Angela – Summer Fun Pt. 01

Big Tits

It was summer of 2016, I was 43, my husband of 20 years was working hard, my 18 year old son just graduated high school and he was preparing to go to study at UCLA in September. I still had plenty time to spend with him before he left the house. In the meantime, having him around the house all day would be a problem, because I could not have my visitors come over during the morning. But I would manage. I am always resourceful when it comes to that. It was a good time.

A little more about me – I’m blonde, mostly dyed nowadays, spending a lot of time at the gym to keep in shape and have gotten breast implants years ago. I’m 5’7 (170cm) tall (more in heels) and my body is toned. I spend plenty of time sunbathing, sometimes in our backyard. My face is attractive, no work needed on it, but I’m not a model or anything.

Each morning Cayden (my son) would go for the run in the woods around 8, and he would be back about an hour later. Which meant that on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings when Lucio came to take care of the garden we would have at least some fun. Lucio is a gardener sent by the agency, making sure that garden and lawns were mowed, watered, raked, pruned… and other things that I don’t really care about or want to perform myself. Before Lucio started this spring, it was done by Martin, but he has retired and I got lucky.

Lucio was in his early 20s, tanned and fit. Not gym fit, all muscles and form, but rather fit that comes from working physical jobs and being young. He had muscles and he was tall and he had a nice smile and was very, very sweet. When he started, it was all covered up with layers of clothes, but in less than two weeks weather was in my favor, and Lucio was cleaning out the drainage ditch. That is hard and sweaty work done in the spring sun with no wind. First his jacket was gone. Then his shirt, and I liked what I saw under the t-shirt. An hour later, the t-shirt was off, too, and I was distracted from watching my soap, instead looking out the window. It was a Monday.

On Wednesday, I had him work on flower beds under the house, and kept chatting him up. It was too chilly to show skin, but yoga pants and a tight shirt were up to the task. I kept catching his eyes all over me. I flirted lightly, just enough to taste the waters. I didn’t really need to bang him, I had a guy on the side already, and he was doing a fine job. I just liked the possibility.

Friday, I was not home alone, Cayden was not feeling well and stayed home. I had to be a good mom and ignore Lucio mostly. I sneaked a few moments to flirt.

Monday, Lucio initiated the flirting. It was such a thrill, I love it when younger men take initiative. By 3 pm, I was ready to hump his leg given the chance. I even got rid of the bra, so my nipples kept poking through the shirt. Wednesday passed muc the same, a lot of flirting, teasing back and forth.

Friday was a very warm morning, I just returned from a long morning run in the woods when I saw Lucio already shirtless raking up and collecting branches from a dried tree that was going to be cut down. I was wearing shorts and a tank top. I stopped by, said hellos, chatted up a little. Then I went up to the house, poured myself some water in the kitchen, when he knocked on the back porch door, asking for some water. I told him to come in, and poured him a glass of water.

We kept eye contact as he emptied the glass, then he handed it back to me, and moved in to kiss me. Finally. He pushed me up onto the sink as we kissed and I could feel him hard under his pants, right between my legs. Just a few layers of clothing between us. He was grabbing my ass, pulling me hard into him, his tongue in my mouth. My hands were on his back and in his hair. He tasted like coffee and cinnamon. Yummy.

Then I moved my hands between us and started undoing his pants, but I couldn’t get his belt undone. He let go off me, stopped kissing me, undoing his pants and pushing them down, then his boxers, too. Then he put his hands on my shorts and started pulling on them, and I leaned on the sink to raise my ass so he could pull them off. He peeled them off with my panties, down my legs and left them on the floor. Then he leaned and sucked on my nipple over my tank top, but I stopped him and pulled it off over my head.

He went back to suck on my nipples and I reached down and took his dick in my hand and stroked it. It was average, about 15 cm (6 inches). Other hand was in his hair, pressing his face into my boobs. It felt so good. I could feel the throbbing in his dick as I was stroking him. He pulled my ass to the edge of the sink and straightened up and kissed me. I guided him between my legs, until I could feel him on my lips, and on my entrance. He started pushing in as he kissed me.

His dick felt so warm spreading me, shivers went down my spine from the sensation. Hatay Escort He just kept slowly pushing it and I let it out of my hand, grabbing his shoulder. He kept kissing me as he slid all the way inside me. Then he stopped, moved his face away from mine and looked me in the eyes. Then he pulled out and pushed back in and started to kiss me again. I wrapped my legs around him, and he kept pulling out and pushing back in slowly. I loved the teasing. He knew what he was doing.

I was so wet from excitement, from all the teases previously. I was still sweaty from the run. We both smelled of sweat and dirt and horniness. I could smell him strongly, the dust and dry tree bark and the musk… It was making me feel good. My husband never smelled like that – aftershave, sweat from exercise and so on, but never dirt and nature. I just loved it.

I also loved how even slow moving, he had power in his thrusts. I moaned to him to do it faster, I wanted to cum fast. He just started doing it faster. He kept kissing me and pushing fast into me, all that was heard in the kitchen was slapping as his flesh hit mine. I love this fast happening quickies behind my husband’s back, they turn me on the right way. There was not much variation in that position. Kissing, stopping kissing, breathing into each other’s necks and shoulders, building up my orgasms with his strokes. Few minutes of it and I started to cum. Luckily, I had short nails then, because I grabbed into his flesh as I was peaking.

He kept fucking me, picked up the pace. It felt even better, but I was coming down from my orgasm. He asked if I wanted him to pull out, and I told him I’d rather if he didn’t. He didn’t. He started a little faster, then a few moments later I could feel him tense up and push all the way in as he was starting to cum. I could feel his cum spreading in me. I love that feeling. Then he stopped moving, and I let him go out between my legs.

He looked embarrassed, it was so cute. He never fucked a married woman, I guessed. I told him to go clean up in the bathroom, then go back to work. I mopped the floor and cabinet under the sink, where he dropped out of me, then when he was back at work I went to shower and finger myself for a little more fun.

We kept fucking after that, not every time he was over, but pretty regularly. Fast forward a few months, it was late June on a Wednesday morning. Cayden was pouring a bottle of water, and going out for a run. I saw Lucio pulling in front of the house. After Cayden left, I knew we had at most an hour and I was really in the mood. Husband had me in bed for a quicky before he got ready for work, and I was left unfinished.

I saw Cayden say hi to Lucio outside, and start running towards the woods. I watched him run out of view and waited a few minutes, then leaned out the windows and called out to Lucio. He came inside and we immediately started kissing and pulling off his clothes. I was wearing just a short robe, and it went down with a shrug. By the time he was out of his shirt and pants, he was half hard. I kneeled and took him in my mouth, and started sucking on him hard. He started getting harder, and in moments he was fully hard. He tasted clean, still smelled of soap. I was taking him whole in my mouth, just sliding my mouth up and down while sucking on it. Then when I was satisfied by his hardness, I pushed him back onto the couch, got up and kneeled over him, then lowered myself on his hard, throbbing dick.

I felt him open me up, I was still slick and lubricared from fucking husband and his cum inside me. I exhaled lowering myself, then just sat on it for a minute, kissing Lucio. Then I started slowly grinding into him, not going up or down, just grinding to warm up. Minute or two. Then I stopped kissing him, and started raising myself up and down his dick, going faster. All those hours in gym pay off, I barely felt the burn in my thighs and knees. He had his eyes closed, and I liked looking at his facial expressions. He was enjoying my pussy. Young guys always do, just like I enjoy their hard dicks.

I kept riding him, leaned forward closing my eyes, pressing my boobs against him and he put his hands around him. His hair smelled of mango shampoo. I started riding him faster, feeling my clit press against his pubic bone each time I lowered myself. It felt like tiny electric pulses hiding inside shivers going through my entire body. We didn’t speak, I just heard his breath. I was coming closer to my orgasm and I whispered that I’m going to cum soon. He just sat there and let me do the work, and in a minute I started to cum and then I heard him gasp and I knew he was about to start filling me up. After I stopped cumming, I gave him a kiss, and got up from him, putting my hand over my pussy so he wouldn’t leak out, then went up stairs to my bathroom to shower.

When Hatay Escort Bayan I came back down, he was mowing the lawn like nothing happened. I started preparing food for lunch, and by the time Cayden came back from his run I had everything ready in slow cooker and put it on. Cayden went for a shower, then he grabbed something to eat while I was cleaning up the kitchen. We talked about things, asked him what his plans for the day were. He said he’ll hang at home, plays some games or watch something. I said I’ll go sunbathe in the backyard when Lucio is done and leaves. Cayden said he might join me.

Around 10:30, Lucio said he was done with work for today and he’d see us on Friday morning to come water everything, then he left. 10 minutes later, I was in my room picking up sunscreen and beach towel to put on my lounger behind the house. On the way out, I told Cayden I’ll be in the back if he needs anything. He told me he’ll join me. Few minutes later he was out in his trunks.

I sunbathe naked when possible, and since we were alone I was naked already. Cayden is used to me being naked, he’s seen me sunbathe plenty of times. I walk naked around the house when it’s warm and I’m in the mood. He was naked, and said seeing how I’m going natural, so will he. He pulled down his trunks and I couldn’t help myself and not look. He has a nice dick. It’s not the first time I saw it, but I always feel kind of surprised how nice it is – even though I had half the credit for making him like he is.

I kept noticing it the last couple of weeks that he spent with me at home. I knew I should feel bad for looking at it, but I couldn’t help myself. I felt tingles inside. I told him I’ll do his back with sunscreen if he’ll do mine. He laughed, it was our stupid little joke. I got behind him and told him to lay down so I can do it properly. I knelt down next to him and squeezed out a generous amount of the lotion on his back and started to rub it in going from shoulders down, pressing firmly into his skin. He said it always feels like a back rub when I do that, and I kept doing it because he liked it.

I worked slowly down his back, while we talked about his plans for the summer. Then I did the back of his legs, and in the end I did his butt – it was paler than the rest of him, thanks to him wearing his trunks and shorts. I slapped his butt playfully and told him to turn around so I can do his front, too. I was doing his chest when I noticed he was half hard against his stomach. I moved down the chest to his flat tummy, which was hiding abs to die for when he’d flex them. I worked around his dick and told him that we already had this discussion, it was not polite or nice that he would get hard around me.

He replied it was not his fault directly, his body was just doing it on his own. We laughed, and I did his thighs and then I was done. He was almost fully hard and I was all tingly inside from looking at it. Luckily I had sunglasses, so he could not see where my eyes were. Then I told him it was my turn.

I laid down on my back, and he started with pouring lotion on his hand and starting from my shins, moving up my legs and thighs. He had a nice view of my cleanly shaven pussy, and I could still feel puffines in my pussy lips from sex earlier. He was not going slow as I was, and he was not putting in as much pressure into my muscles as I did into his. But I could feel those presses on my things deep inside my pussy, even though he didn’t touch me. He kept a polite, but verging on rude distance from my pussy. He did my arms and then my stomach and ribs and side, and then a joking squeeze on my boobs as he spread lotion on them. I always told him to behave, but my eyes were glued to his dick. It was almost straight up against his stomach. I was wet.

I turned around, he did my shoulders, then my back, then my calves and moved up to my thighs. Then he told me he saw me this morning with Lucio. I was shocked, but tried to keep it cool, and asked what he meant. He told me I should not play stupid, he knew I was fucking him for couple months at least, and that he was not only guy I was fucking. He saw me get ready to go out plenty times, and even saw me fuck some other guys at home over years. I was quiet.

He was slowly rubbing my thighs now, and asked if dad knew I was fucking around. I told him no, and please not to tell him. He told me he had no intent of telling him, he just wanted to know about it. I swallowed hard and asked him what he wanted to know. He was rubbing my ass at that point, his hands greasy with lotion. He asked me how much did I like young guys, how often did I fuck them. I thought about it for a few moments, silence hanging there. He was moving his hands from my thighs over my ass to my lower back, up and down.

I answered that his dad was not satisfying me Escort Hatay in bed, so I was doing it a few times a week when opportunity presented. He asked how long have I been fucking Lucio, and I said since late March. He asked a few questions about the sex, and how big was he. I replied Lucio was a little smaller and thinner than him, and that he was good in bed. Then he asked me how long was I fucking his cousin Jake. That one caught me by surprise. I thought no one knew about that one. I tried really hard to keep it hidden. I wanted to know how he knew about it, and Cayden said he saw me sucking him off at a New Year’s party in the basement.

I told him when it started, but it was not happening often anymore. He asked me do I really want sex that hard to take dick from my husband’s nephew? I was mid sentence saying how Jake forced himself on me for the first time, when I felt Cayden’s hand slide down my ass, his finger following my crack, passing over my asshole. His finger slid between my pussy lips, over my opening, stopping at my clit and then pulling back up, then back again.

I told him not to do that, but didn’t stop him. I was both turned on and afraid of where this would lead if I didn’t stop it. I also knew he had blackmail materials, so I can only hope he would listen to me and stop. He didn’t. He repeated the move. He wanted to know more about what happened that first time. So I told him.

I was telling him details how Jake was taking advantage of my drunk first time, while Cayden was rubbing my pussy lips. He told me to spread my legs a little more, and I did. It felt so good to have his lubricated fingers on my pussy lips. I just finished telling him what happened, when Cayden said that I was very wet. He was telling the truth. I just kept quiet as he kept rubbing me. I asked him what he wanted.

He told me that he wanted to feel what’s it like to fuck me. I told him he should not think about that, I’m his mother. He said that’s why he wanted it, because it turned him on so much. Saying that, he moved his hand away from my ass and got on his knees and moved between my legs. He forcefully spread my legs more and pushed two fingers inside me. I was quiet. I didn’t want to do this. But it felt so good. He started roughly finger fucking me. It felt too good, but I kept quiet.

Whole situation was too much. He was quiet, I was quiet, and he was using his fingers to fuck me. I was gasping for air, trying not to moan or encourage him, but I knew I would cum if he kept doing it. He started groping and playing with my ass with his other hand. I was trying so hard not to moan that I didn’t notice I was pushing my ass up toward him. I had my eyes closed and tightly gripping the edges of the lounger, which was making creaking noises as he was forcefully finger blasting me.

Only noises I could hear were some songbirds out in the trees, my heavy breathing, and creek creek squeek coming from the lounger. And then the whole world exploded as I had a body wracking orgasm. This one was so strong that it must have been in the top 20 in my life. By the time I came to my senses, I was in the fetal position on my left side, balled up and shaking. My sunglasses were nowhere seen, and my son was holding his cheek. I managed to kick him in the face with my foot as I was turning.

I couldn’t look at him. He left me like that for a minute, then he took me by my ankles and pulled and turned me on my back, spreading me wide. I tried to cover my pussy with my hands, but he told me to move my hands away, he wanted to see. I buried my face in my arms in shame, and let him look. He moved my legs around, then he raised them straight up and put them together, and I could feel him holding me by my ankles with one hand.

I felt him move, then I felt him against my pussy again. I was mentally preparing myself for his fingers again, but then I realized it was not his finger. He was pushing his dick inside me. I started telling him no, to stop, but he was not listening, and I was in no position to stop him. I was too ashamed from not stopping him before that I could not make myself stop him now. He pushed the tip in and just stood there. I thought that was it, he would not go further than that I hoped. He was just enjoying the feeling, savoring the moment and he would stop and come to his senses. Then I realized that I’m a fool, no teen boy ever would stop himself from pushing into a pussy, as he slid it all the way inside. I thought I’d pass out because I was holding my breath from anxiety what will happen and when he pushed it in I couldn’t breathe in from physical sensation.

He pressed his weight on my legs, bending me in half and started to pound me. He was so excited that he came after only a few thrusts. He did not pull out. Then he lay like that on me for a minute, and got up. I was mortified. I could not uncover my face and look at him. I heard him lay down on his lounger and say that felt nice, and he was looking forward to the rest of the summer with me.

I just laid there, thinking what happened and what to do. But that’s a story for another time.

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