Anne”It’s…something else, confessing this to you.” Anne’s face flushed a little red as she looked down into her coffee cup. “I mean, I like you plenty tutoring me in physics and maths and what not, but…” she looks back at me just over the rim of her round glasses.I smile back without saying anything. She’s sitting across from me in my living room, legs crossed underneath her in the comfy chair she likes. She’s wearing black jeans with wide pantlegs today, she’s in good shape, they still reveal a hint of muscle tone as well as a delightfully shaped slim behind. Her angelic blond hair, round glasses and slightly old-fashioned pants give her a distinctly innocent teeny look, even though she must going on 18 or 19.”Hey it’s quite OK, I’m open minded, I know more than a few people with some interesting and, lets be honest, fun kinks.” “Fun?” She looks at me a little confused, my guess was she was still mostly hung up on feeling weird or guilty about it. “Most of the time, there’s really no harm done, there’s no sense being ashamed really, so you might as well enjoy it.”She went from slightly flushed to full on blushing. “It is…tempting. Sometimes. You know. Even though I can’t really…” “Put your finger on why you’re,” I pause for a bit “turned on…by some of this stuff?”, looking at her inquisitively, almost like a psychologist interviewing a patient.She giggles nervously. “Yeah!” She shifts a bit in her chair, rocking back and forth slightly. “Relax” I reassure her “It’s not that weird, I mean, this sort of stuff didn’t enter into my sex life either when I was your age, and I promise you it made me feel as weird as you are feeling right now.” “Still though.” She pauses. “I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’d want to be…you know. Be treated like I’ve been…well…naughty. Nobody ever beat me. Not my father, not any teacher.” She looks at me briefly çanakkale escort at the mention of this with a slight hint of panic, knowing full well we got friendly because I was tutoring her. “I generally was a more than good k**.””Treated like you’ve been naughty.” I repeat, and laugh. “Maybe this isn’t something that should be over analyzed? Maybe you should just give it a go. I’ve know people that benefited out of some sexual liberation. Found stuff they enjoyed, found stuff they didn’t enjoy.””How would that work? How do I even bring this up? I just kinda casually mention hey, by the way, could you kinda spank me when we’re making love? Just pretend I did something rotten or something.””Well. Is that really it? You just want to be slapped a few times? Or is there slightly more to it. I doubt there’ll be much submissive gratification out of basically ordering someone to do something, whereas you’re the one that wants be subjected to this stuff.” She looks at me, genuinely impressed with my spot-on analysis “I. Yeah. You’re completely right, I think that’s the attractive part, but well, it does take something to admit to it.” “It does. But the way you’d bring this up is, as you guess, no not springing it on someone like that. What my guess is you’re looking for, is for the unknown element that comes with submission, as well as punishment. You’d basically need the polar opposite of that for it to really work for the two of you; someone who likes to subject.” She blushes again and exhales, brushing some hair out of her face with an involuntary movement. “I’ve never actually done any of this stuff. Can’t really see it happening.””Don’t worry Anne, you’ve got plenty of time. You don’t go full throttle from the get go anyway. There’s role playing for one.” She looks at me, intrigued, momentarily forgetting her çorum escort uneasiness “Do tell.” “Can you think of a scenario, a premise really, that would be a good place to start with acting out submission, punishment? Something you even fantasize about. You’d take it from there, see what happens.””I can.” She sits there in quiet contemplation for a while, sipping her coffee, she looks at me. “It’s OK if you don’t want to tell me. You can completely trust me, but you really owe me nothing.””Maybe” She pauses “Maybe that’s actually a really good reason to just try this.” I say nothing for a bit, trying to decided where she was actually trying to go with this. “If you want me to stop, you can tell me. A thing I did fantasize of a little, is a naughty brat trying to pull the whole too sick for school routine.” “That’s a perfect example.” I tell her nothing more, waiting for what she meant with her rather cryptic remark.She hesitates for another moment or two, and then slides out of the chair. She takes off her glasses to slide her sweater over her head, putting it neatly back on the chair. Underneath she had on a plain white t-shirt. She looks me in the eyes carefully, as she undoes the button on her jeans, runs down the fly and hooks her thumbs in the waistband, taking them off as well. She’s got white cotton panties on underneath, adding to her angelic innocent persona. She stands before me in her t-shirt and panties, a good bedtime look for sure. “I’ll uh…see you…in a bit?” she asks questioningly as she turns around and walks towards my bedroom. I hear the rustle of sheets as she gets in my bed. I contemplate briefly if I should go along with this, but decide to get up and walk towards the bedroom.I look at her, she’s turned away from me facing the wall, obviously not sleeping, given her visibly fast breathing. But denizli escort it also meant she couldn’t really see what I was doing anyway. I stop by the bathroom and take some potentially useful things out of the cupboard, taking them back to the bedroom and stowing them in the nightstand where she can’t see them. I slam the drawer shut. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for school?” I ask her sternly. She turns around and looks at me nervously, probing me for cues whether I’m judging her. “I’m not going.” She finally replies. “And why is that?” I look at her with raised eyebrows. “I’m sick.” She says “I can’t go to school.” “Like hell you are. Always excuses with you.” “It’s not an excuse, I really feel bad.” She dramatically puts her hand on her forehead. I brush it aside and put my own hand there, touching her for the first time. I can feel her flinch a little bit, but relax equally quickly. “You’re not running a fever. You’re not coughing. No nothing.” “I am!” she’s actually managing to sound defiant, it seemed like she was really getting into the groove of things. “Tell you what” I tell her, “if you really are, I’m sorry and you can stay in bed, if you’re not, there’ll be hell to pay little lady.” I throw the sheets off of her and sit down on the edge of the bed. “Well?” I tell her, “Come on. I haven’t got all morning.” I point at my lap. It dawns what I’m expecting of her and she deliberately slowly gets on all fours and crawls across my lap, hesitating a moment before she lays down and buries her flushed face in the pillow. I slightly lift her t-shirt to make some room, exposing her white cotton panties. I run my thumbs under the elastic and she shifts a bit on top of my lap. I can feel her heart pounding. I pull her panties down and she immediately tenses up like I’m about to slap her. “Relax” I tell her, as I open the nightstand drawer and take out a small bottle of jelly and a digital thermometer. I unscrew the cap and dip the tip of the thermometer in. With my other hand’s thumb and index finger I spread her cheeks, revealing her ass and giving me a great view of her neatly shaven lips. So neat I was beginning to wonder if this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. “

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