An Afternoon Trist


(this is my first story, so be gentle, but please give feedback!)


Your phone call was brief, you husband took the kids and had just left, and I could hear the lust in your voice. I told my secretary I would be gone for the afternoon and jumped in my car. Images filled my head and it was hard to breath as we were finally going to have the chance to be with each other, rather than type what we would do. I lock the door as it closes, leaving my car at the park a couple blocks from your house. I walk briskly down the street, doing everything in my power not to run, finally seeing your house number, walking quickly up the path through the manicured lawn and up onto the front porch.

I knock on the door, glancing around nervously, you open it, your smile greeting me as I walk in the door, looking very sexy in your black skirt and blouse. I step inside and close the door, leaning back against it, I pull you towards me, staring into your big beautiful eyes as no words are needed. I wrap my hands around your waist as I pull you against me, gently kissing your lips, tasting them for the first time, my hands slide up and down your back as our kisses grow deeper, more passionate, our tongues twisting around each other as my hands cup your ass, showing you how bad I want you, how hard you make me. I turn you around and press you against the door breaking our kiss.

I grind my growing erection into your ass as I move down to your neck, nibbling, sucking and kissing your neck, as my hands roam your body. I groan your name into your ear.

“I’ve waited too long for this,” I whisper as I start to slide down your body trailing kisses over your clothes as I slide to the floor. I look up at you as I start to slide my hands up and down your smooth thighs, following my hands with my tongue as my tongue teases the hem of your skirt, slowly pushing it up higher as my kisses cover you, till your skirt is around your waist. I let you off of the door, allowing you to turn around and I look up at the sexy grin on your face as my tongue traces the edge of your panties, sliding it across your slit over your panties, teasing you before hooking my fingers in the edge, dragging them to the floor and tossing them aside. My tongue traces little circles back up your thighs as you lean against the door, little moans starting to escape your lips. I slowly roll my tongue across you, tasting you for the first time, sliding my tongue past your outer lips, exploring you, twisting up and down, flicking across your clit, swirling around it, sucking on it before returning to your pussy, pushing my tongue inside you, burying it deep, pushing it up and around, in and out, back and forth as I eat you out. Your moans get louder as your hands grip my head and I bring a finger up to you, I slide it inside you alongside my tongue, finger fucking your wet pussy, Kayseri Escort I take my tongue and attack your clit, gently biting, licking, swirling and twisting against it. Your moans get louder as you let me know that you are close. I pick up the pace, my finger now drenched with your juices as I push it in and out, my tongue attacking you as you climax. Your body shaking and your weight against the wall, I grin, as you regain control, looking up at you as I stand up, kissing you.

My hands slide under your shirt and cup your breasts, feeling your nipples straining against the bra, but I cant wait any longer. Your hands fumble with my belt buckle as we kiss, pushing my jeans and boxers to the floor so I can step out of them. Your hand finds my hard cock and we move to the couch you falling back on it as I slide to my knees, in between your legs, you wrap your legs around my waist, as you pull my cock towards you, guiding me inside you. I slowly push deep inside you and just hold there, feeling you wrapped around me. I feel you begin to tighten and squeeze, our first moment together. I begin to pull out slowly feeling every inch of you, then pushing back in as I watch my cock disappear back inside you. We keep these slow strokes for what seems like an eternity. Our moans begin to get louder as we pick up speed, we kiss and you groan into my ear for me to fuck you. I start to push my cock deeper and thrust harder as our bodies slap together. My hands fumbling with your tits over your clothes as our pace becomes frantic, looking into each other’s eyes and seeing the lust in each other as our bodies come together. Our pace building, your hands grip into my shoulders as another orgasm rips through your body, your hips bucking against mine, our rhythm frantic.

The room fills with your cries, “fuck, yes, god don’t stop, I’m so close, o god, this is it! I’m cumming!” Feeling you cum, feeling your body squeeze me I buck my hips one last time, burying myself deep in you as I cum inside you, filling you as we both cry out from the pleasure. I collapse on top of you and you let out a little giggle. You grin mischievously and pull yourself from under me, slowly start to stand up. I watch you walk away, your fingertips fumbling with the buttons on your blouse, you look at me beckoning me to follow you as you slowly start to unbutton your shirt.

You ascend the first couple of stairs and ask, “are you just going to stare, or are you going to join me?”

I grin and pull my shirt over my head, just in time to see you drop your blouse over the banister, and I quickly move up the stairs that remain between us, only to be met by your hand holding me back.

“Sit on the top step,” you manage to say through your smile. I walk past you, dragging my hand along your ass and climb the remaining 3 stairs and sit down Kayseri Escort Bayan looking intently at you. You step down a step and turn around, finding the zipper on the side of your skirt, and slowly slide it down as you look back and grin at me. I smile back at you as you rock your hips back and forth, pushing your skirt to the carpet, and as you look back at me, you step up out of it, and turn around. I know I am staring but I cant help it. You clear your throat and my eyes dart up to meet yours. Your hands cup your breasts and you slowly unclip the front clasp, pulling it away to reveal your full, perfect breasts as the bra falls beside the skirt. You climb the stairs in between us and bend over to kiss me. As we kiss, I reach up and cup your breast, groaning into your mouth. I run my thumb over your nipple and feel you twitch.

“You already gave me plenty of pleasure, I think its your turn” you say into my mouth, not breaking our kiss. You slide to your knees in between my legs on the steps and start to kiss my chest, dragging your tongue down my abs. You moan as move down another step, your fingers wrapping around my cock. You lower your head and gently kiss the head of my cock, slowly, gently kissing up and down it as it stirs in your hand. I drop my head back as your tongue snakes out and around my cock, which is starting to get hard again. You slowly start to bob your head up and down on me, relishing every inch, as you can still taste some of your own juices still on me. It feels like we are slow motion as I move your hair back, watching you, my body squirming under your sexy mouth. I look around as your wet mouth continues to slide up and down my hard shaft. The afternoon sun streams in through the windows, providing shadows across stairs as I watch you, feel you, I try to take it all in, every swirl of your tongue, every sensation. I look down at you on your knees in between my thighs, your sexy ass moving back and forth as you take more and more of my cock in your mouth. I run my fingers through your hair as you look up at me, your lips wrapped around me. You let my cock spring from your mouth.

You move up to kiss me again and we struggle to our feet and down the hall, my hands loving the feel of your smooth skin as I try to touch every inch of you. Somehow we stumble into the bedroom at the end of the hall and against the bed. You push yourself up on it and spread your legs, propped up on your elbows.

“There is not a sexier sight in the world,” I say, my eyes devouring every inch of your body.

“Then shut up and do something about it,” you growl.

I grab your hips and pull you to the edge of the bed. You take my cock in your hand, and gently begin to tease it against your slit. I lean forward, finally getting to run my tongue against your nipples. You gasp and arch your Escort Kayseri back as I take it in my mouth, my hand teasing your other nipple, feeling them get hard. I grab your hips and pull you onto my cock, standing by the edge of the bed. I slide deep in you, and we both gasp. Your hands grip the comforter as I start to pump my hips.

“Please baby,” you moan, “More. I need you.”

Hearing you, I start to pump hard, gripping your hips, I move your legs up over my shoulders, allowing me to press even deeper inside you.

“OO yes. He never fucks me like this. I have wanted you for so long.”

Your words turn me on even more as I watch your breasts bounce from under me.

“From behind. Fuck me. Really fuck me from behind. Please baby, don’t hold back, fuck me for all those times we had to finish by ourselves, for all those nights when I had to screw my husband wishing it was you, for all those times that we couldn’t be together. Fuck me.”

I climb onto the bed as you look back at me on all fours. I slide behind your sexy ass and push my cock into your wet pussy.

“Oh god baby, you are so wet.”

“That’s it baby, you’re so deep, now fuck me.”

My hands grip your hips as I start to fuck you. Pulling out slowly, before slamming into you, we keep this up for several minutes, watching your body shake as my cock slams into you deeper and deeper before we settle on a steady pace. You drop your head to the bed, burying your face in a pillow as your cries get louder, filling the room and echoing off the walls.

“Again” you scream as another orgasm starts deep in you and sends sensations through your whole body. I slap your ass as I fuck you and I can steadily feel that familiar building.

Suddenly, you turn around and push me onto my back and climb on top of me, lowering yourself until my cock disappears inside you. You start to bounce your hips up and down, your whole body bouncing with your rhythm. It doesn’t take long of feeling and watching you before I feel ready to explode.

I gasp, “baby I am going to cum.”

“Yes,” you answer, “cum, cum for me, I want to see you.”

I grab your hips and pull you down hard on me, then push you off and I move ontop of you to straddle your waist. Your hand reaches for my hard cock and you start to pump me as you beg for me to cum on you, to make you mine.

“I’m cummmmminggg,” I yell as my cock twitches in your hand and I erupt onto your stomach and chest. You arch your back as my body shakes and empties onto you, until the last stream has fallen on your skin.

As I look down on you, I say, “I was wrong, this is the sexiest sight ever,” and I collapse down next to you as we try to catch our breath. We lay there for several minutes, laughing, talking, basking in the remaining sunshine that fights past the curtains.

Eventually, we know that reality beckons and we get up, making our way back down stairs, collecting our clothes as we go. We get dressed and share one last deep, passionate kiss before you open the door and I begin the walk back to my car, leaving with promises of more afternoons to come.

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