An unusual birthday ptesent

An unusual birthday ptesent
Anything can happen rite.

10 years ago I was single. I had been recently divorced. So one spring it was hot and was out cleaning gutters out. I met the new neighbor. She was 5 foot 5 and long brown hair. She was a thick girl. Very attractive. She was admiring me.

We got to know each other and started dating She had a 12 year old daughter that was very similar looking to her. One day I was minding my own business and taking a shower. I get out and grab towel to dry off. I look up and her daughter is there staring at me. She didn’t move at all. She completely froze so I walked out of bathroom into my bedroom where she was at and put my pants on. She then ran off.

So I went across the street and talked to her mom. She had already talked to her mom.

Me “Sam saw me naked”
GF “she told me. I’m not mad at all it’s ok.”
Me “well I’m a little weirded out.”
GF “well she likes what she saw. She says you have a nice cock”
Me “um this is gett8mg weird. This isn’t right.”
GF “ok I’ll talk to her. Since it bothers you. But all she did is see you naked.”

No more incidents happened and we moved in together. My first birthday with my girlfriend was planned and we were gonna have a wild night. She took her daughter to the babysitter. As I got got home from work same time as she left i decided to hop in shower. Since no k** I walked around naked. GF comes home and I walk out naked. Her daughter with her. I froze. For some strange reason I got instantly hard.

Gfd “oh my you have a nice cock.”
Me “ummmm”
Gfd “nice can I play mom”
GF “no go to your room please”
Gfd “ok”

We walked into room and locked door.
GF “just face it. I don’t care if my daughter sees you naked and she likes to”
Me “that’s just wrong”
GF “then why are you hard as a rock”
Me “not sure”

I got dressed and we went to talk to her daughter. Her daughter extremely upset.
Gfd “I just want to sit around naked. I’m 13 now and well I don’t care.
Me “it’s not right to do that”
Gfd “well before you moved mom and always walked around naked.”

So my GF and got naked and went into living room and we decided to watch a movie. We ordered pizza. Her daughter came out. Stood right in front of me and turned around. She was 5 foot 3 and thick like her mom. She the sat down in a way so her pink pussy was almost in my line of site.

GF “see this isn’t so bad. Nothing wrong with being naked
Gfd “yeah feels good to be naked”
Me “ok this isn’t so bad”

Me for one always sat around naked. And have no problem with girlfriend and I but weird with a teenage daughter.
Pizza rang doorbell and gfd gets up naked and goes to door. Guy gives her the pizza doesn’t collect and leaves.

So this becomes a normal thing for us. Just sitting around naked on weekends. It’s relaxing. Her daughter tried nothing weird.

So spring roles around and 1 year from when we met. Girlfriend decides to move out. Bit not break up. So we still date and of course spend weekends together. Sex was awesome after she moves out
One day we were having s3x for like 2 hours. Her daughter watching tv. I blow a hige load all over her. We clean up and go out to living room. They are leaving and notice alot on her arm and face that she missed

Gfd “mom what is all this white stuff”
GF “lotion”
Gfd “that’s not lotion mom” she takes her fingers and wipes it off her mom’s face and sticks her fingers in her mouth “omg mom it’s cum. I want some more”
Me “um no way”

They leave and I hear nothing for 2 weeks. I know something is up. She calls me and asked me to come to her house. It’s end of summer.

So I go to her house to talk
GF “don’t work my daughter isn’t here”
Me “ok. I know there is a problem and last time well this needs to stop
GF “yes I agree. My daughter won’t stop talking about sucking you. I think its best if we break up and go different ways.
Me “I agree. I don’t have much to say”

So October rolls around and her daughter is turning 14. My ex and I had talked a few times to stay in touch. She invites me to her daughter’s party.

I go and everything goes smooth. We talk are real happy.
GF “I miss you. I know my daughter and messed thimgs up but I want you back.
Me”I’m not sure it’s a good idea”
GF “please”
Gfd “I’m sorry I messed things up. But my mom loves and misses you and well you were the nicest boyfriend she ever had”

We decide to get back together. We spend the weekends together and sex is awesome. It’s so amazing she is suirti ng like crazy. Most of the time is spent at her place now.

We plan a big day for my birthday. No work and her daughter is old enough so no babysitter. And of course problems start. Her daughter starts calling her mom a whore and won’t have anything to do with me. We break up again on the mornimg of my birthday

I start seeing other people and so does she. A few months go by and she texts me an apology. Her daughter had settled down. She asked if I could come up and talk. It’s late already. But I go. When I get there she is drunk and balling.
Me “what’s wrong”
Gfd ” I screwed everything up”
Me “like what”
GF ” your birthday”
Me “um so it’s over”

She then says I need sex from you one last time. I said ok. I’m not gonna turn that down.she then drops her clothes and gets on her knees. She starts sucking me deep and fast. This is not something she does and can’t deepthroat. But she continues to take it all in. Gagging from time to time. She stops and gets up off her knees
GF “how was that”
Me “Omg awesome”
GF let me fix you a drink

After she fixes me a drink I slam it and get another. I slam the second one and pour a third. We start kissing and I start massaging her full c cup breast. She has huge hard nipples. She goes down and sucks me again as I finish my 3rd drink.

She leads me to the living room and pushes me onto the recliner. She then sirs on top of me. All of a sudden she ties my hands up.

Me ” what are you doing”
GF “you will enjoy it”

She lays me back in the recliner. It’s one that almost lays flat. She ties my legs and blind folds me. I feel warm wet feeling as she slides onto my cock. She rides me for a good ten minutes the n starts sucking my cock. I hadn’t up for a good month or so. But I was able to hold it back. Then I feel her riding me again. Or I thought.

Me ” what’s going on who’s on top of me”
GF “does it feel good”
Me “Omg yes but I know it’s not you”
GF ” ok but please don’t yell”

She takes the blindfold off. Her daughter is on top of me. As soon as I see her she cums. She starts shaking and quivering so bad she stops.

Me “Omg this not good. I have to much cum. I can’t cum in her”
Gfd “then fuck me hard. Give it to me hard until you cover me with cum”
Me ” untie me damnit and I will”

I get untied and out her on floor. I take her legs and push them all the way back and spread out. Her mom grabs her legs and holds them . Her ass and pussy in the air I go down and start eating out. Licking and fingering her. Fingering and licking her asshole.

Gfd “omg I’m gonna cum don’t stop”
GF ” make her squirt. Make my daughter squirt”

Her daughter gushes and orgasms out of control squirting far and everywhere. She finally stops and I slam my throbbing cock into her asshole. She screams at the top of her lungs as I pound her tight asshole. She orgasms as I fuck her ass. Then I pull out and blow everywhere. I must of cum for a good 60 seconds.she lay there spent and covered with my load. Breathless she lay there. Her mom’s eyes big and a look of fear

GF. “Omg that’s the biggest load I have ever seen. Holy shit you fucked the shit out of her. Damn”
Me ” fucking over here it’s your turn”
GF “Omg your still hard as a rock”

She got in doggy and I started fucking her hard and fast then right before she orgasmed I would stop.
Me “clean my cum off your daughter while I fuck you”
GF ” yes master”

Her daughter moved so her mom could clean as I fucked her. I then told her to eat her daughter’s pussy. Her ass in air I fuck her hard as she luck her daughter’s pussy. The n I have her get on her back. Her daughter sits on her face while I fuck her. My GF starts to orgasm and her daughter rubs her clit. My girlfriend squirts and quiver from her orgasm. My second load is close. Her daughter then grabs my cock and sucks it dry swallowing every last drop.

I get up and make another drink. GF is layi ng in bed exhausted. Her daughter comes out and starts masshimg me. I get hard again

Gfd “I want more”
Me “sure”
Gfd ” fuck my ass again. It hurts but it turns me on.

She leads over counter in kitchen. I stick my sore throbbing cock in her ass. She does scream this time but moans loudly. Which each thrust she moans louder and louder. It doesn’t take long and she orgasms. She then gets on her knees and sucks me. I don’t have much left but it’s enough for her to taste.

We go back her mom’s room and we all three curl up together. About hours went by and daylight came. I snuck out. I got home and got some rest. Had all weekend off to rest but found myself driving back out to GF house

When I arrived they were both still in bed. I pretended I didn’t leave and sat in recliner naked while watching tv. GF gets up
GF ” what happened? Why are we naked and my daughter naked in bed”
Me “you don’t remember?
GF “we got drunk and had sex but that doesn’t explain my daughter naked in bed”
Gfd “mom jeez. We fucked like rabbits”
GF “Omg wtf”
Me “you tied me up”
GF “I gotta go to bathroom.

Her daughter gets up giggling and walks over to the recliner and sirs right on top of me. She wiggled around till I get hard. I then slide it into her wet pussy. Her mom comes out

GF “fuck him if you want”
Gfd “let’s take turns mom. But lick me while he fucks me”

Her mom starts licking as I fuck her. But I can’t hold it and cum right away. Her mom ears what cum I have left out of her daughter’s pussy.

Not much happened after that. I actually moved on. Never told anyone the whole story till now. Once I got married. I ran into her daughter a few years back.

Gfd “well this is awkward”
Me “only if you want it to be”
Gfd “you changed your number”
Me “yes”
Gfd “I would ask for your new one but I know answer”
Me “yeah that’s a no. Sorry.
Gfd “well I had fun. And will never have sex that goof again”
Me “I’m sure you will. Your still young”
Gfd “well everyone will be held to our time. I still haven’t had sex with anyone else. Can we
Me “NO”
GFD ” did you at least have fun”
Me “best Ever. One hell of a night”
Gfd “thank you for everything”
Me “how’s your mom”
Gfd “unhappy. She was more worried about money than having a relationship with u
Me “yeah dating or living with me meant your dad wouldn’t give her any money”
Gfd ” fuck my dad jes an asshole. Well nice seeing you. I got wet just seeing your face” she reaches down and feels that I am hard.
Gfd ” ah I still turn u on. Goodbye

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