Alexis Fawx

She showed the back of the business card to the cab driver, he read it, nodded, and she put the card back inside her clutch. That card was the business card of her hotel and on the back was the name of her destination for the evening.

If she were in the US or even in an English speaking country, she could have handled it on her own, but tonight she was in Antalya in the south of Turkey and all she knew to say in Turkish was “hello”, “thank you”, and “do you have a menu in English?”

She had come her with 3 friends, a get away from their husbands to see some place exotic. But it was more than that to her, it was a fulfillment of a dream because she had wanted to come to this very town for years to fulfill her fantasy, she couldn’t explain why or how she just knew that it was there and then.

Her friends didn’t know what she was doing tonight, she wanted to share her room with Julia because she knew that Julia could sleep through a train wreck and she needed that edge. She had laid in her bed until she could hear Julia snoring softly then she got out of bed and took another shower.

She used her hair removing lotions to make sure that her legs and, especially, her pussy was completely smooth. Then she dried, put on more make up than usual, her lacey blue bra, a loose fitting silky blue blouse and the shortest navy blue mini skirt that she had ever wore.

The cab bounced through the uneven streets, it was late but they were still crowded, as she looked out the window, amazed at the beauty, and excited by her plan, her fantasy that was finally unfolding in front of her. With out her really realizing it, her hand had slid itself under her skirt and lightly fondled her smooth labia. It felt good; both comforting and exciting as she felt her juices build inside her.

Her mind wandered, she had started shaving herself or him (oh shit she didn’t want to think about her husband the asshole but there he was…) after they had been married a few years but kept her labia clean for herself because she just liked it like that.

As soon as she thought of him, she instinctively crossed her arms across her chest, pulling her breasts tighter together in both self protection and comfort.

She remembered the last time they had sex…they never made love Konya Escort or even fucked, their sex life had boiled down to him poking his dick inside her, cumming, then going to sleep. But the last time was different because it was in the middle of the day. The kids were gone for the day, he was watching football on TV, and she was changing the sheets on their bed.

He came up and grabbed her tits from behind and started unbuttoning her shirt.

“Hey, baby, lets do it” he said in a voice husky from beer.

She thought that it was something new, that he might actually want to “add some spice so she joined in.

But she soon saw that it was more of the same, just a different time of the day, when he wouldn’t take off the dirty University of Alabama (they didn’t live close to Alabama, she knew that he couldn’t find Alabama on a map but he was a fan because they had offered him a free ride as a linebacker back in high school. But the scholarship evaporated when he was pulled for a DUI and arrested for simple possession of an ounce of grass. The University of Alabama had turned its back on him but they had his undying love…more than the love he gave her or their kids) then he pushed himself on top of her when he got her pants off.

He spit on two fingers and rubbed it into her vagina and then pushed his semi-hard penis inside her. She had no other choice than to lay their and watch the ceiling fan revolve until he would squirt his little half ounce of semen inside her.

It didn’t take him long but as he came he said, “Roooooooooolllll tiiiiide….uh!” then laughed in her ear.

“Did you hear that?” he said, “I said ‘Roll tide” when I came…heh heh..”

She looked at him in utter amazement, “Why do idiots have to repeat their own punch lines?” she thought.

“Heh heh, I said ‘Roooolll tiiiiiiiiide uh!!!'” his pants were back on and he was returning to the TV for the second half.

She looked at him in contempt and said “Go, cocks.” without any emphasis at all.

He stopped at the door and turned, he looked at her as if she were a 2 year old and said, “goddammitdon’tyouknowanything? Bama’s playinng ol Miss…goddamn idiot”

Now she was thousands of miles away from that bag of shit (and excuse her for insulting Konya Escort Bayan shit) and he still haunted her, but no any more she promised herself.

“Bama’s playing ol Miss…”echoed in her mind.

A real voice thankfully destroyed that reverie, “Meeez…”

She refocused her eyes and the cab driver was pointing at the name on the bar, the name on the card, and at the red numbers on the meter.

“Oh, thank you” she pulled some cash out of her clutch and went inside.

The bar was as she had imagined it, a little cleaner and brighter, but what she had wanted. Quiet, not many people, semi dark, perfect.

She sat at a table in the back by the wall and surveyed the people in the room. A bar tender, one waitress, two or three couples involved with each other, and no one else.

The waitress asked for her drink order, she asked for white wine and water, she wasn’t going to drink any alcohol but she ordered it for looks.

So far everything was perfect to her fantasy except for the guy that she had imagined would be there. Where was he? Was she being stood up by her own imagination.

She sat there and sipped at her water for almost an hour, one of the couples had left and she had tried to chat with the waitress but he language barrier was too great.

Suddenly a young man was standing beside her smiling.

“I study English…I practice with you, no?”

He sat at the table with her and she smiled at him, open and inviting. He moved his chair to her side of the table and she pulled her shoulders back.

They tried to chat but the language barrier didn’t stop them as it had with the waitress.

Each moment brought him closer and she rewarded him by smiling and nnot moving away.

Soon he was very close, his right hand was along the back of her chair and his left was on her bare knee. She let him kiss her as he moved his left hand to her breast.

He was surprised when she pulled his hand from her chest and slid it up her skirt to the open wetness there. His eyes opened in surprise and her forwardness and at the lack of pubic hair there.

They kissed deep and long, he tasted of cigarettes and whiskey as his fingers expertly massaged her wet and swelling clit. His cock was only Escort Konya half erect but bigger and thicker than any other cock that she’d ever held before. she stroked it with purpose and it thickened and straightened beneath the fabric of his pants.

They stood in the same mind and moved to the wall where he pressed her with eh fullness of his muscular body as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his long hard organ and stroked the hard smooth skin.

Above her head was a wrought iron sconce and she used it to pull herself up to wrap her legs around his waist. Her breath skipped in pleasure when she felt him place the head of his cock between her wet pussy lips and she lowered herself down on to him.

Every nerve ending screamed its pleasure as little by little he smoothly entered her, lubricated by their matching desire and when he was completely inside her she felt like she had never been this full in her life as her pussy muscles contracted around him and she had the most amazing orgasm of her life. Still wearing their clothes, the only skin she could feel was him inside her wet canal

In her pleasure, she released the sconce and gravity combined with the force of him pushing her against the wall rammed him deeper inside her yet causing her spasms to renew themselves in deeper pleasure.

Now it was time for him to pump her, she opened her eyes and saw that all eyes were on them and this caused her to grind her pussy against his powerful stokes. She could feel his erection grow harder as his climax grew near and the feeling of him even deeper inside her brought a new orgasm.

These contractions pushed him over the brink and he filled her with his heat that rapidly spread through out her body as he made the sound of a man who had just toppled a large stone she heard another sound, like that of a tigress bellowing in a primal jungle and realized that the sound was her own voice announcing to the room that she was cumming again.

They stood there suspended in the post coital ecstasy until she allowed her feet to slide to the floor and his flaccid dick pulled out of her.

She kissed him and walked away. Everyone in the bar stared at her but the bar tender and as she walked by she noticed that the waitresses head was bobbing up and down in his lap.

He walked with her and hailed a cab for her.

Once inside, she showed the driver the side of the card with her hotel’s name and as they drove back, she slid her hand under her skirt to hold his wetness inside for a little while longer.

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