Another Taste of Mom


Although the wife and I have always talked openly about sex and our secret fantasies, it was almost a week before anything was mentioned about the events that transpired on the canoe trip we took with her mother.

We were snuggling in bed and Deb looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and asked if I liked fucking her mom better that her.

I just chuckled a little and told her not to be silly or jealous because if she remembered correctly it was her idea in the first place.

She snuggled in tighter to me rubbing her neatly trimmed pussy against my thigh and said that it really did make her hot and wet watching and I told her I could tell by her actions after my return to camp.

I squeezed her ass cheek and asked her if she liked the taste of her moms’ pussy and she said she couldn’t believe she had actually sucked her own mothers’ juices off my dick.

I told her that she still had not answered my question and after a second or two of awkward silence she admitted that she loved it.

She told me she didn’t know if it was because it was another woman or because it was actually her mom but she said it made her hornier than hell.

I asked her how she would like to get the taste first hand without having to suck it off my cock and she asked how that could possibly happen.

I told her that I didn’t have all the details worked out yet but I had been forming a scheme (or fantasy) in my head since we got back from the canoe trip.

She urged me to tell her all the details of my plan but I told her she would just have to wait until I had it figured out myself.

I just laughed and told her the anticipation would stimulate her mind, which in turn would stimulate her body and maybe she could come up with a scenario or two of her own.

A few days later I told Deb that I thought I had it figured out and proceeded to tell her what I had planned for our next encounter with her mom.

She inquired what we would do if we got caught and I told her we would just have to play that situation out if it happened.

I said hopefully we would have her mom so hot she wouldn’t care if we brought animals into the mix.

I put the plan into motion that very weekend by calling Helen and telling her our son was going to gone for the weekend coming up and wondered if she wanted to go out with Deb and I to which she eagerly agreed.

We picked Helen up around 7:00 pm on Friday night and proceeded downtown to start what Deb and I hope would turn into a very exciting and memorable night.

We decided to hit a few of the local bars before heading out of town to a nearby club that had a band so we could kick our heals up a little.

After having a few drinks the two women were ready to go dancing so we started the 20-minute drive to the dance club.

On the ride over Deb told Helen that maybe she would find her a man at the club and get lucky to which her mom replied she was out with us tonight and that she wasn’t interested in meeting anybody right now.

Deb surprised us ,when she asked her mom if she ever got horny and after gasping her daughters name Helen replied that she didn’t think that Tim wanted to know the details of her thoughts.

I assured her that she couldn’t be further from the truth and the two girls could talk about anything they wanted to in front of me.

Although Helen kept trying to avoid the subject of sex, her desires and needs, Deb kept up the banter trying to get answers from her mother.

I thought Helen was going to get upset when her daughter asked her if she played with herself and if so; did she use toys or what.

Her mother told her that she thought that was getting a little too personal and luckily we had arrived at the dance club saving Helen from her daughters’ persistent questions.

Over the next several hours we danced and drank with abandonment and were having a fabulous time.

On one trip when Deb went to the ladies room without her mother I told Helen that she never answered Debs question about playing with herself and she gave me a knowing smile and told me that a girl does what she has to.

I told her I could see where her daughter got her looks and beautiful blue eyes from, which made her blush a little and then Helen replied she didn’t think I even noticed her eyes.

When Deb returned to the table she asked what we had been talking about and I told her which surprised her mother enough for her to slap my arm.

I told her that it was okay because her daughter played with herself also and so did I.

Helen told us that everybody does but it’s not something for casual conversation but I told her we were all adults and sharing personal things only made us closer.

Deb chimed in and said yeah mom I wan to hear all the juicy details and we all started laughing at her play on words.

The next time the girls went out to dance I elected to stay at our table informing them it was nice to sit and watch two beautiful women in skin tight levis shaking Isparta Escort their asses just for me and they asked if I thought it was all for me to which I replied it better be.

They giggled and headed off to the dance floor and put on quite a show, which was noticed by almost everyone in the club.

At 34 and 52 years old and with their asses looking 18 in the jeans they almost looked like sisters instead of mother and daughter.

They both have beautiful blue eyes and Auburn colored hair with my wifes leaning more to the brown side as Helens having a more reddish cast to it but they are each one individually beautiful on their own let alone as a matched set.

After they caught their breath and had a drink a slow song started and at Debs insistence I took Helen onto the dance floor.

I had her pulled close to me and she was grinding her pelvis into my leg and I whispered in her ear and told her I wanted to fuck her again and she said she would like that very much.

I asked her if she had ever been blindfolded during sex and she said she hadn’t and why would she want to be.

I told her that it added to the excitement because one had to use their other senses and this seemed to enhance the level of excitement and that if you couldn’t see then you never knew what might happen next.

She pressed into me again and said it sounded interesting and I assured her that it would be.

When the music stopped we made our way back to the table and Deb asked her mom if she had been humping me out there and Helen replied she was just dancing extremely close.

We all laughed and Deb said she bet her mom was wet because as we exited the floor she noticed that I was about half hard.

Helen was once again surprised at her daughters’ boldness and just stated if she was then it was her business.

Deb told her it was okay because I made her wet too and even though she was Tims mother in law she was still a woman.

Helen told her she was right but that was information she would rather keep to herself and told Deb to leave it at that.

Both girls were pretty tipsy so I asked if they were ready to go or stay till they closed and they said it was up to me.

I told them we would get some cocktails for the drive back and take a road trip through the country to which they excitedly agreed.

At Debs insistence we all got in the front seat so we could be cozy as she put it and I didn’t mind one bit.

My wife not only gets her fantastic looks from her mother she also got a bit of free spirit because every time we took road trips it seemed like the girls relished in getting to pee in the road in the great outdoors.

Every time the conversation lulled Deb would bring up something of a sexual nature and her mom asked her if she was obsessed with sex or what.

Deb replied that she thought she might be and asked her mother if she was to which Helen replied that although she loved it she wouldn’t say she was obsessed with it.

Almost everything that came out of Debs mouth pertained to sex and she even asked her mom if she had ever been with another woman and it was obvious she was shocked by this question when she snapped an insistent no answer.

I asked her if it was because she didn’t want to or the situation never presented itself and she said it was a little of both.

I then asked her if she were ever presented with the opportunity would she be willing to explore and she said she wasn’t sure.

I laughed and told her if she was horny enough she would probably jump right into it without a second thought about it.

She laughed and agreed that once a person got so horny the possibilities could be endless as to what one might do sexually.

Deb laughed and accused her mother of being a muff licker and Helen smacked her leg and told her she was not but added that you never know what the future holds.

She then added that with the luck she had with men that maybe it was something to consider.

I said I wanted to watch if it ever happened and we all laughed hysterically but I was serious.

As we neared our house Deb told her mom that she was staying with us so I wouldn’t have to drive into town since I had been drinking and her mother said that was fine and added that she always slept peacefully when she stayed with us.

We exited the car and unsteadily made our way into the house and Deb went immediately to the stereo and turned on some music.

She asked her mom if she wanted to dance with her and her mom politely declined saying she was headed to bed if we didn’t care so we each kissed her goodnight and off she went.

Deb turned to music down to a soothing listening level and we cuddled up on the couch and discussed the rest of our plan for the night.

We went to our room and prepared ourselves for what we hoped would be an interesting interlude.

It was obvious that Deb was ready because her pussy was so wet it glistened in the dim glow Isparta Escort Bayan of the nightlight.

I told her she must be really excited and she said she was so horny that she might cum just thinking about what we were getting ready to do.

I told her if she didn’t want to get caught she had to be very quiet and remember everything we talked about and she said she would try.

I gathered up my necessities and gave her a kiss and headed down the hall to the spare bedroom where I hoped I would find Helen still awake.

She was lying there covered only with a sheet and when I pulled it back she gasp with surprise and told me I had startled her and I assured her that I wasn’t finished startling her yet.

She smiled and inquired about her daughter and I assured her she was out cold and could not hear us and she just needed to relax and enjoy what was about to happen.

Helen asked what that might be and I told her that she would see then I chuckled and pulled out my blindfold and told her that maybe she wouldn’t.

She wasn’t real keen on the idea but I reassured her that it would be alright and that it would heighten her other senses so she allowed me to plunge her into total darkness and await her fate.

After insuring she could not see anything I opened the door and motioned for my wife to enter the room which she eagerly did.

I’m not sure exactly what her thoughts or feelings were seeing her mother lying there stark naked, blindfolded and vulnerable to whatever might come, but I knew she was ready to play.

Deb and I knew that we could only communicate with signs and signals so I motioned for her to move to the side so she could see what was happening.

I moved to the bed and let my hand trail from Helens neck, across her breasts all the way down one leg to her feet and then back up and just this light touch seemed to arouse her somewhat.

She whispered that it really did heighten the senses and I replied that I told her she would enjoy it very much and that we weren’t even getting started yet.

I leaned down and gave her a passionate kiss on the mouth and by the ferocity with which she returned my kiss I knew she was already hot and ready for anything or so I hoped.

I worked my way down her neck to her breasts and she was caressing my head and squirming around as I let my tongue trail off her tits and down across her stomach to her light Auburn patch of pussy hair.

She reached down and was rubbing my shaved head so I removed her hands and told her she needed to play with her tits while I was down here or I’d have to tie her hands up to which she cooed for me to do whatever I wanted.

Helen started rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples and was even pulling them up so she could lick them so I moved back to my mission at hand.

I gently let my tongue trail through her pussy hair again but before I made contact with her flesh I stepped back and motioned for my wife to take my place.

I couldn’t tell if she was shaking because she was afraid or that she just might be that excited.

Deb was on her knees with her face between her mothers’ thighs and my question was soon answered because her pussy was so wet that it was running down her leg.

They always say that a woman knows what feels good to her and what would give another woman pleasure and this was evident by the moans emanating from Helen as she ground her pussy into her daughters face.

I slipped a finger into Debs pussy and she let out a slight moan and I froze thinking her mother might discover what we were doing but she was so hot she couldn’t hear a thing but the blood rushing through her own head and her heart pounding in her ears.

After fingering Deb for a few seconds I reached down and pulled her head from her mother sopping pussy and slid another finger into her Helens pussy making her squirm and almost cry out.

I removed my finger from her pussy and placed both soaked fingers into Helens mouth and she hungrily sucked the juices of her and her daughter off my fingers.

I asked her what she thought of the taste of pussy and she purred that she liked it but she wanted my cock in her now.

I told her that she would just have to be patient and she would get her wish but I still had more in store for her.

Before I let Deb continue eating her mothers’ pussy I had her put an ice cube in her mouth and her eyes lit up because she was aware of the sensations that she got when I used ice on her hot wet pussy.

When the tip of Debs cold wet tongue hit her mothers clit I thought Helen was going to throw herself off the bed as she cried out not caring if she woke her daughter or not.

Deb continued to assault her moms’ pussy and even her asshole with her tongue and the sight of this had me throbbing so I positioned myself and slowly slid my cock up into my wife soaked pussy.

As I slowly slid in and out of her she was eating and moaning into her mothers’ crotch when Escort Isparta all of a sudden I saw Helens hands leave her breasts and reach toward her pussy.

It happened so fast I either didn’t have a chance or chose not to react but in an instant Helen had her hand on a head full of hair.

Deb didn’t slow her attack one bit but Helen realized that it couldn’t be me eating her pussy because my head was shaved and in an instant she pulled her blindfold off and gasp as she saw her own daughters head buried between her legs.

Helen was surprised, confused and shocked as she called out her daughters name and asked her what she was doing.

Deb raised her glistening face from her mothers’ pussy and asked her what she thought she was doing and then asked her if she had liked it.

Helen was totally confused and her answers reflected this fact when she stammered yes, no, I don’t know.

I chimed in and said that I was no expert on female sexuality but it seemed to me that Helen had been enjoying it somewhat and that by the looks of both womens pussies I’d say that her daughter was enjoying it also.

Helen was visibly upset and all she could do was shake her head and mumble how wrong this was.

Deb was horny as hell and a bit agitated at her mothers reactions and before I knew it she was telling her mother that she didn’t seem so righteous when Tim had his cock buried in you in the showers at the campground.

A look of surprise and horror came over Helens face and she asked her daughter how she knew about that.

Ded told her mother that it was her idea; that she had watched us do it and that after we came back from the showers she had taken Tim down into the woods and fucked him silly after she sucked her mothers pussy juice off his dick.

Helen was beside herself and didn’t know what to think so I suggested we put the blindfold back on and continue but she was adamant that this shouldn’t be happening.

I told her that it already happened and it was obvious she was enjoying it so it shouldn’t matter who was eating her as long as they were doing a good job.

Helen exclaimed that I was missing the point to which I retorted that she was missing the point because it was just sexual gratification between consenting adults and our relationships shouldn’t matter.

I told her she needed to just lay back and enjoy the feeling of having her daughter finish eating her pussy and she could watch as I fucked Deb from behind.

Before she could protest Deb pried her legs apart and buried her face back into her mothers wet pussy and it only took a lick or two and Helen was reeling with passion again and I slid my rock hard cock up inside my wifes hot pulsating pussy.

After a few minutes I slipped my cock out of Deb and moved around so Helen could take it into her mouth.

I wasn’t sure if she would suck on it or not knowing that it was covered in her own daughters’ pussy juice but I guess she was so horny by now it didn’t matter because she took me in without the slightest objection.

I smiled down on the scene before me with my wifes face buried in her mothers pussy and me with my cock in her mothers mouth.

I reached over and started playing with my wifes pussy and found she was working her clit feverishly with her own hand and it didn’t seem like anytime at all she was moaning into her moms’ pussy which brought Helen closer to the edge.

As Deb moaned into her moms’ pussy and Helen moaned around my cock we all were racing towards a mind shattering orgasm.

When Helen started cumming it was like a chain reaction because my wife was next which sent me over the edge and we were all cumming together.

Needless to say I was finished before the two women but it was fantastic that we all experienced the excitement of simultaneous orgasms.

After we caught our breath Deb told her mother that she was sorry we tricked her but that she had really enjoyed it and her mother reassured her that she wasn’t mad and that she really loved her.

Deb asked if it was alright for her mother to sleep with us and I told her that I would love it but Helen politely refused saying she needed to sort this out a little and come to grips with her thoughts and feelings.

I told Helen she better get it figured out because we still had Saturday night left in our weekend and my wife asked what I had up my sleeve now.

Deb told her mom that she had no idea what it was but with Tims imagination it should prove to be an interesting evening.

Helen said she didn’t know if she was ready for that or not and I told her it would be alright she handled tonight without a big problem.

We both kissed Helen goodnight and wished her a restful sleep to which she replied it should at least be a satisfied sleep and she winked at us as we left the room.

When we got into bed Deb kept asking me what I had in store for them for Saturday night and I told her she would just have to wait and see but other than her mother returning the favor I had a few more tricks up my sleeve.

She told me I was the loveliest wicked man she had ever met and I told her I would take that as a compliment.

We drifted off to sleep wrapped in each others bodies with thoughts of what our next encounter with mom might entail.

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