As If It isn’t Even Difficult to Do


She’s wearing a short skirt with cowboy boots. Her eyebrow is pierced. She has pinkish-purple hi-lites dyed in her hair. She doesn’t look remotely unasian (as she said to me before we met). We get brunch at some hipster place. She thinks “brunch” is a pretentious idea, and wonders why we aren’t just getting lunch. I explain that while brunch in Brooklyn is certainly pretentious, the concept long predates Brooklyn, going back at least as far as the era of entirely unpretentious country diners.

I like her cute little smile, her sense of humor, her tiny hands, her good but slightly broken English. I like that occasionally I can see her panties between her legs. There’s some kind of logo printed on them.

We talk about where we’re from. About me, she guesses Pennsylvania by my accent. Not too far off. I guess China. She says yes, but what region? I guess Sichuan. She tells me to keep guessing, and I start throwing out any region of China I can think of. She finally admits that she’s from near the Sichuan region. I ask her why she made me keep guessing, and she says because Malatya Escort she thought I was just randomly throwing out names of Chinese regions. She’s not wrong.

We finish lunch. She pays for her portion with a hundred dollar bill. We try to go for a bike ride. But it’s cold. We go back to her place, and talk and smoke a little pot. We kiss. We make out on her couch. She goes down on me. She deep throats my cock. She doesn’t gag at all, She takes my whole cock in her mouth and down her throat, and holds it there, as if it isn’t even difficult to do.

I go down on her. I slide her panties to the side. The logo on them is a Rolling Stones tongue. She’s completely clean shaven. I lick her pussy for a long time because I love it. Maybe I give her an orgasm or two. I can’t quite tell. She kicks a glass off the table with her boots, and it shatters on the floor. She tells me later it was one of her favorite glasses.

I put a condom on and she straddles me and starts fucking me. She likes to be close-pressed to me. She likes it when I hold her tightly. Malatya Escort Bayan When I hold her tiny ass in my hands. She likes having my cock part way inside her, fucking her gently with strokes. Not as much grinding into her.

Pretty sure she cums now. She’s leaning back, slowing. She tells me I’m hairy. I think it’s a compliment, but I can’t tell.

I fuck her for hours on that couch. Slowly but firmly. She stays wet the whole time. Once in a while she has an orgasm, and I can feel her pussy getting wet around my cock. She takes my cock in her hand and slaps it quickly against her clit, and suddenly squirts all over me. For those first couple of hours I never remove her panties, or her cowboy boots.

But I do eventually pull her boots off. I pull her to her knees and slip her panties down and fuck her from behind until I cum in her.

We lay in each others arms on the couch half asleep. Eventually we wake up and move to her bed. We start fucking again. She hands me her vibrator and with my cock inside her and her vibrator on her Escort Malatya clit, she squirts all over me again. And again. She cums so many times I have no hope of keeping track.

We order pizza. We go back to the couch. We talk about work. She’s disappointed I’m not a professional writer. She’s a stripper. She asks if I’m surprised, but I knew it was something like that from the way she didn’t talk about her work earlier. She has a graduate degree from Duke, but she doesn’t tell anyone at work that.

She straddles me and fucks me again. I hold her vibrator against her clit, and she cums, squirting warmly all over my balls.

We eat pizza and blueberries and raspberries shared from a big bowl with two forks before we start fucking again. I’m finding it difficult to stay hard. She’s incredibly hot, and to look at her is to want to fuck her. But having cum already, being old, and wearing a condom, I just can’t keep my dick more than semi-hard. She tells me she wants to do anal. But I can’t keep my dick hard enough, even with that prospect in my mind. She holds my cock in her hand, the tip in her pussy. I hold her vibrator against her clit, and she cums squirting on me again, and I cum with my cock in her hand and pussy.

12 hours after we first met, we’re naked on her couch. Her head is in my lap, and I’m reading to her from Orwell’s 1984.

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