Annie Kirk Ch. 07


“No Running Away”

Note: the Annie Kirk series is not a sequential story. The series is comprised of separate fantasies about a real person. Some of the stories were inspired by an erotic photograph she sent where I created a story around the image. Other stories are inspired by real-life elements, but they are not descriptions of real events. This story was an original fantasy drawn from real-life elements.


Annie was halfway into her morning run, lost in thought and enjoying the rhythm of her steps and heartbeat. She was distracted and didn’t see the man walking toward her until she was almost on top of him. She stopped suddenly and looked across the street only to see another man walking down the sidewalk as well. She paused just long enough for the man she didn’t see come up behind her and place a cloth on her mouth. She tried to kick and elbow him, but he must have had something on the cloth because she suddenly lost all strength and quickly drifted off into unconsciousness.

Annie was out by the time the van pulled up to the curb. The men carried her by the legs and shoulders and placed her gently on the cushions in the back of the van. “Be careful with her. Remember what he said, “‘no injuries or there would be hell to pay,'” the driver said. The door slammed, and the van quickly sped away.

Annie started to wake. Her eyes were closed but her head felt foggy and confused. She tried to open her eyes, but there was only darkness. She felt something covering her eyes. She felt the cool air on her body and realized she was naked. Her arms and legs were stretched and restrained. Immediately, she panicked. “Oh No!,” Annie vaguely remembered a man in front of her and being grabbed from behind while she was running. She tugged with her hands and feet and felt the restraints. She was on her back, her head was hanging off the back of what felt like a padded table. Her legs were spread wide open and her knees pulled back toward her chest with her feet in the air. Her ankles were hooked to what felt like legs or a post. Her arms were pulled down off the sides of the table and restrained. She was fully exposed and the only sounds she heard was her racing heartbeat, her panicked breathing, and the clanging of the restraints.

Her mind was racing with fear and panic: “Where am I? Who was that man and who grabbed me? Did they drug me? Was anyone in the room?” She was helpless. She knew they were going to use and fuck her and there was nothing she could do. She tried to scream, but there was a ball gag in her mouth so the only sound that escaped was a muffled whimper.

From somewhere behind her she heard the sound of slowly approaching footsteps. She caught her breath and listened closely for clues. They stopped right behind her head. She imagined if she could open her eyes his crotch would be right in front of her face. He stood still and quiet. Annie rolled her head from side to side as she tried to shout something and pulled on her arms and legs.

She expected to feel the man’s cock on her face, but instead she felt something touch the middle of her chest. It felt like leather. He gently tapped it on her chest and then slid it slowly down between her breasts to the middle of her stomach. Continuing down over the mound of her exposed pussy and along the inside of her thigh. The feeling of the leather sliding over her pussy made her clit hard. She cursed herself for letting that happen. He slid the leather crop along the inside of her other thigh and back over her pussy and up to where he started at her chest. The crop dropped gently onto her left nipple and then her right. “Do not enjoy this! Don’t be a little slut,” Annie said to herself as she tried to resist the pleasure.

She felt his breath on her ear and heard him whisper, “Relax Annie, you’re safe.” Annie was stunned and confused. She didn’t move. It was the sound of her lover’s voice, but how could he be there? Was he involved in this? Was it really him?

As if hearing her thoughts, “Annie baby, it’s me, don’t worry,” he said.

Annie felt a wave of relief flow through her body. But if he was there, who and where were the other men? Were they in the room?

“Now I’m sure you have all kinds of questions, but you’re not really in a position to talk right now. So, let me try to answer a few of them,” he said.

“First, yes, I was involved in this. In fact, it was entirely my idea,” he explained. “Second, the men who took you are friends of mine who I trust. They were under strict orders to make sure nothing happened to you and you weren’t hurt,” he continued.

“Sorry we had to knock you out, but it was nothing harmful and I didn’t want you to hurt anybody putting up a fight.” He laughed.

“Third, as you can tell, you are totally restrained and blindfolded. So, you are totally under my control. I am going to use your body for my pleasure and drive you crazy. If I’m any good at this, you will be begging me to escort bayan ankara cum and then you’ll lose track of how many times you did,” he said with a serious tone.

He continued, “All of this stuff we’ve done before, so you know what to expect from that. There is something a little different that I’m adding to our play this time.”

That got Annie’s attention. Different? What? How?

He could tell she was worried. “Don’t worry. You trust me, right?” he asked.

She nodded yes slowly.

“Okay,” continuing, he said, “then you know I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.” He returned to the point, “The men who took you are in the room with me. They are videographers and are filming this encounter, including right now. They are going to film the whole thing. I figured that since you are blindfolded, you might like to watch it afterward to see what it looked like compared to what you felt.”

Continuing, he added, “They are professional. None of them will touch you. At least not without your permission if you choose to give it.”

Annie’s mind was racing between anxiety and anticipation. He said, “I know you have questions so I’m going to remove the gag now and let you ask.”

He took the gag out and she quickly started talking. “I don’t know about this. Having sex, hell, getting dominated in front of strangers and having it all filmed. I just don’t know. You know baby, I will give myself to you completely and want to satisfy you in every way…” and her voice trailed off.

“Beautiful Annie, you are amazing, and you are so good to me. But remember this isn’t the first time you will have had sex in front of other people. Remember your birthday? On stage?” he responded.

“Oh, that’s right,” she remembered. “That night was such a turn on, and I was so excited.”

“So, the only real difference is you are being filmed. I’ll tell you what; afterward, you can decide what to do with it. If you want to watch it together, fine. Or, if you just want to delete it without watching it, then that’s fine too,” he said trying to reassure her. “It is entirely up to you. I will not ask you to do something you aren’t comfortable doing.”

“Let me think,” she said. She was silent for a few moments. Although she was giving the appearance of hesitation and uncertainty, she had no doubt what she would do. She made the decision long ago to give herself entirely to him and she meant entirely. They had their “rules,” but the truth was, Annie knew she would do anything he asked. She enjoyed pleasing him and in return he gave her more than she could ever expect. Their time together had been amazing. Annie experienced things she never even thought of and reached points of ecstasy she didn’t know were possible. He knew just what to do to set her off.

If he wanted to videotape them while he dominated her and brought her to orgasm repeatedly, she wouldn’t say no. Even though he hadn’t asked—because it was their “rule”—she knew she would let someone else fuck her if he asked her to. If it pleased him and turned him on, she would do it without question. He was always very protective of her and looking out for her so she trusted that he would not put her in any situation that would be bad for her.

She thought it funny that, there she was, totally naked, strapped down to a bench, fully exposed, and she controlled what happened next. And that was exactly her point about how he watched out and cared for her.

“I’ve decided,” she said. “Go ahead babe, let’s do it. Whatever you want. It will be fun to watch together later.”

Whatever control she had moments before, was now gone. He replaced the gag in her mouth and touched her again with the crop. He slowly slid it over her skin, weaving back and forth along her chest, breasts, and stomach. Every few seconds he would lift it up and drop it with a quick snap making a “SMACK” sound. The sting sent tingles through her body. It was painful but it felt good. He pulled on her nipples to make them hard and then would slap the crop onto her nipples. The feeling made her shiver. First one, then the other. He slapped down along one side of her body and then the other. At her hips he slid the crop over the mound of her pussy. He gently slid the crop over her clit and along her moistening pussy. With each pass he gently brought the crop down onto her clit. The crop stung her skin, making it sensitive to the touch. It heightened her sensations.

He slapped the crop back and forth on the inside of her thighs. She squirmed and twisted her pelvis as he moved up and down the inside of her legs and along the back of her thighs. Her skin was becoming extremely sensitive, and then, he stopped! There was no movement, no sound, other than her own breathing. Seconds, turned into minutes and she strained to hear any sound or pick up any clue as to what would happen next.

The slap on her belly made her jump. Higher, then kızılay escort higher, and continuing upward until he reached her breasts. First the left, then the right, and the sequence repeated. Each time a little harder. The stinging made her nipples hard and when the crop slapped down on her hard, erect nipples, she squealed. The sensation almost made her cum. And then it stopped again. He replaced the crop with his fingertips. Gently and softly tracing curved lines along her skin. Starting at her collar bones and working his way down. Around her tits, the circles got tighter and smaller until his fingers circled her hard, swollen nipples. Her skin was so sensitive that his touch sent currents of electricity through her body.

She felt his fingers trace over her sternum, and slowly down her abdomen. She was anticipating the feeling of his fingers on her clit and sliding along her wet lips. But he paused at her belly button, encircling it on a wider and wider path. The sensations sent tingles to her pussy, which by now was soaking wet. She couldn’t believe how wet she got from being lashed with a crop. With her legs up in the air, she could feel her juices dripping out of her along her ass. But not being able to see what was happening, the anticipation, and the random placement of the lashes turned her on.

She felt his finger stop at the top of her mound. She moaned with desire. She wanted to feel his fingers touch her, she longed for it. He gently slid his fingers over her lips but avoiding her clit. When he touched the raw skin on the inside of her thighs, she tried to spread her legs further. The sensation went directly to her pussy. This was the teasing part. He was building her desire with gentle touches, using the sensitivity created by the lashing with the crop. She wanted him inside her so bad. She wanted anything that involved him playing with her pussy. It was burning and on fire with desire. But again, he stopped.

By the sounds, she could tell that he was retrieving something else to use on her. He approached and walked slowly around her. As he walked around her head, she felt his breath on her ear as he whispered, “you’re mine Annie,” and he continued around her, stopping at her other ear, “I am going to take pleasure in using every part of you.” She tried to tell him in response that she was his to use at his pleasure but only mumbling emerged from her gagged mouth.

She felt something hard touch her nipple. It felt like a circle with a flat bottom. He pressed it down on her and slowly she felt her nipple being sucked in. She felt more and more of her nipple being sucked into the device, increasing the pressure and stimulation. Then she felt the same thing on the other side. Both nipples were being pulled by suction and the sensation from the pressure was driving her crazy. Her nipples were very sensitive, and this was almost too much. When he had them where he wanted them, he flicked each one back and forth, sending shock waves on a direct path to her clit.

She next felt his fingers squeeze her clit and lift it up. She gasped at his touch because her clit was hard and swollen. He pulled the hood back, exposing her clit to the cool air. She felt the same thing as on her nipples and the suction began on her clit. Slowly she felt the pressure build and her clit being sucked into the device. She was totally lost in what was happening to her. Annie had no concept of her surroundings or who might be watching.

When the suction of her clit was complete, he alternated among the three devices flicking them gently. Each time sent a shockwave through her body. Inside, Annie was on fire with desire. She heard the faint sound first and then felt the device on her clit start to vibrate. “Oh God!” she thought. She could feel the vibrations through whatever that device was on her clit and reaching down into her pussy. He slowly increased the intensity and Annie thought she would lose her mind. The only focus she had was on the intense pleasure. She felt it building quickly and was ready to explode, but then he pulled away and the vibration stopped. Annie tried to plead but the gag in her mouth made it impossible to say anything coherent.

She lay there for what seemed like a long time. Her breathing was heavy and her whole body tingled. The pressure she felt on her nipples and clit provided a continuous pleasure sensation. She lay there, waiting for what was next. He pulled up on her left nipple and released it from the device. Then the right. She could feel her nipples remained hard and swollen. He placed his mouth on her nipple and sucked it in her mouth.

“Arrrggh,” was all she could get out of her mouth. His warm, wet mouth on her swollen and sensitive nipple was going to make her cum. But then he pulled off and switched to the other side. The feeling was the same, “oohhhhhh,” she moaned. This time she felt the orgasm coming faster, but he must have escort bayan sensed it too because pulled off, making a loud popping sound with his mouth when he pulled off her nipple. Annie was going crazy and was pulling on her restraints. She tried to beg, but all that came out “plllllll kennnn ahhhhh mmmm?”

She sensed him between her legs and felt him flick the device on her clit back and forth a few times. He pulled it up and she tried to lift off the table. With a few turns it popped off. She felt just the tip of his tongue running along her exposed and fully erect clit. The sensation was almost too much.

“You want to cum, don’t you baby,” he asked her. She nodded her head violently and tried to say yes as loud as she could, but “yyyahhhhhhh,” was all that came out. With that, she felt him suck her clit in his mouth and begin circling it with his tongue. He sucked it in and out of his mouth. In a matter of seconds, the train that was her orgasm came rushing through her body and she started to shake and quiver as he kept sucking her clit. She wanted to scream but couldn’t. She felt as if she had lost control of her body and after what seemed like a minute her body collapsed back onto the table and her breathing started to slow. She couldn’t speak but “OMG” was the only thing she could think of.

He removed the gag from her mouth and she inhaled deeply. It felt good to breath. “You okay?” he asked.

“Oh god yes!” Annie moaned. “I thought I was going to explode babe. You made me cum right at the perfect time. My body was on fire.” She was still blindfolded so she wasn’t sure where she was supposed to be looking, so she just looked up and talked.

“Good,” he said. “That was just the appetizer to a four-course dinner.” She heard him from behind her head and then he gently pressed her head backward. “Open your mouth,” he instructed.

She knew he was going to fuck her mouth. In that position she could take more of his cock in her mouth. He moved to the side of her head, Annie felt the tip of his cock touch her lip and she extended her tongue to lick the head. He slid his cock across her mouth and she licked the entire length as it went back and forth. He turned her head sideways and slowly inserted his cock into her mouth. Just an inch or two. Annie hungrily licked and sucked it. She wanted more, but she knew soon enough she would be getting enough to gag on.

He moved back behind her and tipped her head backward. The tip of his cock parted her lips and slowly slid into her mouth. Deeper and deeper until she felt it hit the back of her mouth. As she gagged, he pulled back and then slowly slid forward. She liked the pace. It helped her get used to feeling him deep in her mouth. She had no idea how much of his cock was in her mouth, but it was hitting parts she wasn’t used to. Her spit allowed his cock to slide easily into her throat and she could feel it dripping down her face.

“Oh god Annie,” he moaned. “The feeling of my cock inside your mouth is something I will never get enough of.”

“Babe, I love sucking your cock and I love that it gives you pleasure,” Annie said as he pulled out long enough to let her talk.

“Will you suck my cock whenever I want?” he asked.

“Yes.” Annie replied.

“Tell me,” he commanded.

“I will suck your cock whenever you ask, wherever you ask,” she said. “Whatever pleases you. If you want to fuck my mouth, then it’s yours to fuck. If you want me to suck your cock in the car, that’s what I’ll do.” Annie added.

“Even in the back of a taxi?” he asked.

“Yes, even in the back of a taxi,” Annie said without hesitation.

“You are the best Annie,” he said as he slid his hard cock back into her mouth. Annie felt his hands on either side of her head as he thrust in and out of her mouth. He pulled out every 20 strokes or so to allow her to breath and then resume. Annie felt his cock getting hard and swell. She thought he was going to explode and shoot his cum down her throat, but he pulled out. Annie didn’t care if he came in her throat, on her face, in her pussy or on her body. Whatever pleased him.

Annie used the break to catch her breath. She felt the cool runny sensation of lotion or gel sliding down her pussy and over her ass. His hand spread oil over her pussy, the opening to her ass and the cheeks of her ass. He slid his fingers along the opening to her pussy, which was already dripping wet and now well lubricated. First one, then two fingers entered her and slowly slid in and out of her accepting pussy. As he slid his fingers in and out of her, she felt the touch and vibration on her clit.

“Oh God,” she blurted out.

His fingers continued to fuck her, and the vibrator was working her clit. The feeling was amazing, and she just relaxed and let the pleasure rush over her. He alternated between high and low vibrations and fast and slow strokes with his fingers. His fingers found just the right spot inside her pussy. The feelings were amazing. She let out low moans and whimpers and then he stopped.

“Oh, please babe, don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“Don’t worry Annie,” he said. “You’re going to cum again, several times.”

“We need to start working on that ass of yours,” he said. “Because I am going to fuck your ass. You want that don’t you?”

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