Appointment By Card Only. part three

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Appointment By Card Only. part threePosted: July 20, 2014 – 09:28:52 amBruce panted in a mixture of fear, disbelief, and anticipation, his balls and anus tingling as he was gently tugged by the leash up the stairs; the beautiful mature form of the woman before him keeping his cock rock hard. Wicked smiles from passing madams and clients alike fell on the couple, but Bruce was oblivious to everything else but his superbly dominant captor now. They passed many rooms, walking to a frosted glass door at the far end of a corridor; they went through it and ascended a further set of stairs to a single door at the top. Ruth smiled as she placed her hand to open it.”Not many men or women see the inside of my private residence, once in I will own you in whatever way suits me; do you have to get back today? I will be very flexible with you until I know your full circumstances which will of course be adjusted in any way possible.” Bruce swallowed hard and stumbled out his response.”Oh … I can stay for as long as you want me … there’s no-one waiting for me.” Ruth sneered with pleasure and Bruce was tugged through the door, his cock on the verge of spurting in his underwear as she closed the door behind them. The plush apartment spread out before him; a huge bed dominated the lounge he was led through, and he could not help but notice through the open doors that there were beds in all the rooms he passed. He was taken into a large bedroom in which there was a luxurious bed with posts at each corner, from which convenient shackles hang; the darkly decorated room bore many items of equipment which would be utilised in confirming a male’s position in the eyes of this formidable woman. She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor before sitting on the edge of the bed, crossing her black stocking clad legs.”Strip off and kneel before me, I want to see what I shall own, and you are going to tell me all about you … you’ll confess everything and then my domination of you will begin in earnest; gently at first, but I intend to crush any willpower within you eventually.”Bruce’s anus clenched at her stern and sincere tone, feeling completely under her control already, and he was somehow relieved to remove his clothes and kneel obediently before her. She left the bed and strutted around him, viewing his flanks and buttocks, wondering how sweetly they would accept her canes and whips; she was pleased with what she saw; as the maid had suggested, he was in very reasonable physical shape considering being middle-aged.”Have you ever hurt a woman in any way? I will know if you lie, and you will face extra punishment which I will take great pleasure in under those particular circumstances.” Bruce cringed, his head bowed as he knelt obediently and felt the commanding presence of the woman envelope him; her delicious scent wafting around him as the removal of her skirt allowed him a taste of her growing arousal. He trembled as he thought hard.”Only by e-mail … I was once an on-line slave to a Mistress, but became jealous when she told me she had another sub; I foolishly questioned the validity of something she had told me about a friend … It hurt her badly…” Ruth took his leash and pulled it tight, slipping the noose to choke him sweetly; his cock boned as he sampled her physical dominance for the first time.”You questioned a woman’s validity! … and breached her authority! … what made you take such vile action?” His stiff cock dribbled pre-cum and his anus tingled with a divinely submissive feeling as he enjoyed the strangle of the leather noose; he croaked out a pitiful response.”When we first communicated she told me she was a ‘one sub’ domme, and that she had had to give up the last sub she owned as he was suffering from a serious illness. I had no reason to disbelieve her. As time went on and we exchanged mails, she signed some of them off as ‘J’, which was not the initial of either of the names she had openly provided me with; I didn’t mention it, but it sowed a little seed of doubt and stuck in my mind; I enjoyed the intensity of our communications so immensely, she made me feel so close to her and I was so glad to be her pet so I disregarded it. As the months went on she became increasingly ‘too busy’ to communicate, even late in the evenings -admittedly so did I – she then disclosed she had another sub with whom she could communicate ‘live’ despite being too busy; in my confused mind things just did not add up and I became increasingly jealous, and paranoid about the explicit things I’d sent her. I started to disbelieve everything she had told me and questioned the reality of her previous sub; it was a stupid thing to do and I bitterly regret it.” Ruth grinned with pleasure and satisfaction at making him recount his despair.”Did she punish you?””I wasn’t allowed that pleasure, she just disposed of me…” Ruth pulled the noose bornova escort tighter and stepped forward to tease his scrotum with a spiked heel, allowing him the full scent of her arousal as her delicious cunt expressed itself in a wet camel-toe, so close to his nose; he was now desperate to spend for her. She laughed cruelly.”Good girl! I hope you were thoroughly sorry to lose the attention of her control and paid with much misery; I shall take great pleasure in punishing you on her behalf, I’ll make a mental note of your arrogant act and you’ll pay dearly when you have been prepared.” She released the leash and he gasped in filling his lungs as she sauntered away, stopped for a moment to remove her panties which she let slide down her black stockings to the floor, then strode to the bed and sat on its edge, facing him; she crossed her legs slowly, allowing him a glance of the beautiful cunt which would be instrumental in the unrelenting control of him.”Your training begins now; I want you to think of that domme whenever you are disciplined. I am going to dominate you to complete and utter submission, I will see your spirit broken, you will be reduced to total slavery and obedience to all women and will show it automatically when in the presence of any female regardless of who they are and where they are.” His cock pulsed at her words; the consequences of the e-mail had left him wanting to beg forgiveness from the domme he had sent it to, and had left him wanking in utter submission at her power in dumping him like a broken toy, as all supremely dominant Mistresses should on the slightest disobedience. Weak and useless subs like Bruce were ten-a-penny and their for the disposal of all women after all. Now Ruth had him and she would ensure he was never disobedient again; the mail would serve a greater purpose; it gave her all the more impetus to break the desirable male who knelt in submission; exacting revenge on behalf of womanhood would help her apply whip and cane with all the more relish. She clicked her fingers and pointed to the panties.”Crawl over to me and pick up my panties with your teeth.” He dropped to all fours and began to move.”I said crawl! Crawl like the snake you are!” Bruce lay on the rug and slithered toward her; she new his erect cock would receive stimulation as he did so; his bell-end was rubbed on the coarse fibres of the rug, making his balls tingle as he neared. The panties. The stimulation was amplified tenfold as he bit into the silky material of the panties; the spicy scent of Ruth’s aroused cunt had him close to shooting his mess as his cock rubbed between belly and rug. Ruth slipped a finger into the moist crevice between her legs as she picked a cane from the bed; this male would be hers completely in no time and would serve her and her female clients well. As he neared her feet he looked up. She leaned forward and swiped his arse smartly with the cane, making him groan with pain as the red line blossomed across his buttocks.”I didn’t tell you to look up! Suck the heels of my stilettos, show me you are worthy of sniffing those panties while I enjoy your humiliation.” As he dropped the panties they unfolded with the messy gusset open and below his nose; he hesitated and sniffed at the lush scent of womanly spice. He cried out as he felt two more vicious cuts of the cane; the delightful whoosh of its approach making him want to spunk in submission, the stinging stripes making his anus tingle to match the warmth of his glowing buttocks.”Heel! Suck!” Ruth sneered at the ease with which she controlled him, feeling his teeth grind slightly against the metallic heel as she lifted it and he took it into his mouth, his lips then sealing around the shaft and riding up and down the length of the spike. Ruth’s finger rubbed at her moist clitoris as she enjoyed the baptism of her power over him.”Good boy, that’s the idea; I hold many events where lady clients come and sip tea while having their heels licked, it is a subtle art which helps them choose a male to take to a suite and dominate. As my pet you’ll attend with me and will become familiar with some very rich and assertive women.”Bruce’s cock pulsed against the rug as she withdrew the heel and offered up the other; he had expected a session with a domme but could not believe he would be used to entertain female clients. Ruth purred softly as she stroked her wet cunt.”You’re halfway toward my dirty panties now; you will know my scent blindfold long before your training is complete. Suck nicely on my heel and then I shall have you clean them.” Bruce’s aching cock was close to exploding beneath him and as his eyes ran up the long black stocking to the exposed thigh he u*********sly started to gently hump at the rug. Ruth grinned wickedly at his humiliation and lifted the cane. Bruce froze immediately as he heard the bornova escort bayan divine sound of the descending cane and gagged as the pain of the rattan cut his buttocks with a fierce crack, making him take the heel down his throat.”You will not spill your pathetic mess on my rug! I will decide if and when you expel your worthless seed!” She made him suck at the other heel again to ensure he deserved the panties; when satisfied she withdrew it and deftly stuck the toe of each shoe into the leg holes of the panties, spreading her legs slowly and pulling the elastic taut and display the soiled gusset. He cowered and kept his head bowed, desperate to look up and view her aroused cunt. Ruth gently lay the cane across his back.”Don’t you dare look up! You’ll have a good sniff and lick of my panties before you sample the real thing. Sniff that gusset and don’t lick until I tell you!”Bruce’s belly was now sticky with pre-cum which oozed as it pulsed in submissive heaven as his nose took in the delectable scent that the formidable woman’s cunt and arsehole had created just for him; her dominance of a fresh pet heralding a spiteful arousal. She rubbed her open labia and budding clitoris as she watched with satisfaction his chest rise and fall in taking in the intoxicating scent. She was now as eager as he was for his introduction to her cunt.”Lick that gusset! I want it clean of the mess you’ve made.”His balls and anus tingled incessantly as he wasted no time in lapping at the delectably pungent gusset, Ruth’s clitoris tingling with the pleasure of her supremacy as the new sub’s tongue rasped at the material in exacting his humiliating laundry duty. His cock boned rigid as the panties went slack when Ruth lifted her feet from them, pulling her thighs back and placing her spiked stilettos on his shoulders.”You may look up now. I want you to have a good sniff and become familiar with my scent; you will be tested later within your training and failure to recognise your new owner will be dealt with most severely.”He lifted his head and his heart pounded as he viewed the glistening butterfly which would know his obedient and willing servitude, the dominant woman sneering at his already committed obedience to her stern authority, her nipples poking hard with excitement through the material of her Basque at her new conquest. As Bruce knelt and moved his nose closer to the inviting warmth of her cunt, a thin line of pre-cum oozing down from his aching cock like a shining thread of spider web; he wanted to shoot his spunk so badly as he sniffed at the folds of Ruth’s delicious sex for the first time. She teased his back with the cane.”You make sure to give my arsehole a good sniff too; you will become adept at cleaning it very regularly.” She fingered her clitoris firmly as she leaned back slightly and Bruce sampled the tang of her sticky pucker.”Lick my arsehole! I want that tongue to clean it thoroughly and then pushed deep inside it; I shall take my pleasure of you now, while you confirm your submission too me.”Bruce lapped at the Sticky warmth of the pucker, his own anus tingling with submissive pleasure as he was put firmly in his place by this service of ownership; his eyes watching the delicate manicured fingers of his Mistress caress the beautiful folds of her cunt as his tongue succumbed to the warm depths of her arsehole, probing in and out in utter obedience as Ruth brought herself off. She lay back and pointed he legs upward, stiffening them as she moaned in pleasure at her dominance over him, his tongue aching as it probed dutifully and obediently, he yearned to wank hard and spend his seed in utter submission to her. Ruth cried out and her arsehole clenched at the probing tongue as a glorious and victorious orgasm enveloped her, her thigh and calf muscles taut as she pointed her feet up high. Bruce continued to probe, his cock bone hard and in desperate need of relief as Ruth made full use of him. Panting and sated for the moment she stared at the ceiling, her anus still enjoying the obedient attention from the wiling sub.”You may remove you tongue now.” Bruce removed his face from the delicious scent and bowed his head, his cock rigid and aching to come. She eased herself up and clicked the intercom by the side of the bed.”We are ready for you now Maria.” Bruce’s balls tingled as he heard the maid’s voice confirm the request, leaving him wondering what was to come. Ruth stepped from the bed and picked up the cane, flexing it before standing over the kneeling submissive. She teased his erect and needy cock with it, making it bob and stiffen fully.”As you have confirmed you do not have to be anywhere else today, you will enjoy a further step in your training before you are allowed to leave; it will give you a taste of what to expect from your time with me. We shall discuss your long escort bornova term commitment at a later date; I intend to make good use of you.” There was a knock at the door as Maria arrived.”Enter!” Maria stepped in and sneered with pleasure at the kneeling male, naked and leashed, pleased to see his cock poking rudely; she relished what was to come. Ruth barked at the kneeling sub.”Turn and face the door!” Bruce obeyed without question and his feeling of submission was enhanced by having an audience witness it as he viewed the smiling maid. The door remained open. Ruth grinned wickedly.”You may come in now Poppy.” Bruce’s balls tingled as a soft form entered; a sweet feminine blonde wearing pink stilettos and white socks, a short flowing white chiffon top which did not hide her delicate little breasts stopped just below her waist. Bruce took in a deep breath involuntarily as his eyes suddenly took in the genitalia; where they had expected to see a softly slitted cunt, a pretty little penis was bedecked with a pink ribbon tied in a bow. The sissy was not smiling; her pert red lips were straight and she looked nervous, making her somehow appealing to him. Bruce’s eyes now moved to the silver tray she carried; his cock pulsed and his anus tingled with fear as he noted the items on it which explained Maria’s pleasured sneer. Upon it were a plastic chastity device and anal plug, along with a soft leather object. His look of fear gave Ruth much pleasure; she stood over him triumphantly as Maria took equal pleasure in laying a towel in front of the kneeling submissive. Ruth flexed the cane.”You will now masturbate and empty your balls; I need that cock down for caging.” Maria stood and grinned as Bruce began to wank obediently; he was desperate to come but feared what was to follow. Ruth looked to Poppy as Bruce abused himself for the pleasure of his Mistress.”I see you are performing your duties well Poppy; in the short time you’ve been here your presence has created much interest. I will soon be arranging some more pleasurable duties for you. I know you’d like to indulge in the pleasure that my new pet is enjoying.” Poppy could not help but stare at the masculine figure as he stropped away at he erect cock and began to buck on his knees and groan in the announcement of his coming orgasm. Ruth smiled as the sissy blushed and her little cock erected involuntarily; she would love the adoration of a male like that, but was fearful of having one forced upon her. Ruth and Maria laughed as Bruce began to jet hot semen in submission; his eyes met with the sissy’s and he spurted an impressive loop of creamy spunk; his heart seemed to miss a beat on finding her as attractive as the dominant. He had never had any gay tendencies before, but this sweet creature was so appealing as he spent his cream in submissive ecstasy. Poppy would play with her cock as soon as she was off duty; his eye contact had not been lost on her, she would love to be taken by this male.Bruce pumped the residual spunk onto the towel and gasped as his orgasm subsided. He was made to stand and Maria giggled as he jerked while she wiped his sensitive cock with the towel and took the wicked trap from the tray. Ruth took pleasure in cupping his balls as the maid quickly poked his flaccid cock into the chastity device before it had the chance to erect again; his balls were clasped by the retaining ring and it was clamped shut. The feeling of submission felt by Bruce at being caged was strangely pleasing; his cock swelled immediately to fill what little space there was. It swelled to absolute maximum as Ruth took the anal plug from the tray.”On your knees and arse up! I shall have the pleasure of your introduction to the butt-plug; you will learn to enjoy wearing this, and you shall wear it at all times, even when you are not here. It will be a constant reminder that you are owned by me.” Ruth’s arousal returned as Bruce’s submission was enforced; he moaned in pain as the plug was squeezed into his tight anus, the intrusion stretching his arsehole wide. His cock bulged in the cage as he succumbed to the strangely pleasurable feeling as his anus clenched at the rude plug. He was still gasping as the leather object completed his enslavement; it was a hood which covered his head with simple eye-holes and mouth opening. It was zipped at the back smartly by Ruth, who then buckled the collar with great satisfaction.”I will sort through your things while you spend some time in contemplation of your situation; I want you to think of the domme you insulted, the fact that you are now owned by me, and how you will prepare yourself for absolute submission to me and to all women.” She tugged on his leash.”I think two hours in the selection room will suffice on this occasion. Take him down Maria.” He was led naked but for hood and leash, caged and plugged past smiling madams and clients to the room occupied by the plump and stern supervisor. He was place in a row of hooded males, facing her. She smiled at the newcomer as he looked at the sub who was positioned with his face between her plump arse cheeks which hung over the padded stool.”Don’t worry; you’ll get your turn.”

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