Ann: The Married Years Ch. 04


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The sound of a perfectly struck shot resonated against the thicket of surrounding trees, the echo making the noise more pronounced. The tiny ball started low, soaring down the narrow chute before rising quickly into a high majestic flight. It hugged the tree line on the left, and began curving as it reached its apex, turning gently to the right toward the natural opening. It landed on the plush green grass of the fairway, catching a gentle slope and rolling out of view.

“Beautiful shot. I love how you draw the ball,” Neil said as he stepped up toward the tee.

“Ah, just a turn of the ol’ wrists. Helps being cack-handed,” Jeremy shrugged as he handed his driver to his caddie. “Will that do, Eddie?”

Eddie nodded and said, “Perfect. You hit the downside of the hill… that’ll get you wedge into the green.”

“Excuse me? Cack… what?” Sam, one of their playing partners asked with a puzzled look on his face.


“What’s that mean?”

“I’m a leftie… a southpaw. What do you Yanks call it?”

“Uh, left-handed,” Dennis, Sam’s friend chuckled.

Neil chuckled too, but not because of Dennis’ rather obvious retort. He was laughing at Jeremy, and the way he was pretending to be unaware of the local customs.

The two of them had arrived at the posh Miami country club where they were playing, gaining access through the time-share that Jeremy’s parents owned. They’d called ahead for a tee time, and because they were just a twosome, they were partnered with another pair. The two young guys hailed from Kansas City, both in Florida for a business conference that was to start the next day. What those unwitting friends didn’t know was that Neil and Jeremy actually knew each other. What they also didn’t know was that Jeremy was accentuating his Kiwi roots, using them to their advantage.


Ann and Neil had landed at Miami International Airport late on Sunday Night. The two flights to get there had been uneventful, and even though they had a layover, in Denver of all places, it was a much smoother day of travel than the one they’d experienced on their way to Michigan. It was storms over Colorado that had cancelled their original flight on their way to Dawn and Jeremy’s wedding, and had caused countless problems even the day after.

This trip was much better. Their luggage even made it to their final destination on the same flight. It was a long day of travel, but compared to what they’d been through the two days before, it was a walk in the park.

Ann was beside herself when she found out they were going to Florida, especially the idea of heading to Miami. She’d vacationed many times with her parents on the gulf side of the state, near Tampa. But she’d never gone that far south, and Miami seemed, well… exotic to her.

Much of that perception came from her love of Miami Vice. Yes, there was an element of danger that hung over the shows concept. After all, it was a drama about crime, and drugs, and corruption. But woven into the fabric of the episodes was the backdrop; a posh metropolitan playground filled with excitement and adventure, and yes… sex.

The way the show portrayed the city, with its heavy Latin influences in the culture, the pristine white sandy beaches filled with beautiful scantily clad women and men, along with the incredible nightlife the area had, it seemed like they were jetting off to a foreign land; one within her own country. At the very least, it would be foreign to her, and she found herself turned on just from the idea of being there. Obviously they wouldn’t be hanging out in places that were dangerous. But vacationing in someplace tropical and sexy appealed to her in many ways.

The layover had actually been fun. By changing planes they had three hours to kill, and they took advantage of that by sitting in a dark little pub off the main terminal. They found a quiet booth in the back and relaxed as they sat next to each other, enjoying a nice late lunch and a couple of beers. With nowhere to go and time on their hands, they stayed put for the longest time, nursing their drinks as they talked.

It didn’t take long for Ann to bring up the last time they were in Colorado. Neil arched his eyebrow, a quiet smile appearing as he looked at his wife.

“And?” he asked, wondering just where she was going with the conversation.

“Oh, nothing… it’s just a happy memory for me. It’s hard to be sitting here and not think of what we did.”

“I don’t think you were here. Annabelle was.”

“Hmm… I suppose that’s true.”

“So what are you saying?”

“Nothing, baby. It just popped into my head, that’s all.”

“So you’re not thinking about -“

“It’s still going to be a quite a while before I want to be her again,” she said with a sly grin. “Right now, I’m very happy being just Anna for you.”

“Is that because of the times you were Anna Renee?”

“No, not ankara escort bayan really. She’s different.” She paused for a moment, contemplating whether she should say what was on her mind. Taking a breath, she said, “Neil, can I ask you something?”


“Does it bother you that I have so many… personalities?”

“What do you mean? It’s not like you’re a schizophrenic.”

“I know. But at the same time, I do feel different whenever I’m acting like one of them.”

“I think the key word there is acting, babe. It’s a role. It’s something we do together.”

“I know that too. It’s just… does it seem weird to you that I have all these sexual sides to me?”

“Not really. Everyone has a lot of sides to them, sexual and otherwise. If anything’s weird, it’s that I took the time to name them,” he laughed.

Her infectious giggle filled the back of the bar, and that made his heart soar. Still she felt a tinge of nervousness, although she didn’t know why. “Are you sure it doesn’t bother you?”

“No babe. Why would you ever think that?”

“I don’t know, really. I… I guess I just worry that you’ll think I’m some kind of perv or something.”

“Ann, oh my goodness, what in the world would ever give you that impression?”

“Well, you haven’t. It’s just that sometimes it all seems so damn overwhelming. I’m Annabelle, I’m Anna… I’m Anna Renee. The only thing that I know for sure is that I’m never just Ann. Well, except for now, when I’m just this paranoid nut sitting next to you.”

“Do you not want me to call you those names anymore?”

“It’s not the names, baby. I don’t know what it is, really. I just feel…”

She stopped and took a drink of her beer. She wasn’t emotional. She wasn’t even upset. But there was something in the back of her mind that was bothering her, and she couldn’t put her finger on it. That is until she set the bottle on the table and turned to look in Neil’s eyes. He was worried, and the outpouring of love she saw in them made her smile.

“You know, here’s the thing,” she said confidently. “Anna is naughty. And Anna Renee obviously is just plain bad. And I suppose Annabelle is your dirty, filthy slut. I love all three of those… me’s. But I don’t want to lose sight of Ann.”

“You’re always Ann, Mrs. Thomas.”

“OH MY GOD! That’s IT!” she squealed, startling him as she hugged him tightly.

“Uh, that’s what?”

“I’m Mrs. Thomas, that’s what!”

“I… I’m not following, Ann.”

“Ann. Mrs. Thomas. That’s who I am.”

“I think we already established that a long time ago. What’s it mean?”

“I have a persona for every part of my sexuality, except when I’m your lover. And that must have bothered me.”


“Like you said, you named all the other sides. But you never bothered to name that one, and I guess somewhere in my head that made me worry about all the other ones.” She put her hand on his thigh, rubbing it slowly back and forth. “But I just realized that I’m always your lover. You’ve said that to me so many times, but it never really stuck until now. You didn’t have to name me, because that’s who I always am!”

Neil trembled. The significance of what she confessed, in a way, made him start to tear up.

“Are you okay, Neil?”

“Yeah. I just never knew it bothered you so much. I never would have called you any of those names if -“

Ann pressed her lips to his, kissing him tenderly. When she finally pulled back, she smiled, her eyes lighting up the dark booth. “Don’t ever stop calling me those names, Neil… ever. I love being each and every one of them for you. I AM each and every one of them. They’re all special to me, and they’re all a part of Ann Thomas, your lover.”

“You’re sure?”

“Now more than ever.”

“But, do you mind telling me what brought all of this on?”

“No, I don’t mind. It has to be pretty obvious that I was naturally associating Colorado with Annabelle. And then I thought about yesterday in Michigan, when I was clearly Anna. And in all of that, I realized that I didn’t have any memories of me. It’s kind of strange, but in associating those, I discounted all of the times you and I made love, or hung out, or walked hand in hand; all those moments where I’m your wife and your lover. It wasn’t until now that I realized that those memories are just as important and just as wonderful.”

“And now you get it,” he nodded, finally understanding.

“Well, you know me… always needing to organize things. I just didn’t have a name to file them under,” she laughed. “Now, I do.”

“So, if you don’t mine my asking, who are you now?”

It was a simple question, and it sparked a fire inside. She had felt the need to establish in her mind, and in her heart, that there was a real Ann somewhere inside her. Actually, she always knew that. And she knew that Neil knew that too. But there was something about reaffirming it to both of them that put her at çankaya escort ease.

Still, his question rang in her ears; the quite sound of an alarm going off. While it was true that she was Ann, her husband’s wife and lover, those other personas were always close by. She closed her eyes for just a second, her mind racing.

She could see them. They were right there, in her perfectly organized closet, meticulously labeled, sitting at the ready on the shelf where she kept them. They were there, waiting for her husband to ask her to play. And being the perfect playmate, he had left the choice of which one to select up to her.

Yes, there were times when she took them off that shelf herself, not waiting to be asked, almost insisting that Neil play with her. In fact, that happened more often than not, and he always complied. In her mind, the boxes she kept them in were becoming worn, the lids not fitting as snugly from being opened so often. All except for the ‘Anna Renee’ box that was still relatively new. In her mind, the ‘Anna’ box was being held together with tape on the corners.

She could see herself, opening the closet, looking over the shelf. She was humming happily over the choices she had, knowing that within some of the boxes where other boxes, containing roles or characters she might play, like Barbara, or Amanda. She giggled to herself, thinking of her closet in her bedroom, and how she had sexy outfits all organized and at the ready.

When Neil asked her again who she was, she opened her eyes, smiling at him as she closed that imaginary closet in her mind. Sighing, she leaned in and kissed him, the back of her fingers brushing against his cheek.

“You know, right now I’m Ann. Is that okay?” she asked.

“Is it okay? Babe, that’s who I fell in love with,” he smiled.


Neil wasn’t disappointed that she chose to remain Ann. While he certainly would have found ways to have fun with Anna, particularly in the dimly lit bar, it was hard not to be sexually aroused by having a beautiful babe by his side, especially one that he loved. And despite the fact that she claimed she wanted to be herself for the time being, he couldn’t help but notice she was slipping more towards Anna the closer they got to Miami.

By the time they landed, the transformation had taken hold. She was dressed the same, in the tight white spaghetti strapped top and the short black hip hugger shorts she’d put on that morning. But as she stood next to him by the baggage carousel in her 4-inch black heels, he saw the smoldering look in her eyes and knew she wasn’t acting the same. She was definitely naughty, and it made his cock start to stir in his shorts.

Fortunately, the luggage was there. All of it, and as odd as it sounded, that brightened their day, even though it was already nine o’clock at night. And it had been a pretty good day, the two of them far more relaxed, enjoying each others company. Of course, that was with her being Ann. Now that they were in Miami, ready to head to the resort where they’d be staying, her mind couldn’t help but turn more toward sex.

They were standing next to the curb with their bags on a cart, waiting for a cab. Jeremy had told him that they wouldn’t need a rental car, since most of the places they’d want to go would be within walking distance. Neil loved the idea, thinking about the hassle of parking. Plus, it made the whole experience seem more exciting.

She turned to him, leaning into his strong, muscular body. She lifted her left leg, rubbing her knee along his thigh up toward his hip, the sultry look in her eyes making his mouth part. She took advantage, slipping her tongue inside as she ran her hand over his chest.

“Ready to start our honeymoon, baby,” she cooed, moving her knee between his legs, pressing it up against his balls.

“That depends. Who are you know?”

She knew what he meant, and in her mind she saw the familiar open box, pulled down off that shelf in her closet, the contents strewn about. “I’m Anna, right now baby, and I’m going to be the entire time we’re in Miami. I can’t believe we’re here. I’m sooooo excited,” she hissed, her hand curling around his neck to pull him into another kiss.

She felt his hand cupping her left breast, lifting it up and giving it a gentle squeeze. His touch was magical, even through the fabric of her top, and she suddenly wished she’d worn a skirt instead of her tight shorts, thinking how much fun they could have on the cab ride to wherever they were staying.

“So am I,” he responded, his other hand moving around her waist, pressing her into him.

His fingers tweaked her nipple, a soft, musical sigh leaving her lips, hanging in the air around them. He grinned at her reaction; she tilted her head back, her long curly brown hair blowing in the warm gentle breeze. She looked like a dancer, doing some erotic tango, clinging to his body while letting him fondle her breast.

“You dikmen escort are so beautiful,” he whispered as he kissed her exposed neck, his tongue licking at her soft skin.

“And you’re so handsome,” she answered, twisting her head slightly to kiss him again.

It wasn’t until the cab came screeching to a halt next to them that they remembered where exactly they were. She giggled, having to practically climb off of him so they could exchange information with the driver. Sitting in the back of the darkened cab, riding down an expressway toward Miami Beach, she placed her left leg over Neil’s right, spreading her thighs as her hand slowly massaged his crotch.

“I wish I would have thought this out better,” she confessed, feeling the heat from his pulsing cock though his thin shorts.

“Thought what out?”

“My wardrobe… should have worn a miniskirt.”

“Ah, who knew you were going to be Anna.”

“Let’s face it, baby… I’m Anna a lot more than I’m ever Ann, or anyone else in my little closet.”

“Your… closet?”

“Never mind,” she giggled, her lilting voice making his heart beat faster. “I’m just trying to say that I wish I were wearing something else right now.”

Shifting his eyes to the front of the cab, he checked the mirror. The driver was busy staring at the road ahead. Not that Neil cared about where he was looking, really. “The way she’s acting, this might be fun,” he thought as he reached for the button of her shorts.

“Maybe you just wish you were wearing less,” he said as he licked her ear, his fingers opening the snap before reaching for the zipper.

“What are you doing?” she giggled again.

“Playing with my wife on my honeymoon,” he answered, nuzzling her neck.

Her body stiffened, her nervousness rising as he pulled the tab, lowering it slowly. Un-tucking her shirt, his fingers drifted across her flat stomach, causing her to suck in her breath. He peeled the front of the shorts open, pulling it wider, exposing her pubic area. His hand slipped underneath her panties, and she moaned as his fingertips grazed across her landing strip, her hand gripping at the fabric of his shorts when she realized he was serious. She wasn’t grasping for his cock; instead she was hoping to steady herself, the knowledge of what he might do making her squirm in fear and delight.

“Close your legs,” he instructed, his hand reaching under her shirt to play with her bare tits.

“Oh my God,” she whimpered, slowly doing as he asked.

It took some time, and a little help from her wiggling ass, but he was eventually able to get her shorts over her hips. From there, he gradually lowered them until they were just past her knees.

He kept his voice was low, but it reverberated with authority. “Spread your thighs.”

She looked into the mirror, noticing the driver now glancing back at them from time to time. It wasn’t overt, but she knew he was watching. Still, the thrill of doing as she was told was too much to ignore. She parted her knees, her shorts falling naturally to her ankles.

The white thong she was wearing seemed to glow in the dark. Her eyes stayed glued to the mirror, noticing the driver shifting his even more. It was then she noticed a second mirror attached to the first, angled slightly different. It was there specifically so he could see into the back seat. She knew it was there for his safety; the Plexiglas shield between the front and back seats was there as a protective barrier, but not enough where he wouldn’t want to keep an eye on his fare behind him. The dangers of the city as portrayed in one of her favorite TV shows came to her mind.

Now, that mirror became voyeuristic. She wondered if Neil had noticed it; if he was putting her on display deliberately. The notion that he might be doing just that made her nipples harden, the dampness she felt between her legs increasing by the second. Taking in a deep breath, she could smell the aroma, her womanly scent filling the back of the taxi.

“I thought I told you yesterday that you weren’t going to be wearing panties the rest of our vacation,” he scolded, more in a disappointed tone than one of being angry or upset. She knew it was in jest. In truth, he’d never said she couldn’t wear them, only that he doubted she would the rest of their trip. But the implication was there that he didn’t want her to, and she had a pang of guilt set in that she’d chosen to wear them that morning.

Regardless, they were on, and he was threatening to remove them right there in the cab. He lifted her shirt higher, the underside of her breasts coming into view. He teased her with his eyes, checking for signs that he might be going to far. Biting her lip, a shiver ran up her spine.

“Do it,” she thought, not wanting to say it out loud, but hoping she was right about his desire to expose her to the driver.

It struck her as odd that she never considered him before. He was just a means to an end; the man that would get them from the airport to the tropical playground she pictured in her mind. Staring at the mirror, she saw his eyes. They were piercing, their exotic brown showing in the reflection from the lights of the cars behind them. She could tell he was smiling, even though she couldn’t see his face. He had to be, what with the view her husband was offering him.

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