Any Chance We Could Ch. 29


This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the beginning to appreciate this tale.

Tuesday, October 23

I awoke to the delight of having moist lips around my cock. Before opening my eyes I lay there absorbing and enjoying the wonderful wake-up call. As I opened my eyes they focused up the gleaming brown eyes of Katrina. “Mmm, you taste good. Is it Mom or Mary Claire?” she asked.

“Both. Come up here and kiss me,” I said as I lightly pulled her arm. After crawling up into my arms, we wrapped our arms around each other and longingly kissed each other. “I love you, Katrina,” I breathed quietly as we ended the kiss.

“And I love you. Now let’s go shower shall we?”

“Don’t use all the hot water pleasuring each other in there,” said Veronica as she stood in the doorway clothed in a satin wrap and holding a cup of fresh coffee.

Though Katrina and I had a short hygiene-focused shower my eyes still enjoyed looking at her youthful body. Just before we exited, I spun her around to face me. As the spray cascaded over her shoulder to hit my chest and cascade down between us, my hand moved over her pussy to her clit which was particularly sensitive this morning. She too must have had a wonderful evening of making love to her lover. As I played with her clit and moved two fingers within her she moaned with pleasure. When our kiss ended she held her head against my chest as I brought her to a rather quick orgasm.

As I tossed Katrina a plush tan towel and grabbed one myself, Veronica and a still groggy Mary Claire who had been awakened by Veronica sucking her breasts squeezed past us to take their shower. My daughter and I continued to lovingly dry each other as we entered the bedroom.

Ashley came in as Katrina was toweling her hair by the full length mirror. “Hey, what’d I miss?”

“Just a shower,” I replied.

“And probably your finger up my ass,” retorted Ashley who had that freshly showered look herself. “Later then?”

“Of course,” I answered as she wrapped one arm around my neck and one hand around my cock.

“You feel soo nice, all warm and soapy smelling. I love you, Dad.” With that she took her lover’s hand and led her back to their room to dress for the day.

After eating breakfast, Ashley and Katrina left for classes. Ten minutes later Mary Clair left saying she was going to go by her house to get some clothes.

The house was suddenly quiet as Veronica and I enjoyed coffee on the deck, snuggled against each other in the morning coolness. My eyes took in the morning mist rising from the creek which ran about a hundred yards beyond the deck.

“I met with Evie, Reverend Evie Graham yesterday. She’s the minister who’s going to marry us,” Veronica said between sips of coffee. She put down her cup before continuing, “I was quite impressed with her, intellectually as well as physically. After our two hour discussion she pretty much nailed my character. We’re all going to a worship service and a brunch at her church on Sunday. I wrote down the time and location, I’ll find it later.”

“I’m not really interested in going to church,” I moaned. “Dressed up sitting in a room with others, many of whom have a self-righteous attitude and listening to some moralizing drivel is not my idea of enjoying a Sunday. I’d much rather relax, sleep-in, have a little fun before getting up, and have a good breakfast before watching a football game.”

My fiancée smiled in a disarming manner, “Scott, it’s only right that we visit her church if we’re going to have her marry us. I think you’ll be surprised by Reverend Graham. She doesn’t strike me as the moralizing lecture kind. Besides, it’ll do our souls some good to reflect on the higher values of life and to give thanks for the beauty we see all around us.”

“You’re right,” I nodded.

“She wants to meet you and both the girls,” Veronica continued.

I held my tongue as well as repressing a groan. I really didn’t want to be around any minister any longer than necessary. I’d been around several “men of the cloth” over the years who seemed more interested in giving me answers to questions I wasn’t asking. Most of these men seemed to be more interested in getting me “saved” whatever “saved” meant by their definition and getting me to give 10% or more of my income in gratitude for them “saving my soul.” As Veronica continued talking I reminded myself to trust her judgment that this one was different. My skeptical side said, ‘Right, just keep one hand over your wallet.’

I had missed some of what my love had just said, but as I tuned back in she was talking about her session with the Reverend. “She asked about sex, money, expectations and … communication. Yesterday we talked at length on all four topics. She wasn’t judgmental, just very perceptive. When I’d run out of things to say, she’d wait for me to fill the void. Great interview technique. I guess she’ll schedule another session with you or us. I’m confident that you’ll like her.” concluded Veronica.

“I’m bahçeşehir escort looking forward to meeting her, but I didn’t think I’d be doing it after a church service I attended.” As soon as I said it I knew I was trying to justify myself and should change topics, “Did you and Grace get gowns last night? I understand that you’re leaving just before noon Wednesday and’ll be back late afternoon on Friday. I guess Grace explained why she couldn’t stay until Saturday.”

She nodded, “It would have been nice to stay until Saturday.” After a moment of silence my curiosity got the better of me. “Are you going to seduce her, or is she going to seduce you?”

“While I think the seduction’s going to be mutual, part of me would like to control how and when it’ll happen. When we were shopping I implied, no that’s wrong, I more than implied, that she was my lover and I was the dominant one in the relationship. Scott, I can’t explain it but the thought of seducing your executive secretary excites me. I’m not sure what excites me more, the idea of being her first female lover, or being able to take control of her…she seems so willing to be dominated, or the thought of making love to her and then presenting her to you to fuck. Whatever it is, possibly it’s all three, I was so wet when I got home, that Mary Claire ate me on the couch. That young lady has a talented tongue and fingers.”

“Draws well too,” I chuckled.

“How’s the deal coming?” Veronica asked.

“Positively, so far. Looks like you and Hazel are going to be stuck with some retired geezers hanging around your homes. There are just a few issues to clarify, but they seem quite anxious to do this deal. They’ve already met Emerson’s demand that there be no more than fifteen percent in Citi stock with a ninety day hold period. The rest would be cash.”

“I love the idea of having a retired geezer around to pleasure and be pleasured by,” she laughed before kissing me lightly.

I felt this was the moment to explain something to her that’ll become evident in the sale. “I think I should explain some things to you so you’ll not be confused when the deal happens.” After she nodded her head I continued, “About twelve years ago, both Emerson and I started to annually transfer a small part of the company into the names of our daughters and wives. We gifted small portions as a way to limit inheritance and other taxes if we were die.”

“I understand. So you’re saying that Marty and Katrina will be getting proceeds from the sale. You’re telling me this so I won’t misunderstand why neither I nor Ashley will have any direct proceeds. Scott, that’s entirely understandable,” she nodded without showing any anger or disappointment. The more time we spend together the more I love her.

“When we divorced, I bought back nearly half of Marty’s share. For some reason she didn’t want to sell all of it. She still owns just over three and a quarter percent of the company and Katrina almost six percent. They’re both going to be millionaires, though that’s not saying as much as it used to,” I finished with a laugh.

“That’s great. I am happy for them both, particularly for Marty,” she smiled. She must have noticed my expression as she added, “I am happy for her. I think she’s a nice woman who made a few poor choices and got burned by them.”

“I agree with you,” I nodded. “But I traded way way up when you came into my life.”

Veronica laughed as she poked me in the chest, “Nice recovery future husband of mine. Nice … smooth … recovery.” As she continued to play with my chest she laughed, “I’m not surprised that Marty didn’t sell. She wanted to keep some attachment to you. From the way that she was looking at you last week, I can see that she still has some feelings for you.”

“You needn’t worry. You’re the love of my life,” I quickly assured her.

“I know that and Scott. To be honest with you, I don’t mind her having feelings for you. I’m secure in our love for each other enough to know that I’m the one who you love with your whole being. … Oh, before I forget, Dave is bringing by a designer/decorator tomorrow morning at eight, name’s Alyssa and I’ll ask the title company to send a rep no later than nine. We can get the documents executed before I fly out. I guess you can fund it when you go to the office on Wednesday?” asked Veronica.

“Dave, eh. Do you think you’ll ever see enough of him?” I grinned.

“Oh, stop,” she said slapping my arm. “Since you brought up sex, while I’m hopefully sleeping with Grace, who’s going to keep you warm at night?”

“I thought I’d go out and buy a big dog,” I replied.

“No you’re not. You’re going to get someone to fuck. I know you are, and I don’t mind as long as you tell me who it is.”

“Suggestions?” I asked as I raised my eyebrows.

“Well. Cindy works every night and she’ll be coming Friday night to spend the weekend with us. Mary Claire seems to be here a lot so she’s an option. How about Carol and bakırköy escort Erin, there’s a fucking duo for you? Or Sharon, or Kim, or Gwen? Or all of them? No, that’s a bad idea, you may hurt yourself. I’d like for you to spend at least one of the nights with Carol, she’s special to me,” smiled Veronica.

“Yeah, just be my luck to make plans with someone, then get hung up at the office,” I replied.

Veronica reached for her cell on the table, began dialing and when the phone was picked up, “Carol, Veronica. How’d you like to spend a whole night alone with Scott. … Yes, I’m going out of town. Would this Thursday be okay. I’m sure dinner’d be included, he’d want to romance you a bit. … Sure, bring her too if that’s your wish. She could entertain Scott as well as the girls, or just entertain the girls if you want to have a night alone with my fiancé. Oh, there’s another one here now … Mary Claire, a very good lover. … Yes, teen pussy. … I think she seduced us. I’ll tell him, love you, bye.”

“She says she’s really tied up at work, but the offer dampened her thong. It’s up to you to call her with details. I’ll put her number on your phone. And take her to a nice quiet romantic Italian restaurant, she loves Italian. Oops, I never heard you make a choice did I? I hope it’s okay, Evie says I’m assertive by nature and that I need to dominate our bedroom. I didn’t think so, but she’s right isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is. I agree with her. I love that aspect of your character. Carol and Erin will be fun, thanks for making that decision for me. I love you Veronica. Heart and soul, I love you,” I said gathering her into my arms and passionately kissing her and caressing her breasts. “You don’t change anything for me, and if you want to be more dominant, go for it. Hmmm, does Mistress Veronica have time for a quickie?”

“I’ll Mistress Veronica you…,” she giggled as I kissed her again. As we laughed and chased each other up the stairs to the master bedroom I teased her about being Mistress Veronica and she me about being Master Scott, master of a growing harem. “I’ll tell you what I’ll put my master cock in your mistress pussy and you’ll plead for mercy.”

“Oh, who says so … Master? Only if I say so, I’ll reduce the size of your harem if you don’t fuck me now. Is that assertive enough for you?” laughed Veronica.

I said, “On your hands and knees mistress.”

As Veronica climbed on the bed and knelt with her ass in the air, she asked, “I thought I was in charge here.”

“You are,” I replied, “You get to decide when to have an orgasm. I’m only doing what you asked a moment ago.” I got behind her and slowly eased my cock into her very wet pussy and began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. “Have I mastered this?” I asked.

“Ooh, yes you have. God you feel good,” she began to pant.

As I was loving her I was thinking a bit about Carol and I’m sure Veronica was thinking a bit about Grace, or maybe Dave, but no matter.

We showered together and before leaving I went to a laptop, accessed my accounts, giving Veronica the usernames and passwords and transferred one million dollars from my investment account to our joint account. The bank immediately called and after a brief verification discussion I was assured the funds would be moved later today or tomorrow. I logged off and turned to my wide-eyed fiancée who said. “You really trust and love me, don’t you.”

“More every day, Veronica, more every day. And that’s despite the fact that you choose who’s going to be in my bed when you’re not there,” I replied grinning and putting my arms around her waist.

“Do you think that that’s too assertive or dominant?” she asked with a smile.

“Heavens no, it reflects your good taste. It’s a man’s dream to have his wife arrange for bed partners for him while they’re apart,” I replied standing and deeply kissing her with a good deal of ass caressing. “Well, back to the grindstone, what’re you up to today?”

“I’ve got to lay out some clothes for San Francisco, we’re going shoe shopping this afternoon, then I don’t know about this evening. Are you going to be home for dinner?” Veronica asked.

“I think so, I’ll probably bring Emerson with me. Hazel’s going to some sort of meeting that goes over the dinner hour. Would that be okay? If we can’t make it I’ll let you know, otherwise count on us.” I replied.

“Mary Claire is a good cook based on last night’s meal. I’ll see if she wants to help,” replied Veronica.

“Wow, a good cook, an artist, a great fuck, gives good head and can eat the three of you to heaven,” I observed.

“Be good,” Veronica grinned. “And don’t tell Emerson about the sex part.”

I’d no sooner gotten out the door then Grace called and asked Veronica if she should get a limo to take them to the airport. Veronica told her that Mary Claire would more than likely be available to drive them and to come to our house and park her car there.

Veronica called the title company başakşehir escort and confirmed that the title rep and a notary would be at our house no later than nine tomorrow morning. She then went to our bedroom and began choosing some clothes and shoes for the trip.

Just as she was sitting down in the kitchen for lunch with Mary Claire, the doorbell rang and it was her saleslady from last night. She insisted that Veronica try on the shoes and walk around on the carpet for a few minutes. They fit perfectly, although dark lavender heels with the khaki skirt looked a bit strange. Mary Claire offered to take the hanging bags upstairs.

During lunch Mary Claire asked if she could hang a few of her clothes in the closet in the spare bedroom and use a drawer in the dresser. Veronica assured her that it would be okay. After lunch Mary Claire went from bedroom to bedroom gathering dirty clothes took them into the laundry room, sorted then and started a load. “You don’t have to do that,” remarked Veronica.

“I know, but I want too,” replied Mary Claire.

Just shy of two-thirty Katrina and Ashley arrived home, embraced Mary Claire and Veronica and went looking for the pearl panty package. They found it on top of Veronica’s dresser and took a pair out for Grace. Mary Claire, Katrina and Ashley all changed into shorter skirts and put on the panties. All three were wearing two inch slides when Veronica joined them. She was wearing a scooped neck shell over a half cup bra, the khaki skirt which was the same length as the girl’s skirts – mid-thigh, and three inch tan pumps. Because of the skirt lengths they were all bare-legged, Katrina remarked that they’d put on hose before I got home.

Ashley drove with Veronica and Katrina in the back seat and Mary Claire in front. Grace had taken a late lunch and was parking as they arrived. As they were walking in, Katrina handed Grace her pair of pearl panties and suggested that she go to the restroom and put them on. Grace was somewhat hesitant until Veronica said, “Put them on Grace. You’ll not regret it.” Grace nodded and immediately headed for the women’s restroom.

They all waited while Grace changed. Minutes later she walked out with a big grin. Veronica took hold of Grace’s hand as they made their way to see Sharon. Veronica briefly put her arm around Grace’s waist as they were walking and noticed there was a flash of jealously across Mary Claire’s face.

Stepping into the store they noticed Sharon standing behind the check counter on the left. To the right and about twenty feet beyond the sales counter a stunning blonde about Veronica’s age was waiting on the sole customer. When Sharon looked up, her face brightened and she said ,”Hi Veronica, and this is … Ashley?”

“Yes,” replied Veronica. “This is Grace Powers a good friend of mine, and Katrina and Mary Claire, two of my three other daughters. You met Cindy, the fourth one last week,” said Veronica smiling.

The ‘daughters’ comment caused subdued surprised looks from Mary Claire and Grace. “Pleased to meet all of you,” said Sharon shaking each hand in turn and repeating each name, “Grace,… Katrina,…Mary Claire, … and Ashley, so nice to see you again. How may I help you?” Before responding, Veronica glanced over at the other saleslady who was giving them a warm welcoming smile.

“Sit over here please,” indicated Sharon with a tilt of her head. They all sat side by side with their legs crossed for the moment.

“Ashley and Katrina need white sling-back pumps for our wedding, Grace needs a pair of strappy heels, more than likely gold for a new ball gown, and Mary Claire needs … whatever she wants,” said Veronica.

As she moved the fitting stool in front of Ashley, Veronica uncrossed her legs affording Sharon a teasing glance up her skirt. When she saw the pussy hair outlined with pearls, her breath caught and she mumbled, “Oh, my!”

At that moment while she was temporarily frozen looking up Veronica’s skirt the other salesclerk came over from the register and asked Sharon “Need help?”

Looking up Sharon composed herself to announce, “Everyone, this is my Mom, Jane, who’s my aunt’s partner in the store. Mom this is Veronica, Ashley, Mary Claire, Katrina who are three of her four daughters and Grace Powers.”

“Hi everyone, thanks for coming in. Sharon is this the same Veronica as …?” asked Jane in a lower voice.

“God, yes,” responded Sharon.

Veronica’s eyes quickly scanned Jane. She was about five nine in three inch heels under her grey fitted slacks, and in a black shell top that hugged her full breasts tightly and nicely accented her shoulder length blonde hair. She is very, very attractive and probably quite photogenic. Scott would love to photograph her and fuck her too I suspect. I’d love to help him do her too or have time alone with her if she goes that way, Veronica thought.

After her daughter explained what each woman was after, Jane pulled a fitting stool in front of Katrina who was seated to Veronica’s left. As Jane reached down to take Katrina’s foot for a measurement, Katrina lifted her right foot upward into Jane’s hand while the left leg shifted left which resulted in Jane being graced with a flash of her pearl outlined pussy. Jane’s breath caught as had her daughter’s and said “Oh, my.”

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