Another story


These are the Stories I write to my master… each one is different, but some things might be the same from story to story, and some might repeat.. they are not continuous…

Ben decided Cindy needed to be taken to her limits so he invited her over. When she got there he overpowered her, forcing her to the ground, he cut off her clothes using a sharp box cutter, he quickly attached restraints to her, tying her arms behind her back, he used thick strong rope, and tying her thighs together not enough that she couldn’t shuffle to where he wanted her. He shoved a ball gag in her mouth and whispered in her ear “you have been a bad bad dirty slut, you need to know who is the boss. He the slapped her ass with his bare hand until it was slightly reddened and she was trying to flinch away from him. He grabbed her restraints and dragged her up onto her feet, he forced her shuffle to where he had set up all his equipment. He strapped her to a makeshift st andrews cross, attaching a spreader bar to her ankles, forcing her legs open wide putting strain on her thighs, because they are still tied together, he could hear her moans of pain through her gag. He then grabbed a flogger and started caressing her back with the flogger, varying his strokes, Escort hard the soft, and on occasion running his fingertips lightly over her back and ass, after about 15 mins he stopped and brought a padded trestle table leg over, it is perfect because it is two legs which are attached to a horizontal plank, which is padded, he undid her arms from behind her back and forced her over the bench, so she was at a 90 deg angle, he then tied her hand to her ankles this is the perfect angle for ass play. He injects a small amount of short acting muscle relaxant and slight anesthetic into her anal sphincter, he then inserts the very large stainless steel speculum into her arse. He had asked her to go for a colonic irrigation just before she had arrived, so he knew that she was clean. He proceeded to stretch her ass open to the widest limit the speculum could go to. He left her ass open until the muscle relaxant and anesthetic wears off, he knows when this is because he can hear that her whimpers have turned into muffled screams and begging. He has been masturbating and storing his sperm for over a month and has been keeping it frozen in condoms, it has filled two condoms full of sperm, making giant sperm dildos. He leaves her with her ass stretched wide Escort Bayan open and goes to fetch them out of the freezer, he runs then under hot water briefly, to loosen the condom and to prevent freezer burn. He pulls the condoms off and shoves the frozen sperm dildos deep inside her ass, until they are buried deep she flinches and screams as the cold hits her. He can see the shivers running up and down her spine. Her body shaking uncontrollably, as the sensations wash through her. He then slowly undoes the speculum, and before her sphincter closes inserts a large buttpug, so none of the sperm can escape once her body heat has defrosted it. He unties her hands and lifts her slowly she the blood can run out of her head. He lies her on the bed and inserts a foley catheter, inflating the balloon and tugging on it to make sure that its in the right place. After tying her arms above her head and tying her ankles to the bottom of the bed stretching her body out. Once that is done, he undoes her ball gag, and kisses her passionately raping her mouth with his tongue, he plays roughly with her nipples and her nipple rings, while he does, swallowing her moans with his mouth. He replaces the ball gag and puts a blindfold on her. He then prepares Bayan Escort a q-tip, a piercing needle an alcohol swab, and a piercing ring. He then starts playing with cindys clit, sucking on it, nibbling on it and rubbing it, as she starts to get close to orgasm, he puts the q-tip under her clitoral hood, he then quickly pierces her clitoral hood, slipping the ring into the piercing, and sealing it off. He wipes the alcohol swab over the piercing. Cindy screams and arches her back right off the bed as the pain hits her hard. As her body relaxes back to the bed, Ben slips his cock into her tight vagina and fucks her hard, knowing he is rubbing against her brand new clit ring… She orgasms quickly from the pressure inside her ass, the catheter tube rubbing against her g-spot from inside her urethra and the clit ring rubbing against her clit. He removes her gag, and then He grabs Cindy’s throat and squeezes while fucking her hard and fast, she quickly orgasms over and over again, the orgasms flowing over her, she gasping for air, her body shivering uncontrollably. He changes angles of his thrusts.. hitting her cervix and making sure that every thrust puts pressure on her new clit ring… He grabs her breasts and tugs on them, maintaining eye contact with her, so that she knows that it is he who is boss. He eventually comes deep inside her. He leaves his cock inside her, kisses her lightly and falls asleep on top of her.

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