Animal Transformation Slumber Party


(note this story is not part of the “pet world” universe so the rules of that universe don’t apply)

The triplets Nancy Nicole and Nathan decided to host a slumber party before they all left for college. Nathan was always the shyest and most socially awkward of the three and never made any friends besides the ones his sisters had. The girls found it cute to all get animal pajamas and made it a theme.

They each came in and quickly changed, Nancy wore a dog onesie, Nicole wore a cat onesie, Stacy wore a rabbit crop top and bottom, Amanda wore a mouse crop top Pam wore a pig onesie, Kayla wore a monkey onesie, Clare wore a frog onesie and bottom Rosie wore a cow onesie, and Nathan wore a bull onesie. All had hoods with animal ears and tails added on them.

The group played many games and actives. The girls painted their nails to match their animal. Stacy kept teasing the great gift she got the girls. Nathan spent lots of time around Rosie he clearly had a crush on her but was too shy to make a move. His sisters knew this and in truth akyurt escort or dare he was dared to kiss her but both were too shy and only blushed.

Amanda pulled out a book titled magic spells and said, “everyone I got this fun book of spells and thought we should try one out.”

Looking through it they found a spell named animal merge, which stated “merge with your spirit animal.” Finding it funny they decided to do it.

They began to chant “merge with the spirit, merge with the spirit, merge with the spirit of the (each said the name of the animal they dressed as)”.

Once they finished and nothing happened they laughed and left to do other games

Having lots of fun with it earlier they continued to play truth or dare. As they continued to play they began to feel odd their skin was itching, they all had pains in the ass, ears, nose, with a few having pains in other places. This is when things started to turn. They all began to tear at their clothes ripping them off until they altındağ escort were naked. They began to scream as some of their skin color changed. Their minds began to alter being more animalistic and sexual.

Nancy now had dog ears, nose, snout, and tail. Nicole had cat ears, tail and whiskers with her hair and skin was covered in bright orange fur. Stacy’s skin was covered in white fur and had rabbit ears, tails and whiskers, Amanda’s skin was covered in gray fut her boobs shrank and had mouse ears, whiskers and tail. Pam’s skin turned pink and had a pig snout ears and tail. Kayla was covered in brown hair all over her body and a monkey tail, nose, ears, and feet. Clare’s skin turned green and had frog eyes tongue and webbed hands and feet. Rosie’s skin turned white with black spots, her breasts grew giant and had cow utter, horns and snout. Nathan’s skin turned brown his cock grew massive and had bull horns and snout.

Nicole begins to chase Amanda and Nancy begins to chase Nicole after Ankara Anal Yapan Escort her sister barking. Amanda hit a table knocking over Stacy’s purse and a bunch of wrapped gifts and Stacy hopped over and ripped the paper off of it and tore the box apart revealing a dildo that she shoved into her pussy. The other girls besides Rosie each grabbed one and made sounds of pleasure mixed in with the noise of the animals they became.

Rosie instead looked at Nathan’s cock and began to ride his cock. Rosie mooed with joy as her tight pussy was filled with Nathan the bulls dick. She never felt so much joy and she turned around to put his massive cock in her mouth sucking him off until his cock fell out and he cummed all over her.

The other girls smelled the cum and jumped at it and were all fighting for the cum with the dildo still in their pussies. Kayla shit everywhere and began to throw it everywhere making every girl besides Pam angry, Pam meanwhile loved it and began to roll around in it. The other girls began to have sex with each other as Nathan and Rosie continued.

When the police arrived at the house to investigate a noise disturbance they found the girls and Nathan all having sex. They were all sent to a lab but since the cause of the change was magic no cure was ever found. They lived the rest of their lives naked and having sex inside of a research lab.

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