Aphrodite at the Lake


They say that Aphrodite was conceived when her brother Zeus came upon their father raping a woman and cut off his testicles. He threw them into the ocean, and Aphrodite was born – from this combination of violence, lust and water the goddess rose fully formed and aglow with her power.

He met me at the door. “Did you remember to bring your suit?” he asked.

“Sure, but I don’t understand why—”

“Just come on. Why don’t you follow me and we’ll leave your car at the warehouse – then we’ll ride together out to the lake.”

“Wha .. . oh. Jet ski. I thought maybe there was a hot tub or something involved.”

His eyes got that familiar glint and he grinned. “Baby, if we were going to be in a hot tub you wouldn’t need a suit at all.” He slid his arms around me and punctuated his statement with a slow, deep kiss. “I’d have you naked right from the start.”

I guess I would have figured that out if I had thought about it much. But I did as he instructed and soon we were at the lake. I had my suit on under my regular clothes, and as he was getting the jet ski off the trailer and into the water I went ahead and stripped down. I was rubbing sunscreen on my shoulders and chest when he turned around. His eyes got wide as he checked me out from head to toe. “Wow. That’s nice.”

Why do you feel so much more naked in a bathing suit than if you’re all the way nude? I wondered. This shouldn’t be awkward, but damned if I wasn’t blushing. My suit was not overwhelmingly revealing, but made good use of my best features. The top is cut kind of like an inverted-triangle, pointed at my bellybutton, with thin straps that come across the shoulders, crisscross in the back and then attach at the sides. The bottoms are boy-style briefs, low across the front and very short. There’s also a matching bikini bottom, but not knowing what I was getting into today I didn’t wear it.

He quickly got down to trunks and put our street clothes carefully into the truck. “Have you ever been on one of these things?”

“Probably, but if I have it’s been a very long time.” He had that quizzical look I always get when I people realize I don’t remember things from my youth. No point explaining now why so much of it is blocked out.

“I’d better drive, then. How well can you swim?”

“Very well. That’s not going to be a problem.”

“Okay. I’ll get on then help you climb up behind me. It’s a lot like being on a motorcycle.” And with that he dove in and swam away.

He was surprised that I was right behind him when he turned to look for me. “I thought you might be one of those who has to ease in slowly –

I laughed. “You should know me way better than that. Think about it. Have I ever taken anything slow, or wanted you to?”

That grin. “Uhhh . . .no. What was I thinking? So, are you ready to try this?”

“I suppose. You know, if you get me hurt out here there’ll be a hell of a lot of explaining to do. My husband and family might just wonder what I was esat escort doing out on the lake with some guy they’d never heard of. And they’d never find my car.”

“That’s why we’re going to be very careful and make sure nothing happens to you.” He climbed up on the thing and held out his hand to help me on behind him. “Now, wrap your arms around my waist and hang on.”

What a rush. Now I understand how the element of risk-taking that is so tantalizing in our relationship manifests itself in him when I’m not around. The feeling you get with the wind and the water and the speed of being on this machine is proof positive you’re alive. Exhilarating. Awakening.

Sitting behind him, with my legs spread to both sides and my arms around his waist, I was very aware of his body and the vibrations of the motor between my legs. How distracting would it be if I slipped my hands a little lower in the front and began to stroke his cock, I wondered. As I was trying to decide whether to take the chance, he steered us to a very secluded cove and killed the motor. He turned to look at me and his face showed all the life and sparkle I was feeling myself. “So, did you like that?”

“Very much. Almost makes me willing to forgive you for not taking me for a ride on your motorcycle all that time ago . . .” Smiling, he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. Devil-glint in his eye, he suddenly pulled me over the side with him and under the water.

“Creep!” I laughed, and splashed him with all the force I could muster, then tried to swim away before he could retaliate. “Not so fast there, girlie,” as he caught my ankle from behind and pulled me under again. He caught me up close to him in a strong embrace and kissed me deep and slow. As we broke the surface the mood changed from lighthearted play to burning need, and his hands were exploring my body as our tongues explored the other’s mouth.

The coolness of the water on my skin was at vivid contrast to the heat in my body. I could feel the hardness of his cock pressed against my belly as he ran his hands under my top and pulled it off. “Hey, what are you doing – somebody could come by here any second.”

“You weren’t paying attention as we were riding, were you? I bet you were wondering if you could play with my hard-on and not get us killed. We’re miles from nowhere and I’ve never seen anyone here before. Relax, no one’s going to come by and catch us . . .”

He slipped under the water again, kissing my breasts and sliding off the bottom half of my suit. He paddled over to the ski and carefully placed them in the storage compartment, then slid off his own trunks and put them away too. “Wouldn’t want these to get lost, ” he murmured. His head disappeared under the water and I could see the ripples on the surface as he swam back to me.

His hands and mouth started near my feet, working up my body. Small bubbles broke the surface tickling escort bayan my breasts as he kissed my legs and thighs. His tongue shot out at my pussy and the heat of his mouth on me under the water took my breath away. When he had to come up for air he saw my eyes closed and my head thrown back, and immediately captured my open mouth in a rough and needy kiss. “It’s strange eating you under the water,” he said. “There’s no smell, and not as much taste.”

I reached down to stroke his cock and balls. “My turn.” And under I went. I sucked him deep into my throat in one gulp, holding his hips tight against my shoulder to keep him from thrusting and making me gag. Releasing, I took a mouthful of the cold water and brought his balls into my mouth, caressing them with my tongue and gently nipping them with my teeth. I could hear him groan from under the water and his hands pulled me back up to the surface.

“Woman, you’re too much for one man.” His hands slid down my back and cupped my ass. He pulled my legs around his waist, and guiding me from the hips, impaled me on his rock-hard cock and held me there as he pushed his full length into me.

“Oh my god. You feel so hot inside.” He walked us up to where the water was a bit shallower and he could get a firmer footing. I let the top part of my body float away from him but kept my legs firmly wrapped around his waist. My white skin glowed under the greenish lake, and my breasts floated gently near the water’s surface.

“If I had known what you had in mind I would have used more sunscreen,” I told him, grinning. With the water helping to support my upper body, my hips and cunt were able to twist and writhe with great abandon, especially when my arms swept back and forth through the water, shifting my body and weight around. My legs tight around him held his cock in me, and his hands on my thighs provided necessary leverage as he pushed deep inside me. As he got into his rhythm of thrusts, one hand left my waist and he began to rub my clit, gently at first. Slowly. I knew he was teasing me into needing more, faster and faster as his cock shoving hard into my pussy splashed the water up around us.

“Oh, god yes, that feels good. Yeah, that’s it, rub me, please, fuck me. Yes. Please. Push. Oh god, you’re going to make me cum. I want to cum . . .please”

“Good. Cum for me, let it go. Do it. Cum all over me. I want you to cum so hard you scream, then I want you to cum again and again.”

My body began to shake as the spasms took over. I could feel the orgasm squeeze his cock inside me and he got harder than I could have imagined possible. He slowed his strokes on my clit just a little, and I could see him looking at where our bodies were joined just under the surface. “I can see it. I can see you wrapped around me and when your pussy throbs. I can see you cum. Oh, you look so good.”

As I came down from my orgasm I rose up out of the water eryaman escort to put my arms around his neck and kiss him. “Thank you.”

“Hey, no need to thank me. I wanted to do that.” He carried me up to a smooth area on the bank and laid me down in the grass. “You’ll understand, of course, if I take my turn now.” A smile, and a quick kiss. “I want to do this some more first, though. It just wasn’t right under the water.”

He turned to where his head was between my legs and his cock just over my face. His tongue began exploring and teasing me and I could feel my juices flowing again. I reached up and took his penis into my mouth, my hand wrapping around the back of his thigh to caress his testicles and the root of his shaft. The deeper I rubbed him, the faster his tongue and lips worked on me. I could feel another orgasm building and couldn’t believe he could get me there again so fast. I came again, even harder than the first time. “You’ve got to give me a break soon,” I told him.

He turned and leaned down to kiss me. This time, I could smell my pussy juices on his face. “You like it. Don’t tell me you don’t . ..”

“I’m not saying I don’t like it. I just need to be able to walk tomorrow. I don’t know how much more of you I can take.”

He used his knees to spread my legs before him. Looking me straight in the eyes, he placed just the head of his cock in me. “Can you take this much of me?”

“Fuck yes – yes, I can take that much.” Breathless, needing, anticipating. My back arched, and I tried to raise my hips to bring more of him into me, but he stopped me. “No, now, be still. . . Do you want more? Do you want more of me?”

Yes. Please. More.

He slid in a bit further, and again, stopped. Tormenting me with his hardness, with this need to be filled and fucked and taken. “How ’bout that? Is that enough?”

“No, damn you. Give me more. I want it all in me. Please, fuck me.”

And that was the edge. He pushed hard into me and began to furiously fuck my wet, slick pussy. The sweat broke out across his brow and I wrapped my legs high around his biceps. He lifted my ass off the ground and leaned forward to push his cock deep inside me, hard, thrusting motions that couldn’t last long enough.

“Oh god you feel so good. You’re so wet and tight and I’m so hard in you. How do you make me so hard?”

“The same way you make me so wet. It feels good. Better than good. Better than great. I don’t know why or how . . . but it does and I want you over and over and over.” Push. Please. Oh it feels so good in me.

“Where do you want me to cum? I’m so close . . .”

“Cum in my mouth. I want to drink your cum and feel your cock explode inside me. Please, cum.”

He quickly pulled out and brought his cock to my face. I slid my hand around his shaft and my lips over the swollen purple head. He groaned loudly. “Oh . .. .yes, here it comes.” Some birds flew away, squawking angrily at being disturbed.

I sucked greedily as he shot out hot spurts into my mouth. I opened my lips wide and captured all of it. Tastes good. Salty. Like him. Like me. I licked him clean and eased him back to where he was sitting on his knees. We relaxed and kissed for a minute. Caught our breath.

“Oh, shit.”

“What’s the matter,” I asked.

“I forgot my cigarettes.”

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