Anna’s Unexpected Guest


I looked out my kitchen window, feeling a bit down on my luck. I was 34 weeks pregnant, and I was terribly alone. I was happy about the baby, but being a single mother was going to be tough. Not only on me, but on my baby as well. The father, whose name was not worth mentioning, skipped town when he found out. And my mother, who was ecstatic about becoming a grandmother, lived in another state and wouldn’t be able to help out much.

A sudden knock at the front door startled me. I opened the front door and there stood my grandfather. I hadn’t seen him in many, many years and really didn’t expect to see him now. He had basically disowned my father when I was very young, and I had never seen him again after that. But in between the years since then, I had basically disowned my father, too, so I guess he and I were sort of on the same side, now.

He was older looking than when I had seen him last. His face was weathered, wrinkles in the corners of his eyes. His hair was completely white, unlike the flat black it had been when I was a child. Though he was still a large man, his shoulders wide, he somehow looked frail.

“Hello there, Anna,” he greeted me cheerfully.

“Hi Grandpa,” I said, hoping I was masking the shock I felt.

“So the rumours are true, then. You ARE pregnant. Wow,” he laughed.

“Yeah,” I said, unable to imagine who would have told him about my pregnancy. “Won’t you please come in?”

“Thank you,” he said as he moved into the house.

After preparing my grandfather a cup of tea, we sat, talking quietly about my situation.

“I know you have no where else to turn to,” he was saying. “And I know you probably wouldn’t have called to ask for my help, which is why I decided to come see you.”

I felt tears begin to sting the back of my eyes at the sincerity of his words. I stood up, moving to the kitchen sink with my empty teacup, my back to him to hide my face. I didn’t hear him get up until he was suddenly standing behind me.

“I will do anything I can to help you,” he whispered, his lips pressed to my ear. His arms snaked around me, and his hands were caressing my belly, very gently.

A sudden tightening of my clitoral muscles made me suddenly aware of how long it had been since someone had held me this close. He spun me around slowly in his arms and looked deeply into my eyes. He smelled slightly of tobacco, with a hint of mint.

“Do you want to find out what I can do for you?” He pressed as tight against me as my belly would allow.

My heart picked up the pace, slightly. “I would appreciate any help you can give me,” I said carefully. As much as I loved my grandfather, I was unable to let myself think the obvious in this situation. Was he beginning to cross a line, or was he just being nice?

“Good,” he replied, rubbing his hands up and down my arms. “Because there’s alot of things I would enjoy helping you with.”

Despite how frail he had looked standing in my doorway, his hands were very strong, giving me goosebumps. The contact almost made me wish I was wearing a bulky sweatshirt instead of the maternity dress I wore. The fabric stretched tight across my breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination. His eyes were intent on my face, and then slowly, very deliberately, he lowered his gaze to my breasts. My nipples were hard, poking out against the Hatay Escort fabric of my dress. Bringing his gaze back my face, I could suddenly see a feverish light in his eyes.

“If you’ll excuse me,” I stammered. Finally, I managed to break my gaze away from his. “I need to use the bathroom.”

I tried to side-step him, to slip out of his grip on my arms, but was unable to. His grip on me was not uncomfortable, but strong as steel. No, he was definitely not as frail as he first appeared. “I will just be a second. Just go wait for me in the living room”. Reluctantly, he let his arms drop to his sides.

“That sounds good. Then when you return, we can discuss this more.” He gave me one last meaningful look with his lust-filled eyes, and turned towards the living room.

I hurried up the stairs into my bedroom, my mind whirling. Did he mean we would discuss my pregnancy situation more, or the situation of where I was sure his thoughts were? My heart continued to pound. I sat down on the edge of my bed, unsure of what to do. My pussy was throbbing; it obivously knew what I should do, but my rational thought was that this was wrong. I was very sure that he was trying to cross the line, but the real puzzler was if I should let him. I reached down into my panties, ran a finger along my slit, and only had confirmation of what my body wanted. My pussy was so wet.

My, oh my, I thought to myself. It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man, that even the hint of being flirted with makes my body react this way… Suddenly, I thought of a beautiful, thick, throbbing hot cock deep inside me. Oh my god, I thought. He was still my grandfather, afterall. I shook my head at the thoughts that were running wild in the imagination of this lonely, horny pregnant woman. Losing my marbles, after all…

I splashed cold water on my face in the bathroom, composing myself, and hurried downstairs. As I turned the corner into the living room, he smiled very warmly at me. At once, I suddenly felt very guilty about thinking of him the way I was. He was my grandfather, the same face I had looked into when I was just a child. Of course he wasn’t trying to cross the line. Even though my grandmother had died a few years ago, I was sure he probably had another nice old broad that he escorted to the country dances.

A warming calmness came over me, and suddenly, the previously felt awkwardness was gone.

“Okay, so where to begin?” I asked as I plopped myself down on the sofa next to him.

He laughed at my abruptness. “Well, let’s talk about you,” he suggested. He slid closer to me on the couch, and rested his hand on my leg. “What can Gran-Daddy do for you?” He started rubbing his hand back and forth across my thigh.

My heart skipped a beat. “Um…” I swallowed. I thought fast. “Well, I do need a few dollars for a crib. They’re just so expensive. I have most of it saved up, but I’m still about fifty dollars short.” I realized I was rambling. He didn’t seem to notice.

“That’s fine,” he murmured, looking at me intently again. “We’ll see what we can do about that.” He leaned towards me, his face inches from my shoulder, and inhaled deeply. “Mmmm,” he moaned into my ear. Suddenly, he pressed his lips to my neck.

Goosebumps spread across my skin again at lightening speed. My mind went blank, and my body froze, Hatay Escort Bayan my breathing coming in ragged breaths. His hand played it’s way to my knee, and before I knew it, was under my skirt. His hand traced it’s way back to my thigh, burning along my skin, as he pulled my skirt higher and higher.

Oh god, my mind shouted at me. Oh god, oh god… But still I sat there, letting him…

“Mmmm,” he moaned. “Your skin tastes absolutely divine.” His mouth trailed kisses to my collarbone, and than back up to my ear. He sucked my earlobe into his mouth, and played with it between his teeth. I shivered, cold chills sliding down my spine as his hand slid up my thigh. My breath caught in my throat as his fingers made contact with my damp panties. He pressed them against my mound gently. Pulling the elastic to the side, he trailed a finger along my soaked slit. He moaned again.

“You’re so horny, you naughty girl,” he whispered into my ear. “We’ll just have to fix that.”

My mind contined screaming at me that this was wrong, but I couldn’t make my body react to it. Actually, I couldn’t make my body do anything at all. I was too stunned to move and too horny to care.

He got up from the couch and knelt in front of me. My heart began to pound, and my breathing became ragged. I knew what was coming. He pushed my skirt up the rest of the way around my belly, and I let him. He pushed my legs apart roughly, pulled my soaked panties aside, and I let him. He bent his head down and leaned toward me. A shock wave ripped through my body as his hot tongue slid over my clit the first time, so intense that a moan escaped my parted lips. His tongue swiped at my hard rosebud again, and then he pulled away.

“God, I knew I was going to love your young pussy,” he breathed. “You taste so sweet.”

He grasped the waistband of my panties and pulled them off, throwing them aside, exposing my hot cunt to the cold air. He took his time, licking around my clit, careful to not touch it. He sucked on each of my pussy lips, driving me insane. I bucked my hips, trying push my clit against his mouth, trying to let him know what I wanted him to do, but he was relentless. I tried to reach down to rub my clit myself, but he pushed my hand away.

“Does my Granddaughter want me to make her come?” he asked slyly. I grunted in response, still trying to rub my clit against his face. “Do you want me to make you come, Granddaughter?” he repeated.

“Make me come Grandpa!” I pleaded breathlessly.

I was frantic. He wasn’t moving fast enough for me. Impatiently, I tangled my hands in his snowy hair and pulled his mouth back to my engorged pussy. I thrust my hips again and rubbed my rigid rosebud against his lips. He sucked my clit into his hot mouth and expertly played with it with his tongue. I could feel my juices running down my slit, could hear the wet sounds of his mouth lashing at my pussy. I couldn’t help but moan, it felt so good. Holding his head in place, I rocked my hips against his face as he sucked on my clit, feeling my orgasm coming on.

“Oh, Grandpa,” I moaned. “Suck harder on me. I’m going to come.” I squeezed my eyes shut and threw my head back, writhing in ecstacy. He gripped my thighs harder, pulling me closer into his mouth. My cunt muscles began to contract, my breathing came in hard gasps but Escort Hatay before my clit could explode into orgasm, he suddenly pulled his face away. My climax ebbed slightly as he stood to unfasten his pants, but sprang right back when I caught sight of it. His thick, throbbing cock had a drip of precome sliding down the side of it, and his balls were shaved bare. I could see the thick viens throbbing with wanting, and suddenly my pussy became very hungry.

“Suck my cock, granddaughter,” he commanded, standing in front of me. I leaned towards his quivering man-meat and licked the tip, and the way he moaned made my pussy convulse. I rubbed my clit, playing with my pussy as I slowly licked the helmet of his dick. I could feel my orgasm right on the edge, but didn’t cross it. I wanted to come on his hard cock.

“Suck your grandpa,” he demanded. “Put your hot mouth around it.” I openend my mouth and he invaded it with his cock, thrusting very gently. He moaned again. Suddenly, he withdrew his cock and pushed me roughly onto my back. Grabbing both my legs and slinging them over his shoulders, he slid his cock up and down my slit once before pushing into me.

“Aww fuck yeah,” he groaned. My cunt hungrily swallowed him, squeezing his cock as he filled me. I moaned loudly as he began to thrust in and out hard, my pussy convulsing wildly around his dick. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I lightly touched my asshole, sensitive and puckered, and could feel all my juices pooling there. I rubbed my clit wildly, feeling my orgasm reaching closer. His powerful thrusts became faster as his moaning got louder.

“Aww baby, squeeze Grandpa’s balls for him. Nice and tight…” he moaned.

Still rubbing my hot clit, I reached down, squeezed his balls gently and heard his sharp intake of breath. Hearing his excitement was the last push I needed. I rocked my hips fast against his thrusts, and dug my nails into his ass, pulling his cock deeper into my pussy.

“Oh, Grandpa, don’t stop,” I pleaded. “I’m coming!” I could feel my nerve endings giving away as his cock pushed me into orgasm. I knew he could feel my cunt tightening up, pulling on him with each thrust. I pushed my fingers against my clit, prolonging my orgasm, as it slowly ebbed.

“Grandpa’s going to come,” he groaned. His thrusts became sudden and feverish. He closed his eyes as he plunged into my cunt over and over, draining his balls inside me. He exhaled deeply as he thrust once more, twice more. He pulled his spent cock out of my dripping pussy, and presented it to my face once again.

“Lick my cock clean, Granddaughter,” he cooed. “Taste our juices mixed together.” I delicately swiped my tongue across his cock, and the taste of our juices filled my mouth. Sweet and salty. I continued to gently lick and suck his dick clean, rubbing and squeezing his balls ever so delicately. I pulled my face back when I was done, and looked up into his face. He was smiling kindly down at me.

“It has been very good to see you again, Anna,” he told me. “It truly has been too long since we’ve visited.”

As much as the situation had disturbed me in the beginning, I felt lighter. A weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Things were going to be okay. I had my grandfather back in my life and I knew that everything was going to be alright. I put my hand on my baby belly.

“Much too long,” I agreed with him, smiling. He rested his own hand protectively on my belly as well, and smiled back at me.

“May I come to visit you again tomorrow, granddaughter?” he asked.

“Grandpa, that sounds like a very good idea,” I replied.

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