And His Sisters Ch. 01


This is a work of pure fiction, all character portrayed are 18 years of age or older. This story contains male/female and female/female incest. If you are offended by this please do not read. All characters are fictional, any similarities to other people real/fictional, living or dead is purely coincidental and is not an attempt to infringe on any other’s copy write.

I guess I should start by telling you a little about myself first. My name is Rhys MacAlpin. I am 43, I teach English at Meadow Wood University in Halfinrock Maine, a small town not far from Augusta. I am living in a double decker bus that I converted into a mobile the summer after my freshmen year of college, and have been living in it ever since. When I am not busy with teaching I am working at The Southern Maine Renaissance and Fantasy Faire as a storyteller and rune reader. Back when I was 25 I was finishing my graduate school work, had been offered a job at Meadow Wood, divorced from my wife of four years Alison, and my parents surprised everyone when they announced that my mom was pregnant. She gave birth to my twin sisters Audrey and Rachel. With them living in Oklahoma and my living in Maine I didn’t get to see them as much as I would have liked to. Every summer if I wasn’t teaching I would drive down and spend a couple weeks with them, I would fly home over winter break, and when the twins got to be about 12 they would fly up over the summer and spend some time with me. This story starts when my sisters were finishing their last year of high school and a few weeks before they turned 18.

It was an average night. Rhys was sitting in his chair, smoking a hookah and grading papers when the phone rang. He looked at the phone, mom’s number, weird she normally called on Sunday. “Hi mom.”

“I am not your mom silly. It’s me Audrey.”

“Me too” He heard Rachel. He could tell by the sound of their voices they were excited.

“Guess what?” They said together. “We both got into Meadow Wood” they almost screamed into the phone.

“That’s great, congratulations.”

“We couldn’t have done it without your help.”

“All I did was write a letter of recommendation for you guys. You did all the work.”

“Rhys, can we ask a huge favor?”

“Sure, you can always ask. You know I will do whatever I can for you.” They were quiet for a minute.

“Well, seeing that we are going to be going to Meadow Wood, do you think, I mean, we mean, it would really be great if we could, you know, and we wouldn’t get in the way, we will do all the house work, and anything you need us too. Could we, would it be ok?”

“Would what be ok?” He had an idea what they were trying to ask.

“Would it be ok if we stay with you while we start school?”

He took a draw from his hookah and looked around his small home through the cloud of smoke. They had stayed with him a couple summers and it was never overly crowded. “You remember that I live in a really small place right?”

“We know. We will be really quiet.”

He knew they were quiet and had never given his parents any issues. He hadn’t even heard about them having boyfriends, and their grades were always really good. “Well, you guys would have to share a small room, and keep your grades up.”

“We can do that.” They said. He was always amused at how they said things together.

“Well I don’t see why not. When would you guys like to come up?” The squeal they let out made him take the phone from his ear.

“We only have a couple weeks of school left, and then we could come up right after, if that’s ok.”

“That should work. We can work out details later.”

A couple weeks later and Rhys was driving a van he had rented down to Oklahoma for his sisters 18th birthday and graduation. It was a whirlwind of activity once he arrived, a big party with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. They both loved the new laptops he got them for their birthday and the promise of a major shopping spree once they got back to Halfinrock. He was fairly sure that living in Oklahoma their winter wardrobe wouldn’t be enough for a Maine winter. Then there was the packing to get ready to move. They packed Hatay Escort and repacked a number of times. Soon the van and their car was packed and ready to go. After lots of tears, hugs, and last words of advice from the parents and they were on the road. They took three days driving north, and soon pulled up outside the double decker bus that would be their new home.

Rhys took them upstairs to show him their room. They had been here before, but they had really just camped out on sleeping bags. He had spent the couple weeks after they asked to stay with him converting the front end of the upstairs into a real bedroom for them. A pair of narrow twin beds with storage underneath, a couple bookcases facing into the room made the wall, a curtain for privacy, and all the wiring for the electricity they would need. He had found a bunch of silk sari’s at a local second hand shop and draped them from the center of the roof and down the walls, it gave the space a gypsy tent feel. He hoped they would like it. He held the curtain open for them and they walked in.

They stood in the small space and looked it over with a clear look of surprise on their faces. Rhys was nearly bowled over when they turned and jumped to hug him. “Rhys we love it.” Audrey announced.

“It is so pretty” Rachel said.

“I glad you like it. Now let’s get you guys moved in.” It wasn’t long till all their things were unloaded and put away. Rhys sat in his large recliner, and the girls on the couch across from the little kitchenette. “Ok, now that you’re all moved in we need to talk. There are going to be some rules for you while you’re living here.”

They looked at him and waited to hear what he had to say.

“Your adults and I am going to expect you act like adults. Basically if you make a mess clean it up right away. You may have guests, but during school everyone had to be out by 10, and no one I haven’t met while I am not home. You have to keep your grades up, but I don’t think that will be an issue. I smoke hookah, do not think I put anything but tobacco in it. I have no patients for drugs so if you or anyone you invite in brings drugs in here, you will be moving out that day. I always like to drink. I keep beer, scotch, and gin. I don’t mind if you would like to drink, but you have to stay in control of yourselves, no wild crazy drunkenness. If you are going to be out let me know when you’re going to be home because I lock the door about 10. Then last but now least, when faire season starts I drive the bus to the faire each weekend, and then once school is out I live at the faire the last month or so they are open. Is that fair?”

They both nodded. “Yes it’s fair.” Rachel said.

“Mom and dad would never let us have that much freedom. They always had to meet anyone we went out with, and would have never let us drink.” Audrey said.

“Well you’re adults, and I don’t see any reason not to treat you like adults.”

A few days later Rhys woke before sun up like normal started a pot of coffee, turned on the weather channel, and started reading. A little while later Rachel came down the stairs wearing only a long t style night shirt. He hadn’t noticed how beautiful his sisters where before. He smiled at her as she poured herself some coffee, and looked at her, a petite little girl with straight auburn hair to about mid back, tiny little mounds of breasts, and fine legs that went all the way to the floor. “What the hell am I doing?” He thought. “She is my little sister.” He tried to focus on what he was reading and to ignore the raging hard on that had sudden come up.

The next couple days were hard for Rhys. He had noticed how beautiful and sexy his little sisters where, and he tried to get the thoughts out of his head. He beat himself up with guilt when he woke in the middle of the night after having dreamed about them being naked and in his bed.

A morning a week after they had moved in, he was in his chair with his coffee and they were on the couch in their night shirts and started to playfully kick at each other. A game they always seemed to play while they were here. He looked over as they giggled, and noticed that Audrey’s night shirt had Hatay Escort Bayan ridden up. Her cleanly shave pussy was clearly visible. He couldn’t help himself as he all but stared right at it.

He quickly got up and went to the small shower. He turned the water on as hot as he could stand. “What the hell am I doing? I can’t do this. I can’t let myself think of little sisters like this.” He let the water run over his body. “I don’t care that I haven’t had a girl friend of any kind in a couple years. I don’t care how sexy they are. They are my little sisters. I won’t do this.”

A few days later they had been out on the shopping spree Rhys had promised them, and got in just before the rain started. The girls had put away their new clothes, they ordered a pizza, and ate. Rhys had a couple beers after dinner and went to bed early. Thinking about maybe asking them to move out, it wasn’t right for him to be getting hard over his sisters. A huge clap of thunder woke him a few hours later. He lay listening to the rain. Then after another clap of thunder he heard a small voice. “Rhys, could we sleep with you? We are scared of storms.” A few minutes later he had both of them in his bed, Audrey between him and Rachel. It was still dark out when he woke to Audrey wiggling her butt against his hard cock. Maybe it was being half asleep or the beer he had before he went to bed, but he found himself pushing his hips forward against her ass. He soon realized her hand was moving. She had reached down and was playing with Rachel. He didn’t believe what was going on.

“Audrey?” He asked in a whisper. “What are you doing?”

She rolled her head and smiled at him. “What do you think I am doing?”


“But what, we have been playing together since we were about 14.”

“You mean, you guys, but you’re sisters.”

“We know that” Rachel said clearly awake.

“Rhys it’s ok, we love each other.” Audrey said.

“And we love you too, but if you don’t want to.” Rachel said.

He mind was reeling with what they were telling him, and the possibilities, and how wrong he knew it was. “I am so much older than you two. You should be finding boyfriends your own age.”

“We know you’re older, and we don’t care.” Audrey rolled, sat up and looked at him. “Rhys we have been in love with you since the first summer we came here and stayed with you.”

Rachel rolled and looked at him. “Please Rhys, we want you to be our boyfriend.”

“I love you both so much I don’t have words for it, but you’re so young, and my sisters.” He had to be the strong one, he had to do the right thing. He couldn’t let this happen.

Audrey looked down at Rachel, and they seemed to know what they thought. Rachel sat up, and they moved together as they pulled their night shirts over their heads and sat naked and looked at him. “Please Rhys.” Audrey said.

“We want you, we love you.” Rachel added. Then she reached down and took his hand and placed it carefully on Audrey’s tiny little tit. He moved his fingers over her breast and she let out a soft moan of pleasure. Audrey bent down and kissed him. Pressing her mouth against his, letting her tongue dart in and out of his mouth. His thinking mind gave into to the lust that was filling his body, and he reached up touched her face and kissed her back. His heart skipped a beat when he felt a hand on his hard cock through his sweat pants. Audrey rolled over him so he was between his naked sisters, kissing one then the other. He soon kicked off his sweat pants and watched as they kissed their way down his body. Their small hands stroking him, then they kissed each other before dropping kissed on his cock. He lay back as waves of pleasure started to wash over him. He opened his eyes as watched as first Audrey and then Rachel took him into their mouths, sucking a playing with him. It had been so long, he knew he wouldn’t last. It was only a few minutes before his cock started to jump and he came deep into Rachel’s mouth. She didn’t stop bobbing her head up and down on him till he stopped, and then she smiled up at him. “That was really good. Did you like it?”

“Oh, yes.” Was all he could say. “We need to Escort Hatay stop. This is so wrong.”

Audrey reached over and started to play with Rachel’s tits. “You said it yourself. We are adults. We know what we want.” She said and leaned in and kissed Rachel.

“I know you’re adults, but”

They both looked at him. “Rhys, we want this.” They said together.

“We can see you want it to.” Rachel said.

“So know you just need to decide which of us you are going to fuck first.” Audrey said started to stoke his cock that was somehow still hard.


Rachel looked at him. “Rhys stop, we know what the world would think, we know what mom and dad would think, and we don’t care. We have been having sexy times together for a couple years now.”

“We know how to keep it a secret.” Audrey said. “We know everything that you could say against it, and we don’t care.” She said stroking his cock.

“I am so glad I don’t believe in hell, because I would be going there if I did.” Was all he could say.

Audrey moved to straddle his cock. “Please Rhys, be my first lover.”

He looked up at her sexy little body hovering over his cock. “You’re a virgin?”

“We both are.” Rachel said. “We decided a long time ago that we want you to be our first.”

He looked at her. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything and fuck us.” Audrey said and started rub his cock against her wet opening and then slowly lowered herself on to his cock.

He could think as he slid into her tight pussy. She moved up and down a couple times working him deeper and deeper in. Then she pushed down with all her weight and let out a gasp and held still. A few heart beats later and she was bouncing at full speed on his cock. He reached up and started to play with her tiny little tits. Rachel reached down and started rubbing her clit as she moved and soon he felt her clamping on his cock as she started to cum. She opened her mouth and moaned and pressed down on him as hard as she could and then fell down next to him. “Rhys, that was amazing.” She kissed him, and then looked at Rachel. “You have got to try that.” She said to her. Rachel didn’t hesitate. She quickly moved to take Audrey’s place on his cock, and was soon bouncing on him. Audrey sat up and started to lick and suck on Rachel’s tits.

“I am going to cum.” Rachel was soon saying. “I am cuming she all but screamed.” Her pussy clamping down on him was all Rhys could take and he grunted and thrust up into tight little body.

Rhys woke and found himself naked between his naked sisters, his mind running over what had happened a couple hours ago. He carefully got out of bed, started a pot of coffee and headed for a shower. By the time he came out Audrey and Rachel were sitting on the couch sipping coffee and smiling at him. He poured a coffee for himself and sat down in his chair. “I think we should talk.”

“OK,” Audrey said.

“Please just don’t say we have to stop what we started.” Rachel added.

He looked into his cup of coffee. He could believe what had happened, his mind told him he should feel guilty, but he didn’t. He knew he should put an end to all this and have them move out and never talk about this or let happen ever again, but he wouldn’t. He loved them so much, and found that he was in love with both of them, and that he wanted more than anything to keep them as his lovers. “No, I am not going to say that.” He looked at them. “But you said it last night. We have to keep this a secret. No one, and I mean no one can ever find out. That means no writing about it in your diaries, no telling anyone about it ever.”

“Ok.” They said together.

He took a deep breath, he knew he had to tell them about his kinky side. “And you two need to know what kind of lover I am.”

“If you mean about the Dom stuff, we found the stories you wrote about that.” Audrey said.

“Yeah, that’s want really got us thinking about you being our lover.” Rachel said.

He smiled at them with a little feeling of surprise, and laughed. “Ok, so you both want to be my little subs right?” They both nodded. “Ok then two new rules for you. First, while you are in the house you will be naked at all times, unless there is a reason for you to be otherwise. Two, no sexy times between you unless I give my permission, do you understand?” They smiled, nodded, and as one moved. They set down their coffee and pulled off their night shirts.

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