mother.

“I don’t think so but let’s keep him here for a few hours observation and see what, if anything, develops.”

With that, he turned away, leaving the room, followed by the nurse. Mum stepped close to me, cradling my head to her bosom. I felt another wave of nausea overcome me. I closed my eyes willing the world to stop spinning.

I opened my eyes hearing the nurse had returned. “Don’t let him go to sleep. He needs to stay awake,” she said turning on her heels and leaving again.

The hours passed slowly as they always do in a hospital setting. Mum stayed at my side continuing to cradle me against her while rocking me gently. She didn’t even ask me any stupid questions about what happened. I love my mother.

Finally, the doctor returned, checked me over again and announced I could go home. Repeating that I had a slight concussion, he prescribed lots of bed rest for a few days but not a lot of sleep. For tonight, he wanted Mum to wake me every two hours to make sure I was coherent. Tomorrow night, every six hours, the following night I could sleep straight through. I could return to school the day after that.

Mum gushed her happiness at his diagnosis and thanked him over and over for his fine work taking care of me. Sheesh.

Mum and I went home and followed his instructions. By the appointed day, I was more than ready to go back to school. Of course, one of the first people I met was brickhead Fred. He lumbered towards me in a threatening manner.

“You better not have mentioned our little thing to anyone,” he said to me.

“I wish you would run head first into a wall,” I thought to myself.

Fred put his head down, launching himself at the nearest wall. I stood there, jaw hanging open, and watched the huge ass run headfirst into the school’s cement Isparta Escort Bayan wall. Fred fell back laying flat on his back. He struggled unsuccessfully to find his feet.

I didn’t understand what happened but I knew I didn’t want to be around when Fred came to his senses. Since school was starting, I moved as quickly as I could to my homeroom. It wasn’t very long before I could hear the siren of an approaching ambulance.

My second class of the day was with the twin, Ms. Ariella and history was her subject. Today was review day with her leading us through a recap of the previous month’s studies. There was no need for me to pay a lot of attention so I didn’t.

I allowed my mind to wander. Every once in a while, Ms. Ariella would do something to bring my focus back to the classroom. There was still nothing new in the subject matter nor was there anything new in Ms. Ariella’s attire.

Just before the bell sounded, signifying the end of class, a fleeting thought passed through my mind.

“She should wear her hair down like her sister,” I thought. With that I headed on to my next class, algebra. I was a whiz at algebra finding it fun and challenging.

Later, in the cafeteria, at lunch, I was sitting by myself as usual, when I noticed Ms. Ariella walking towards the teachers’ table with her lunch tray. Not really thinking much of it, I casually noticed that she had let her hair down.

The rest of the day was relatively excitement free. There was, of course, gossip and questions about Fred’s meeting with the concrete wall. Thankfully, my name was never mentioned or connected with the event.

At home that evening, after supper, I lounged in the livingroom watching some TV. Mum was in her chair watching TV with me. Needing to go pee, I climbed to my feet. Before I could even take a step, a wave of dizziness overcame me, causing me to fall back on the couch.

Mum noticed me fall and raced to my side. She started interrogating me as to what happened before saying, “Maybe we should go back to the hospital.”

“No, Mum,” I said. “I’m okay. I was just dizzy for a minute.”

She thought it over for a minute or two before giving in to me.

“Well, let’s get you to bed then. You can watch TV in your room.”

She insisted on helping me to my bed. I guess I was a minimalist by nature in my high school years. I didn’t have my walls covered in a host of trashy posters like many guys my age. My room consisted mostly of a double bed, a TV on top of my dresser, and a computer on my desk. I liked it that way.

I moved to lay down on the bed when Mum stopped me. Telling me, I should get undressed for bed in case I fell asleep, I pulled my shirt over my head. The dizziness struck me again as I was trying to get out of my pants. Mum grabbed me before I could fall down.

She helped me to sit on the edge of my bed. Assisting me with my pants, Mum knelt down in front of me. As she leaned over, I saw her top gape open giving me a quick glimpse of the top of her breasts.

I thought to myself, “Mum has great tits.” She looked up at me and smiled before pulling my pants down the rest of the way and off. I lay back on my bed. Mum told me to scoot over saying she would stay with me for a while before getting in bed with me.

Mum was a MILF. Not drop dead gorgeous or anything but very attractive and well built. With her leaning against the headboard, watching TV, I rolled over and cuddled up to her. I enjoyed the warmth from her body. Mum must have been uncomfortable as she adjusted her position leaving my head laying on her breasts.

The TV wasn’t grabbing my attention leaving my mind free to wander. As with any teenaged boy, I naturally thought of sex, specifically boobs. Mum’s boobs to be more specific. This wasn’t the first time I had thought of them as my mother had been the focus of some of my masturbatory fantasies over the years.

“Mum has great tits,” I thought to myself. Mum pulled me even tighter against her breasts.

“I should ask her if she breast fed me as a baby,” I thought.

Mum said, “This reminds me of you nursing my breasts when you were a baby.”

I moved my arm in order to hug her to me. Releasing the hug, I left my arm to fall across her tits.

Mind still wandering, I asked myself if they felt different now than when I was a baby sucking those boobs. Mum moved my hand so that it was resting on her tit. She squeezed my hand which, in turn forced me to squeeze her tit.

Not always the brightest crayon in the package, especially when it came to sex, it seeped into my mind that Mum was hearing me and doing what I was talking about. I thought I was just thinking the erotic thoughts but I concluded I must actually be talking to myself.

Although embarrassed that Mum had overheard me talking about her boobs, it didn’t cause me to change the direction of my thoughts. I was sure I wasn’t speaking aloud when I wondered what it was like to have my mother’s nipple in my mouth.

I Escort Isparta knew I hadn’t said the words, just thought them, when Mum started twisting and turning in order to do that mysterious thing women do to remove their bras without taking their tops off first. With her bra tossed on the floor, her nipples poking through her blouse, and my mouth close upon them, I acknowledged my desire to kiss them.

Just like in one of my masturbation fantasies, Mum tugged her blouse up forcing me to lift my head in order to get it all the way up. More twisting and turning later, Mum placed my head back on her now naked tits. I was sure I was dreaming as a result of Mum being so close to me in my bed.

This wasn’t a dream I was going to miss out on by doing something stupid like waking up. Instead, I cupped my hand around one of my mother’s boobs and squeezed it. After a few moments, I began to tug and pinch the nipple furthest from my mouth. That nipple found its way between my lips in order for me to suck on the rock hard adornment to her tit.

Thinking of rock hard made me realize my dick was also rock hard. I wanted to grip it in my hand while continuing to suck on Mum’s tit. I worried though that if I made any move towards jerking off, I would wake up and find mom gone.

Determined to prolong the fantasy I returned my attention to my mother’s tits and nipples. I spent my time gloriously enjoying her attributes. Mum rolled over to face me more. This gave me freer access to her beautiful boobs. My fantasy took an even better turn when I felt my mother’s hand on my dick. The intensity of the feeling forced me to gasp, pulling even more tit into my mouth.

This was like many of my earlier fantasies but it felt much more real this time around. In my fantasy, Mum began to stroke my hard cock. With all the vigour of a teenager, my dick was rock hard and standing up proudly.

Still afraid to interrupt the fantasy, I returned my attention to my mother’s breasts. Breasts? Hell, no! They were usually breasts, right now though, they were tits. My mother’s awesome tits. I licked her tits, nipping them wherever my mouth could reach. Using my only free hand, I cupped them, squeezed them, pulled on them. This was a glorious dream.

I wanted to kiss her, to make out with my mother. Just the thought of it made my cock flex in her hand. Since this was my dream, my fantasy, I was not surprised when my mother adjusted her position putting her lips close enough for me to reach hers with mine.

Mum made the first move. She pushed her face right up to mine and began with a series of motherly kisses on my mouth. They were sweet, unhurried, and comfortable. Yet, as time passed, they increased in passion, lasting longer, less sweet, more erotic.

I could feel the remnants of my mother’s lip gloss on my lips. I could receive flashes of the cherry flavouring. Mum’s lips opened slightly allowing her tongue to escape its confinement. In between the passionate kisses, my mother’s tongue traced my lips. I returned the favour. She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth giving it little nibbles with her teeth. Not painful at all, simply erotic, extremely erotic.

The oral prelude continued. Snaking my hand around her body, I was able to put my hand on my mother’s bum. This was another new feeling for me. This fantasy was absolutely the best! My cock was still flexing, still swelling. I wanted to cum but I didn’t want to cum right then. I didn’t want the dream to end too quickly. I couldn’t imagine real life foreplay being any more intense than this dream.

Still making out with Mum, I was also enjoying her ass. It felt smooth, it felt firm, it felt muscular. I knew I would want to kiss her butt sometime soon. Not right then as my lips were occupied with enjoying Mum’s tongue probing between my lips. Our tongues met in a passionate dance. They moved around each other, we sucked on each other’s tongue.

I moved my hand enough to slip it under Mum’s waistband. My mind was screaming that I wanted skin on skin contact with my mother’s ass. The feeling of those cheeks in my hand were pushing me to my limits. Trying as hard as I could to postpone the impending explosion, I knew I needed to cum soon.

My body arched against my mother. My hand in her pants pulled Mum as close to me as it could. Our tongues switched from a dance to a duel jabbing in and out of her mouth. My cock flexed one last time in Mum’s hand before exploding all over her.

“One hell of a jerk off session that was,” I thought. “I hope I can do it again.”

With those memories captivating my mind, I performed the typical next step for a guy. I went to sleep.

It was the sun shining into my eyes through the open window of my bedroom that woke me up. Almost immediately, I realized something wasn’t right. Something was off kilter. Opening my eyes, I realized my mother was still cuddled up to me. My hands were still down her pants, she was still topless, her hand on my dick, and cum spattered all over her.

Oh my fucking gawd! It wasn’t a dream! What the fuck???? How did this happen? No wonder it felt so real, it was so fucking real.

I gasped out, “Mum.” Slowly my mother opened her eyes. Looking straight into mine, Mum smiled and said, “Good morning, Love. Did you sleep well?”

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