ANDY AND HIS MOM”How about having dinner with me tonight?”, Phil Russell asked, although he knew he would be turned down. He still had to try. After all, Sue Brown was someone whom many men privately referred to as an ‘instant hard-on’. Every time he looked at her, or heard her voice, he had to concentrate very hard, so he would not cream his pants right then and there.The recipient of his admiration and lust turned toward him with a smile. Her soft voice made him shiver. Her green eyes danced merrily as she replied, “No thanks Phil. Besides, my son and I share the same Birthdays, which just happens to be today and since it’s Friday, we thought we might stay out late tonight and celebrate together. And you know I haven’t dated anyone since Bob’s death, not to mention the fact that I don’t believe I should date anyone with whom I do business.””I had to try”, Phil shrugged philosophically, “and I’ve asked you every time I’ve seen you since Bob died, and I wouldn’t want the best looking lady on the west coast to think that she didn’t have it any more, because believe me, have you GOT IT!” He paused, not sure he should continue, then said, “Really Sue, it’s been two years since Bob died. As his best friend, I know he would have wanted you to find someone else!””Thanks Phil. I know you care, but I’m just not ready yet. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be all right.””Okay”, he sighed. “I’ve gotta get going. Happy Birthday! I’ll see you next month. Oh”, he paused, halfway to the door, “think about my offer, I’m offering you a good price!””I know, and I promise I’ll think about it.””That’s all I ask. See ya!” and with that, he was out the door.For a long time, Sue sat and stared out her office window. She had not been entirely honest with Phil. Although she was thirty-nine years old, she still didn’t look a day older than she did when her son Andy was born eighteen years ago. She was still a very sexually oriented woman, whose two-year abstinence from anything sexual but self-gratification increased her lust daily. Lately, it was getting to the point where she not only had to get herself off every night, but every morning as well.A smile crossed her lips as she thought of what poor Phil’s reaction would be, if he could see the lingerie she loved to wear every day. She nodded to herself as she thought of just how sexually governed her dressing habits were. There was nothing wrong with her sensuality; she just didn’t choose to share it with anyone yet. Lately, she had even thought of testing the waters with another woman, but hadn’t pursued those thoughts beyond her own bed as she masturbated. These thoughts caused her to think of her Corporate Director in the office next to hers.Sally used to be their baby-sitter whenever she and Bob had wanted to go out. She was a very smart and sensible young lady, who had turned into a brilliant and beautiful young woman. After she had graduated from University with a degree in Business, she had come to work for her husband’s computer software firm. She had quickly worked her way through the Company, until she held the highest position next to her own, and all by the time she was twenty-five. It was Sally, who had become a part of her masturbation fantasies. She was the same height as Sue’s 5′ 10″ and had long tapering legs with strong looking thighs. Her long brown hair fell halfway between her shoulders and her wonderfully rounded buttocks. Her 38DD sized breasts looked even bigger due to her flat tummy, and as if her face wasn’t beautiful enough already, her deep blue eyes gave her a spectacular finish.Sue’s lustful thoughts of Sally weren’t without just cause. About a month before, the two of them had been out celebrating together, after they had closed a business deal that was worth a net of ten million dollars per year. Late in the evening, after having consumed a fair amount of wine, and while the Company chauffeur was taking them to their homes, Sally had tentatively let it out that she was bisexual. In the same breath, she had told Sally how much she admired her, emphasizing her assertion, with a light hand on Sue’s upper thigh, fairly close to her groin. She had slowly removed her hand after about five seconds, and nothing further had been said about that night since then.’God’ she thought, ‘these thoughts are driving me nuts!’ She glanced at her watch. It was one-thirty p.m. Suddenly she made a decision. She reached over her desk and pushed a button on her phone.”Sally Huddle”, the cheerful voice said over the speaker.”Sally, could you come into my office for a few moments, and bring your diary?” asked Sue.”Be there in a sec” she replied.In short order, Sally knocked on the door and entered, closing the door behind her. “What’s up?” she queried as she turned and walked towards Sally’s desk. Sue motioned for her to come around the desk as she said, “I really need a break! I thought I might take a couple of weeks off and get away somewhere, so we need to take a look at our diaries and see when I can get away.” Sally walked around the end of Sue’s desk and stood to Sue’s left right beside her chair. She opened her diary and placed it on Sue’s desk, leaning over. What with her thoughts of a few moments before, Sue couldn’t help but notice how this pushed Sally’s buttocks out provocatively.”How soon would you Escort like to get away?” she asked.Sue had to clear her throat a couple times before she could reply. “As soon as we think I can get away!” Her left arm trembled as she slowly brought it up, and hesitantly placed her hand on the back of Sally’s thigh, who didn’t react to this. Slowly, Sue began to lightly caress Sally’s leg, moving a bit higher and towards the inside of her leg.Sally, who was leaning on her hands, slowly turned her head to look questioningly at Sue. For a long moment, they looked into each other’s eyes. Finally, Sally gently turned toward Sue, still bent over, until her face was inches from Sue’s. Then she hesitated, while soft puffs of breath wafted against Sue’s face. Sue’s nostrils flared as they took in the scent of Sally’s perfume. Gently, they brought their faces together, until their lips lightly touched. Their caress-like kiss gradually turned more insistent.Sue’s hand movements grew bolder between Sally’s legs, sliding higher up the soft inner thigh. Sally shifted her legs, moving them farther apart. The thumb of Sue’s exploring hand encountered the crotch of Sally’s panties.At the same moment, she felt Sally’s hand touch her right breast with a knowing touch, giving a firm but gentle squeeze. Sue’s pussy began to tingle, causing her to moan into Sally’s mouth. Gently, she pulled away and took a deep breath.”I think we should go to my house and continue there, where we can relax and not risk being interrupted.”Now?” Sally responded. It was more of a suggestion than a question.”God, yes!” Sue replied. “I don’t think I could wait out the afternoon!”Sally grinned. “I know exactly what you mean!”They pulled apart and straightened their clothing. They stepped into the outer office. On the way out, Sue told her secretary Jane that they had to go out unexpectedly and would be unavailable until the following Tuesday, it being the beginning of a long weekend. Once they were in the underground car park, they couldn’t get to their cars fast enough. Sue had sent the chauffeur to pick up Andy at his private school. She glanced at her watch. ‘Good,’ she thought, he wasn’t due to arrive until around six p.m.Andy entered the house with his bags. He had sent the chauffeur home, who had received a call on the limousine’s phone on the way back, telling him that his daughter had been seriously hurt in a school accident. He figured he and his mother could do without the limousine for the weekend. He carried his bags up the stairs and put them on the bed in his room. He took out his shaving kit and headed for the adjoining bathroom, which he shared with his Mom. He opened the door and put the kit on the vanity, while thinking of the upcoming evening’s celebrations with his Mom. It was then that he noticed the moaning sounds coming from his Mother’s bedroom.Puzzled, he stepped to the other door, which was ajar and began to push it further open. He stopped in surprise, taking in the scene on his Mother’s bed.His Mom lay on her bed totally nude, her legs drawn up and spread invitingly. An equally nude Sally was on her knees and elbows over his Mom, her head buried between his Mother’s thighs, while Sue’s head tossed back and forth, her eyes closed and her hands busy with Sally’s pussy and ass.Andy had always considered his Mom to be extraordinarily beautiful, but, seeing her like this in wanton abandon, showed him a whole new aspect of his Mother. One of a very sexy, sensuous woman, which made her that much more beautiful. As for Sally, he had fantasized about her for years, and seeing the two of them together like this, gave him an instant and incredible hard-on, and filled him with a powerful lust. It also left him at a loss as to what to do.It was at that moment, that Sally opened her eyes, while her face was towards the bathroom door. Her mouth flew open in shocked surprise, while her hands attempted to push Sally aside. “Andy! Oh God, Andy! What are you doing home so early?” Both she and Sally scrambled off the bed, at first too shocked to attempt to cover themselves. Andy was able to take a long appreciative look at the full frontal views they presented.He gazed longest at his mother. She had medium long black hair and even in shock, a classic face. Her melon-sized breasts sat firm on her chest, thrusting forward proudly, and at the moment jiggled excitingly from her heavy breathing. He noticed with excitement, that her breasts were capped with huge dark brown nipples, which as a result of his Mother’s recent arousal, puckered out at least an inch. His eyes traveled over her firm, smooth and creamy skin, noting there were no wrinkles as they traveled downwards.Her abdomen was taut and flat. Her hips flared out very nicely, then tapered down into firm, muscular thighs and beautiful legs. Even her feet were beautiful. His eyes shot back up to the juncture of her thighs. Her pubic hairs were as black as ebony and he was further excited to notice that it was not too bushy. They were sparse enough that he could see her pink pussy lips peeking through, still open a bit with her ebbing excitement.By this time, both women had recovered enough to start getting dressed. As his mother was getting her robe, Andy noticed her ass. It jutted out and moved enticingly as Escort Bayan she walked towards the side of the bed, where her clothes lay. Andy turned back to his room.He lay on his back on his bed. His mind was filled with turmoil. For the first time, he was viewing his Mother as a desirable woman, one that men would look upon with sexual thoughts. He didn’t know what to think about what he had just seen. He had been thinking of mentioning to his Mother that perhaps it was time she got involved in the social scene.He could hear his Mother and Sally talking quietly as they moved along the hall and down the stairs. In short order, he heard Sally’s car start up and drive away. For a few moments silence reigned in the house. Then, there was a soft knock at his bathroom door.”Andy, may I come in? I’ll understand if you don’t want to see me right now, but, I do think we’ll need to talk soon.””Come in Mom.”The door opened and his Mother stepped in. She had grabbed the first robe she’d encountered and it was her short red silk one. It covered only about six inches past the underside of her bottom. The material was thin enough that the tips of her nipples still showed through. Sue sat on the side of his bed.”Andy, I want you to know that I’m sorry you saw that, but, I also want you to understand that I’m not apologizing for what I did. I’m a grown woman, and I think I have the right to conduct my own life as I see fit. In time I hope you will come to understand that, and that eventually, you will come to forgive me for your having seen it. Although my sexual activities are not really your concern, I want you to know, that not only was that the first time that I have shared a sexual experience with someone since your Dad died, but it was also my first time ever with a woman.” She sighed. “God, I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this! I guess it’s because I have been so lonely since Bob died.””Why didn’t you tell me Mom? I would have come home and gone to school here.””That wouldn’t have been fair to you, besides, it doesn’t really matter now.” In her desire to communicate earnestly with him, she turned towards him, drawing one bent leg up onto his bed. She didn’t realize that in so doing, her robe moved up her thighs enough that he could clearly see the crotch of her black lace see-through panties. She also leaned forward and caressed his cheek. The front or her robe opened wide, exposing her breasts. Andy got a good look at them and her stupendous nipples. His erection was back, tenting up the front of his loose tennis shorts. Her eyes followed his gaze. She blushed and moved to close up her robe.Without even thinking about it, Andy reached out and gently took her wrists in his grasp, gently pulling her hands down into her lap, and also preventing her from sitting up. “Please don’t Mom,” Andy almost moaned, “they’re so beautiful. Please let me look at them?”Sue sat frozen indecisively. Gently she shook her head. “It’s wrong Andy,” she whispered.”Please Mom,” Andy said again.The anguish in his voice tore at Sue’s heart. A war was being fought in her head. She knew it was wrong, but she loved him so. And God help her, she and Sally hadn’t had time to fulfill their lust and she was aching for release. Also, he looked so much like Bob did at his age. While she was agonizing with these thoughts, Andy released her wrists, reached forward, slipped his hands inside her robe and cupped her breasts. She had just decided that she shouldn’t allow this, when she felt his hands on her breasts. When his thumbs flicked gently, almost reverently back and forth across her nipples, they sprang forth instantly. Andy marveled at how far they stuck out. Sue felt a delicious tremor run through her body, right down to her pussy, making it feel as if it were on fire.She spread her hands helplessly, and her right hand encountered his hard-on. At the contact, an electric shock sent another tremor through her. Her hand closed convulsively around it and she felt it jerk in response. ‘Jesus it’s so big’ she thought. She couldn’t stop herself now even if she wanted to, let alone Andy, and she was honest enough with herself to admit it. She became aware that he was saying something to her. “Sorry?” She refocused her gaze on him.”Please Mom, take off your robe, I want to see you again! I want to make sure I wasn’t dreaming earlier. You looked so beautiful before. Please Mom?”As if she was the one who was dreaming, Sue rose to her feet, standing close to the bed. As she undid the sash of her robe, she saw his cock jerk with excitement. Her hands shook as she reached up near her shoulders to remove her robe. He slid over to the side of his bed and began to caress her thigh, as she slid her robe off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. “Your panties too Mom. I want to see all of you!”‘Yes!’ she thought. ‘I want to show you all of me. God, how this excites me!’Andy moaned as she slid her panties off. He started to take off his tennis shorts. “No!” she thought. “Let me do it! I want to undress you. Jesus, I want to undress you so badly.””I want you to undress me too Mom!”Sue hadn’t realized that she had spoken her thoughts allowed. The thought of having spoken to her son like that excited her even further. Suddenly, a sense of urgency overwhelmed Bayan Escort her. She couldn’t undress him fast enough. As she pulled his underpants down his legs, his manhood popped up to stand at stiff attention. ‘Wow! He’s not just big, he’s huge!!’Placing her hands on the insides of his thighs, she gently urged him to spread his legs. When he had done so, she lifted first one leg over his near one, then the other, giving him a good look at her pussy. She saw the desire flash in his eyes. She knelt between his legs and brought her face down close to his cock. She stared at it for a moment, and then she looked up past it, along his body and into his eyes.”Would you like me to suck your prick?” she asked him in a husky voice.”Shit! YES MOM!!” he exclaimed.She shivered as she watched the lust for her smouldering in his eyes.She gently grasped his cock, thrilling to the silky feel of its skin. She breathed its manly odour in deeply. She parted her lips and her tongue snaked out to wrap around its head. Sue pulled back for a moment to watch its head glistening in the light with her saliva. As She watched, pre-come began to seep out of the hole at the tip of its head. Seeing this, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to wait to long to feel its length sliding inside her. She looked back up at him, to find his unwavering gaze fixed on her every movement.”In a couple of minutes, I’m going to sit on your prick. I know I can’t wait much longer, but I promise you, that later I’ll suck you off till you come. Where would you like to cum Andy? In my mouth, on my face and neck, on my tits, my pussy, or my ass?””Oh shit Mom! I want to come all over you. Even in your hair!””Okay baby, wherever you want! Whenever you want! We’ve got lot’s of screws ahead of us!”As Sue placed his cock in her mouth, she found it hard to believe that she was talking like this. She had never talked so crudely, so wantonly in any previous sexual experience. It filled her with even more lust.”God Mom! I want in you! I don’t know how much longer I can last!””Okay baby. Just hold on a while longer. I’m going to stick your cock in my cunt now!” and so saying, Sue got up and straddled his hips. Slowly, she lowered her pussy toward his stiff rod, looking into his eyes the entire time. She held his manhood with one hand, and reached down to spread the lips of her pussy with the other. His eyes opened wide as he felt and watched his cock slide into her. Sue trembled excitedly as his length slid into her. It excited her no end to watch him watching her. When his entire length was within her, she paused for a moment, smiled and said, “Now my son, I’m going to fuck you till we both come!” And with that she began to slide herself up and down his length. She knew this wasn’t going to be long screw, but there would be plenty of others and for an infinite variety of time periods.Sue cupped her breasts and began to tweak the nipples. This spurred Andy into moving with her. They bucked together for a few moments.”Fuck me baby. Then shoot your come into me or onto me, wherever you want! Just let me know where you want to come and give me enough time to get into position!”With that, Sue did something she knew was guaranteed to do the trick. It was something she had never done before, because it was something she had only discovered that she could do, while watching a porno movie while masturbating. She cupped the underside of her tits, grasped them firmly and brought them up towards her chin. Dropping her head, she then proceeded to lick, suck and bite her turgid nipples. She had seen a woman do this in the movie and so had tried it herself. She found that when she did this, she got so excited, that her nipples really puckered up and would extend to at least an inch and a half. Sure enough, that’s what they began to do. While doing this, she’d been watching Andy’s eyes. His reaction both excited and pleased her. It filled him with a deep lust. He shuddered with it.”Fuck Mom! You shouldn’t have done that. I’m going to come real soon. I want to come on your face and tits and in your mouth as you suck your nipples! Look how fucking far they stick out now!””I know love! I can feel how excited they are with my lips and tongue. I learned how to do this while watching porno movies I rented. I’ve never done it for anyone else but myself and I’m glad you’re the first!””God! Thanks Mom!””I’m going to get off now baby and you can come all over my face and tits.””Shit yes!”Sue quickly slid off of his prick and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Andy jumped off the bed and stood in front of her, his cock a few inches from her face.”Do it baby! Jerk yourself off and come all over my face and tits! Give it to me!!”Andy grabbed his prick and began to hammer his fist up and down the length, while Sue started licking and sucking her nipples again.”Fuck Mom! I’m going to come!””Yes baby. Do it! I’m going to come myself! Give it to me baby. Come all over your Mother’s tits and face! Hurry. I’m cumming! Oh God I’m CUMMMMINGGG!!!””Oh shit! Oh Fuck! OH FUCK!!! Here it comes!! All over you Mom!! Oh fuck Mom!! OHH..AHHHH…OHHHHH FUUUUCK!!!!””Fuck baby! Ohhhh look!!! Your cum’s spurting all over me!!!”Andy’s cock pulsated. His orgasm was so strong he thought he was going to pass out.Spurt after spurt shot out to splash against his mother’s tits, fantastically long and turgid nipples, face, and even in her hair. They then collapsed together on the bed in a close embrace, Andy’s hand on her tit and Sue’s hand caressing his cock.”Welcome home Son”, said Sue

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