Angel’s Story: The Day after


Introduction: By now, you would have read my first story: Angel’s Story. Thank you all for the feedback. HOnestly, i didn’t expect such a brilliant feedback. I was just doing it for a lark. Anyway, here’s part two of the story.

The Story: The shit really hit the fan, the day papa saw us two sisters together.

Papa had gone out, or so we thought. And we thought that we had the house to ourselves. The servants were sleeping in their quarters.

I was lying on the bed. My sister came in and said, she wanted to play with me. I was too exhausted to refuse. Plus it could be an interesting way to spend the afternoon.

Anyway, my sister pulled up my skirt and began to lick me with light strokes (remember, I don’t wear panties.). Sure enough, my cunny responded to her ministrations. She opened out my vulva like a ripe pear and peered Escort inside the fleshy interiors.

My vulva felt like several thousand nerves ended there. She flicked her tongue out and gave me a wet lick inside. One of her hands strayed down to my anus and inserted a forefinger inside. Then her tongue pulled out and started to lick the sensitive skin between the vagina and the anus.

Oooooh! I was in heaven. That moment I could have died and not know the difference.

Then she came up for a breath of air, to lick my breasts.

At that moment, I sensed rather than saw, someone outside the door. I asked my sister, “hey sis, do you think, there’s someone outside?”

“Mmmmff! Dunno.”, she didn’t care. She was having the time of her life. So I didn’t think too much of it, and put down my head. Then suddenly she Escort Bayan went to the fruit bowl on the window sill, and pulled out a banana.

“Prepare thyself, wench!”, she said.

So I did. I spread my legs as wide as possible. While my sister shoved a pillow underneath me. She took the banana and peeled it. Then she shoved it inside me gently. Slowly, I had taken in almost the entire length. As she pulled it out, it was slick with my juices. She shoved it back in gently.

Now I could see my dad clearly. I could smell his perfume. He always wore Hugo Boss. But that wasn’t all. His trousers were down to his knees. And his rod was outside and he was wanking it in abandon.

For a second panic struck me. Then our eyes met. And I said to myselff, “What the hell? He is as guilty as I am.”

So I let my sister Bayan Escort continue with her orgy of lust. By now, the banana was completely soaked with my cum. She lovingly offered one bite to me. I took one. While she took the other half. My eyes were on my dad. He was crazed with lust. His foreskin covered the purple helmet, and then he pulled it back. His balls hung heavy below his penis loaded with cum.

Meanwhile my sister moved up and crushed her breast on mine. Slowly, sinuously, she rubbed it, her pubes rubbing against mine.

Soon, I was about to come. And my eyes, said “NOW!” to dad. He nodded. My orgasm hit me almost as the same time as dad. His spunk flew out and hit the half closed door as he moaned silently.

I was not so quiet. I screamed in pleasure. So did my sister. The three of us rose the crest, and fell back in contentment. It was then, that my sister noticed him.

She was shocked for a minute. Then she saw his penis hanging out, and she understood. She winked at him and fell asleep on me. Dad closed the door silently and went into his room.

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