An unexpected desert delight


Chapter five My blood and body warm from being close to another male, I thought it would be nice to wrap myself around him all night. I doubted he wanted to sleep, or me for that matter. His bulge pressed against my belly as we kept still for a few minutes. Savouring the sensations, I whispered that he should go back to his room and whoever was waiting for his return. Even if Sean heard us, he was not going to barge in or disturb our intimate moment, and if my caller stayed the night, things were going to be much louder.‘Are you sure,’ he checked, jutting his hips into mine. I moaned into his chest and pushed back, hoping to keep him in place, but he bucked with extra force, and I felt myself melt some more. We were both adults, with similar needs, and why was Caddebostan Escort I worried about what Sean would say or think about me having some sexual encounter with a stranger?Sean and I planned to walk into the town centre, so I wanted to be fresh and bubbly. Perhaps a good sexual encounter might do the trick, but I had to send Belgian Guy back to his bed. Sliding off his rock-hard cock took some effort, but it had to be done. He looked crestfallen but I was told there would be a repeat exercise. Knowing we shared some chemistry and lots of horniness, I could not wait.Getting up and rearranging himself, we kissed for a few seconds before I broke away to open the door. With a cheeky grin on his face, he slipped out and I moved back Caddebostan Escort Bayan to my bed in the semi-darkness. How cheeky of him to take advantage of me! I hardly put up a fight, to be honest!What the hell just happened? Would he be forced to share our secret encounter with the person in his room? I know some couples did that, adding extra spice and enthusiasm to their nightly antics. Did he use me as a starter to his main meal? My heated mind filled with thoughts and images of him in bed, using his hard tool to plunder some juicy ass or pussy until he shot a load of hot cum.Damn it, I need to sleep, but I could not stop my mind racing and wondered if a silent wank would set my body at ease. I was scared Sean might Escort Caddebostan find me with my pants down but knew he would rap on the door before entering my room. Toying with myself for a few seconds, I took several deep breaths and prayed for a dreamless sleep. My holiday was turning out to be much more exciting than expected.  Chapter sixDespite sleeping fitfully through the morning, I felt fresh and ready to face the day, wondering if Sean would mention anything about last night. Not that it was his business anyway! A quick rap on my door was a sign to meet him at the breakfast table. We planned to walk into the new part of Marrakech, and new to the city and country, it was a bit daring of us.Sean smiled as I approached, and I knew he was going to mention last night. I felt my face turn red as he wanted to know who called at my room last night. What a nosy parker! I said it was my new friend who wanted to meet me in the flesh, even if it was close to midnight. Well, the friend stayed for some time, and there was little or no conversation, he teased.

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