Apartment Hunting_(0)


“What are you doing here? How did you get into my apartment?” Sue Ellen jumped at the booming voice behind her. “I’m so sorry but the Realtor let me in. She said you wouldn’t mind if I stopped by to look at the apartment on my way home from work. I’ll get out of your way and I am sorry to intrude like this!” Sue Ellen grabbed her jacket and purse off the side table and started to make her way out the door when his hand reached out and grabbed her arm a little too tight. “You’re here now, might as well finish looking” he said gruffly. Sue Ellen looked at the man that was handling her and thought to herself that he was very handsome but his manners left a lot to be desired. “No, that’s quite alright, I think I’ve seen enough. I will call the Realtor tomorrow and let her know that I won’t be taking the apartment after all.” She tried pulling away but he held her arm tighter and closed the door. “Please take your hand off of my arm and let me leave you to your evening!” she said as convincingly as she could while inside she was hoping that he would take her into his huge arms. “I don’t think you understand, you’re staying to finish looking around! You assumed coming unexpectedly would be okay and I think something needs to be done about that!” he said as Escort he pulled her close enough for her to smell his scent which was a combination of work and aftershave. “I will do nothing of the sort! Take your hands off me right n…” she started to say but he pulled her deep into a kiss. His tongue probed her mouth while his other hand grabbed a fistful of hair. His lips were full and wet and his grip on her was strong. She tried wriggling away but he held her tighter. He backed her against the door and she could feel his cock bulging in his jeans. His large hands began pulling at her clothes, trying to pull them off her body. He ripped her blouse trying to get at her chest. Sue Ellen had never been taken so roughly but she found that she enjoyed the delicious passion. He yanked her bra off her tits and immediately began suckling at the nipples. He pulled her skirt down and let it fall to her feet. He slipped his hand into her panties and started to rub at her swollen clit. She started to moan in spite of herself. She didn’t want him to know that she was enjoying this.He tore her panties off and dropped to his knees. Before she knew it, his face was buried in her pussy. The tongue that had once been in her mouth was now sliding in and out of her Escort Bayan hole while his lips moved over her clit. Her knees began to shake as she struggled to stand up.Suddenly, he rose and turned her around. She felt his eyes staring at her ass and she wondered what his next move would be. She didn’t have to wonder long because next thing she knew she was being bent over the table and she heard the zipper of his jeans being pulled down. She wanted to look at him but she thought he would see the desire in her eyes so she stared at the wall. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her to her tip toes. With one quick thrust he stuffed his cock into her. She cried out from the sudden invasion but at once began to moan with pleasure. He continued pounding in and out of her. Each stroke was both quick and slow and with increasing intensity. Just as she grew accustomed to the drilling he was giving her, he pulled his dripping cock out and pushed her to her knees. Knowing what he wanted she wrapped her lips around the head and moved her tongue around the shaft. She tasted her juices mixed with his precum. He started to thrust into her throat but she stopped him by wrapping her hand around the base of his dick. Tightening her lips she sucked while Bayan Escort her hand stroked.He let out a loud grunt and she tasted his cum on the back of her tongue.He pulled his softening dick from her mouth and started to walk away. “Oh, no you don’t! Don’t just use me and then expect me to leave! You got yours, now it’s time for me to get mine!” Sue Ellen stood up and pushed him to the couch.With the taste of his cum still in her mouth she shoved her tongue into his mouth. She grabbed his cock and started stroking it till he started to get hard. When she was satisfied, she pushed him down on the couch and straddled him. Slowly she lowered herself onto him until he was at the hilt. Rocking her hips she started to grind on him until she felt her clit responding.Riding him like a horse, she grabbed his head and put his mouth to her nipple. He hungrily pulled it between his teeth while his hands explored her body. She started to feel the familiar tingle of her building orgasm so she started to ride him harder and faster. He responded with thrusting up into her with every down stroke Soon she was cumming all over his dick. She stood up and walked to his bedroom and grabbed one of his shirts from the closet. She started dressing in the clothes he had strewn about and looked at him and said, “I think I will take this apartment after all, as long as you come with it!” With that, she walked out with a triumphant smile on her face.

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