Angel of Mercy


Operating room greens had become the standard dress for ninety percent of the hospital’s staff. Nurses, porters and even the housekeeping staff had opted to wear the easy to care for scrubs.

The only problem was without closely scrutinizing their photo I.D.s it was impossible to tell their position.

None of the patients suspected Vicki was part of the housekeeping staff. Even in her loose fitting green scrubs the tall blonde was too sophisticated looking to be merely a cleaner. With her hair done perfectly up and her makeup meticulously applied she had the air of register nurse.

The thirty-six-year-old mother was accustom to being mistaken for a nurse and if conditions permitted she would sometimes go along with the mistake.

Often upon entering a patient’s room she would receive request for a nurse’s service or more.

Several times she had “assisted” bedridden guys to urinate, lovingly holding their cocks while they emptied their bladders into the urinal always stroking it before putting it away.

If it was during the night shift and no one was around she might even take him in her mouth and suck his sperm out of his throbbing cock.

Long-term patients were always on to lookout for the generous Florence Nightingale. If they saw her on the ward they would try to get her attention.

Charlie Beasley had been in the hospital for over two weeks. The fifty-six-year-old businessman was recovering from a bout of meningitis and occupied a private room in ward Seven East.

Beasley’s room had become a favorite stop for the attractive housekeeper.

Vicki has started as usual by sucking Beasley’s cock and after giving him head a few times decided she would fuck him.

It was four in the morning when Vicki slipped into Beasley’s room. The ward nurses were gathered in the nurses’ station on a break and exchanging gossip.

The only sound in the dimly light room was Beasley’s heavy breathing as he slept. Vicki had removed her underwear when she changed into her scrubs so when she slipped off the pants she was naked from the waist down.

Carefully she climbed onto Beasley’s bed straddling him. Beasley stirred and Vicki clamped her hand over his mouth.

“Shhhhh!” she whispered to the startled patient.

Beasley smiled seeing the attractive woman on top of him and Vicki removed her hand from his mouth.

“We’re going to fuck.” she informed Beasley.

Vicki could feel Beasley’s Rize Escort erection pressed against her pussy through his pajama bottoms. Reaching down she freed his cock from the pajamas and guided the head to her waiting opening.

Lowering herself Beasley’s hard cock slid into her.

Vicki loved the feeling of a stranger’s cock in her, robbing some wife of her husband’s sperm. Slowly she rose and fell on his cock.

Beasley’s hands went up under her top and were pleasantly surprised to find her bare breasted. His hands cupped her large mounds and gently squeezed them.

“Suck them!” Vicki moaned.

Beasley lifted the green scrubs exposing Vicki’s naked tits. She bent forward lowering her delicious pink nipples to his mouth. Beasley swallowed her left nipple whilst still grasping both her tits.

Vicki’s ass was no going up and down like a wild pile driver, slamming Beasley’s cock far up into her hungry cunt. She knew Beasley having been in hospital so long would have a mega-load of cum stored up for her. She wanted his to blow his load into her.

Beasley had a nice size cock that fit Vicki’s pussy perfectly. She had tried younger guys in the past but they tended to come to quickly leaving her unsatisfied.

She had even mounted a black guy one time but his cock had been huge and her pussy ached for days after.

Vicki’s husband Rick was always excited when she got home from a shift and told him some guy had cum in her. Rick would head right downtown and slurp her pussy in hopes of getting a taste of her lover.

Of course word of the mysterious “fucking nurse” spread from patient to patient so each nigh Vicki was on duty was like a lottery for hopeful patients awaiting a visit from the phantom nymphomaniac. Guys would go to sleep pulling their pricks and dreaming about a nocturnal visit from the nurse who loved cock.

Vicki seldom fucked the same patient more than one time. She would suck their cocks a few times and then screw them if she liked the feel of their cock. Swallowing their cum was not a problem but having her pussy flooded with sperm posed a danger of pregnancy. It was only during her “safe” periods she wandered the halls without underwear.

Unbeknownst to her husband Vicki did have a lover on staff at the hospital. Lloyd Jackson was a slender twenty-two-year old black porter, single and dating a pretty white nurse. What Jackson lacked in stature he made up for in cock size.

The Rize Escort Bayan young black had a ten-inch cock that brought immeasurable joy to Vicki many times in the linen supply room. Bent over against the wall with her pants down around her ankles Jackson for drive his big black schlong into her from behind while gripping her tits. Vicki had a difficult time restraining herself from crying out her orgasm for others to hear.

Vicki always allowed Jackson to come in her planning to tell her husband she had miscalculated if she became pregnant. She fancied the idea of having Jackson’s baby and she knew her husband would support it. She fucked Jackson every chance she got with carefree abandonment.

Then there was old Bill McIntyre the guy who worked in the furnace room. Bill was a quiet guy less than two years away from retiring.

The furnace room was a place Vicki liked to hide and get away from the hustle bustle of the hospital. Tucked away in the bowels of the building few people even knew it was there.

McIntyre had the furnace room set up like a home-away-from-home. A desk where he filled in his reports and an old couch salvaged from a refurnished lounge somewhere in the hospital. A large picture of a naked Pam Anderson hung on the wall behind his desk.

Vicki enjoyed fucking in the solitude of the furnace room. Usually it was McIntyre who scratched Vicki’s insatiable itch but at times Ed Wass, one of the electricians, would join them.

The threesome would cram as much sex into the short time available as they could. Vicki would suck both cocks, ram them into her always-hungry pussy and give them her ass.

Vicki knew she was in trouble, why else would the Director of Personnel have sent for her?

Sitting outside Lawrence Gooding’s office she nervously went through the possibilities in her mind.

“Mr. Gooding will see you now.” the prudish secretary announced opening the door into Gooding’s office.

Wearing her work scrubs Vicki entered the office and heard the door close behind her.

Lawrence Gooding was an older man who had been head of personnel since Christ was a cowboy. His thinning red hair was turning gray at the temples and his antiquated spectacles added years to his face.

“Sit down Vicki.” Gooding greeted her.

Vicki took a seat opposite Gooding’s desk.

“I’ve heard rumors about your extra-curricular activities.” Gooding said.

“Oh Escort Rize god, he knows about me fucking everybody!” she thought.

“Apparently you like hanging out in the furnace room?” Gooding stated.

“Sometimes I spend my breaks there.” Vicki said defensively.

“How would you like a break in my office?” Gooding said standing and unfastening his zipper.

Before her very eyes Gooding pulled out his erect cock.

“You like sucking these I hear?” he said brandishing his erection at her.

“I enjoy sucking a nice cock.” Vicki joined in his game.

Vicki got up and went over to where Gooding stood and was about to kneel down before him.

“Take your clothes off.” Gooding ordered.

Vicki was uneasy, being naked in the Director’s office with his secretary just outside the door?

She tugged the loose-fitting top off over her head and slid the bottoms down over her hips and was naked.

She knelt in front of Gooding and took his hardon into her hand.

Deliberately she opened her lips and directed him into her waiting mouth.

Gooding moaned as Vicki’s lips sealed around his shaft and her tongue took over his cock. Gently her warm, moist tongue painted his shaft, sliding up the underside and swirling over the head before returning to the base along the top. Vicki’s tongue mapped every bulging vein and pleasure-giving bump in Gooding’s hard fuck-stick.

When the cockhead touched the back of her mouth she inhaled deeply forming a warm haven around the old guy’s cock. Twisting her head she guided him into her throat and felt his enter her esophagus. Vicki’s lips were pressed against pubic hair and Gooding’s scrotum as she swallowed his entire cock. Opening her lips she allowed him to skull-fuck her.

Gooding gripped the back of her head as his cock flew in and out of her throat in frenzy. Vicki knew the old bastard was about to shoot a volley of his snot down her throat as her one hand gently squeezed his ball sack whilst she stuck her finger in his asshole.

She triggered Gooding’s climax, long strings of spunk fired into her gullet and began sliding down into her stomach.

“Aaaaaaagh!” Gooding groaned as he emptied his balls into the housekeeper’s mouth.

Vicki feared his secretary would hear him and come rushing in to see what was wrong. Nothing happened as she consumed Gooding’s sperm.

Vicki’s work schedule was amended for her to provide her services as required. She was available two shifts per week for Gooding’s pleasure as well as three others for the boys on the maintenance shaft. She still volunteered to do some night shifts so she could wander the wards looking for patients in need of her services.

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